Daily Archives: October 14, 2009


Still writing on Bill’s Mac. Well it’s been a borderline crappy day. Nothing too bad just minor annoyances collected within the past 12 hours or so. The camel is complaining of a strained back and there’s a few straws left. The Pope shits in the woods and a bear is catholic.

Last night wasn’t so bad. Bill was visiting his 92 year old aunt in the hospital. I watched Olbermann and not much else.

Thanks to Columbus Day my unemployment benefit did not arrive today. It should be here tomorrow. I guess automated computers have the holiday as well, provided they are not Native American automatons.

Sent some more resumes out. Researched a few staffing agencies again. One or two are no longer in Manhattan. And there doesn’t seem to be much going on in Hoboken or Jersey City either.

Of course an off the books job would be an ideal supplement for the unemployment but that’s not happening anywhere.

Instead of getting upset, as a way to work off the annoyance I felt I decided to clean up the apartment somewhat. For the past couple of years clothes have been piling up in the bedroom and I’ve been thinking about doing something about it.

So today was the day. There were socks from the 1970’s that have followed me to Hoboken, Lodi, Weehawken and Hoboken again. They had to go. Underwear that has gone unworn also had to go.

T-shirts were put in a bag to use as rags.

Luckily for me there is the Hoboken Medical Center Thrift Store (formerly St. Mary’s Thrift Store and still listed as such) around the block so whatever was still wearable was tossed into a bag and brought over there, as well as sneakers and shoes that I no longer wear.

Old bills were shredded and tossed into a bag. It felt good to see the tops of the dressers again. One dresser wasn’t even being used. It used to be my mother’s dresser and now I have it.

Bill used to use it, but instead uses a dresser that Julio gave us. So a lot of my clothes that survived the purge, found new places in my mother’s drawers.

Tonight for dinner I had leftovers from the other night. Now normally left overs are nothing to write about but on Monday night I got a text message from Stine saying there was a delivery outside my door.

Stine made an excellent sauce with veggies and some meat in it and she also gave me a bag of pasta to cook along with the sauce. It was very good on Monday and even better tonight.

It’s just been one of those days I suppose.

But I didn’t spend any time fighting the right wing, in fact I basically ignored any and all TV news today. The only bit of news I did hear on the TV today was that 2 people got 5 of the Mega Millions numbers but not the Power Ball.

That means those 2 NJ people will get $250,000. I was not one of those two.

So annoying.

I wish I had my own computer back.