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Well I am better today. Still a little bit nervous about tomorrow and the return to school. Last night was a bit of a low until I took half a Xanax and then things got mellow. The melancholy edge was gone but it still didn’t help me enjoy (500) Days of Summer.

It simply wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be and I do like both Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt. I just didn’t care for it, the story or the characters. I watched the news after that then a repeat of the last episode of last season’s True Blood. Now that was good.

After that I was off to bed where I slept quite soundly. I don’t recall any specific dreams from last night but the night before I did have a dream involving the family dog, Bojo, from when I was growing up.

Bojo was quite a neurotic dog and the only person in my family that he actually liked was my mother. That was because she was the one who fed him all the time. In the dream he was quite a friendly dog and living with Bill and I in the apartment and he would slip and slide on the tile floors.

I made a note of it, waking up and writing it down in the notebook I keep next to the bed.

I woke up this morning with Bill walking into the bedroom after returning home from yet another bus driving gig to and from Atlantic City. He was checking in on me since I seemed so morose when we last talked.

I woke up and showered as Bill sat on the couch and watched Wacky Races in the Cartoon Network. I woke up in my usual crabby mood, but still it was better than last night. Bill went to bed and I was out on the street after a couple of cups of coffee to get some milk for my cereal.

On my way down I saw the door to Julio & Stine’s apartment slightly ajar. I knocked and Stine came out and told me Julio and Alexander were at the park. I headed there and talked to Julio and pushed Alexander on a swing which is something I always wanted to do, push Alexander on a swing and talk to Julio. Or vice versa.

Got the milk and the paper and came home and had a nice breakfast. For some, the Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer, for me it’s like the end of summer and I’m going back to school tomorrow. And by school I mean work.

Bill woke up a few hours later when I had Zoolander on. Bill had never seen it before and loved it. Really loved it, so much that he was howling. It is a silly movie and enjoyable. I suggested we take a walk around Hoboken which is something we should do more often.

I gave Roda a call since he mentioned he was having a cookout today and he invited us over. Lot’s of people and family there and we were most welcome. I had two and a half spiked punches and was feeling a nice buzz.

After an hour or so we said our goodbyes to Roda and his family and had a nice dinner at Arthur’s. We would have eaten at the cookout but Bill wasn’t particularly hungry at that time. After walking around Hoboken some more he was hungry.

It rained a bit while we were in the restaurant but had stopped after we ate so we continued our walk around Hoboken, on Pier A. I spotted the dreaded Mister Softee and had to express my feelings somehow. It seemed most apt.

Now we’re home. Lawn Hors d’œuvre Criminal Malcontent is on so Bill is happy. Me? I’m anxious about tomorrow and the new job. Perhaps a cigar will be relaxing.

It Was a Pleasure Then

Well I just got back from strumming the guitar by Pier A in Hoboken for what may very well be the last time. In the 6 months I’ve been doing that, I think I have gotten somewhat better playing the guitar. I made about $6.00 the whole time I’ve been doing that.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t in it for the money. It does get discouraging though, being ignored. Each time I would strum by the pier, I would post my intentions on Facebook, holding out the hope that someone that I know would stop by.

Rand and Lisa stopped by and Juan Melli. No one else as far as I can remember. And no one stopped by today. Maybe they’re out of town or doing something fun.

Before I headed out this afternoon, I asked Bill to walk by when he headed back to the train since he’s driving a bus again tonight but not even he stopped by. I wasn’t expecting him to sit down, just a passing by, a hello would have been nice. He was somewhat groggy from napping so it more than likely did not register.

It was a beautiful day for playing and I had a good 20 minutes before that bacteria ridden spawn of Satan, Mister Softee pulled up about 15 feet behind me with it’s diesel engine drowning me out. Moving wasn’t an option since I had settled in, so I stood my ground, or rather sat on a bench.

For me, when I am walking around with my iPod on I usually take the ear buds out when I see a busker playing. If not giving them money, some respect should suffice. But that’s me and in the time I’ve been strumming in public, hardly anyone else does it.

Walk by, stay plugged in and do not look at that guy playing guitar. Not very encouraging. I don’t know what I’m looking for and I suppose playing guitar in public is not it. It’s safe to guess that my public performance career is over.

The anxiety I’ve felt with regards to the new job has waned, replaced by the feeling of ‘at least it’s something to do’.

Of course on the way home I see notices for a Tom Waits evening at a local pub. It’s a benefit and people are encouraged to sing Tom Waits songs. That’s something that would be right up my alley but now I have a job and I don’t know what the hours would be so it’s likely that I wouldn’t be able to attend much less perform.

And the performing thing is iffy since I do require a modicum of physical encouragement, and by physical I mean having a friendly face there for reassurance.

Today wasn’t all bad playing by the pier. I did make fleeting friends with a bloke named Dave who was with his toddler daughter. The toddler was transfixed and also terribly shy with my guitar playing.

If a toddler is fascinated by the guitar I usually hold it out for them to give it a strum while I make a chord formation but she was hiding behind her father as I played So It Goes by Nick Lowe which Dave knew.

We talked for a few minutes about vinyl records and Maxwells before he and his daughter were on their way.

Maybe I’m just grouchy from not eating. I just ate and I do feel a bit better. But I am still discouraged with my guitar playing.

Perhaps it will be best that I stay inside and play from now on, like I’ve been doing for the past 25 years. I think I’d rather be alone at home than alone with people around. I can safely say that I’ve gotten over my fear of playing guitar in front of people.

Bill just called to check in. My suggestion that he walk by on the way to the train did not register as I suspected. I didn’t bring it up and neither did he. He did note the melancholy in my voice and asked what was wrong.

I told him my disappointment with playing today and in general. He tried to be supportive but for me it was too late. I explained (like I did above) that I’ve gotten better with my guitar playing and my fear of playing in front of people has largely subsided.

To Bill that wasn’t enough, not enough of a reason to play in the first place and how I hoped for a friendly face to stop by and say hi did not make sense to him at all. My feeling of loneliness escapes him as he drives down to Atlantic City, leaving me alone once again.

I think the lack of encouragement for playing guitar throughout my life was a major factor in my hesitance to play outside my apartment. The feeling of not being good enough, from showing someone a song I had learned and playing it for them and then hearing, ‘That’s not how it goes’ even though it sounded just fine to me. And my exclusion from some friends projects was also a contribution.

That’s how I feel right now. Maybe in an hour I’ll feel better. Maybe tomorrow. In any event I wouldn’t mind this weekend being over.

It Must Be Him

Well I just got back a little while ago from a nice bicycle ride with Rand. My original plan was to take part in a demonstration outside of the Malawi consulate in Manhattan, protesting the sentencing of Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, who were given 14-year jail terms of hard labor after being convicted of gross indecency and unnatural acts.

The two gentlemen had an engagement party which is highly illegal in Malawi. It was scheduled from 2:00- 3:30PM today but when I woke up and I checked Facebook, Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod had posted that Monjeza and Chimbalanga were pardoned from the powers that be in Malawi. That freed me up a great deal.

I was looking forward to going though. I had hoped I would see ace blogger Andres Duque of Blabbeando but after I wished him a happy 42nd birthday he replied from Columbia where is he is visiting family. According to JoeMyGod there was a demonstration that was hastily rearranged to protest the lack of rights for LGBT in the Motherland.

I decided not to go to that and figured I would just do some strumming by the river. I can’t really call it busking since buskers usually make some money but that’s rare for me, so I just call it strumming. Bill had just come home from driving to and from Atlantic City and he was headed right to bed.

Rand called and asked if I was interested in something ridiculous, like a bike ride to Secaucus. I was game. I hadn’t ridden my bicycle out there since I had a job that lasted for about two days back in the 1990’s. Bad job and difficult to get to. Life was easier then.

We took the 9th Street Elevator by the Light Rail up to Congress and headed to Kennedy Blvd. As we passed Kennedy Blvd, Rand was losing air in his front tire. I remembered James Vincent Bicycles on the boulevard and rode ahead to see where they were.

It’s a good thing I did since they were no longer there. I asked a few people where a bicycle repair shop was, if there was one nearby and heard about one on Central Avenue. I met up with Rand again and then I rode over in that direction.

It was no longer there, having been replaced by a Drapery Shop, which had nice drapes, nice enough to distract one from having a flat tire.

A little more detective work courtesy of Rand’s Smart Phone (Envious me) and we found James Vincent a few more blocks away. $15.00 and 15 minutes later Rand had a new functioning tire and we were pedaling from 315 Palisade Avenue.

We rode our bikes over the highways and soon found ourselves in the industrial parks of Secaucus. We headed for the Crowne Plaza in Secaucus which used to be the Meadowlands Hilton, where I first smoked a joint in the parking lot with Derry Pedovitch after attending the Beatle-Fest.

We went to what seemed to be the entrance and found a sign saying that the event that Rand wanted to check out needed to be accessed through the main entrance. Then we walked our bicycles over there and asked an employee named Vincent if there was a place to lock up our bicycles.

That question seemed to annoy Vincent a lot. One guy, looking like Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter offered to let us keep our bikes in his room but we thanked him and said no.

Rand went in and I stayed outside where I found myself talking to a guy from thePhilippines who was telling me about his 4 children who had graduated from MIT (the twins), Georgetown and Princeton. All on scholarships. He was so proud and rightly so.

Still as academically smart as his kids are, they are pretty dumb with regards to finances, or so he said. He went off to find his wife and Rand came out of the computer thing that he checked out.

