Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Well this turned out to be a crappy day. Last night wasn’t so bad. I watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV and taped it for Bill. It was a good one, finally with Stephen Rea as the guest star.

A proper ending rather than the villain jumping off the roof, or Robin Williams jumping in the East River and not being found again.

I decided to watch District 9, which I downloaded the other day. Oh it was quite good, really well done and highly recommended. A bit slow at first but it takes off and takes you with it.

I sat at my computer with headphones on while Bill watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV. I was so engrossed that when Bill was getting ready for bed I didn’t hear him with headphones on, I got quite a scare when he waved his hand in front of my face to get my attention since tapping me on the shoulder wasn’t the way to go.

Then I went to bed soon after that where Bill was snoring away. His sleep apnea mask wasn’t fitting properly so he decided not to fix it, and snored. Did not make for an easy night of sleep so when he was leaving this morning, he did the usual of kissing me goodbye, saying that I looked very tired.

Tired from being unable to get a proper night’s sleep due to the snoring. He was fine and refreshed so I guess that was all that really mattered. I was able to get an hour of uninterrupted sleep and that was good, but nothing like the 7 hours I wanted.

That’s how the day started. I had to go out and buy milk for my cereal and that went well. Came home and checked my computer. Firefox was acting weird so I figured a restart would do the trick.

And it did, but it was the wrong trick and now my computer was inoperable. I figured Rand might have been in Florida and would simply say, ‘Oh hit Ctrl/Alt/Delete’ or some hocus-pocus like that.

But Rand was in Hoboken and though he didn’t have the time since he was flying tonight, he said he would stop by. He did make up the four flights of stairs and did a few things, one thing he felt he shouldn’t have done.

So now my computer sits there, forlorn and unused. The original message was that Windows was no longer there or corrupted. I’m sure I might have done something to corrupt the Windows but my type of corruption and computer corruption are basically 2 different things.

I started thinking about how yesterday was the fourth anniversary of my blog and I thought I wrote something funny. I expected some feedback, a pat on the back, a comment saying that it sucked, anything.

But I got nothing and after writing yesterday about how I write at least 500 words a day, today I wondered why do I bother? I know I can write 500 words a day at least, but without feedback it seems I write for myself and felt like chucking in the whole thing.

I’ve proved over a thousand times that I can write, but now…what’s the point?

Thank goodness for Xanax. At least I could rely on that to take the edge off.

And seeing Alexander today was the tippy top highpoint of an otherwise lackluster day.

This miserable rant was brought to you through the good graces of Bill letting me use his Mac and torment you with my scribbling. If you have a problem with that, tell him.