I’ll Be Good To You

Well I thought my friend Mike C was playing Maxwells with his band the Neutron Drivers, but it’s actually tomorrow night. So here I am. Engulf and devour me. Actually, no. Don’t. It’s a Friday today and that’s nice.

Off tomorrow. Back Sunday and off Monday and Tuesday. Don’t know what I’m going to do. Possibly avoid people. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend. Maybe a bike ride tomorrow. Heard from Pedro today and he’s off Monday and Tuesday I think.

He had an idea to do something on those days. Don’t know what day, or what he has planned. I mentioned I was thinking about going to Coney Island. It’s a beach and it’s accessible. I don’t think Pedro would be into such a think since he has mentioned in the past that it’s full of malcontents, malcontents that he watches at his job.

Today was a boring day. Made it through five days of work. No big deal for some, or for most, but for me, it was 45 hours on my feet. It was tiresome and I certainly did not match the sales I did yesterday. I worked with Raymond and Don Birch with Sean coming in after school.

It being a Friday meant the day went slowly. A lot of people get their cigars on Thursday and flee the city on Friday. At least that’s how it goes during the summer. I suppose that after Labor Day that might all change. It remains to be seen.

I did send in my resume to the guy I met in the humidor on Wednesday. No response. He’s probably out of town as well. Perhaps I’ll hear from someone on Monday.

I certainly didn’t want to be there but was glad that I was able to go outside for lunch. Yesterday I had to stay inside since it was just Calvin and myself and he might have needed me. Today was beautiful. Had a cigar on Central Park West.

I decided to take my camera out and take some snapshots. To my dismay, the camera wouldn’t turn on. I thought it might be the batteries so I changed them, but no. It seems dead. I bought it in June 2007 for my niece’s wedding, so it has certainly got some use.

But it’s disappointing to find that it may be dead. Still I have the cellphone camera which isn’t the same but will do the job if I need it to.

It’s a rare Friday evening tonight, both Bill and I are home. The Kids in the Hall are on right now. It’s a beautiful night tonight. Nothing much else to do, or write about. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Bill’s going to a wedding.

I might go for a bike ride. Nothing overwhelming. I’m thinking of Liberty State Park. It will be the rare event, me not having my camera while bicycling. I’m sure I will adjust. One less thing to carry I suppose.

Already started looking at new cameras and Bill hinted that I might get a new one for my birthday. That would be nice.


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