We rode through the parking lot and found a path way that led to the river. It wasn’t much at all. Took some pictures, and smelled some sweet herbage being burned by a handsome dude watching the river. I commented on how nice it smelled and the dude laughed.

Rand and I rode again, opting to ride through the streets instead of the busy thoroughfares and for Rand it was like riding his bicycle through the Long Island towns where he grew up and for me it was the same thing, only through the Bergen County towns.

We rode through a gateway that led back to the industrial parks and decided to check out Syms. Didn’t buy anything but said hello to the handsome dude who had the herbage. We said hello to him and he laughed. Once we entered the store we agreed that the handsome dude had the right idea, getting a buzz before going into the outlet.

A ride back through empty industrial streets, past Electric Avenue where they distribute both Orangina and Yoo Hoo. It was a great day out, a nice ride back.

And now I’m going to see Julio and Alexander in the park. That’s it. Hope you had a good day as well.
The Mighty Rand

Day Tripper

I can’t go on, I’ll go on. Part 4.5

Yes here we are. Another Memorial Day weekend is upon us. The unofficial start of summer. The exodus from Hoboken begins. The residents with homes down the Jersey shore are en route, if not there already.

I spent some time once again playing and singing by the river. As I played, three little kids came over and the two girls danced while I played. The boy that was with them just sat and watched. They didn’t know any of the songs that I played, except for The Lion Sleeps Tonight and All My Loving.

I also played Good Lovin’ by the Rascals and a trainer from the gym nearby sang along with that as he trained his client. He wasn’t too much interested in training her but she was ‘in the zone’ and didn’t realize his inattention.

Time flies when you’re playing guitar and before I knew it I was strumming for almost 3 hours. I headed back home after attempting Rocket Man by Elton John. Not sure if all the chords are correct and will have to figure that out.

This is the 1,655th entry that I’ve written. That’s an accomplishment of sorts. I’m sure that for some of you, it’s small change. Since I’ve written about my day and I have nothing else to write about, let’s have a look back.

May 28, 2006- The night before I elbowed Bill twice in the head. By accident. It was a Sunday and I went out and bought bagels for Julio and Stine. Alexander hadn’t arrived on the scene yet. Juan started working and seemed to be enjoying it. A bike ride to Liberty State Park was accomplished with Julio and Stine with some Frisbee tossed back and forth.

A ride back home, burgers at O’Neill’s and then drinking Stella Artois on the front steps and then a look at the backyard, overrun with weeds and smelling of cat shit, courtesy of Chris G next door. Juan came over and we watched Bjork videos, Juan saying ‘Homegirl is crazy’.

May 28, 2007- Bill and I not talking for some reason. Julio & Stine inviting me for a ride and I didn’t go since I didn’t want to be a third wheel. A crappy Memorial Day weekend. Laundry and me feeling melancholy, sitting by the river, bashing my dirty laundry against a rock and listening to Rufus Wainwright and Scritti Politti.

Also watched Pan’s Labyrinth which was not as good as I had heard. I think I was still in shock after my brother Frank had a brain attack.

May 28, 2008- It was a Wednesday and I was working for Vivek and company. A receptionist was needed and my request fell on deaf ears. They decided not to hire a receptionist after all. I was hoping to get Juan in there for a summer job.

I watched Lars & The Real Girl and a documentary called American Hardcore which was actually pretty good. I knew some of the people in it though I wasn’t involved with the Hardcore scene.

May 28, 2009, A phone call with my friend Rita. I noticed that Rita seems to have a problem saying goodbye on the phone. Always a bit awkward. My brother Frank had retired from his job and was having a difficult adjustment.

A humid and drizzly day and 2 movies about Quentin Crisp from Netflix were available, The Naked Civil Servant and Illegal Alien, both starring Mississippi John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.

Not much has changed for this May 28. I have 500 Days of Summer, An Education and 2 versions of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge from the bibliothèque to watch over the weekend. Bill is driving to Atlantic City again.

Mississippi John Hurt

Quentin Crisp

Me, May 28

Day Dreaming

Well first off, it’s a lot cooler today than it was yesterday. Somewhere in the 70 degree range. Nice. Not too hot, pretty cool. The weather people kept talking about rain, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I can see ominous clouds approaching from the west. It’s now supposed to rain tonight. I’m not going anywhere. I never do anyhow.

Yesterday was an accomplishment, going out and seeing the Hoboken Memorial Day parade. Once I’m in, I’m in.

I did go out and play guitar for a while this afternoon by the river. Tariq showed up so I sang. Why can’t I sing when I’m alone? I sang Hercules by Elton and also Make the World Go Away by Eddy Arnold.

It was a good day and I enjoyed playing. Made some pocket change thanks to two generous teenagers. I only played guitar for about an hour and a half.

Walked back with Tariq, he was off to his studio. I needed a haircut. Hair was getting thick and the heat yesterday made it feel like I was wearing a hat. Tony was in at Mr. L’s despite usually having Thursday and Friday off.

The other barber, Louie (Mr. L himself) was on vacation in Italy. I walked in, and Tony was free having just had a nap. He did a good job as usual.

We talked about cigars and the new job with my new role in a male version of The Mystery of Marie Rogêt. Oddly enough, Marie Rogêt’s body was found floating in the Hudson River just off the Hoboken coast.

It was way before my time in Hoboken so don’t look at me.

Now it is thundering and raining with the occasional flash of lightning.

Had a good phone call from an old friend and ex-roommate Kevin. He actually called after Lost on Sunday night and after talking then I told him I would call him during the week. So I called today.

He’s out in Pennsylvania living his life to the best of his ability. It was good to talk to him. He’s a good guy. I don’t think I would live with him again and I’m sure he feels the same way about me.

We talked about various friends of ours, mainly people we hadn’t seen in a while. He’s someone who should definitely have a blog. He’s still quite opinionated and also very funny. I would read it daily.

He sometimes reads this here blog so maybe he should get to it. He knows a lot about my online life. Maybe too much. Then again, it’s all out there for the world to see.

I ran some errands for Bill, dropping off his laundry and dry cleaning and then picking it all up later in the day. I also did my own laundry which of course is hanging in the kitchen and bathroom and now with the rain, should be dry by Saturday or Sunday.

That’s about it on this end. Playing guitar, laundry and errands. Another day closer to being employed. And that’s a very good thing.
seen on Eighth Avenue

seen on Eighth Avenue

Day After Tomorrow

Heat rises. As I climb the four flights of steps it’s readily noticeable. Top floor, my floor is like an oven. Nowhere for the heat to go. There is no Now/Here. It’s been in the 90 degree range today. Quite oppressive.

I would prefer 20 degrees less but what can I do? It’s supposed to be like that tomorrow but with that temperature drop there will be rain. Or blood. Or a reign of blood.

I’ve noticed that my mind is more prepared for the new job on top of the Empire State Building that I am somehow. Last night as the 11:00 news was on I found myself getting ready for bed, which is about 2 hours earlier than it’s been the past 9 months.

I know I’ve been out of work 10 months and change but the first month of being out of work I still had that routine. Then somewhere in the past 10 months I was up watching Craig Ferguson until the end. The other night he had Ben Stein on so I didn’t watch, so maybe it started then.

Going to bed earlier meant waking up earlier and that meant around 8:00. I was refreshed, not groggy. I had to head into the new job and pick up some paperwork to fill out so I could properly start next week.

Don’t you ever stop, long enough to start/get your car outta that gear!

Showered and did my thing and was soon on a crowded bus. I gave up my seat so a woman and her kids could sit and sat next to guy who very much did not want to sit next to me. So much so that I had to ask him to move so I could sit.

Oh how I miss that commute. I had better get my machete cleaned up.

Walked up to the 86th floor, regretfully no giant apes around. Got my paperwork and talked shop. Asked if it would be alright if I brought my suit in a bag and changed it there since I tend to sweat like a horse when the summer arrives. They had no problem with it.

They did mention that I could wear a Guyabera like I was wearing today when I work on weekends. No shorts though. That’s fine with me. The unknown is before me and though I anticipate it, I’m not terribly worried. It’s nothing I haven’t done before.

Saw Bill after that. I love him. He loves me. He drives me crazy. I probably drive him crazy. Last night Bill was feeling like he was ill, had a cold he said. Today he seemed fine. But last night not so good.

He bought me some Godiva truffles once again. He’s spoiled me. The past 3 weeks, each time I’ve seen him he’s bought me Godiva truffles, so I’ve come to expect it. I walked him back to his office and I know he is thrilled that I have a job once again.

The Path train was fairly empty and the air conditioning was kicking. Walked along the waterfront when I got back to Hoboken. Some function going on, on Pier A. No Tariq in sight and it was too hot to go back and get the guitar and head back out again so I came home and had lunch.

Ran into Stine. Today is her birthday, AND IT’S HARPY’S BIRTHDAY AS WELL. I left a note on the apartment door wishing a happy birthday to Stine and I thought I wrote it in Danish using Google translate, but actually it was in Dutch. The price you pay when you use Google translate without having had a cuppa.

Just got back from spending some time with Rand. He suggested meeting up so I went out. We talked about a lot of things, including what was bothering me. It cleared the air and I’m glad we met up.

I have just returned from a walk around Hoboken and checked out the Memorial Day parade.


It’s Hoboken and they do things their own way. More marchers than spectators and there are fewer veterans with each passing year.
5.26.10 Today 002
5.26.10 Today 003
5.26.10 Today 004
5.26.10 Today 009



the few remaining members...

the few remaining veterans from back then...

