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Ring Them Bells

Well it’s quite balmy out. It’s in the 70 degree range. On Washington Street hundreds of costumed children and their costumed parents are hitting up all the store owners for candy. They don’t go ringing bells in Hoboken.

In Weehawken, for the longest time (during the 11 years I lived there) the kids wouldn’t come to 127-129 Jane Street since my late landlady had a mean reputation. When she passed away that was when they finally started ringing the bell, after the crossing guard told them that it was safe to ring those bells.

It was initially startling to have the bell ringing every couple of minutes. But I indulged them with candy.

I myself haven’t gotten dressed up for Halloween for years. I think the last time was when I had a Darth Vader helmet that I bought for $40.00 in the 1980’s.

I went to the costume party at McSwells where I thought I stood out since my costume was mainly store bought, and everyone else seemed to have costumes they had made themselves.

The only costume that stands out in my memory was Steve Fallon dressed up as Mr. Peanut from Planter’s peanuts. Obviously it was a great costume if I’m remembering it 25 years later.

Last night there was a Halloween Karaoke at McSwells attended by Rand & Lisa and Lois & Fred. Roda was there too, managing the place. I didn’t go, wound up staying home. Bill came home and we had a good talk, then his phone rang and he was in the other room talking acting stuff with a playwright he is working with.

I just turned down the volume on the TV and played music until the news came on. Then I watched a documentary about the Beatles’ Love show in Las Vegas. That was actually very good and made me want to go to Vegas and see the show. That’s not going to happen at this moment in time though.

Then I watched another documentary on Joe Strummer, The Future is Unwritten. I had seen it before and it’s quite good and very sad, since Joe Strummer is no longer with us. I watched the whole thing, going to bed a little after 2:00.

As usual Bill was up before I was. He had me up for a while with his snoring. If I’m asleep first it’s no problem. But if I’m trying to sleep that’s when it gets difficult. I guess after an hour of trying to fall asleep, I feel asleep.

Bill went out and got bagels and the paper for me which was nice. I got myself out of bed and showered and tried to think of something to do.

Got a text from Rand asking how the computer was holding up and since you’re reading this you can tell that it’s holding up just fine. I asked him how McSwells was and he texted back ‘Twas OK’. I actually entertained the idea of going up to McSwells last night wearing the Mexican Mil Mascaras wrestling mask, but obviously I didn’t go.

I did go to the library this afternoon though. Picked up the Hoax, starring Richard Gere, based on from what I gather Clifford Irving and his fabricated biography of Howard Hughes. Also Rock N’ Rolla by Guy Ritchie. I figured since Snatch was an alright movie, this might be a good movie to watch tonight. Bill loved Snatch, but then again he is a sucker for a brogue.

Other than that, I’m rebuilding my music library, somewhat illicitly. I’ve always liked Who’s That Lady by the Isley Brothers of Teaneck NJ, but never got around to getting it. I remembering hearing it back in the day when FM radio wasn’t segregated.

You’d hear the Isley’s, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and lot’s of others mixed in. Nowadays I guess you don’t. I really couldn’t say since I don’t listen to the radio anymore.

I did download an excellent Kate Bush song, called Aerial. It’s really an interesting song and has birds chirping in it. I read somewhere a few months ago that when the writer would play the song, birds would flock to his window.

Now it’s getting too dark out, but I would like to see it happen sometime, just to see if it’s true. If it doesn’t happen I’ll still have a good song in my library thanks to Kate Bush.


Last night was a funny night on TV. I watched the NBC shows. Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock. All were pretty funny. All had a Halloween theme since it’s Halloween weekend. During the commercial breaks I put on the World Series for Bill’s enjoyment. He loves his Yankees.

He went to bed before the game was over, listening to it on the radio. I stayed up and watched the repeat of Olbermann which wasn’t hosted by Olbermann. Then the news, followed by some other nonsense then I went to bed.

Woke up with a headache. Had a headache when Bill was kissing me goodbye. I took 2 Advil Gel Caps and tried to sleep some more but that didn’t go so well. I posted on Facebook, Headache, which of course made people think I was hungover.

I really don’t drink anymore. If I do it’s a social thing. And I haven’t done much of the social thing lately. By necessity and by choice. Being social usually involves money and since money is tight, I’m not so social.

Sure I’ll do things on occasion with friends, walking around Hoboken, or gallery hopping but more often than not I am usually home. And it’s fine most of the time until I get tired of being home all the time. It’s not a constant thing obviously.

The headache took a while to go away and it was from being dehydrated. Sleeping with my mouth open is the cause.

It being Friday I did laundry and watched Rachel Getting Married. It’s directed by Jonathan Demme who I generally enjoy and while it was a very good movie it was very downbeat. It’s a very earnest movie and the cast was like a Benneton ad come to life.

And of course some of the actors are from Demme’s stable of actors. Watching the movie I couldn’t imagine a Connecticut family having such a multi-cultural group of friends, until I left the apartment and walked to the library.

Across the street from the library is Church Square Park and it was full of multi cultural kids. I guess I see it all the time. It certainly was the ultimate wedding though, with Robyn Hitchcock and Sister Carol each have a turn at a song as well as Cyro Baptista and a Samba group from Brazil.

I can’t count how many wedding I’ve been to that were just like that.

Though the day was bright and sunny it later turned into another gray afternoon which lent itself to the feeling of the movie. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie, nor was I entertained, but it was engrossing. And the cast was top notch, as was the script. So I’m recommending it.

Then a trip to the supermarket which was somewhat crowded, it being a Friday afternoon and all. Struck up a short chat with the little old lady in front of me.

She spied the cover of a magazine with a bikini clad Britney Spears on the cover and remarked that was how she looked when she was Britney’s age. Of course she was joking. It was a good laugh. She proceeded to tell me of how she wore a bikini back in the day and was worried about what her mother would say when she saw the laundry.

She told me she told her mother is was a belt.

I wished her a good weekend as she walked out the door. Just watched the Simpsons, Bill in the bedroom getting ready for a conference call. No plans for the night, just chillin’. And that’s alright with me.

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3

Well it wasn’t raining today and I’m pretty much happy about that. It was a bright and sunny day, a bit on the cool side but who’s complaining? Besides the usual people, who? I was even out for a walk into the city were I met Harpy for a few minutes.

It was nice to get out and about again. A lot of people around Herald Square where Harpy was doing some bookkeeping work. It was only for a little while.

Last night was different. I was on Bill’s Mac doing whatever it is that I do online. Bill came home earlier than expected, in time to watch game one of the World Series. Me? I didn’t care for the World Series.

That makes me a minority at this time of year in this metropolitan area.

I just closed the door and continued doing what I do. I was going to watch Rachel Getting Married on Bill’s Mac but Bill said he wasn’t going to watch the whole game. He’s feeling achy. His knees, his back all giving him pains.

These could all be related to some extra poundage but if I said anything about that, he wouldn’t hear it. Some people have mentioned that might be the case and I couldn’t help but agree.

Last night while that was going on, Rand texted me, telling me the PC was up and running. I was about to run over and get it, but wisely asked Rand when would be a good time to pick it up. I phoned him since I didn’t want to text. He said he was fine with me getting it this morning and we agreed to speak at around 10:00AM.

I told Bill about it but he seemed a bit sad that it was being fixed. He seemed to enjoy being able to help me out with letting me use his Mac. I have to tell you, the Mac was fine, I was getting used to the Mac commands that are slightly different from a PC, but the spinning rainbow beach ball of death was pissing me off more and more.

I also told him I appreciated his helping me out and I really did.

He went to bed midway through the baseball game and I came out and watched the news, then Easy Riders, Raging Bulls on the Sundance Channel. I didn’t stay up and watch the whole thing since I knew how it ended.

I fell asleep to the sound of Bill breathing through his sleep apnea mask. Woke up, trying to find a reason to not go back to sleep when I remembered that I was getting the PC back from Rand this morning.

Luckily for me, I have taken steps to make this apartment a little more livable and a little less shabby. We were heading towards Collyer Brothers territory and I started the day after Stine was here with Alexander. Not that she’ll ever allow him up here again, but I had to do something.

So papers and whatnot have been shredded bit by bit, page by page. The dual cassette deck that hasn’t been used in quite a while was dismantled and put away. Bill was impressed enough that he even did his bit on Saturday last weekend.

And today being paper recycling day meant that even more paper and corrugated boxes were left at the curb. Who knows? Perhaps next year it won’t be so embarrassing to have Annemarie visiting and wandering around this four room railroad flat.

The PC is working fine, though there is a slight melancholy, from not using the Mac. It is back under a dust cover, shut down. Bill hardly uses it, only when playing his keyboards. It’s good to know it’s there if and when I need it again, and I hope that won’t be for a long long time.

Picture 003

None of Your Business

Another day with a battleship gray sky. Makes for a good nap, though I didn’t take a nap today. Lot’s of phone calls though.

Last night on the way to the train station I stopped by City Hall here in Hoboken where there were a few Manson girls outside. The Westboro Baptist Church were in town protesting the fact that Peter Cammarano, the former Mayor of Hoboken was caught in a sting.

