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I Hate Myself for Loving You

Well Annemarie was correct once again. Community was hilarious. Very busy. And after watching 5 episodes Dead Set I think I’ve had enough zombies for the rest of the year. Last night was the last of the Dead Set episodes and it sure was intense.

I don’t think it ended well for anyone. And I don’t think I gave anything away. When you’re surrounded by increasing amounts of Zoombies and zombies the outcome is inevitable. I think it was one of the best zombie things I’ve seen.

Despite the intensity of Dead Set, I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep but I can’t say it was a restful sleep. Out of sorts somewhat throughout the day. And the day started once again with the alarm clock going off. Stephen Stills singing Love the One You’re With. Not one of my favorite songs.

I got myself out of bed and shut off the alarm clock, giving it the next 2 days off. Shower, coffee and cereal yet again. Right now Twin Peaks is on and I am distracted. After eating I sat by the computer and checked emails when Bill walked through the door.

Tired after driving back from Atlantic City, he was ready to go to sleep and I got myself ready to go to work. I headed out. Bill had the pleasure of seeing Stine & Alexander when he came home and by the time I was out the door they were nowhere to be seen.

A walk to the bus stop, and soon I was in the city. Walking up the avenue, stopping by the farmer’s market, organic cookies yet again. At the cigar shop it was Don & Sean. And it was slow. Outside it was cold, so for lunch I sat in the back room with some of the regulars and enjoyed a $38.00 cigar.

The guys around me were talking scary movies which then turned to talk about scary paranormal incidents in my life. My only contribution to the scary stories was me talking about how I felt my late cat, Zed and him stopping by one night when I was drifting off to sleep.

Really. I felt his presence as he nestled behind my knees where he used to sleep while I slept. It was a very nice feeling and also the first and only time that that happened.

After that it was still slow going. Not much going on. After Don left and night fell various people walked by in costume headed to bars and parties. Lot’s of sluts, Mariachi’s, sexy nurses, vampires and Lady Gaga’s. No zombies were seen which was a good thing I suppose.

A nice walk from the cigar shop to the bus terminal, listening to Talking Heads, Remain In Light, side one. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On), Crosseyed and Painless and The Great Curve, all in 17 minutes, 3 seconds.

I was able to catch bits and pieces of the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear) live from Washington DC. I would have been there if I wasn’t working. Tomorrow is Halloween.

Nothing planned except for a visit to see Julio, Stine & Alexander in the morning and in the evening I’m supposed to help Hyman Gross cover his air conditioner. Baby in the morning, old man at night.

Such a Sphinx like riddle.

That's him.

I Can’t Stand It

Right now, I’m home. Bill is driving to Atlantic City. The temperature has dropped considerably, it’s gotten chilly out. Today was a blustery day. Bill Maher is on TV, leaving trails of smarm wherever he goes.

Actually tonight he’s alright, Lawrence O’Donnell and 2 republicunts are on the panel, some blonde and some bald Asian Indian guy. The Asian Indian guy is quite obnoxious as is the blonde, who laughs incessantly when called out on the shit that republicunts get away with.

Just what I needed to come home to. I know I could always change the channel, but let’s face it, I’m hooked into the current political scene. Now Zach Galifanakis is on and he’s being somewhat funny.

It was a long day today. Slept later than usual which made the day a few steps behind everything else. I shuffled around getting my act together and was soon on the street heading for the bus stop. An overcast day mainly, made for a chilly wind.

Uneventful bus ride once again and uneventful subway ride. Actually as I was headed to the subway, 2 guys come up to me and ask where they could catch a bus. I simply pointed upwards and said, ‘On the street’. They then thanked me and headed up the stairs.

I listened to the B-52’s first album, still thrilled by Ricky Wilson’s guitar on Rock Lobster. Yes, I’ve heard Rock Lobster like a million times, but his guitar break still gets me every time. What a cool sound.

Work was with Calvin and Bradley, with Marcus making a late morning, early afternoon appearance. Yesterday Marcus and Calvin gave me a very nice lighter, by Lamborghini. Yes they make cars and lighters. Awfully nice of Marcus & Calvin.

It sort of reminded me of when I was living in Lodi and planning on moving out, when my parents bought me a new bed. ‘Thanks for the gift, but I do have my eye on the door which I hope to be walking through any day now.’ Calvin took me aside and told me I did not set the alarm when I left the shop last night. He didn’t tell Marcus, but if it happens again, he will have to write me up.

Terror Alert in NYC today. Heard about it a little, police presence in the mid afternoon near the cigar shop, flashing lights, heavy duty trucks. People went on with their business. It was too cold to go out and have a cigar on the bench by the park.

Perhaps yesterday was the last day, at least the last pleasant day, with the crazy guy with his bike screaming at the top of his lungs, how great Elton John was, specifically Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

Then he would scream the names of names of his siblings and where they were when he last saw them. It went on for a while, alternating singing Someone Saved my Life Tonight and saying that he last saw his sister Crystal about 8 years ago, and that Crystal’s boy was trouble.

Oh, if only he took after his uncle.

I did play the Cramps tonight at the cigar shop after Calvin had left for the day. I trotted to the bus terminal from the cigar store in about 16 minutes, 25 seconds, listening to the first 5 songs from Staring at the Sea, the first greatest hits collection of the Cure.

Thought about Stan B and wondered how he was doing. Note to myself: I should call Kevin C. I owe him a phone call.

Hyman Gross & 2 other passengers