I Started a Joke

A stretch, the kind of stretch that you do at home at 6:59PM. Just did that. It felt so good. Just finished Ghost of Hoppers by Jaime Fernandez.

It was inadvertent. I was about to start writing when my computer shut down since it was so hot both inside and outside the apartment. I had started reading the compilation a week or so ago.

Always loved Maggie & Hopey and Izzy et all in Love & Rockets. But Love & Rockets published intermittently and it was easily to miss an issue. It finally wrapped up somewhat in the 1990’s if I recall, but was reactivated a few years later I think.

Personal confession, though I love Love & Rockets written and drawn by Jaime and Beto Hernandez, aka Los Bros Hernandez, I personally. liked Jaime’s work with Maggie & Hopey than I did Bet’s tales of Palomar.

Perhaps ‘liked’ isn’t the right word. Maybe ‘preferred’ is more fitting.

I think it was the final ending of Maggie’s story, but I really hope it isn’t. I also started reading The Education of Hopey Glass which is also another compilation from Jaime Hernandez, dealing mainly with Maggie’s erstwhile girlfriend.

It also explains how the hell Hopey lost her eye. But Ghost of Hoppers really blew me away. Quite an intense finale and once again I can identify with Maggie and company somewhat. They’re older, I’m older. They’ve moved away, moved on, lost friends and family just like me.

I don’t think any comic book or perhaps any novel affected me quite like Love & Rockets. I have to get more of the compilations from the bibliothèque.

Slept later than usual today which was quite nice. Never heard from Pedro and I was content to stay home. There was a tentative plan to meet up.

It was especially hot today, but it wasn’t too humid. Still I spent a good part of the day staying indoors with the curtain covering the window. That didn’t last too long since I did laundry and with it, the window curtain.

A trip to the supermarket, a trip to the dry cleaners and a stop by the Guitar Bar to say hello to Mr. Wonderful, Jim Mastro. He just got back from North Carolina with Meghan and the girls, meeting Ann Boyles and her husband Pat Patterson.

Everyone was fine he said and also thanked me for the cigar I left at the store, as a way of saying thanks for accepting a delivery of cigars sent to me from work, saving a ton on money.

Sat by the river, enjoying one of those cigars and also reading the New Yorker from August 9 and also a bit of the Andy Warhol book, when the Velvet Underground just met Nico.

Now it’s 7:30, sun’s going down. Glad to be home, busy doing nothing. And enjoying it. Not much else to do tonight. Finally got the Fantastic Mr. Fox from Netflix so I might watch that before Weeds and The Big C.

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