Why did they come from Kansas to Hoboken? Because an Orthodox Jewish man was the contact used by the government to ensnare the Mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus as well as a few officials in Jersey City.

You see to the Manson girls, God Hates Jews and God Hates Fags. In fact their website is called GodHatesFags. They’re also known to picket funerals for fallen soldiers because God Hates America and all the nation’s bad news comes from the fact that LGBT are making inroads for equality.

So their god is punishing the whole country. Funny thing is, their god sends a lot of tornados and causes droughts in their neck of the woods and not so much in the liberal bastions that exist on each coast.

To a believer (which I most certainly am not) it would look like their god hates them. I call these people the Manson girls since they resemble that group that used to assemble outside the LA Courthouse where Manson and his girls were on trial for the Tate/La Bianca murders.

All they need to complete the look are shaved heads and a swastika carved into their hollow skulls. Oh the age of reason will never reach Kansas, much like it won’t reach the Middle East. No renaissance, no age of enlightenment.

Some people prefer the Middle Ages and want to drag all of us back there with them. The Manson girls headed next to Secaucus, to come back to Hoboken to protest outside the local Synagogue.

I couldn’t stick around for that, I was heading to Hillsdale with Bill to see my niece sing in her high school talent show. Bill and I were both looking forward to it. Hillary was singing Day by Day from Godspell.

An uneventful train ride though the roly poly old man sitting opposite us on the train couldn’t help but give Bill and I dirty looks as he drank his 2 cans of Coors Light, (the beer of fascists) and gobbled salted peanuts by the handful.

He also grumbled when Bill had to talk on his cellphone, albeit quietly. Bill and I should have started making out just to make him pop a blood vessel in his head.

My brother Brian picked us up at the train station and drove us to the high school where Karen was waiting. My other niece Cassie was running around selling tickets for the 50/50. Bill bought a few, I looked askance.

After eating some very good brownies we sat in the auditorium and were entertained by a wholesome group of young people. Most of them played acoustic guitars and most were quite talented.

Hillary and her friend sounded quite good and got a deserved round of applause. Bill and I also met Chris, Hillary’s boyfriend who seemed like a nice young man.

After the show we all piled into Brian’s car, dropping off Karen and the girls at home and continuing to Hohokus where we missed the train so then it was onto Ridgewood where we caught it.

Nice ride back, no roly poly busy bodies giving us the hairy eyeball. We were home earlier than expected, Bill went to bed soon after, I stayed up watching a documentary on Annie Leibowitz.

It was a pretty good night, overall. Good to see the Hillsdale O’Tooles, but then again it always is.

Dream On

Another wet, gray day in Hoboken. Yesterday wasn’t so bad. In fact the day was pleasant enough that I took a walk. I walked by Vampire Coffee where I noticed that they had a Help Wanted sign in their window. I was on the phone at the time with the baby broker/used car salesman, Casey Chasm so I didn’t stop by.

After I got off the phone with Mr. Stork, Casey Chasm, I went into the Guitar Bar like I sometimes do and chatted with Jim Mastro for a bit. I mentioned the situation that I was in and brought up Vampire Coffee. It seems the owner is a friend of Jim’s and so Jim suggested that I mention his name.

I then walked over to Vampire Coffee where Jeff was behind the counter. I’ve written about Jeff before. Nice guy, his band is playing McSwells the day after Thanksgiving. He gave me a piece of paper and I wrote down my contact info, also mentioning that I was a friend of Jim Mastro’s.

Came home after that and didn’t do much of anything, except shredding some more papers. Had a nice dinner of penne, pesto and chicken, which is my ‘go to’ meal.

Bill came home and that was a lot of fun. Seriously, no snark involved. Made me laugh out loud a few times. I watched Heroes which was rather lame again even while drinking some wine.

That probably helped with the crazy dreams I had last night. The only dream I can remember had me flying around and running into Aerosmith who did not have Steven Tyler with them. Not one of my favorite bands at all and I only remember seeing them, not much conversation involved.

I’m pretty sure that dream occurred just before Bill was kissing me goodbye for the day. It being rainy and gray outside made it easy to stay under the covers and I didn’t get out of bed until 10:00 and that was because I heard my cellphone ringing in the next room.

I missed the call from Vampire Coffee and after having a cup of coffee myself I called them back. Spoke to the proprietress and we had a quick little chat on the phone.

She asked if I ever made espresso or cappuccino and I mentioned that the last time I did that as about 15 years ago when working at Right Track. I mentioned my 12 years of retail experience at Farfetched but I don’t think that mattered.

What mattered was the fact that I had no real experience making coffee. And that’s totally understandable. We made arrangements to meet around 1:00 for an informal interview.

I got there around 12:50 and hung out talking to Jeff and politely turning down his offer of a free coffee. The owner was in the office interviewing someone else. It certainly is a busy store. No real downtime, always some customers coming in.

The previous interview ended and I was soon talking with the owner. It was an awkward conversation for me. I wound saying that it was totally understandable that they would hire someone with experience over someone like me.

The owner mentioned that I had only came in for the summer when it’s a bit slower, they would have had the time to train me, but as it is later in the year, it’s just too busy for something like that.

She would keep me in mind she said and we parted ways when there was a knock on the door from an employee needing to ask her about something. Part of me thought it was a prearranged knock, after 10 minutes come knock on the door and get me out of this interview.

It was only a part time gig, a few hours a week and it doesn’t seem likely that I would get it.

Tonight Bill and I are taking the 5:55 train to Hillsdale to see my niece Hillary in her school’s talent show at 7:00. I plan on checking out the Westboro Baptist Church’s picketing outside of City Hall beforehand.

So here’s an early entry for today, October 27.


It’s Monday. Back to work for some, not for me though. I wouldn’t mind working. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery either.

Today was more resumes sent out and no replies in return. That seems to be the way things are lately. Sent a few out this weekend too. Nothing.

Instead of hanging around all day inside I decided to go out and walk around Hoboken again. On the walk I got a phone call from Casey Chasm. He’s doing well, not much has changed since I last spoke to him yesterday.

He said he was staring at his baby in wonderment. Nice to hear. He also said, what he’s said to me before, that Bill and I should have a kid. Adopt, get a surrogate. So strong is his belief that I would make a good dad that, that was the premise of his call this afternoon.

Never mind the fact that I don’t want any kids and I do not think I would be a good dad. The financial situation that I am in would make having a baby or a toddler or whatever an insane idea.

It’s nice that Casey thinks otherwise, but ultimately my take on the situation is no fucking way. That was one of the good things about being gay by the way. No getting drafted into the army, no kids, no marriage.

I can’t say that Bill and I will get married, the subject has never come up. But I do think if a same sex couple wants to tie the knot, then why not? It will have no effect whatsoever on those who are already married.

Unfortunately, enlightened thinking like that isn’t as accepted as I would have hoped.

Witness what is going on in Maine. What is going on in DC. What is going on in California. Massachusetts. How the religious right are mobilizing to fight the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that was in favor of same sex marriage.

Earlier this year, that is just what their Supreme Court ruled and not one bad thing happened. But that doesn’t stop pigs like Maggie Gallagher and her pet monkey Brian Brown from spreading lies and disinformation just so they can continue to draw a paycheck through contributions made from easily frightened and mislead people.

You know, the Fuck Snooze audience.

In Maine, catholic churches are being closed down after being open for over one hundred years. The church’s reaction? To fund the movement to revoke the rights of same sex couples with over $150,000. Some how they found the money to do that.

Benny Ratzi, aka the pope, just opened the doors of the church to disgruntled Anglicans who are upset with women priests and gay priests in the Anglican community.

Not enough hatred and loathing for you? Come to Rome, where they’ve been hating people for a long time. Married priests? Not a problem!

Perhaps it’s a good thing these catholic churches are closing. Maybe it’s just the first in the line of the domino theory coming to pass.

And they’re mobilizing to ‘protect marriage’ in NJ now as well.

Make Me Smile

Another Sunday. Ho hum. Actually a better Sunday than it was last week. Last week was rain rain rain. Today is bright and sunny. Would have been better weather for the Artist’s Studio Tour, at least Hiro Takeshita might have had a better turnout of visitors to his apartment.

Bill & I watched Go Tell It On The Mountain last night, a 1985 PBS film adapted from the James Baldwin novel of the same name. Of course they couldn’t film all of it, it was really condensed.

But the cast was top notch, Paul Winfield, Olivia Cole, Rosalind Cash, Ruby Dee with James Bond III, Giancarlo Esposito and Ving Rhames in some of their earliest roles. Ving Rhames was just so adorable back then. He’s not bad looking nowadays, but back then he was so damn cute.

Bill spent most of the day yesterday trying to clean up his stuff in the apartment. An all day project for him. Still, he got a lot done and filled a few garbage bags. Bill planned to go to bed early but of course it wasn’t going to happen.

He’s driving a bus today to and from Atlantic City and needed to be in Garfield early this morning. So with a goodbye kiss this morning he was on his way. I of course, stayed in bed until 9:00, getting out to get the paper and some bagels and some groceries.

A nice breakfast, good coffee and something to read makes for a good morning. Annemarie phoned, she was on her way back to Arcata. Hopefully Earl doesn’t have swine flu after accompanying his girlfriend to the emergency room since she might have the flu.

