Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

Ah the lack of motivation. The open arms of distraction. The subtle lack of desire to write. But here I am yet again. But lacking in ideas of what to write about.

I could write about how cold it is outside. Very chilly winds that cut you to the bone.

Bill was in Atlantic City last night. I was here in Bohoken not doing much at all. I watched the Winter Olympics on and off. The sound was off a lot of the time.

I was posting and chatting and chatting and posting for most of the night. My friends Lisa and Margaret and a few other Facebook friends were constantly updating their status so I didn’t really need to turn the swivel chair and look at the TV screen to my left.

Yes kd lang is getting to be a big boned gal. I guess she hasn’t been playing softball or gone bowling lately.

I did watch Donald Sutherland carry the Olympic flag onto the field with 5 other notable Canadians. I also sat and watched with the rest of the world when the fourth pillar did not rise with the other three pillars.

Awkward for the Canadians eh?

Then Wayne Gretsky jumped in the back of a pick up truck and drove to where the Sex Cauldron Olympic cauldron was situated.

Watched Jimmy Fallon over Craig Ferguson after that and lost interest after Benicio Del Toro. I went to bed soon after that. Been having crazy dreams.

One dream involved Rush Limbaugh, another featured Julio & Stine and me standing on a ledge, inching away from them. Slept really well though. Woke up to my cellphone ringing in the next room.

Bill was back from Atlantic City and on his way back to Hoboken. He offered to pick up bagels which was awfully nice.

I did go out to the supermarket before he came home. Needed eggs and some other things. Saw my cereal on sale at $1.39 a box so I bought 2 boxes and used my dollar off coupon for 2 boxes and payed $1.78!

I even went back later in the afternoon and bought 2 more boxes and left a few other coupons that I saved on the boxes there. I had amassed quite a few coupons and could afford to be generous with my fellow Post Raisin Bran eaters.

Bill was up before he asked me to wake him up. He asked for 4:15 and he was up and about 10 minutes before then. He ran around the apartment getting his stuff together for his next drive to Atlantic City.

He’s in Union now. I just checked on Google latitude. Just another night in. Still have some library DVD’s to watch.

Also spent some time creating 2 new animations.

No, not of this blog, but 2 different songs. Kung Fu Fighting and 1999. Just some interesting lyrics said by 2 different sets of characters.

It’s been that kind of day I tell you.

Right now a documentary on Soul Train is on right now. Just started on VH1 Classics. I heard some things about it, so I might as well leave it on and get down.