Day After Day

Well a week from today I will start working for the Symbionese Liberation Army. I’m understandably nervous. Tomorrow I am going in to see Cinque who has some paperwork for me to fill out and also a photo session of me wearing a beret and standing in front of a poster of the Hydra.

I’m sure there is really nothing to be nervous about, I’ve worked retail before. There are some routine things to do when opening up the store, things that I’m sure I’ve done before. I will find out more tomorrow.

Last night I didn’t do much of anything. I made sure Lawn Hors d’œuvre was being recorded for Bill, but Bill had set the timer beforehand. And Sure enough, just as the show was starting Bill walked through the door, saying it was a coincidence that he was home just as it was starting.

Yeah, right.

Whatever he wants to believe but I have a pretty good idea that Bill hustled to get home in time. It was a good episode, the series finale. It really did not seem to be a good idea to pull the plug on it when if they had one more year they would have broken the Gunsmoke record for longest running show.

But that’s the way they did things. And the Lieutenant got a positive message from her oncologist at the end.

I spoke with Harpy a little while ago. He loved the Lost finale whereas I loved all of it except for the last 5 minutes. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

And I could not help but think of Mary Provost when Vincent appeared in Jack’s last moments. It’s the natural order of things. Sooner or later that smell of blood will overcome the Labrador’s hunger pangs.

What else is going on? I’m not participating in whatever performance will be taking place in Hamilton NY like I was asked months ago. It was the impetus for my playing guitar every day. But even though I think I’ve gotten better on guitar, there will be no performance.

I sort of found that out the other day when I decided to talk to one of the friends that was really bumming me out and making me feel resentful. This friend kept making plans for me to act in a movie, or lend my voice for a voice over or perhaps even join me when I would play by the river.

All three situations, I made myself available. Things fell apart on their end and I did not appreciate not hearing about it, just basically leaving me twisting in the wind.

And so goes the performance in Hamilton. No Art Hams reunion. C’est la vie. I’m just glad I practiced.

Today being a gorgeous day, I went out to the Pier A area with my guitar and strummed for about 3 hours. I have about 10 songs under my belt that I know inside out, though singing those songs is a different story.

Like I’ve written before, when I’m alone (and I’m alone 99.9% of the time) I just strum and do not sing. If Tariq is there I sing, if Rand is there I sing. But solo, no singing.

The plan was to strum and perhaps even busk, once I was good enough, in the vicinity of Central Park. Now with the weather getting to be splendid, I won’t be doing that. Or maybe I will on my days off.

At this moment, 18:56 on May 25 2010 it doesn’t seem likely but then again, anything is possible. Last autumn, it was that kid Tim that lit the spark and got me outside with the guitar, perhaps there will be someone else to inspire me once again.
NJ Governor Chris Christie: "Where's my CAKE?"
NJ Governor Chris Christie: ‘WHERE’S MY CAKE?’

Day-O (Banana Boat Song)

The day after. The first day of the week. As Bill put it last night, my last week of freedom. Oh I hated to hear that, but then again it wasn’t like it was a sweet freedom. Nae, far from it.

Stress upon stress and the occasional depression. And working at the Scientology Center seems like the way to go. Got my E-Meter all set and I have the Dianetics book and audio book.

I played guitar for about an hour or so before it got drizzly. Tariq stopped by, he was on his way back to his studio. He hung out after playing a song for a young hottie from the Wiley building. The song was Staind. Or by Staind. I don’t know. He did a good job of it though.

After young hottie moved on Tariq asked me to play some songs so I did. Each time I finished one he would ask for another. We wound up leaving together, I left him at 7 Star Pizza as I walked around the park instead of through it. Too many kids just out of school.

Last night was the Lost finale. I am of two minds of the show. There were some truly touching scenes, tear inducing segments. Jin & Sun, Charlie & Claire, Sayid & Shannon. Juliet & Sawyer was the reunion that gt me misty as well as having me applaud at the commercial break. The separation of the two of them was truly heartbreaking and it was so emotional when they met again.

I think it was even more resonant than Jack & Kate. Their sad farewell on the cliffs was quite nice, better than their own reunion in the alternate universe.

The look on Jin & Sun’s faces when Sawyer walked into the hospital room was humorous. The best though was definitely Jack & Hugo. The anguish of Hugo when he realized that he would probably never see Jack again was so sad.

The bond, the love between them for each other was palpable. And even the scene between Hugo & Ben was nice, in both universes, sadder outside the hall. Ben staying outside, Hugo going back in. With all the shit Ben threw on the Lost people, there’s no way they could justify having Ben in there, even though Ben had a few changes of heart the past season.

The score reminded me of Lord of the Rings, specifically the ending of Return of the King. Maybe that’s just me, but it seemed quite similar though the emotions the music conjures were certainly very close.

I read on JoeMyGod, a comment that mentioned it was 6 seasons of Our Town. For me, it was An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, the longest nano-second. Chris Stein of Blondie wrote on Facebook that it was a cop out, using The Sixth Sense plot line.

Did anyone notice Sawyer & Miles on the plane, when Sawyer boarded as they were escaping the island?

Miles: Way to wait till the last second.
Sawyer: Good to see you too Enos.

Sawyer called Miles, Enos in the alternate universe and as far as I know on the island life, Miles was always Miles.

With all the good performances from the cast, the ending was rather flat. I would give the acting an ‘A’, but overall it gets dragged down to a ‘B’ with the ending.

I’ve seen it twice and I appreciated it a little bit more today than I did yesterday but then again once again I was moved by the performances.

I never saw Star Trek: generations but it was remarked that Locke’s death resembled Kirk’s passing. I will have to ask Bill about that.

What did you all think?

SO, when does the movie come out?

For Today I Am A Boy

So tired. I’m pretty sure I am more tired today than I was after bicycling yesterday. Today’s fatigue is mainly from chasing Alexander around. Yes, he’s now in his 2’s. Stine once again planned an excellent party at Van Saun Park in Paramus NJ.

She had a party there last year and today was even better. Lots of food was prepared. All of it good. Stine is an excellent cook. The day started early, Julio and I with Alexander riding up to Van Saun Park to set up everything, move picnic tables and unpack various coolers.

I volunteered to help since I knew Julio would need my help and any opportunity to spend time with Alexander is always a good thing. After we unpacked everything Alexander took off to a play area, designed for 4 to 6 years, but Alexander doesn’t like to play in areas designed for his age group.

That left me chasing after him to the best of my ability. It was like that most of the day. Julio was busy grilling, Stine busy setting up the tables and making sure everyone had food to eat and beverages to drink.

It was up to me to play my part as the ‘manny’. And it was mostly a pleasurable experience. He held my hand when needed, and paid attention to me when he had to. The weather report mentioned scattered showers so I wore jeans and work boots since in case it rained, I wouldn’t want to get too muddy.

No one likes a muddy manny.

But despite the gray storm clouds in the distance it didn’t rain. It was quite muggy though. The food was excellent, the standard picnic fare, hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, salad salad. And a few birthday cakes which were quite good.

Stine definitely made a lot of food and of course I stood to benefit from the overabundance, which I did since my refrigerator now has a lot of food in it. I ate a lot today so I’m not hungry now, but it certainly won’t last past tomorrow. I’m looking at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I will be sated.

I helped them lug all the food and presents upstairs. Though the day was pleasant enough, I did find Alexander filling the role of the terrible 2’s. At one point he had one of his cousins toys, some cart that gets pushed around and Alexander pushed it around and around.

I didn’t want to stray too far from the group so I tried to get Alexander to circle back but he was most resistant to the idea, enough so that he was screaming ‘Ni ni ni’ pronounced ‘nigh’ it’s Danish for ‘No’. I did get my way and we headed back and I situated him amongst his family.

About 5 minutes later I was looking around and noticed Alexander missing. I mentioned to Stine, ‘where’s the baby?’ and she looked around frantically as did I. We spotted him about 50 feet away pushing that cart and headed to a play area on his own.

I ran over there and got him, gathered him up under one arm and carrying the cart in the other. He was screaming ‘Ni Ni Ni’ and wheat I believe was ‘Let Me Go!’ really putting up a fight. He looked at me as if I betrayed him badly.

Basically he was overtired, over stimulated and still trying to figure out his boundaries. I felt bad but as I had hoped, he forgot all about it 20 minutes later.

That’s it for me, I wanted to write before Lost comes on tonight and I do not expect to answer the phone or do much else but watch the show for the next 3.5 hours. Under the Wire.
5.23.10 Alexander Van Saun Park 003
5.23.10 Alexander Van Saun Park 016

For the Turnstiles

Well Bill just came home. I’ve been home for a while. Went bicycling this afternoon. First time in a few weeks. Rode up to North Bergen, a little north of the Galaxy apartment complex.

I rode along the Hudson Waterway. The neglected side, the New Jersey side, not the Manhattan side. It’s changed since last summer when I last rode up there.

Buildings sprouted up, fences erected. Still could use a lot of work. It’s not a continuous walkway. There are parts where you have to ride on a sidewalk next to River Road. The cars go very fast on River Road, almost but not quite highway speeds.

I believe the law states that the people should have access to the river. The developers and I suppose the residents of these new buildings would rather the people did not have access to the river, so parts of the walkway are incomplete. Suddenly ending.

No signs saying the walkway is ending. It just goes from pavement to rocks. That’s fine if you have a mountain bike, it’s fine if you have a hybrid, but I have a street bike with thin tires so it doesn’t make for an easy ride.