Since it was a very nice day I went out for a walk. Up Clinton Street and talking on the phone with Casey Chasm who seems to be making the most out of living in Vermont. Once again he’s offered his fold out couch for Bill & me if we can ever get it together and pay a visit.

It would be nice, but not right now since finances are dictating what we can and cannot do so staying local, in the Mile Square City is what we’re capable of. It was good to talk to Casey Chasm though.

I went into CVS and saw Martin Kelly, which is always a laugh. He’s doing well, he’s got a job. Some catching up, some gossip then I was on my way.

I lit up a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, which Bill gave me for my birthday last month and strolled up Clinton Street. I walked up to 15th Street again, it’s a safer route with less interacting with cars.

It’s my route of choice lately. After reading in Hoboken411 that most locals only go within a four block radius, I go out of my way to prove him wrong. And his little dog too.

A walk around the Hudson Tea building, and then onto the waterfront where I saw a quite familiar couple strolling about. Yes, it was El Jefe and Lady Gigglepuss out for a Sunday constitutional. I saw them before they saw me, and we met up and continued our strolls together.

It was quite enjoyable. On the way we saw a young man playing the guitar singing Baby Let Me Follow You Down & It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry by Dylan. He was good and definitely has what it takes, to perform out in public. I admit I was a bit jealous since I am so hung up on being a lousy player that I can’t get off the couch.

And I probably had 27 years on this youngster.

Rand and Lisa picked up some food at Mission Burrito and we then headed back on Washington Street, parting ways at 7th & Bloomfield.

I ran into Julio, Stine and Alexander headed to the park, I could have joined them but I was hungry. I did get a high five once again from Alexander so that warranted a Chewbacca yell, which made him smile and that made me smile.






I did have a few other pictures but couldn’t figure out how to crop them, or rotate the images on this Mac. I do hope I get my computer back soon As good as using Bill’s Mac is, I am so much more comfortable with my computer. And I want to punch the spinning rainbow wheel on this Mac. It pissed me off so much.

I actually finished this 25 minutes ago but the spinning rainbow wheel wouldn’t let me post.

This Wheel’s on Fire

Today is all about the damp and the rain. I knew it was going to be this way and was prepared. Ah foresight! Why hadn’t I used that before? I went out a few times before it started to rain so human contact was completed early on.

Bill’s been home all day as well, so while he’s watching the TV and shredding documents and papers, I’ve been on his Mac. Hopefully not too much longer since my computer is now at Rand’s apartment.

Brought it over on Thursday night before heading to McSwells in an Ikea bag they were handing out at the Art & Music Festival last month.

So while keeping out of Bill’s way I watched a movie that Roda recommended a while back. It’s called The Fall and it has nothing to do with Mark E. Smith. It was directed by Tarsem who is most known for directing the R.E.M. video, Losing My Religion.

It’s definitely a beautiful film with lush locations and fantastic images. The story doesn’t hold up to the images. It’s not bad though and worth seeing. I also watched the ‘making of ‘ documentary, which showed the difficulty in directing child actors.

You can see Tarsem climbing the walls trying to get the 6 year old girl to cry or say her lines just the way the director wants them to be said.

Tonight Bill and I are going to watch ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain’ adapted from James Baldwin’s classic novel and starring Paul Winfield and Olivia Cole. I’d only seen a short clip of it on a James Baldwin documentary and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

It all depends on whether the Yankees game will go on. It’s raining out right now with flashes of lightning. I personally don’t care either way.

I can easily watch the DVD on Bill’s Mac like I had done earlier today. I’ve been in front of the computer screen most of the day anyway.

I do not like the new Facebook layout. It updates by itself, but I preferred doing the updating. And when you hit home the page from a few hours comes up. Then if you hit it again it’s more current. Me no like. Me wish they asked whether or not I wanted it done.

Of course being online most of the day, yesterday and today, I noticed the initial change yesterday. I don’t see anyone else complaining about, nor do I hear the scratching of heads.

Just heard from Annemarie in Ashland, OR where she is having high tea on the porch of a Bed & Breakfast. Just Annemarie and a friend getting out of Arcata to look at Mount Shasta and the surrounding area.

She deserves a break from Rex and Earl I suppose. She did sound a bit disappointed in the fact that I hadn’t done much of anything today, due to the weather.

Now lightning flashes again. No word on whether the Yankees will be playing. I’m sure their fans are out in the rain waiting at the stadium. Even if I was a fan, being nice and cozy and dry here in Hoboken is much more preferable.

I just asked Bill if he would go to the Bronx if he had tickets. The short answer is, yes. He would be in the Bronx wearing a rain poncho.

Of course his initial answer involved a bus. I had to put the brakes on that, fast. I apparently needed to rephrase the question without any bus involvement even though there wasn’t any reference to begin with.

If you had a ticket, would you have taken the subway to the Bronx, in the rain to see the Yankees tonight?

The wheels keep turning.

No Clocks

Last night at Rand & Lisa’s with Lois and Fred. After telling Lois about the three hour nap the other day following lunch with Rand, Lois was so excited about the whole idea of taking a nap.

I suggested we swap places. I’ll take her job and she can have all the naps she wants.

It was a pleasant little get together, and though Rand said I wasn’t, I was the fifth wheel. Just a matter of fact. 2 couples, four people and me. I was fine with it, having been that wheel many, many times.

After a cocktail at Rand and Lisa’s we headed up towards McSwells, for one or two more. As we walked up I was frantically looking for my lighter so I could enjoy a quick smoke en route.

Lois was telling me about a project she was working on as a German art dealer. I patted my pockets, rifled through the pockets and finally gave up only to find the lighter in my hand.

The Bongos at McSwells. Scott and Andrea and Chaz and one or two faces from back then. Since Meghan Taylor was under the weather with the flu I didn’t go in the back. Really didn’t care.

20 years ago it would have been something to see the Bongos after breaking up in 1987. No it’s a day late and a dollar short. It was good to see Scott and Andrea again.

I’m sure they’re still living apart, Andrea living in Asbury Park and Scott living in the Jersey City Heights. Their kids were there Ed and Elmer. I don’t know if Chrissie made it, but it was otherwise, a Harbison family reunion.

It was good to see Chaz again as well. I came home a little buzzed after a couple of pints and sat down and wrote most of the above. Today was a gray day again. Rain expected most of the weekend, so it’s going to be an indoor weekend mostly.

I have from the library a 3 disc DVD set of the Dick Cavett show, Musical Guests. Sly & the Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Crosby & Stills, Janis Joplin, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and George Harrison.

Not as interesting as I had hoped. George Harrison is the most interesting for me of course. Jefferson Airplane were deadly dull. It’s fun to see the clips knowing the history of what was going on behind the scenes.

Sly and the fear and loathing that comes with excessive coke use, Janis not alive much longer after her visits on the Cavett show. George Harrison was in the midst of the ongoing Beatles break up that wouldn’t really be resolved until 1976.

In the last issue of Mojo, with Kraftwerk on the cover, there’s a review of yet another Beatles book. This one got my attention with the gossip and the juicy details and a good review.

It’s Called ‘You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle for the Soul of the Beatles’. Apparently it wasn’t all lovey dovey (though that’s been dispelled).

Paul writing a note to John during the White Album sessions saying ‘You and your Jap tart think you’re so cool’ and also Paul secretly buying up shares of their publishing company Northern Songs.

They all come off badly. Ringo was a drunk, Paul really didn’t care that John was murdered. And George had his own problems with his constantly choosing the wrong manager who would steal money. He did that a few times. And John with his hang ups and problems.

It seems so gossipy I hope it gets released in the States. It’s been on the shelf in England for a few weeks already.

Last night on the Python documentary was all about the Life of Brian and how Graham Chapman finally sobered up.

Blues Keep Calling

Well today is quite a beautiful day. Wandered around for a bit, enjoying the gorgeousness of it all. Did some laundry out of boredom. Paid some bills which is what brought me down to below the earth.

Ran into a delivery guy who used to make deliveries to the last company I worked for. He asked how things were going and I tried to remain upbeat while explaining that I sent out a bunch of resumes to agencies and contacts and received nothing in return.

No ‘contact us in a few months’, no ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’. No nothing.

It’s brutal and with the paying of the bills I am what can only be described as skint. At least that’s the outlook for the next 2 weeks with those other bills coming up. It’s bad out there people.

Earlier today I was reading another blog, Joe.My.God. and he posed a question that he asked six months previous. How is the recession working out for you? Six months ago I wrote about how I was told I would have a job until February 2010, knowing full well that anything could happen between then and February.

Well the anything did happen and I was ousted. I tried to look at a bright side of it, somehow equating that some friends have been unemployed for a year already and I’ve only been out for four months.

Not a very good bright side at all really.

Tonight I am bringing my computer over to Rand’s house. Hopefully he can fix it. There is nothing that I can do with it. I’ve gotten good at playing solitaire on it in the past week or so.

Rand seemed surprised that it wasn’t working properly the other day and his being surprised, surprised me.

