I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

It’s a muggy Tuesday. Yesterday I received word that the job I interviewed for last week was going to someone else, that I was out of the running. It didn’t really affect me until today.

I’m disappointed of course, and my mantra continues: At least you have a job. And I do have a job. I’m off from the job today and will be back there tomorrow, standing on my feet for 9 hours and selling cigars.

Last night after writing I did leave the apartment and walked over to Rite Aid where I bought some canned air for my computer and some blank CD-R’s. Then stopped off at Napoli Pizza and had 2 slices and a diet coke, before heading home in the balmy air.

Nothing on TV last night, though when I came home Bill was watching The Closer which he enjoys for some reason. I stayed up until 1:15 watching videos of The Roches on YouTube. Slept just as late today as I did yesterday, waking up at around 9:45.

If there’s nothing to do, then why bother? And I had nothing to do so I didn’t bother. I did go out and paid some bills and got some bagels & the paper and also got a haircut. Trying not to feel sorry for myself in the fact that the job I wanted I did not get.

Tony, my barber was on Cake Boss last week and was very disappointed that most of his footage wound up on the editing floor after cutting hair for 49 years. The show is all about Buddy, the Cake Boss rather than the people the cake is being made for.

Lines outside the bakery where the Cake Boss is taped crawl down the street where people wait in the hot sun, waiting to get into the bakery to buy some sweet cakes.

When I saw Tariq yesterday there was the tentative plan to meet up and strum for a bit today. I guess I didn’t make it in time since when I trucked over to the river with my guitar, he was nowhere to be found. And I wasn’t that inspired to play.

I did play guitar for almost an hour but my heart wasn’t that into it. I finished the New Yorker from June and came back home after treating myself to a chocolate therapy milk shake from Ben & Jerry’s.

Now I’m just killing time before I meet up with Bill and his friend Fred at the Rocking Horse Cafe in Chelsea for dinner before we go see Inception at the cinema on 23rd Street. It looks like a storm is approaching so I guess I will have to wear my boots instead of sneakers when heading into the city.

At least I have boots.

All in all it’s been a rather blasé day. Walking around I saw a few people walking around who I guess are out of work. I was one of them up to a couple of months ago. Now I am employed and still looking to better my position.

Trying to hang onto hope. I did interview with 2 recruiters a few weeks ago and one of the sent me on the interview last week. The other recruiter replied to an email I sent telling me that I was still under consideration, it’s just that with August vacations, decisions have not been made as of yet.

Against my better judgment I did check Craigslist for some job postings and saw the job that I walked away from in February, the one that got Sally’s panties in a bunch is available again. Such a terrible job. I guess they keep losing people for the position.

It was such a crap job and seeing the position listed again shows that at least I made the right decision in abandoning the position despite what the Cafe Press maven seems to have thought. Must be something in the Bala Cynwyd water.

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