I made the most of it of course, carrying my bike on my shoulder when needed. I went as far as I thought I could without having to deal with cars zooming past and then turned around and headed back south.

On a break I sat on a bench and looked at the river. Another cyclist clad in a Campbells Soup cycling attire stopped by and was taking pictures of Manhattan. I saw he was trying to take a photo of himself with the city in the background, so I asked him if he would like me to take his picture.

He was grateful and I took his picture. We chatted, his name was Chris and he was from Belgium. He was staying at a hotel in Jersey City and I remarked I was on my way to Exchange Place. He didn’t know about the waterfront walkway and had ridden up through the streets.

Luckily Weehawken and Hoboken was better suited for bicycles and I showed him the way back, past where I am usually strumming my guitar by Pier A. There was some event going on Pier A and it was crazy crowded. I was glad I wasn’t there.

We walked our bikes through the train station and I got Chris headed in the direction of his hotel. He went his way, I went mine and sat for a little while in the Exchange Place area just chilling and watching the river flow.

After a little while of that and talking with my sister on the phone I headed back up towards Hoboken. While riding through Newport I passed Juan Melli who I know through Facebook and we chatted for a little while.

I congratulated him on his new job in Hoboken City Hall, telling him that I too have a job, being the director of a new Manhattan Project, being a nuclear physicist and all that entails. Juan was headed to Liberty State Park and headed off in that direction and I headed north to Hoboken.

Pier A was still hopping as I sat an a bench nearby. Some guy asked if he could take my photo with a professional camera and I said sure. I asked him what it was for and he said it was for his own use so I guess I might be a pinup in Nuclear Physicist Fancy one of these months.

Came home, helped Julio bring in some stuff for Alexander’s birthday party tomorrow in Van Saun Park. I also saw my friend Lois. We had a much needed talk and things were ironed out quite nicely.

That’s about it. Right now watching a recap episode of Lost before the big 3.5 hour finale tomorrow night.

I will start work in one of these buildings on June 1

I will start work in one of these buildings on June 1

Or maybe one of these buildings

Or maybe one of these buildings

5.21.10 Chelsea Galleries 003
5.21.10 Chelsea Galleries 004
5.21.10 Chelsea Galleries 005
Self portrait

Self portrait

Clarice Starling

Clarice Starling

Hoboken from Jersey City

Hoboken from Jersey City

For Once In My Life

You’d think that since I got my OB/GYN license and will start my practice next month I would be in a good mood. And I was in a good mood for most of yesterday. Pretty much happy, texting with friends and generally living in the moment.

I sat on the front steps, smoking a cigar and reading Uncut magazine with Kate Bush on the cover. Saw Rob La Rosa walking by and chatted with him. Talked to Julio on the phone before I came upstairs to watch some comedy on NBC.

Community was good, but not as good as the Paintball episode. Parks and Recreation was OK, merely OK. The Office was good, mainly because of Kathy Bates. That was also when Bill came home. Sitting on the couch he remarked how that woman reminded him of Kathy Bates.

Then came 30 Rock which was pretty funny, perhaps the best of the four. Had the classic line, ‘I’m suing you, I’m suing Vagisil and I’m suing this baby.’.

I saw that there was a documentary on Tito Puente at 10:00 so I changed the channel so Bill would enjoy that. He did. It was his father’s era, and apparently his father grew up on the same street as Cuban Pete who it was said was the greatest dancer back then.

Bill went to bed after that, I stayed up and watched whatever was on. A little before 1:00 I decided to go to bed after taking a melatonin.

It was quite warm and with my thick hair, (hair, not head) it wasn’t easy to fall asleep. Bill was feeling cuddly last night for the first time in a while and after a half hour I got back out of bed, argued with some Libertarian online and took another melatonin.

When I finally did fall asleep it wasn’t restful. In fact I had some awfully violent dreams. Too gruesome to write about, I’d rather forget them.

In the morning, as he left for work, Bill was a prince, kissing me goodbye and telling me how happy he was that I found a job as an OB/GYN.

Eventually I got out of bed and started my day, but a melancholia settled in and I found myself terribly depressed.

I decided to head into the city and check out some art, specifically the ‘Remember the Upstairs Lounge’ at the No Longer Empty art space on 447 w 16th street, next to the Highline Ballroom where Bill, Juan and myself had that ‘ecstatic’ night last summer. Or rather Juan and I had the ecstatic night and Bill chaperoned.

Remember the Upstairs Lounge was based on a fire at a second floor gay bar in New Orleans in 1973. 37 people died in the fire. Gasoline was in the air, leaving people to think it was arson but the New Orleans Police didn’t care enough to pursue any detective work and the case went cold.

The exhibition was a recreation of the Upstairs Lounge, photographs of some of the patrons and some 1973 beefcake photos of Burt Reynolds and Mark Spitz.

Since it was 1973 and gay liberation hadn’t really caught on besides NY, San Francisco and Los Angeles, no identification was found on the bodies since the victims were more than likely closeted.

Another sad fact was that the Catholic diocese absolutely would not allow any church services for the victims. Scumbag motherfuckers they were and still are. Actually that’s not right, they’re not motherfuckers, they’re child fuckers.

The Reverend Troy Perry of Bill’s former church, the Metropolitan Community Church stepped up and performed whatever religious requirements the community need. Bill and I met Troy Perry a few years ago.

Nice guy, has to travel with bodyguards since an out gay man ministering to the LGBT community might as well have a target on his back, even though I think he might be retired now.

I definitely did the right thing, heading into the city and seeing some awesome (in the truest sense of the word) art.

It was a beautiful day and not too many people around. And I’m feeling a lot better.
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5.21.10 Chelsea Galleries 003
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Fortune (cookies) on the go

Fortune (cookies) on the go

For No One

Well it’s been a special day for me. I am quite glad. Susquehanna here I come, right back where I started from! Yes indeed. Broad Street, where the broads are is in the future. Not my future perhaps. But the future nonetheless.

I was offered a job and I took it. Leaving Sally in the alley. I’m quite happy. Not so much for the money but the incentives and whatnot should make up for it.

Suckling at the teat of the United States, though refreshing and I admit a bit kinky, hasn’t been the roll in the hay as they might say in Bala Cynwyd.

I’m sure to know all about Bala Cynwyd down the line once Susquehanna Investment Group shows me it’s spread sheets, at which I excel.

It was a comedy today. I decided to take the subway rather than sweat my was to the offices and found a rest room to freshen up in since I was early enough.

I decided to use some paper towels to mop myself up and in so doing cut my hand. I didn’t think it was so bad but then it started to bleed. I was trying to tie my tie and in so doing the back of my hand rubbed against my shirt leaving smears of blood.

That couldn’t look good. And the tie was a mess and needed to be tied. There I was in the mens room muttering ‘fucking hell’ loud enough for the stall set to hear. I didn’t care, I was bleedin bleeding.

So I wound up using water to rinse out the blood stains and eventually did tie my tie. In the interview, we sat, we talked, me with suit buttoned up to cover the blood.

I was offered the position we talked about last week and I played coy.

Actually I played Koi, doing my bit of the interview like a fish, my hands flapping on the side of my face, gill like, and my mouth making ‘O’ shapes, resembling a fish. They loved it and I believe my jumping into the pond is what set me apart from the other applicants.

A nice walk to Times Square was in order where I saw Bill who was positively ecstatic about the job offer. So ecstatic that we walked over to Godiva and he bought me a bag of dark chocolate truffles. Yum.

Not exactly fish food but celebratory in any event. Rode back to Hoboken on the Path train and getting off in the Hoboken station, who do I see heading into the city, but Tariq. Twice in two days.

He was off to Washington Square and I was headed to the rest room. I wished him good luck busking in the park and I continued on my way.

Stopped by the Guitar Bar where I told Jim Mastro and he too was quite happy on the job offer. Texted Brian, Julio, Harpy and Pedro. They responded in order, Great news!, Great!, Hooray and ‘LOVE IT! You’re the man Son Son.

I don’t know why, but Pedro always calls me Son Son despite the fact that I’m a few years older than him.

So all in all it’s been a good day, the weather has been gorgeous. Already I’ve gotten the ‘welcome to the family’ email from the Susquehanna Sallies. It’s been a good day, wouldn’t you say?

That's my Bill

That's my Bill

10.20.10 555JOT 003

For Emma

Once again it’s been a day unlike any other. I’ve written that before, but not today. The day has been a bit odd. But of course there’s a back history which could be related to the oddness.

First off, when I wrote what I wrote on Monday I was hurt and bitter and on top of all that, resentful. My only recourse it seemed to me was to write about.

Let’s face it, my day is so dull that I will write about anything that seems worthwhile. Or not worthwhile actually.

Mike Neutron told me about some recording studio that 2 friends of mine had been in, and hearing it from Mike and not the friends, to not be asked to participate hurt me somewhat.

I didn’t do anything harsh except for writing and for once I didn’t name names or use pseudonyms. I waited for the other shoe to drop, thinking that one of the two would have read what I wrote and tell the other.

Some feedback perhaps, but nothing was forthcoming. Texts that were sent over the past few days have gone without any replies. Still, it stings a bit. I spoke with Bill about it and he was understanding and suggested letting some time pass.

So what if the plan to be used as a radio announcer for a CD has fallen by the wayside? It wouldn’t be the first time they’d made plans and asked me to participate. Next time I shouldn’t be so eager to join in, I should just remain aloof and noncommittal.

It’s just that I have this free time which might not last for long.

It’s been yet another cloudy and gray day and I sat by the river, enjoying a cigar and reading the newspaper. That’s where I spoke with Bill on the phone.