It’s been one of those days. I’ve been having one of those days at least once a week now. Just got a call from the Democratic Party asking me to volunteer for Jon Corzine. If I liked Corzine I would but I’m fairly indifferent towards him. I’m not going to vote for Chris Christie anyway.

Right now, on the news, some guy is stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. And by swamps, I mean the Oradell reservoir. Other important news that I saw on TV, a deer walked into a restaurant in Northern China.


This is the news that is important enough to make worldwide media. Oh disillusionment.

Also been reading about a guy in Northern Virginia who was arrested for making coffee while naked at 5:30 AM. A woman and her kid were trespassing, using a short cut and looked in the window.

No charges for the woman who was trespassing or for being a peeping tom.

I’m in the 5th floor of my building and occasionally I too walk around naked. Or in boxer briefs, in the morning and being a man, sometimes I sport that morning wood.

I suppose it will be a matter of time before someone sees me and phones the Hoboken Police Department. In that case they’ll probably be using a megaphone from the street since most of the cops are too out of shape to climb four flights of stairs.

Just utter ridiculousness. Almost Pythonesque if it were funny.

And last night’s installment of the Monty Python saga was all about Monty Python & the Holy Grail. I always think about two friends of my parents, Mary Jane and Larry who had seen the movie when it came out and they loved it. It definitely was not my parent’s cup of tea.

But I think about Mary Jane and Larry laughing at the bawdiness of the movie and the kids in my neighborhood cupping their hands like they were holding coconut shells…

The computer is all packed up and ready to bring over to Rand’s around 8:00. I think the Bongos will be a washout since Meghan Taylor is ill with the flu.

Sing Sing Sing

Wow. Just had an almost 3 hour nap. The thing is I did not sleep well at all last night and was dragging my ass most of the morning. So I closed my eyes for what I thought would be an hour, tops.

What I usually do when I nap is have the TV on in another room. In my mind it acts as a boat tethered to a dock. Well I am the boat and the TV is the dock. And the sound of the TV keeps me from drifting away.

But since there was no TV on, and no dock to speak of, I drifted far away from the shore. It felt good but still there was no need.

It used to be that at least once a year I would come home from work, and maybe go to sleep for 12 hours. I would have done that today but that meant I would be waking up at 3:00AM. Didn’t dream of anything in particular, not that I could remember anyway.

I had lunch with Rand at the Malibu diner. They sat us in the big back room, which neither Rand nor I liked very much. He had a veggie burger with very mediocre onion rings. I had a BLT with fries.

Where I used to removed the tomatoes from the sandwich today I ate the whole thing. I should have had it on toasted whole wheat bread but I didn’t which caused the sandwich to fall apart. Still I ate it all.

Lately I eat just about everything put in front of me. Not such a finicky eater like I used to be. Still, I’m not running out to buy turnips.

I am happy to be able to drop off my computer at Rand’s apartment tomorrow, so perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Then we will go for drinks at McSwells. I was supposed to see the Bongos with the funniest girl alive, Meghan Taylor, but she seems to have the flu.

At least that’s what she posted yesterday on Facebook and today she is incommunicado. She certainly seemed her usual self on Saturday when I walked around Hoboken with her and here freshly shorn daughter Ruby.

I guess even if I don’t see the Bongos, I will have a pint with Rand in the front room. The whole thing about seeing the Bongos revolved around being Meghan’s guest, her plus one on the guest list. And of course I do wish her well.

Last night I watched the latest installment of the Monty Python documentary. It was mainly about Graham Chapman. He was funny and also a pain in the ass to deal with, mainly because of his alcoholism.

It was interesting, that when Graham came out of the closet, John Cleese was surprised since he thought he knew Graham so well. That’s the thing about the closet.

No one knows of the double life that is being led out of fear or self-loathing.

When I was outed at HBJ, a good friend of mine from High School (Kevin Wagner) that I worked with was greatly disappointed that I never told him. Not so much that I was gay, but because of the secret.

Cleese likened it to Michael Palin saying that he was Chinese. It was just a surprising fact about Chapman that Cleese didn’t know.

Still groggy from the nappage so that’s it for today.

That’s the Way of the World

It’s a Tuesday and it was a very nice Tuesday at that. Still I write on Bills Mac, which is fine, though I would prefer to have the access to my music and files and whatnot. And even though Bill is allowing me to use his Mac, I know for a fact that he’d rather I would be on my own computer.

Nothing is going on job wise. With all those resumes I sent out last week I haven’t heard from any one or any staffing agency. Still I’ve only been unemployed for 4 months and other people I know have been out of work even longer than that. I’ve been passing the time just wandering around Hoboken, going into stores and just looking at things. And since Hoboken is a small town I am running out of stores.

Last night I watched the Monty Python documentary and much to my surprise, it was all about how Python influenced a few people, like Russell Brand, Stephen Merchant, and Seth Green among others. They mostly said what I had written, though mine was mainly comprehensible as opposed to Russell Brand who was just so excited there were moments I had no idea what he was saying. Next time he should stick to my script.

Bill watched it with me. It was the first time he had ever seen the Fish Slapping Dance and it was startling to see his reaction. He was literally rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off. ROFLMAO in Internet speak. So much so that I had to pause the show and wait to he collected himself. It was a very good episode though and I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s part.

After that we watched most of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, even tough I own the DVD. Bill went to bed after the news and I stayed up watching Heroes. Which just keeps getting stupider and stupider. They should just cancel the show at the end of the season. I don’t care anymore for the majority of the characters, except for Peter Petrelli, played by Milo Ventimiglia.

Watched some of Craig Ferguson before going to bed. Not to sleep mind you. Bill’s sleep apnea mask isn’t fitting properly so he’s not wearing it, which causes him to snore and causes me to stay awake. He does respond to requests when he’s sleeping and I said loud enough, ‘Maybe you should sleep on your side’. I was hoping he’d turn away from me, but instead he turned towards me.

It reduced the snoring somewhat and I eventually did fall asleep, but it wasn’t an easy sleep since occasionally Bill would make the windows rattle. A trip to the east of Flushing is in order so Bill could get a replacement. I looked online to see if there was any place local so I would pick it up, but it turns out even if there was a local medical supply store, I wouldn’t be able to get the mask since I don’t have a prescription.

The Lumberjack Song

Back in the 1970’s on Sunday nights, my sister and I would watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus at 10:30 on Channel 13 on a small black & white TV in my parent’s bedroom.

My parents were watching something on the color TV in the living room so we had no other choice but to watch it in black & white. That was fine.

I remember before we started watching the show, asking Annemarie what Monty Python’s Flying Circus was, having seen it in the TV Guide listings. She didn’t have much of an idea but suggested we watch it.

So we started watching what would soon be a Sunday night ritual. I remember howling with laughter at Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Salad Days’. Who knew dismemberment and wide scale bloodletting would be so hilarious?

My parents probably thought we were insane with the peals of laughter. It was then I became a Python devotee. Not many people knew about Python then, and I’m sure it had a definite influence on my view of life.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail was when a lot of my friends caught up. Routines of yelling ‘Ni’ at each other. Mock battles between imaginary knights, killer rabbits were the rage for a time in the playground across the street from my house.

Annemarie & I did see Jabberwocky at the Bergen Mall movie theater but that went over our heads somewhat. Probably was an accurate depiction of life in the middle ages, but for the 2 of us, we just didn’t get it. It’s probably worth a look see again.

Never saw them live, but I did see the movies. I had the Live at City Center album, which was enjoyable, but nothing compared to the TV show.

Lately there is a series on the IFC about Monty Python. An authorized biography. I DVR’d it last night since I was in the midst of writing 1880 words. I looked forward to watching it when I was done writing and about an hour after, I watched it.

It seemed a bit odd, and I thought it was a surrealist gag. The sound was a few seconds behind the video and I hoped it would clear itself up. It didn’t. In fact there were some gaps in the program where the screen went dark.

Very disappointing.

I wound up reading while it was on since it was so annoying to try to watch it. It felt like a radio documentary while reading. I did eventually watch it at midnight and the IFC situation seemed to have cleared up.

I also posted on the IFC website but I don’t think anyone else had the same problem as I did. It was informative. Some footage of The Goon Show with Spike Mulligan and Peter Sellers as well as Beyond the Fringe with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller.

And I just placed both Jabberwocky and Beyond the Fringe in my Netflix queue. Once I view Gran Casino by Luis Bunuel I’ll be able to see Beyond the Fringe.

Had that one for a few weeks but haven’t found the time or frame of mind to sit down and watch the surrealist master.

Funnily enough, it’s because of Monty Python that I first heard of Luis Bunuel. Back in the day when I used to read Rolling Stine and take it seriously, there was an obituary of Luis Bunuel, written by Eric Idle in the pages.

Eric Idle basically said, or from what I can remember that if it wasn’t for Luis Bunuel, Monty Python probably wouldn’t have existed.

That was high praise indeed for me and soon after that I traveled to the Public Theater, when they used to show films and watched my first Bunuel film, El Bruto with Stan Bogdansky.

I think a documentary on Luis Bunuel is way over due and I’m sure the Pythons would agree.

A very happy birthday to my brother Frank!

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

Well today has been quite an interesting day. Interesting enough that I am not going to write about last night. It started out with Bill leaving the apartment at around 5:00 this morning.

