I'll Take New York

It’s a Monday and the roller coaster continues. I’m sure you would like to hear about the latest Susquehanna story. Well over the weekend, confidential documents were not found and the thought of contacting the government and paying 60.00 for each document copy seemed a bit much.

I was now relatively content to stay where I was at the cigar shop and resume searching for a new gig in the new year. I was off yesterday and spent some quality time with Bill, went to Stack’s for some breakfast but the line was too long, even to sit at the counter and eat.

We decided on bagels and a nice walk around Hoboken, stopping by the Guitar Bar and chatting with Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro for a few minutes. Back home with bagels and the newspaper and some document searching.

Bill was off to TekServe to get some things done, I stayed home and watched the DVD of The Runaways. Can’t say I was much of a fan of the Runaways but the movie was somewhat entertaining though I don’t know how true it was.

Dakota Fanning played Cherie Currie and Kristen Stewart played Joan Jett and the creepy Federal agent from Boardwalk Empire (Michael Shannon) played the creepy manager Kim Fowley. It was OK and not about to make me run out and get the Runaways Greatest Hits.

Bill came home in time for 60 Minutes and the Simpsons and then we both watched Boardwalk Empire which was as good as usual. After that Bill went to bed while I watched Lennon Naked, a docu-drama about John Lennon in the 1960’s. It was alright, something I’d have no need to watch again.

Sleep followed and I fell fast asleep next to Bill. He was up earlier than me as is the norm around here. I rallied about an hour later and got myself together after a decent breakfast. Out on the street again, waiting for the bus.

The uneventful bus ride, and a walk through the bus terminal to catch a train. Spoke with Bill before I headed into the cigar shop. I figured it would be a good day, perhaps a good week with Calvin on vacation.

Marcus and Bradley were in the humidor mostly, I stayed outside. Marcus made it a point to tell me that the backroom is not to be opened until noon, no exceptions. Marcus playing by the rules. While he and Bradley were rearranging the humidor, a gentleman using crutches came in.

I did my usual, ‘let me know if there is anything you have questions about’ spiel. The gent said he was merely browsing and I let him browse away. A few minutes after that, the gent on crutches was on the other side of the showcase in front of me when another customer walks in.

The other customer elbows the gent on crutches to the side and pulls out what may have been a Cuban cigar (like I’m supposed to be impressed), saying that he’s going to go into the back to smoke it as he’s clipping the cigar.

I mention that he would have to buy a cigar first before he does that. He remarked that I must be new there, he’s a regular customer and he’d never seen me before. I tell him I’ve been there since June and I’d never seen him before either.

He asks for Marcus, finds him and complains that I won’t let him in the back without buying a cigar. The rule is, if you want to smoke a cigar in the backroom, you have to purchase a cigar first. Another rule.

Marcus disposes of this rule allowing the ‘regular’ customer to do whatever he pleased. So the rude customer headed into the backroom and Marcus came out to talk to me. He didn’t think it was right that I gave a hard time to the customer and I told him that I didn’t think it was right for the customer to elbow the gent on crutches out of the way so he can clip his illegal cigar.

Marcus said that he knew the customer was difficult and I corrected him saying the customer wasn’t difficult, he was a scumbag. Marcus’ take on it was that the gent with the crutches didn’t say anything so there was no problem, just with my attitude.

It was a nice afternoon so I went out to my usual spot for lunch, on a bench by the park. I called up Bill who offered his usual support. Then I called the recruiter, not really knowing what to say. I did tell her I couldn’t find the documents needed for my background check.

I also mentioned that I was in touch with the bookkeeper and the former president of the last company and both were willing to write letters on my behalf stating the dates that I worked at the last company.

It does get convoluted here. Seems the former president was college roommates with the middle name of the company that seems to be after me. Six degrees of separation indeed! I called the former president and bookkeeper and both said they were willing to do what they can, and write on my behalf.

And the recruiter called again, letting me know that the new company really wants me and will consider the letters of recommendation as well as allow me to give two weeks notice at Marcus’ cigar shop.

A roller coaster of a day, wouldn’t you say?

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