I walked along the waterfront and saw Tariq was back. I hadn’t seen him in about a month, and I have to admit I was a bit worried.

He knows some unsavory types and I hoped nothing happened to him. It turned out he’s been busy and playing in the city and dealing with the situation at the Monroe Center in Hoboken where he and his girlfriend have studio space. The center is bankrupt and has been on thin ice for a number of years.

It was good to see him and once again he handed me his guitar and asked me to play. So I played Shame Shame Shame by Shirley and Company which brought him way back to the 1970’s.

He loved it and sang back up. I sang since I don’t sing when I am by myself. Then I played Love Shack by the B-52’s and he was really happy. He went off for a spell and I sat and strummed his guitar.

When he came back, he had a fifth of vodka tucked in his jacket and when I said I was going home to eat lunch he begged me to do another song. This time I sang Instant Karma and a little bit of Hi Hi Hi.

Tariq asked me to play (Love is Like a) Heatwave but I didn’t know all the chords. I almost brought my songbooks with me when I was leaving my apartment earlier but opted not to since I wasn’t bringing my guitar and in one of those notebooks were the chords to Heatwave.

Someone he knows, very high strung, tie dyed shirt, leather vest and dungarees rolled up to his shins and perhaps a bit wired stopped by and asked Tariq something. Tariq didn’t have the answer the guy wanted to hear and the guy wouldn’t give Tariq a cigarette and spun on his heel and jumped into his pick up truck and drove off fast.

I started some guitar improv again and Tariq loved it, so much so he would stomp his feet and laugh in tears. Apparently I have a skill. Just singing about people heading home from work, or after shopping or just pushing baby strollers around.

The people like it, Tariq loves it and I can’t seem to do it unless someone I know is sitting nearby. I must have done that for about 20 minutes or so. I even sang about people smoking cigarettes and in the song I’d ask them to give Tariq a cigarette since no one else would.

Tariq insists that I have a gift and I should exploit it. After that I gave the guitar back to Tariq and we talked a bit when I see the tie dyed wired guy come riding up to Tariq on a skateboard eyeballing me and angrily asking Tariq if I was a cop.

Twice he asked and twice he was told no I wasn’t a cop.

Tie dyed wired guy was very upset since his friend or his father was beaten up by a female police officer the other night and this guy wants to go beat up some cops. Whatever good feeling that existed around me and Tariq was gone when this guy tore off on his skateboard looking for information on his friend/father. Mood killer he was.

Ominous clouds rolled in, Tariq was now pretty much drunk and I was still hungry.

A friend who watches us play some times stopped by asking what we were doing on a Wednesday afternoon. Seems that he had been looking for us on Sundays. I wasn’t out there on Sunday and Tariq has been busy elsewhere.

The friend did remember that he owed me 50¢ for a bet we made when we last saw each other. I forgot but he didn’t. The bet was over the fact that Albert Hammond wrote It Never Rains in Southern California, and he is the father of one of the Strokes.

Nice of him to remember and I walked home, once step ahead of the drizzle with 50¢ more than I had when I left.

Lost was very good last night. Final episode, this Sunday at 7PM. I guess it will be a four hour broadcast with recaps and whatnot.
tariq 5.19.10
10.19.10 002
10.19.10 003

For Christ Sake

A rainy day and I’m not bitter. I was bitter yesterday and a tad resentful but time heals most wounds and I’m feeling alright. Definitely did not go out and play guitar today, and definitely did not respond to any acting/singing/monologue improvisation suggestions.

Today with the weather and the melatonin, made for getting out of bed quite difficult. I remember Bill leaning over me, kissing me goodbye and telling me how good I looked and then back to sleep, eventually waking up to the sounds of the Electric Light Orchestra singing Telephone Line.

That brought me back to 1976, being in a car with a kid, Paul Gaulvin, who lived a block or so away from me in Rochelle Park. I didn’t know Paul Gaulvin at all and was sort of forced into being his friend by my father who worked with Paul’s father in some capacity.

Paul’s mother was driving us somewhere when Telephone Line came on the radio. The mother was the boss of that household, the father your basic milquetoast. I believe there was an older sister in Paul’s life and they fit the nuclear template quite well, Paul and his sister fighting like cats and dogs.

Ultimately Paul and I never had much in common. We experimented with cigarettes when we were 14 years old and I remember Paul buying a pack of Camels saying that they were good because they had hashish in them.

Though Paul and I went to the same high school, we really didn’t hang out with each other, he was in a smarter class and I wasn’t. I also remember the last time I hung out with Paul, at his graduation party 29 years ago, where I got so drunk that I fell flat on my back.

There I was talking to someone and next thing I knew, I was looking up at the sky. Paul’s mother made sure I got home safely, having Paul and maybe someone else walk me home over the Route 80 overpass. Last night Bill came home just in time to catch the 11:00 news.

He asked me if I had heard from my brother Frank and I said I hadn’t. I fell into the old family trap of ‘I’m always calling him. Why should I call again?’ That in turn prompted a discussion of my family, how things were different for Frank being the oldest and me being the youngest.

Basically, by the time I came of age my parents were tired of raising kids and I was left pretty much to myself. Of course I was also living a double life, a life that my family still doesn’t know about. And that’s probably how it should be.

Somethings are better off unknown.

I do recall telling Frank about some aspect of my growing up and living a secret life and that flipped him out quite a bit. That was then, this is now and I live a quiet life, content to stay at home and watch TV.

And tonight I will be watching the penultimate episode of Lost which will hopefully be an improvement on last week’s episode.

In the hallway

In the hallway

in the rain

in the rain

For All We Know

It’s a Monday again. I don’t mind. Less people on the streets, less people wandering around the Hoboken waterfront. Worked out fine for me. Last night I watched The Pacific and though there wasn’t much violence last night, it really hit home hardest out of all of the episodes.

Last night was all about the surviving Marines coming home after the war. No one maimed or seriously injured, but most of these Marines had internal damages to their minds. It was last night where I started to recognize most of these soldiers as the type that would be sitting around the U shaped bar at the VFW in twenty or thirty years.

There were a few scenes that brought the lump to the throat, specifically John Basilone’s widow visiting her late husband’s family for the first time. Not many of those soldiers left, as was noted in the end credits. The actors were listed and then the person they played and their history followed.

Treme was good too. I do have the occasional problem with Steve Zahn though. Some episodes he’s good and other episodes he’s not so good. I don’t know how many episodes are left but I’ll keep watching more than likely.

Stayed up late and watched Burn After Reading by the Coen brothers. Not the best from the Coens, but better than most. A few surprising twists in it. Don’t know if I would recommend it. This afternoon I was out by Pier A, strumming my guitar. Made a quarter.

It was encouraging.

I thought the Art Hams or something resembling pork products were supposed to be doing something in May up in Hamilton NY but that doesn’t seem to be in the works. At least not if I’m included.

Occasionally, some people make plans and I show an interest then it’s all hush hush until after the fact.

And some people always coming up with some plans, “A movie! A CD! And I want you, John to be in on it!” and when I say I would be in on it, I ask when and where and I will be there, I never hear anything about it again.

“A part for you John, where you wear a suit and tie and you smoke a cigar. Think you can do it?” I reply positively, even offer some more ideas to the project at hand, when seem to go over well then nothing is said until after the fact and if I then mention my ignorance I sometimes hear that I knew all about it.

Like playing in Hamilton, which is probably now, two people and a trombone doing who the fuck knows if it hasn’t happened already. It’s happened before, hearing afterward about two friends playing right up the street from me at an open mike. Turtle club anyone?

A while back I was somewhere with someone who told me about a project they had just completed. I asked why didn’t I know about it and they insisted that I did know about it. It’s just as well. I do my thing and they can do whatever.

I suppose my request to do the voice of a radio DJ has fallen by the wayside. I may have been replaced, that is if that project still exists. Once again, besides the initial idea presented to me and my interest in doing whatever is asked, I’ve heard nothing. Perhaps a fourth party or someone else will tell me all about it.

And also the Last Sunday of the Month Shakespeare reading seems to be no more. It was a good idea while it lasted and it was fun. But there are no more brunches at Maxwells and I’m not too keen on participating in the process in someone’s kitchen.

from last week.

from last week.

Next day, 5.18.10 a new attitude. Not so bitter and resentful.

Your Mother Should Know

Here I am again, in front of the computer, sitting at the keyboard, hitting not so random letters and keys and forming words, sentences and paragraphs. I am surprised to be here. I had hoped to not write this weekend and here I am writing.

Am I a man of letters? Of words? A man of my word? Can I be true to myself? Can I be true to you, the reader? Should I buy that t-shirt, that coffee mug or those greeting cards?

I’ve just gotten back from sitting on the front steps, enjoying a cigar and writing in a notebook. I know, how old school. And what I wrote I am about to transcribe here.

It follows what happened before my visit to Barclay Rex on Thursday. I was all set to go and decided to check the email from Barclay Rex to reassure myself. But I could not access my email through Firefox or Chrome.

I plodded on, upwards to the bus stop and called Bill. I figured he might have access that I didn’t have and asked him to open my account. He remarked that I had a lot of email in my account, which is true. I do have a lot of email in my account.

Thousands of unread emails, going back a few years. But the email server has no problem with it and so neither do I. I told Bill I didn’t give a shit about the emails and asked Bill to look for an email from Ryan Bibble.

Sure enough, Bill found the email and all was as I thought. Felt bad for being a bit testy with Bill but I knew I had a lot of emails and I only needed to access one which could be easily found with the simplest search.