He was driving a bus to Atlantic City. Bus driving is his passion and he has a gig working for a company based out of Garfield NJ. I vaguely remember Bill kissing me goodbye and me telling him to be careful.

I was fast asleep by the time the apartment door closed.

Woke up around 9:00 and showered, had some coffee and then headed out into the cold damp morning for the paper and some bagels. Spoke with Julio. He called me and asked if I would be available between 2 & 4 o’clock this afternoon.

I said sure and since I was headed out I asked if he wanted any bagels. He said no for himself but asked for a plain bagel for Stine and a cinnamon raisin bagel for Alexander. Not a problem.

The usual canary face behind the counter at the bagel shop. I was online behind the Jesus guy. Jesus guy is an acid fried casualty from the 1970’s, and went to school with Martin Kelly so he probably graduated from high school in 1978.

I’ve never seen Jesus guy inside before, and here I was right behind him. The bagel shop owner saw Jesus guy on line and asked what he wanted, then signaled for him to wait outside and someone would bring him a cup of coffee.

Jesus guy doesn’t ask for money, he just stands and stares all day long.

I got my bagels and headed to the supermarket, then stopped by Julio & Stine’s apartment. Julio asked Alexander where is John and Alexander pointed at me with a big smile on his face.

I gave him a Chewbacca holler, which made him laugh. I’m also known as Chewbacca thanks to Julio.

Stine, Julio and I made plans for me to come down while Alexander napped around 1:00. About 15 minutes later, back in my apartment, Julio calls. Stine would like me to come down around 12:45. No problem for me.

I was there on time, as Julio and Stine got ready to go to a wake a few blocks away. I brought a few issues of the New Yorker to read since I am now behind a few weeks.

Who knew I used to read so much while commuting?

Alexander was fast asleep, and the apartment was quiet enough that I could hear him breathing while I read. Of course a few times when I couldn’t hear him, I went in and checked to make sure.

Stine made it back and left Julio at the funeral parlor. The wake was for a relative of Julio’s. Of course Alexander was wide awake a few minutes after Stine came back.

Well in that nether land between sleep and being awake at least. I made my way upstairs again and got ready to head out. I was going to check out the Hoboken Artist’s Studio Tour again.

Only 2 artists I wanted to see, Hiro Takeshita and Tim Daly. I spoke to Annemarie on the phone as I headed towards 2nd Street & Madison Street. Earl had seen MGMT last night in San Francisco and had a great time she reported.

I also had a cigar, which went out all by itself as I walked u the stairs of the first apartment building I lived in, back in 1984. Hiro buzzed me in and asked ‘Who is it?’ I yelled up ‘Konnichi Wa, it’s John.’

He was very happy to see me and showed me his latest artwork. Had a really good time visiting him. He remarked that it was so cold and damp, that he hadn’t had many visitors.

Bill and I went to his exhibition at the Hoboken Historical Museum and he told me he sold all the works in the show, which was good news. Had a couple of glasses of wine with Hiro.

He saw I had a cigar and said I could smoke it, he didn’t mind and enjoyed the smell of the cigar. So I lit it up again and a few visitors stopped by. One seemed enthusiastic about Hiro’s work (which I posted on Facebook) and I hope he wasn’t talking through his hat.

I exchanged info with Hiro and made plans to stay in contact. He said he was going to give me an artwork for Christmas, which was embarrassingly generous. I stammered and he insisted.

We left it at that as I headed over to Tim Daly’s studio. I went in the back entrance at the Neumann Leather Building where Tim’s studio is and found myself in a totally different building.

I did see Jean Paul Picard’s photography. I didn’t take any pictures since I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. I thought it would be odd taking pictures of a photographer’s work with the photographer himself so close by.

Nice work though. He has a show coming up at the Hoboken Historical Museum next month so that’s something to look forward to. Jean Paul pointed me in the direction of Tim Daly’s studio in the building next door.

I passed by some rock group/performance artists outside doing something but since it was cold and damp I kept on truckin’.

Made the way to the 5th floor studio and saw a neighboring artist, Tim Heins whose work was a lot of fun. Tim Heins seemed like a lot of fun as he and 2 other people were packing up a piece of art to go.

I took a few snapshots, and someone asked if they were for a newspaper or magazine. I explained that they were for my blog, of which a few people read, maybe 6 that I know of, including Kap in Australia. Hi Kap.

Made it into Tim Daly’s studio where Tim’s wife Sheilah was sitting on the couch talking. I kissed her hello and looked around. I love Tim’s work. I wish I could afford it. It’s cool that I can’t, gives me something to aim towards, some art to buy if and when I win that lottery.

I met Mike Longo who also has a current show at the Hoboken Historical Museum. I know his brother Pat from McSwells and he’s also a friend of my brother Frank. Some talk between Mike and myself.

I told him I enjoyed his show and I really did. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have brought it up at all. I can’t lie about things I don’t like so I’d rather not talk about it at all.

Took some pictures of Tim’s stuff and wandered around for a while, having a giggle with Sheilah and 2 other guys who’s names I can’t remember. No good with new names lately. It was almost Seinfeld like, talking about people with nicknames we gave them like Cave Man and Pixie Spiky.

It was a good time but the tour was closing down so I said goodbye and headed out. I did stop at another studio neighbor of Tim’s, a gent named Santiago Cohen.

It was a familiar name and when I saw him I recognized him as a customer from the video store I worked at almost 20 years ago. A name like Santiago Cohen isn’t that common or easily forgettable.

I told him I remembered him from the video store and he used to come in with his son. Well his son is now taller as Santiago gestured with his hand, and probably 25 years old now I reckon.

A few times today I told people about the blog, how I write at least 500 words a day, and that it’s generally a personal thing, my observations and occasional (!) rants. I joked that if I stub my toe in the morning I try to figure out how to get 500 words out of it.

Of course I haven’t done that.


But the day wasn’t over. In the middle of the tour I got a call from Julio. Turns out he left his keys in Stine’s handbag and the handbag was in their apartment and could I buzz them in the building?

I told him I was in the Neumann Leather Building. He said OK, I could see them later when I get home, that they would just go to Julio’s aunt’s house and wait.

As I walked up Washington Street on the way home, I knew I was in Julio’s aunt’s neighborhood so I called him. He said I could just leave the keys under the mat outside their apartment.

So I did that and came home and struggled with the uploading of the tour pictures into Facebook on Bill’s Mac. A little while later, the buzzer buzzes. It’s Stine with Alexander.

A few minutes after that, Stine knocks on the door with the baby in her arms. Those aren’t the right keys. I could have sworn they were, I’ve been carrying them around for years now. But they weren’t.

I went down there and tried them thinking that maybe Stine didn’t know how to get into her apartment and I did.

Then I had them come upstairs and wait in my not baby proofed apartment. Alexander was of course all over the place with Stine directly behind him. Luckily the apartment wasn’t as bad as it was when Annemarie stopped by over the summer.

But still compared to Stine’s Scandinavian sense of order it’s a friggin’ pigsty.

I played the guitar for Alexander, D/A/E chords singing ‘Alexander’ over and over. He loved it and rocked in the chair. He is so like his father. With a more civil tongue.

Julio showed up from the funeral home, dressed in his funereal best. He was going to have to climb down the fire escape and in through his bathroom window.

In the dark. In the drizzle. In his funeral suit.

Stine worried that he was going to slip and fall and I hoped he would at least yell if that happened so we’d know he didn’t make it. Still, I kept playing guitar for Alexander’s enjoyment.

Finally someone likes my guitar playing! And he’s 18 months old!

Julio phoned, letting me know that he was in so Stine and Julio went down, Stine thanking me profusely for the shelter. I asked Alexander for a high five and I got 2 of them from his excited self.

But wait, that’s not all. After all that I get a call from Bill. Remember him? The guy from the beginning of the story?

He was driving on the parkway, and wasn’t sure if he would make it back to catch the 10:00 train back to Hoboken from Garfield. He asked if I could call my niece Corinne and ask if she could drive him back to Hoboken if he missed the train.

I called Corinne and she said she would help him out. I also told her that there was $20.00 in it for her.

It’s almost 10:00 now and I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m fine with that.

All the pictures have been uploaded on Facebook.

cut and paste if the link doesn’t work

after 1880 words written and many toes stubbed I am too tired to upload the photos from Bill’s Mac to this here blog.

So Far Around the Bend

I do legitimately worry for Obama’s safety. Perhaps there are rabid elements of the right wing that will attempt something and I certainly hope not. But watching Bill Maher tonight I was struck by a thought.

It didn’t actually hurt by the way.

Chris Matthews and Martin O’Malley both said regarding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell that Obama will overturn it in due time. And that’s what I feel as well. But the thought that struck was that perhaps subconsciously, people feel that Obama won’t live long, and want him to get things done before a tragic, horrible ending.

There’s that JFK thing too. And that guy walking into Jim Mastro’s store telling him to get a gun since the revolution will be occurring soon enough.

Or is it because we, perhaps exclusively Americans, are impatient? Everything is so fast and of the instant, that we get impatient when something that didn’t exist 20 years ago (like cellphones) doesn’t work as fast as it should.

Louis CK has a YouTube clip that’s been going around that’s about that same thing. It’s pretty funny. I’m sure it’s a stretch. Is Obama the first post-Internet President?

I wrote that last night after the initial post. I felt compelled to write that. Funnily enough, almost 24 hours later I’m not embarrassed as I am sometimes, after writing in a pique of righteousness.

Last night before Bill Maher, and before the last inning or so of the Yankee game which Bill watched, I watched Marathon Man. Hadn’t seen it in a while.

Still a good movie, Laurence Olivier is great of course. The ‘Is it safe’ scene still makes one’s skin crawl.

For me, one of the most affecting scenes occurs on 47th Street in the Diamond District of Manhattan. Christian Szell is trying to get some diamonds appraised and is spotted by two former inmates from Auschwitz.

I so wanted them to exact their revenge on ‘the white angel’ as Szell was known then. But he gets away after slicing the throat of one of the survivors.

Dustin Hoffman did an decent job pushing 40 and playing a 20 something graduate student. It’s a good movie, but not a great movie. Definitely of it’s time.

Stayed up for a while after that, finally going to bed around 1:00. Woke up as Bill was getting ready to go see his mom and his aunt. Both have Alzheimer’s and need to have someone watch them at all times.
Today was Bill’s turn.

I got out of bed soon after that, went out and bought the paper and came home to a nice breakfast. Still a gray day outside.

Around noon I walked over to Tunes and bought the first record by the Feelies, Crazy Rhythms. My friend Andy who used to do the sound at McSwells while I spun records next to him recorded and mixed 2 live tracks that are available for download.

But since I don’t have my own computer I will wait to download that stuff. It’s still a very good record. I like it more now that I did when it first came out. There are bits that were used in Susan Siedelman’s Smithereens and hearing those tracks can remind me of that very downbeat movie.

I was thinking about going to Queens to take part in the march protesting the beating and hospitalization of Jack Price. But being cold and rainy put me off, plus I am a little burnt out on the activism lately.

I’ll still get involved but I needed some ‘me’ time. I’ve been fighting the morons online for the past week or so. I’d be useless if I didn’t recharge my batteries and the past few days have been a bear for me and I don’t mean ‘bear’ in a good way.

And I’m more wolf than bear anyhow. I do hope it was a good turn out.

I did hang out with Meghan Taylor, the funniest girl alive and her daughter Ruby and their dog, Doon. A restoration of my flagging spirits.

We sat at a café here in Hoboken, the Frozen Monkey outside having coffee and sharing a brownie. Couldn’t sit inside since we had the dog.

Meghan is one of those friends who can tell something is wrong with me by just hearing it in my voice when I answered the phone. Pedro and Julio are the same. I’m fortunate to have good people like that in my life.

Ruby is always fun to be around and it was a pleasure to wander around Hoboken. I had Doon on the leash and I enjoyed running with him for a bit. Meghan said it was a boy and his dog and I guess I’m still a boy at heart, even at 47.

Stopped by the Guitar Bar where Meghan’s husband Jim Mastro was minding the store, sans uptight redneck revolutionaries. Meghan gave me a ride back towards my apartment, and I got out at Church Square Park where I got a call from Julio who of course spied me as I was walking home.

I did an about face and hung out with him and his adorable Superboy, Alexander on the swing set. The boy is simply amazing.

I didn’t see my brothers or my sister’s kids growing up the way I see Alexander and I am filled with wonder and hope for humanity when I see how he progresses through life.

My heart fills with joy when I see him, but then again I don’t have to deal with the messy stuff that Julio and Stine have to deal with.

It started to drizzle and so we headed home, Julio on Alexander’s left side and me on the right, doing the 1-2-3 lift off every couple of feet to Alexander’s obvious delight. I remember being in the middle all those years ago and was mighty glad to be part of the action with Alexander.

Though the day started and ended with gray clouds, being with good friends like Meghan and Julio and their kids definitely were the brightest spot in my life that I was sorely missing the past few days.

I Was Young When I Left Home

What a gray, gray day. And cold too. Feeling out of it most of the day. Can’t get into it, whatever it is. Slept really well though.

Had a few dreams and one in particular was me with my brother Frank walking towards the corner of Midland Avenue and Outwater Lane, and he says in the dream something about me always competing with him.

He brings up his stroke and I say in the dream, ‘Yeah but I’m not competing with you, I’m having a nervous breakdown.’

Of course, dreams usually last only a few seconds at best so out of the thousands I may have had, that is the one I remember. And it was probably one of the last dreams that I had before waking up.

Still writing on Bill’s Mac. My computer is great for playing solitaire.

My day had the usual ear worms. Today brought Endlessly Jealous by Lou Reed from the album New Sensations. My then roommate, Jimmy Lee turned me onto that album.

I also remember when I was carrying a torch for Steve Saporito, I explained that Endlessly Jealous summed up how I felt about the situation I had put us both in. That was a difficult time.

I fell for him hard but he didn’t feel the same way. He wanted to be friends, but I couldn’t reconcile with that. It was only in the past few years when I would occasionally see him that I could look him in the eye without any romantic feelings or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

I am happy that he’s doing the things that he wants to.

Another ear worm was Cry by Johnny Ray. I don’t know why that popped in, I hardly know the song. The last ear worm was the Outro to Layla by Derek & the Dominoes.

Besides being in Goodfellas, it brings back a memory of the Lodi Boys Club. They had a jukebox there and on it was the song Layla, a double sided single. The main part, with the lyrics and guitars was the A side, the B side was the outro.

I mentioned that I liked the B side more than the A side and my brother Brian told me I was a jerk for liking that side. Actually he didn’t say jerk.

Now I’m listening to Dark Was The Night, which seems to be the record I play the most so far this year. I played it all the way through on the bus ride to DC last Sunday.

I burned a copy of it for Billie as well as for other people. I wonder if they like it as much as I love it.

So cold and damp it is. Settles in the bones and all I want to do is sleep. I even made it into the city for a little while. Nothing like being around cold, gray buildings to cheer one up.

I’m writing this in the twilight of the day, the only light is the gray sky outside. Seems rather poetic, especially for such a downbeat entry. The weather matches my mood and my mood matches the weather.

Considering the weather, the atmosphere and my spirits were so much higher only a few days ago, and now it’s like Seattle. Or at least what I know of Seattle gathering from what I know about Seattle is that it rains a lot.

Maybe it’s like the weather in Ireland and England.

Ah, everything is a drag today. I know it’s not going to last. This will generally improve sooner or later.

I had an idea for a story, the opening line was concerning a knock on the door. The character asks who is it. The other side of the door says, ‘Despair.’

I couldn’t tell if that was the one who knocked on the doors name, or merely an instruction.

Then the light changed and I crossed the street.

Just had a nap for about 90 minutes. Quite nice.

Happy birthday Oscar Wilde.

Cinnamon Girl

It’s a cold and rainy Thursday, outside on the street it’s 41 degrees. Upstairs on the 5th floor it feels colder than that. So much so that I spent a good part of the day, lying on cold ceramic tiles trying to activate the heater in the bedroom.

The bedroom is the room next to where I am writing this on Bill’s Mac.

Let’s see, last night was an interesting night. Watched Keith Olbermann who had Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Jon Cleese on. It was a bit hard to watch. He was honored to have them on his show and said so a few times. It was awkward to watch.

After Olbermann, I watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV. It was lackluster despite Christine Lahti doing her usual excellent acting. I’ve always enjoyed her after seeing Housekeeping 20 years ago. Her character wasn’t a pleasant one, ruffled the feathers of the cast. She unraveled and left the show after her contract for 4 episodes finished.

Bill came home midway through and got right into the show He was impressed with the clean up in the kitchen and bowled over by what I had done to the bedroom. He even noticed that since the bedroom was cleaned up so much that there was a natural echo.

We watched some more Lawn hors d’œuvre on a cable channel then we caught the news. Bill went to bed shortly after I shut down his Mac and put the protective cover over it. I stayed up and watched Jones, Gilliam, Cleese and Eric Idle on Jimmy Fallon.

That was slightly better than Python on Olbermann. After that it was bedtime for me. Bill had his apnea mask on but about an hour later he had the mask off and was snoring. At 2:30 I had to say loudly to put the mask back on.

His snoring was echoing around the bedroom.

It wasn’t smooth sailing after that though. I didn’t sleep too well. I t was cold in the bedroom and I slept on my left shoulder which cause a neck ache throughout most of the day. The uncomfortable feeling is still there.

Bill kissed me goodbye and said that I forgot to put the cover on the Mac last night. He would have seen that as he went to bed with the computer off. I know that I did and I’m sure I did not get out of bed and take it off. I don’t know what the hell he was talking about.

It’s always something. Missing bagels suddenly reappearing, covered Macs becoming uncovered by themselves. Life with Bill certainly isn’t dull.

The big news today was of a six year old boy who may have been carried away in a Mylar balloon. When the balloon came down to earth, there was no six year old boy in it. Where did he go? His brother reported that he saw his little brother getting into the balloon.

Personally I think the six year old kid has been hiding bagels and uncovering Macs when no one is looking.