Texted my love once again to Bill and he responded in kind. We’re still up in the air with regards to Barclay Rex, now that Susquehanna Investment Group has entered the fray.

I would never had heard of Susquehanna Investment Group if it weren’t for that certain ‘Maurice’, sending me an email from their workplace. Fortune comes in from strange angles.

So now, this is from sitting on the front steps a little while ago.

This is a twist. Sitting on the front stoop and writing. It’s a beautiful day and I spent some time earlier by the river, reading Mojo magazine. Lot’s of people out and about. I avoided the Baby Parade scheduled for the waterfront, but still there were plenty of strollers going by and pregnant women.

Once I finished reading Mojo I was bored and decided to head home and be bored there rather than sitting by the river. No buskers out today and I wasn’t strumming.

I came home and Bill was awake and getting ready to head into the city for rehearsal. He came home this morning after driving to North Haverbrook last night. He slept a few hours when he came home.

Last night I watched The Hangover. It was just what I expected, and I wasn’t disappointed. A few laughs, basically men being stupid.

After that I watched a documentary on The Mamas and the Papas. I’m sure I had seen it before but nothing else was on. It was definitely interesting to watch after MacKenzie Phillips revelation/accusation of having an incestuous affair with her father Papa John.

McGuinn and McGuire just keep getting higher and in LA you know where that’s at/And no one’s getting fat except Mama Cass.

After that I watched the news and Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin was the guest host for the season finale with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. It was good, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers reminded me a bit of Led Zeppelin. Maybe that’s what they were trying for. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The high point for me was the Digital Short. Once again, hilarious.

After Saturday Night Live I took a melatonin which has been great in helping get some restful sleep but it doesn’t help me waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. But that’s not so bad.

Listening to the Mama’s and the Papa’s last night reminded me of Sunday afternoons spent at the VFW in Saddle Brook. I would hear Monday Monday, as well as Make the World Go Away by Eddy Arnold a few times on Sundays as I watched the veterans drinks and smoke.

10.16.10 jot alxndr 008

Your Horoscope

Once again, I can’t go on/I’ll go on. I wonder if anyone has figured out where that is from? It’s been a beautiful day today. So pleasant, sun has been shining, a nice breeze wafts through the air.

Bill came home, safe and sound from Amish County bearing bagels and the paper and went right to bed. He’s off again driving the bus down to North Haverbrook.

Some sort of whoop dee doo happening down there tonight. I don’t ask questions, I don’t get involved.

I stopped by the bibliothèque as I walked over to Pier A for more of my strumming. I returned Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. I’ve seen it before and ultimately it’s sad. But it’s a warts and all look at Joe.

I had another Joe Strummer DVD called Let’s Rock Again by Dick Rude. I lent it to my brother and when I asked for it back a number of months ago he didn’t know I lent it to him, he had forgotten.

I hope to see it again, but chances are I might not. That’s karma I suppose. A small price to pay. I sat under a tree on a granite bench and played my guitar in the usual spot.

Tariq is still MIA since he was featured online in Hoboken Patch. I texted him the link to the story but got no response. It was fine playing guitar on my own though.

Up to a point that is.

After about an hour of playing guitar up comes the Mister Softee truck, not playing his chimes, but actually quite worse, parked with the loud hum of the diesel engine going.

I knew if nobody bought ice cream they would move on but a few people did. On top of that, about 30 feet away from 2 mandolin players and a guitarist set up, case opened for cash and just started playing.

Not paying any attention to me, and I was there first. Twenty-something scumbags with no sense of protocol. I mean, I move on if I see someone playing nearby. Sometimes even rebuffing their invitations to play.

These Holy Anal Wankers just did their faux bluegrass or whatever it was. And people dropped money in their case. It’s a good thing I’m not in it for the money.

I did my best to play loud enough to throw them off, and eventually they did move further down Pier A and set up shop there.

I don’t know if I would have played with them if they asked me to, but my playing Elton John’s Hercules seemed to be the number that shooed the Holy Anal Wankers away.

And not too long after the Holy Anal Wankers moved away, Mister Softee gave up the ghost and moved on somewhere else.

By that time it was going on three hours that I was out strumming. Bill mentioned that he had to be awake at 4:15 so I decided to make it on home and wake his bus driving ass up.

And he was stirring when I walked through the door. Now he’s been gone about an hour.

And then there’s me, trying not to write and failing in my attempt.
dog 001

Your Own Worst Enemy

Been a muggy day today. Quite hummus. It just rained for a minute or two. Sky is dark grayish. Been a long sweaty day. Not complaining though. Last night was comedy on NBC and it was entertaining. Bill was actually home to watch most of them.

Community was good, but not as good as the previous week. Parks and Recreation was funnier than it’s been. Who knew Rob Lowe would make such a difference. And the other guy, who’s name I forget from Party Down, the very funny show on Starz channel, even funnier.

The Office was merely OK, but 30 Rock was the best. I suppose it changes week to week, one show funnier than the rest with Parks & Recreation usually coming in last.

This just in, is a rip off and not worth your time. I just wanted to add that since they never publish my reviews, so therefore it is safe to assume they suck. Don’t got there!

From one window on my right, I see the sun heading towards the west. On the left gray skies ominously approach. I am about to head out to pick up Bill’s laundry. Hopefully one step ahead of the storm.

And I was more than a few steps ahead of the storm. Just a lot of rumbling in the distance, but not much action going on here.

I heard from Pedro earlier today. His mom is now in the hospital. He needed me to look into hotel rates so that he can stay closer to the hospital instead of two hours away in Otisville. I was able to get him a good rate on a hotel near the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee.

Cheaper since I called, cheaper than the online price that was quoted.

Somehow we got on the subject of suits and ties and he’s now totally into the concept. He’s had a few reasons to wear a suit the past week or so and found that he gets even more respect while in a suit and tie as opposed to just showing off his muscles.

We sort of made a plan to go suit shopping one of these days. That would be hot. Yes, I said it. He’s hot and to see him all suited up would be even hotter. He knows how I feel. After all he’s the one who showed me a full frontal shot a few years ago that sobered me right up.

Of course it was fleeting glance, he showed it once again and would not send it to my phone. I was impressed though. Impressed enough to write about almost 3 years later. What can I say? I love the guy. And not in that way, but in the other way. The difference is in how you interpret it.

So Bill is off driving a bus to Amish country, Lancaster Country. He wasn’t too happy about it, but that’s how the wheels on the bus go round and round.

For some reason Hot Stuff by Donna Summer has been playing through my head today so I thought I would post the video here. And yes, I also thought of The Full Monty, when the guys are in the queue for their dole collection.

Lawn Hors d’œuvre canceled!

I might not write this weekend. Just because.

Your Eyes

I’m pretty tired. Pounding the pavement today. It actually went well. Walked from the Path train to 40 Wall Street, where I took the elevators to the Third and Fourth Floors.

It wasn’t the dank hole I expected it to be and I didn’t see any dank holes like I expected to see. I don’t know why the Susquehanna Investment Group has such a bad reputation.

You might think that a privately held global investment, trading and technology firm servicing securities markets worldwide would have their slack cut for them but apparently that’s not so.

Arthur Dantchik, Jeff Yass, Steve Bloom, Eric Brooks, Andrew Frost and Joel Greenberg all sent their warmest greetings and regards. Yass and Dantchik are a pair of regular jokers, with the knock knock jokes and other Pennsylvania humor.

They seemed like good guys though behind closed doors, the refrain of ‘watch the teeth, watch the teeth’ did raise some eyebrows. I didn’t stay too long, just long enough to make my presence known. Susquehanna Investment Group certainly gets it’s name in the news often enough, oddly though it doesn’t involve insider trading, at least not yet.

Soon I was on my way to Broad Street, to Barclay Rex. Nice situation, Wall Street area, good looking men in their suits and ties. I’d be happy to be one of them should the need arise. I had a good meeting with the manager and the assistant manager.

Never had a meeting before where I was offered a cigar. Of course I said yes and sat there smoking a cigar and answering questions. I answered honestly and truthfully and that seemed to be what they wanted to hear.

No trying to figure out what that might be, just saying it and them looking a bit amazed at my responses. After about an hour our meeting was over. They said I could sit there and finish the cigar so that’s what I did.

Walked over to the train and headed uptown. Saw David Allen Grier on the street as I made my way to see Bill. Also took a look at a spot where Tariq said he sometimes plays for the tourist dollar but the only people besides tourists were sketch artists.

It was good to see Bill. He’s so supportive, saying things about how good I looked and really happy to hear that the meeting went so well. I was certainly glad to be able to tell him some good news for a change, especially after me being a bit gloomy the past couple of days.

We walked over to Godiva where Bill bought a bag of dark chocolate truffles for me. They were almost as sweet as Bill. Walked over to Macy’s after that. They’re having a sale on eyeglasses so I checked them out. Of course the frames on sale were crap, and not my style.

I did see some nice ones that were more expensive and maybe the insurance will cover them somewhat. Despite all the care I put into the eyeglasses I have now, somehow they’ve wound up scratched. And I rarely used paper to clean the lenses, always used the special cloths that were recommended.

Maybe I’m paranoid but one of the last times I was at Cohen’s Optical and had them fix a screw, I could swear they were given back to me more scratched than they were originally. Another meeting is scheduled for next week and Bill suggests I wear the exact same thing for my ‘call back’. Seems like a novel idea.