Still cold and raining and I haven’t been outside since this morning. Still have no reason so I’m staying in. Nice and toasty.

6:37PM- Balloon Boy found at home, hiding.


Still writing on Bill’s Mac. Well it’s been a borderline crappy day. Nothing too bad just minor annoyances collected within the past 12 hours or so. The camel is complaining of a strained back and there’s a few straws left. The Pope shits in the woods and a bear is catholic.

Last night wasn’t so bad. Bill was visiting his 92 year old aunt in the hospital. I watched Olbermann and not much else.

Thanks to Columbus Day my unemployment benefit did not arrive today. It should be here tomorrow. I guess automated computers have the holiday as well, provided they are not Native American automatons.

Sent some more resumes out. Researched a few staffing agencies again. One or two are no longer in Manhattan. And there doesn’t seem to be much going on in Hoboken or Jersey City either.

Of course an off the books job would be an ideal supplement for the unemployment but that’s not happening anywhere.

Instead of getting upset, as a way to work off the annoyance I felt I decided to clean up the apartment somewhat. For the past couple of years clothes have been piling up in the bedroom and I’ve been thinking about doing something about it.

So today was the day. There were socks from the 1970’s that have followed me to Hoboken, Lodi, Weehawken and Hoboken again. They had to go. Underwear that has gone unworn also had to go.

T-shirts were put in a bag to use as rags.

Luckily for me there is the Hoboken Medical Center Thrift Store (formerly St. Mary’s Thrift Store and still listed as such) around the block so whatever was still wearable was tossed into a bag and brought over there, as well as sneakers and shoes that I no longer wear.

Old bills were shredded and tossed into a bag. It felt good to see the tops of the dressers again. One dresser wasn’t even being used. It used to be my mother’s dresser and now I have it.

Bill used to use it, but instead uses a dresser that Julio gave us. So a lot of my clothes that survived the purge, found new places in my mother’s drawers.

Tonight for dinner I had leftovers from the other night. Now normally left overs are nothing to write about but on Monday night I got a text message from Stine saying there was a delivery outside my door.

Stine made an excellent sauce with veggies and some meat in it and she also gave me a bag of pasta to cook along with the sauce. It was very good on Monday and even better tonight.

It’s just been one of those days I suppose.

But I didn’t spend any time fighting the right wing, in fact I basically ignored any and all TV news today. The only bit of news I did hear on the TV today was that 2 people got 5 of the Mega Millions numbers but not the Power Ball.

That means those 2 NJ people will get $250,000. I was not one of those two.

So annoying.

I wish I had my own computer back.

Working for the Clampdown

It’s Tuesday again. Today I sent a few resumes to different staffing agencies. I won’t work at a staffing agency again but if they can find me a gig somewhere that would be nice. I’m sure they’re inundated with resumes.

The staffing agencies used to have resumes piling up by the fax machines when I was working for Staffmark and Golden Staffing and things were relatively good then. Haven’t heard anything yet, but maybe tomorrow. All I can do is continuously check the email.

I felt October would be a good month so here goes. I have been checking out jobs on my own for a while now, so if the staffing agencies want to take me on, they’ll be doing all the searching. I’m ready.

Last October, while I was still employed I think I had the Swine Flu or the H1N1 virus. I had never been as sick in my life as I was for that week and a half last year. I was so sick that I wound up going to the emergency room and left with a prescription for anti-biotics, which knocked the flu out of my system 5 days later.

I do remember when I came out of it, that I had turned a corner in my life. And I believe that was the Swine Flu. And I’m not getting the shot since I had never gotten one before.

Today I heard from Andy, an old friend of Chaz. Andy was at the National Equality March on Sunday and I might have seen him but wasn’t sure. He mentioned that several of his friends say that all the time.

That Andy, has such a familiar face and body type that other people get mistaken for him a lot. Such is the life of a bear and I’m glad I am a wolf.

Also heard from Kathe, Chaz’ wife. She’s back in Jersey City with Chaz but is heading down to Florida to help an aunt who has Alzheimer’s disease.

I was on the phone with Kathe for about 40 minutes. It was fun. I really hadn’t spoken with her since she left Jersey City a couple of years ago. We made tentative plans on gallery hopping next week.

I’ll try to steer the hopping in a different direction and perhaps see some art that I hadn’t seen before. There is that Dennis Hopper photography exhibition that I’d like to see that I missed last week with Harpy.

Juan stopped by last night. Always good to see him. He was looking good. No computer or TV so he doesn’t know what’s going on. His broken heart has healed and he’s happy about that, things back to the way they were, shuttling back and forth between Trenton and Ocean Grove.

I may even see him later in the week when he returns his mother’s car which he borrowed since his own car went kaput. He was only around for a couple of hours, before Bill came home.

Bill told me the other day that he will be singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden again for the fourth time, this time, singing before the NY Knicks basketball game on December 20. Very exciting news indeed. Something to look forward to.

I watched the Love Guru this afternoon. A certain someone said it was really funny and I listened to her. But man I had never seen a movie as bad as that since I don’t know what. I do like the way Romany Malco shaves his goatee. That’s about the only thing I ‘got’ from the Love Guru. I don’t think I can pull off his goatee though, literally or figuratively.

Today while wandering around Hoboken in the afternoon, I stopped by the Guitar Bar to say hello to Jim Mastro. It seems every time I’m walking around I stop by and say hello to Jim. He’s a nice guy.

When I stopped by on Saturday he was very busy which was good for the Guitar Bar so we didn’t have much time to chat. But we chatted this afternoon.

He mentioned a guy was in the store earlier today, talking to Jim and saying that the revolution will be coming and suggested that Jim get a gun for the upcoming insurrection. Jim is an Obama voter, which the tea bagger didn’t know.

Scary times and a bit unnerving to say the least. What the hell is going on with this country? Why do they hate Barack Obama so much? I disliked Bush intensely, for myriad reasons but still I never fomented revolution.

Is this the road we are headed down? Or are they just loud mouthed squeaky wheels making the most noise?


Gentle Hours

October 11, written October 12. And now Phase 2, in which Doris gets her oats.

12 hours later, a splendid day in DC. Bus got to DC a half hour early and the weather was pleasant so I didn’t mind. Billie showed up on time and we started for the march after we had a quick bite to eat. Billie picked up the tab despite my protestations.

The weather was gorgeous as we walked around. We decided to catch the parade between the White House and the Capitol building. It was quite a sight to see, thousands of LGBT marchers coming towards us.

It was bright and sunny as expected and after joining the march towards the Capitol, we sat for a little while and rested and chatted about what as going on. Hard to believe but there is almost 30 years of history between Billie and myself. We have the type of relationship that we might not talk to each other for months, then when we do it’s like we had just talked an hour before.

Tons of people milling about, helicopters flying overhead, taking photographs, or perhaps a headcount for the National Parks Service. We heard the Gay Men’s Chorus of DC sing songs ranging from the Sounds of Silence to Blowing in the Wind to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, all performed beautifully.

Dan Choi, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Shepard and David Mixner among others gave compelling speeches. All over it was great to see the LGBT community in all shapes, sizes and colors united for equality.

I was wearing my Obama Superman shirt and one of the volunteers said that I might be booed for wearing it but that never happened. The volunteer and I agreed that the LGBT community would have to be patient.

Obama has 2 wars and a shit economy. Not to diminish the LGBT struggle but things might be easier for all concerned once the wars are finished and the economy gets better.

As Billie and I wandered around I spied John Oliver from the Daily Show who stood next to me for a snapshot. Nice guy and taller than I expected. Billie and I headed back towards the White House where a stranger gladly took our picture in front of the President’s house.


It truly was one of the best days of my life. Everything went so smoothly with no hassles for me at least. I did have to get back to the bus at 6:00 so after a quick jaunt to Chinatown where Billie purchased a stand for a vase, we waited around where I was initially dropped off.

As we waited a young man and woman came up to me asking for a smoke. As the four of us stood around, we found the young man James, to be a straight ally of the young woman Alex. Billie and I playing the role of the old timers, thanked James and the other straight allies everywhere for being so open minded and compassionate for the LGBT community.

It seems each generation becomes more relaxed and doesn’t understand the big deal about being LGBT, which is how it should be. For some reason, my generation and generations before me, sometimes find LGBT people to be abhorrent.

That we’re all about sex (or that is what they envision) and if you have them over to your house you know they will start screwing no matter what. Of course it’s not like that at all and in fact most of us are quite boring. As boring as most non-LGBT people.

Of course it’s not the boring ones who make it on the TV news.

This is why it’s important for everyone to come out of the closet. To show that we are your friends, your brothers, your sisters, your children and yes, sometimes your parents. Much like Harvey Milk said all those years ago.

The bus ride back was quiet. I wound up having Alex sit next to me. Her dad is a GE big shot. No last names. She lives in Williamsburg. I told her I couldn’t tell since she wasn’t wearing skinny jeans, nor an ironic t-shirt and no fedora rakishly worn.

We parted ways in Manhattan, no emails or phone numbers exchanged. I probably talked her ear off. But I wished her a safe trip home and headed towards the Path train, an hour earlier than was scheduled.

Once I got to Hoboken, as per Billie’s request I called him to let him know I got home safe and sound.