In that case, I had better get the shirt and tie to the cleaners forthwith!


That's my Bill

That's my Bill

Me, smoking 'their' cigar

Me, smoking 'their' cigar

Your Blue Room

Well here we are again. May 12. Not my favorite day. A gloomy day and the battleship gray sky adds to it. I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday though. No hangover you see.

Also just saw Julio, Stine & Alexander for a few minutes. Stine texted me about some meatballs she just made and I stopped by to get them. Alexander is definitely going for the laughs, imitating his father’s eye movements.

He noticed my laughing a few weeks ago and knows he’ll get me laughing again. And he did. He also calls my name to get my attention. And he did.

He got a toddler scooter for his birthday and was showing me how he skates on it. He also got a tricycle which was out in the hallway. Both were presents from his grandparents. I came upstairs and ate everything.

Been quite cool lately, I think the highest the temperature has been for the past few days is 50 degrees. I did take the guitar out yesterday and played by the river for about an hour but that didn’t last long. Too cold and damp.

Today I mainly stayed inside and did laundry. I also watched Where The Wild Things are which left me merely whelmed. I mean, the puppets or rather muppets were good, but they probably should have gone with the voices of unknown actors.

Hearing James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara and Lauren Ambrose et al made me think of Gandolfini, O’Hara and Ambrose et al.

I returned it to the bibliothèque and got in return, Gomorrah, the Italian film about the mob. It’s supposed to be very good and I am happy to disprove the fact that Americans are watching less and less foreign films these days.

I’m not going to watch it tonight though. Wednesday nights, I’ve been watching Modern Family and Cougartown. Last night I watched Lost which was good. The story of Jacob and his twin brother, who’s name we were never told.

Allison Janey played their mother, or rather the woman who raised them. It was a fast hour which left some questions. Only two episodes left, next Tuesday and then the three and a half hour finale on May 23rd. I was invited to Rand and Lisa’s to watch the finale which I may do.

Tomorrow I am going to the Barclay Rex store in the midtown Manhattan. Barclay Rex is a high end cigar store and I used to go there when I was working for Wanker Banker. Nice place to get away from the inhuman cauldron sisters, Maggie Angelakos and Helen Alexandre.

I was there around the holidays and inquired about employment. One of the sales people suggested I send my resume to the manager Megan, so I did. The manager got in touch with me via email, saying that she was busy but will get back to me soon enough.

Last week, her assistant Clara sent me an email, wanting to meet with me but making sure that I knew that it wasn’t an interview. So tomorrow I’m meeting Clara to discuss why I would want to work in a high end cigar shop. I have a few ideas on what to tell her, being fairly knowledgeable about cigars and whatnot.

So that’s what’s happening tomorrow. It’s a lead and the first thing I’ve had since that other interview a few weeks ago. I thought that went well but haven’t heard from them since so I guess that’s not happening.

Working in a cigar shop sounds good to me though. I am sure I will tell you all about it tomorrow, after it happens. There’s always the Susquehanna Investment Group I suppose.


Battleship Gray Skies

Battleship Gray Skies

Crazy Rhythms

Last night was a nice time. A bit low key. I walked over to Louise & Jerry’s. Hadn’t been there in about 5 years. Last time I was there I was with Rand and we had left McSwells and walked down to Louise & Jerry’s.

I think I was smoking a cigar which meant the last time I was there it was before the smoking ban went into effect in NJ. I was early it seemed. I walked in and sat at the bar, next to a guy named Keith who I used to know vaguely.

He was roommates with my friend Maurice’s brother Raul and also a DJ. He always was a bit flaky though. I saw him a few months ago on the sidewalk outside of Louise & Jerry’s and actually said hello to him, since he was looking right at me.

His response was to give me a look, like ‘Who the hell are you?’. He was a flake then and he’s a flake now. I sat and had myself a pint of Guinness.

Mike wasn’t around yet and so neither was my guitar. I looked around, not too many people. Keith had made a hasty exit so I didn’t mind that. I asked the bartender, Brian if there was music tonight. Apparently they seemed to be waiting until someone asked about music before they did anything.

At the far end of the bar, a flat screen TV showed the Yankees game. Closer to my end, the TV showed the Mets game. Mike eventually showed up, thanking me for letting him use my guitar and buying me pints for the rest of the night.

People started to come in and someone started playing guitar towards the back by the pool table. I wished they would have turned off the TV’s but they stayed on. Rand texted me, asking what was going on. He was on his way to the bar.

I went out and met him before Mike came on. Each person did a couple of songs, surrendering the mike to the next player. There were four guitarists total. When Brian the bartender heard that Mike was using my guitar he asked if I wanted to play as well. I begged off.

Rand and I sat at the bar while Mike played. He’s a pretty good guitarist and singer, sounding a bit like Tom Petty and Graham Parker and that’s not too shabby. Everyone else was singing in a folk manner, Mike was singing in a rock & roll manner making him stand out from the crowd.

The hat was passed, but it wasn’t in my direction and I wasn’t about to go chasing after it. Lisa eventually joined me and Rand and we all sat around listening to music and having some pints. The singers rotated every few songs and everyone was having a good time.

I headed to the men’s room and was surprised at how narrow it was. Apparently it’s always been narrow, it’s just that I’ve gotten a little bit wider since I was last there. Barely enough room to have your arms at your side for a proper pee.

Outside the men’s room there was a chap wearing a t shirt that said Paladins Track & Field. I asked him if he went to Paramus Catholic since the Paladins is the name of the sports teams from my high school. He said no, but his daughter is graduating from there in two weeks.

He asked how I knew about the Paladins and I explained that I went there. Before it went co-ed. It turned out that Rand’s high school when he was living in Florida was also the Paladins.

The guy’s name was Ken and he lives on Castle Point which is a very nice and quiet block in between most of Hoboken and Steven’s Tech. The whole thing ended around 10:45 and with 6 pints of Guinness I was feeling pretty good but knew it was time to go home.

Mike thanked me once again for the guitar and I thanked him for the Guinness. It all worked out quite nicely. Unfortunately the Guinness left me with a slight hangover today which matched the off white sky today.

the very narrow mens room.

the very narrow mens room.

A Starling and a Mourning Dove eating some stale bread

A Starling and a Mourning Dove eating some stale bread

Crazy About Love

Well it’s Monday again. Hoboken was semi deserted yesterday, my guess is that a lot of people were off visiting their mothers. It was a gloomy and windy day and I didn’t do much of anything.

Last night Bill was home after spending the day with his mother. He was back I time to catch The Pacific which was of course quite intense. One more episode next week, which involves the Marines coming home to the lives they left behind and that will be that.

Bill and I watched Treme after that, which carried over the feeling from The Pacific that something terrible was about to happen. Can’t change gears so easily after such intensity. Treme was good too. Excellent cast and we will watch basically anything that Khandi Alexander is in.

Last night I lent my guitar to Mike Cecchini. Nice guy, I know he’ll take care of it. He kept calling it ‘she’, but I think it’s a ‘he’. Hung out with him for a few minutes on my front steps. I’ll probably go and catch his set at Louise & Jerry’s tonight, to hear him and to also hear my guitar.

I’m always playing the guitar and can’t really tell how it sounds even though people have told me it sounds good. Me. Going out. On a Monday night. What am I nuts? Mike’s paying for the pints since I’m doing him the favor.

I also invited Mike and his girlfriend to the party in July. He might get up and play a song or two. So far for that I have Lily & Tim, two of the Street Corner Mourners and Jon & Deena, two former Cucumbers. It could turn into a hootenanny.

I really miss my guitar. Last night I looked up Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc and wanted to play it, but…

I neglected to write about Smoke. I know I wrote about my disdain, but actually there is a redeeming part to the movie. Specifically the last five minutes or so. Auggie’s story of finding the wallet of some kid who stole from his cigar store.

He decides to go to the address in the wallet on Christmas day and finds an old blind woman living there. It turns out she is the shoplifter’s grandmother. He tells the story and during the credits it’s acted out by Harvey Keitel and Clarice Taylor.

It’s so sweet and with Tom Waits ‘Innocent When You Dream’ playing it’s tear inducing and almost makes you forget the rest of the movie.

This afternoon I watched Down to Earth on cable which was a movie Bill & I saw when we first started going out. It’s basically Chris Rock’s remake of Heaven Can Wait which was a remake of Here Comes Mister Jordan.

It’s a cute movie, not too shabby and has a few giggles in it. It was a good date movie and still easy to watch years later.

A visit to the bibliothèque was in order. I returned Smoke, Black Dynamite which was funny and very short, Rufus Wainwright: Milwaukee At Last! And No Wave, a book about the No Wave scene of Lower Manhattan from 1977-1980 by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley.

No Wave was a good book, though I would have used a larger typeface. The Rufus Wainwright CD was good as well. It also had a DVD of the live concert as well as some extras of some songs from the Montreux Jazz festival and a short bit of Rufus and his band backstage practicing some Italian operas for a wedding I guess they were hired to play. That was beautiful.

I was also able to get from the bibliothèque the boxed set of the Beatles mono albums which is everything up to the White Album, though the singles are also available on the Past Masters double CD, included and also in Mono.

I heard from the restaurant that Bill and I went to on Saturday. They read what I wrote to them in an email and they were very apologetic. They said the tip was generous and the server was quite happy about it. Why she went from hot to cold so fast could not be explained, especially since the server said she was happy about the tip.

Both Bill & I noticed her sudden change though and the gent on the phone told us to give a call when we come back in again and mention his name or the hostess’ name and we will have our meal comped. That was nice of them. I told Bill and he was thrilled.

So that’s about it on this end. Fairly busy. Can’t wait to get my guitar again tonight. Me miss him.

Support your library!

From Smoke:


Crazy to Exist

Well here we find ourselves on May 9. It’s a Sunday. Just got back from a short walk around Hoboken on a chilly and windy afternoon.

Once again I find myself not wanting to write and once again I find myself writing. Nothing else to do. Too cold to play guitar by the river.

Tonight I am lending my guitar to Mike Cecchini. He’s a musician who lives down my street, a friend of Rand’s. He has a gig tomorrow and needs a guitar to practice on.

Specifically an acoustic guitar. He asked and I figured he’s a nice enough guy so I said yes. He’s supposed to give me a call later to pick it up.

Last night Bill and I watched Saturday Night Live, hosted by Betty White. It was really one of the best episodes in a long time. She held her own with the help of some former cast members, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Ana Gestheyer and Maya Rudolph.

Not much of the current cast was prominently featured. The digital short was hilarious as well. It probably got the highest ratings in a long time. Is it because of Facebook?

It was Facebook which seems to have gotten Betty White to host the show and a lot of my Facebook friends were watching the 88 ½ year old actress do a pretty good job of it.

Jay Z was the musical guest and I have to say, I really don’t get Jay Z’s style. Just not the kind of rap that I like. Of course I seem to be out of step with most people since Jay Z is quite a successful rapper and entrepreneur. I just don’t get it.

It was a good ending to a good day spent with Bill. We decided to just stay home last night, forgoing the party that we were invited to by Lois who was actually invited. We did think about going but Bill was awfully tired.

Today I watched Smoke which I had seen before and gotten from the bibliothèque. I had forgotten how much I don’t care for the movie. It does seem to be a cool indie movie, but I can’t get past the broad Brooklyn accents. And I really don’t care for the characters. Not very sympathetic.

Now I’m watching the Matrix which I’ve also seen before. I know I’d seen it in the movies, and it was OK then. One movie was enough. Three movies was too much. Good special effects carry the movie.

Too many people really saw a lot into it, a lot more than I saw or cared to see. But it’s good mindless entertainment and it’s too windy and cold out to do much of anything so I might as well stay in an watch a shoot ’em up movie.

Anytime Joe Pantoliano appears in anything, you know he’s going to be the bad guy. I knew that when I first saw the poster for the Matrix. And I’d be worried if the fate of the world depended on Keanu Reeves shoulders.

Remember, if you’re being shot at, do a cartwheel. A lesson learned I hope.

Crazy Water

Just got home from spending a few hours with Bill in Manhattan. It doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Bill and I volunteered to be part of a photo shoot for Pride magazine’s article on interracial gay couples and today was the date.

Bill was in the city already rehearsing for his play and I wound up taking the train in around 3:00 this afternoon. I did know what to wear so I followed Bill’s suggestion to don a suit & tie.

Don’t have to tell me twice.

Rode the train into the city, getting off on 23rd Street. Seemed like a long time since I’ve ridden the train on a weekend, when the Jersey City and Hoboken trains are combined making it a bit crowded. Still it wasn’t so bad.

I walked over to Madison Square park and sat and waited for Bill. Chatted for a bit with Annemarie on the phone, part of the weekend phone calls. Bill arrived and we walked over to 88 Lexington Avenue where the photo shoot was.

Got to the 15th floor but no one was responding to the knocking on the door. The door was unlocked and we walked in. The type of Lawn Hors d’œuvre scenario, bodies on the floor and what have you. But it wasn’t like that at all.

Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod greeted us. He arranged the whole thing. He introduced us to Warren and Marius, the director and photographer respectively. It turns out our timing was perfect since some previous couples did not show up or canceled.

Of course our timing was perfect, we were on time, we’re not your average gay people. A few pictures of Bill & I together, followed by separate shots of Bill and finally myself. The whole thing was over in about 20 minutes.

Quite painless. It was a fun time. The issue should be out next month and we hope to have some copies to share to the ones we know and love. We also invited Joe, Warren and Marius to the party in July.

Bill and I were back on the street where we both enjoyed our cigars. Bill had a plan to head over to Arthur’s for dinner, but I had the idea to use a gift card that I got a few years ago for a restaurant group in Manhattan.

The restaurant is part of the Madison Square Garden complex and we walked over there from Lexington Avenue. We were a little early for dinner so we wound up sitting in a concrete plaza across the street.

We killed about 20 minutes before heading in. I had the hostess check my gift card to see if it was still valid. I knew that it was since last time I check I was told they never expire. We sat down, ordered some Guinness, had a salad.

I ordered Filet Mignon and Bill had a T Bone steak. It was a good time. In a restaurant of maybe 100 tables there were only 5 occupied and Bill and I were the youngest patrons, not that it mattered.

We had chocolate mousse cake which was OK. Arthur’s has better chocolate mousse cake, we agreed. The time came for the bill and it was reasonable.

Arthur’s would have been cheaper but this was a special thing. With a 20% tip the gift card was all used up which was fine by me. The waitress came up and I explained that she can put it all on the gift card, her tip included. I thought that was fine, she was fairly attentive.

But whatever cheeriness she had before then totally dissipated when I gave her the gift card. Was I wrong to include her tip in the gift card? I didn’t think so. Did we commit a faux pas?

It was off-putting to say the least and even Bill noticed the change in her demeanor. Needless to say, we never saw her again. The hostess and staff were cheerful enough but that waitress left us with a weird feeling.

Of course we’re not going to let her ruin our otherwise perfectly nice day.

Now we are home. We were invited to a party, or rather our friend Lois was invited to a party and we’re thinking about going, but Bill is napping. If he’s up for it, we can make an appearance, that is when Lois gives us a heads up on the party. We’ll see.

Other than that, we’re content to stay home which is really no surprise to anyone who reads this or the Bala Cynwyd Penny Saver daily.

Just heard from Lois. ‘Heavy Metal. Low Key. Drinking.’ I respond, “Heavy metal too heavy for us. Have fun!”
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 003
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 005
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 009
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 011
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 008
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 015
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 012
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 021
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 024
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 018
5.8.10 Bill JOT NYC 020
Just a couple of gay geezers.

This is Marius’ link
We’re in good company.

Crazy Baldheads

I am convinced the local supermarket, the A&P is truly the supermarket of the damned. I go there frequently since it’s basically around the block, but just about every time I go there I get frustrated.

It’s been like this for years. The cashiers are usually empty headed or quite surly. There are certain ones that I avoid just because dealing with them is so unpleasant.

An acquaintance that I ran into there a few months ago suggested I get a job there but I think I have too many enemies in the store already.

I’ve had cashiers request my credit card when paying for groceries when they decided to pull rank, but were so blinded by their anger, didn’t notice that I had given them a different card.

I’ve even gone online and complained about them at the A&P website as well as local listings. And they’re not cheap either. The Shop Rite which is a few blocks away is larger and cheaper, but since the A&P is closer I go there.

I think that is going to change.

Today I did some grocery shopping and went to buy some Land O Lakes eggs. I have a coupon and the eggs, 50¢ off. I walk to where the eggs are usually located and couldn’t find them.

A few other eggs for sale, but not Land O Lakes. They used to have Disney Eggs on sale but even if I was going to buy those, they weren’t around either.

I ask one of the store employees where the Land O Lakes eggs are and he tells me they’ve been discontinued. That made me wonder if the chickens stopped laying eggs. Then he asks his supervisor whats up with the Land O Lakes eggs and he says they’ve been discontinued, then says they stopped carrying them.


I finish my shopping and head to the register and then head to the courtesy counter and ask the girl behind the counter, ‘What’s up with the eggs?’ She says that she and her husband are trying to have a baby but nothing’s happening yet. She picks up the phone and asks Joe Schmo to call the courtesy counter.

Joe Schmo is the guy I was just talking to. Joe Schmo calls her back and tells her they’re not carrying them anymore.

I walk home groceries in the bag that I bring with me to go grocery shopping and climb the 4 flights. Also had a big container of distilled water for Bill’s apnea mask. I come home put everything away and call up Shop Rite which does sell Land O Lakes Eggs.

I get my bag and head out once again. A totally different shopping experience. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John was playing on the PA system. Plenty of eggs available. I leave a happy consumer.

Come home and an old Hoboken friend, now on Facebook sent me an email, a secret Facebook group she wants to tell me about. I click the link and find it’s a trap.

It asks if I want to invite friends and I don’t and it goes ahead anyhow. I immediately post on Facebook that if you get a Facebook invite from me, delete it immediately. I hope I got to everyone in time.

On my Facebook pages it says Harpy and the other friend ‘like’ the secret group. Which to me, seems bogus.

Headed out to Pier A to strum the guitar but despite of being in a better mood than previous days, I couldn’t really connect today with the guitar. Plus it was a bit cooler out today than it’s been and I was in shorts.

So basically it’s been that kind of day.

I do have three DVD’s from the Hoboken Bibliothèque. Smoke by Wayne Wang, Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonez and what I’ve been trying to get for the longest time, Black Dynamite. So I guess that’s what I’ll be watching tonight.

I also have a book on No Wave written by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley and that’s a lot of fun.

Tomorrow Bill and I are being included in Pride Magazine’s article on interracial same sex couples. I’m sure I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow. Bill was also interviewed by BBC Sussex last night. He listens to it at work when he’s working late.

Every time I see that Michael Kay commercial for Kidde CO detectors, I always root for CO.