Bill was home sitting in the apartment, which was cleaner than it was when I left. Though it was dark when I left, I’m sure it was cleaner on my return. Stayed up and tried to upload photos but it was a pain in the ass and went to bed instead, where I slept quite soundly.

Woke up long after Bill was off to work. Manually loaded 50+ photos onto Facebook. Don’t have the program I usually use on Bill’s Mac so I will have to upload those at a later date.

I did go out and buy the newspaper and had a nice breakfast. Later I read in the paper of a 49 year old man named Jack Price in College Point, Queens was beaten.

All of his ribs have been broken, his lungs have collapsed and a metal plate had to be placed in his jaw after being beaten by 2 young men, when he went out to get some smokes at 3:00AM Friday morning.

Unfortunately the 2 young men aren’t on the same evolutionary scale as Alex’s friend James.
Douche baggery is too polite a term to describe the 2 gay bashers.

This is why I march for National Equality.

For full protection under the law and the Constitution.

Sometimes it’s difficult to be patient.


Blood Pt 2

October 11, 2009 Written on the Bolt Bus to Washington DC for the National Equality March on Washington. Got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep and though I’m not at 100% I feel OK. 2 cups of coffee and listening to the Dark Was The Night compilation on the iPod.

At 5:00AM Bill woke me up when his alarm clock was going off, telling me something like ‘The alarm is going to go off every 10 minutes.’ Being asleep I said, ‘Huh? What?’ Then I looked at my watch and said, ‘Oh shit!’ and started to hustle. I did have the foresight to get my clothes and other things together for the trip the night before, so all I had to do was jump in the shower.

I do wonder why Bill was unable to make the trip, since the stage manager thing for Amiri Baraka’s birthday was on Saturday and he was home by 10:00. But his reasons are his reasons and will more than likely remain unknown to me.

The sun is coming up on the NJ Turnpike. It is 7:25AM and we’re scheduled to be in DC at 11:15. Passing by Bordentown and Trenton. Texts with Bill and Meghan Taylor. Bill is in pain, back problems and leg problems. It started yesterday so it probably is a good thing that he didn’t come along.

Very quiet on the bus, some iPod leakage but not too bad. Started texting with Juan and exchanged cellphone pictures with Meghan. Most everyone asleep on the bus.

For myself, this trip to DC is something I felt I should do, ever since that NYC march that Bill and I took part in, when it was first announced in May. I see it as a countering to the tea bagger march on September 12. I just hope we have higher numbers than those numbskulls.

I also did not want to be at home watching it on TV and regretting not participating. (From what I understand, it was not on TV)

I was just thinking of the previous March on Washington that I attended in 1993. I was working at Skyline Studios and was greatly encouraged to attend by Jimmy B, the studio manager. Busses were arranged through the LGBT Center from Union Square and Jimmy B. paid my fare.

Julio had made remarks then, that I was going to meet a man. It wasn’t my intention, honestly but if it happened I wouldn’t mind.

It turned out that I did meet someone. A guy named Cinque. Nice guy but after a few months of dating we weren’t that compatible. He loved Three’s Company without any hint of irony. I couldn’t get past that.

Now the bus is in Delaware, on that very large bridge. This brings up a memory of traveling to Newark with Bill Wrice to visit a college student named Claire who was going to school there. It was one of the stranger excursions I had been on and I was still somewhat closeted.

It was homecoming week down there and I think Claire might have had a thing for me or Bill Wrice. I know nothing happened between Claire and myself, but I cannot speak for Bill Wrice. Slept on the floor.

Now the bus rolls trough Maryland. Delaware is a small state. Reading Mojo with Kraftwerk on the cover. A really fun interview with Brian Johnson from AC DC. Seems like a nice chap.

So far so good, a quiet bus ride, with no incidents. Lush scenery flies by in different colors. I think the guy next to me is listening to Fleetwood Mac, that’s my guess.
Mojo is just too good this month/ Kraftwerk, Brian Johnson, Yoko Ono.

I was about to start to read an article on Big Star but didn’t want to get too involved. I did read an article on raising chickens in the New Yorker by Susan Orlean, which I had passed over a few days ago. Really good and a fun read.

More to come later.

Herald Square 6:15AM

Herald Square 6:15AM

Saturday Gigs

It’s 5:55PM on Bill’s Mac and I’m tired. It’s been an out of the ordinary day. But first a recap of what happened before. Watched Bill Maher last night, he was very good, Lincoln Chafee, Cornell West and Richard Belzer were the panel, Bill Frist (intelligent jerk) was the opening interview and Sarah Silverman was the final guest with the panel.

Her video on how to solve world hunger was the tops. A simple idea. Sell the Vatican, make the Pope super popular. He would be a superhero of sorts since he already has the cape and any Vatican involvement with the Holocaust would be forgiven.

With the proceeds of the Vatican sale all the billions of dollars could be spent solving world hunger. It would be the christian compassionate thing to do. Sell the house which is a city, take some of those proceeds and make a condo for the Pope and his friends.

It was as irreverent as only Sarah Silverman could be.

I recorded it so Bill could watch it, it was that good. I stayed up watching Craig Ferguson who really is the funniest guy in late night television. Then I went to bed, Bill sleeping under his apnea mask. At some point he took the mask off and started snoring, but by then I was pretty much far gone in slumber land to really notice.

I slept really well, woke up to find Bill about to go out and get the paper and some bagels. The laundry I did yesterday was still damp which required another day of it hanging around the kitchen.

He came back and hurried about trying to get ready for his stage manager gig for Amiri Baraka’s birthday event tonight. Not being much of an Amiri Baraka fan, I just made myself a nice breakfast and read the paper.

Bill was soon on his way into the city. I farted around, ran some errands and argued with strangers online about Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. A lot of people are against it, but mainly these people who were against it, never gave two shits about the Nobel Peace Prize before.

In fact one of them brought up how Nobel invented dynamite and what an odd fact that is. Of course anyone with an inquisitive brain knew this ages ago. But there they were arguing their ‘Obama wasn’t born here’ ‘the Socialist president’.

I had read somewhere that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho was free yesterday and today for John Lennon’s birthday yesterday. That’s seemed like a fun thing to do so I got my act together and headed into the city on the Path.

Swung by The Guitar Bar where the ever lovin’ Jim Mastro was back from England. He was the guitar tech for the Mott the Hoople reunion shows, having played with Ian Hunter on his solo gigs here and abroad.

The shows were a success, and Jim met both Jimmy Page and Mick Jones from the Clash backstage. Page was a contemporary and Mick was a Mott the Hoople fan from way back in the day.

I anticipated that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex might be jammed since it was free but it was only a 15 minute line outside and a 10 minute wait inside. Overall the experience was underwhelming.

The main exhibition was John Lennon: The New York Years and seeing his personal items was nice but no photography was allowed. And I thought that to be very odd. The final part was a paper bag behind glass, containing the clothes John was wearing when he was brutally murdered 29 years ago. But then again it was free so I really shouldn’t complain.

Now I’m back in Hoboken, tired and a little bit hungry despite having just eaten a bagel from this morning.

I have to get up early in the morning, like around 4:30 to be at 7th Avenue and 33rd Street at 6:00 for a 7:00 bus to Washington DC. It’s Bill’s suggestion that I get there an hour early since it’s sometimes a mess queuing up for the Bolt Bus.

And since Bill is almost always spot on regarding matters involving buses I’m taking his word. So a nap is out of the question. I’ll figure something out I’m sure.

Since I’ll be en route tomorrow and without internet access, you might expect a very late posting, which will more than likely be done on Monday.

one illegal photo

one illegal photo

two illegal photo

two illegal photo

three illegal photo

three illegal photo

the last illegal photo before they stopped me. James Brown live.

the last illegal photo before they stopped me. James Brown live.

I think Bowie is right. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is bullshit. There are tons of great, fantastic bands that will never make it into the Hall since it’s mainly all about who sold the most. And that’s not Rock & Roll!

And tomorrow is National Coming Out Day, so come out of the closet whomever, wherever you are!

More Volts

OK. Yesterday I wasn’t in the best of moods and I did feel let down by some readers. Thanks to people like my sister in law Karen, my sister Annemarie and my pal Foot Foot Harpy I was brought down to Earth. And even Juan chimed in. And Debra W, Yoga instructor. And..and…

You see, part of me wants to know how many people read this blog and another part of me doesn’t want to know. The thing is when I know who is reading this, like family members, I generally tone it down.

Not wanting to offend them or getting them upset with my usual sacrilegious views, my anti religion stances. They know about my politics and generally take them with a grain of salt. But some of them do believe in a higher power and often go to church.

Bill too, but he’s immune to my attacks on religion. His father was an atheist and his mother was evangelical. Most of my friends feel like I do towards religion, and some of them don’t.

Luckily religion hardly ever enters the picture. I’ve had the religious schooling, 13 years of it. I was agnostic until 9/11 when I decided for myself that any god that would allow such heinous acts doesn’t deserve my worship or attention.

I’m sure if I were alive during World War 2 I would say the same after seeing the horrors of the holocaust.

So occasionally I try to tailor what I write so as to not offend.

And I did think what I wrote on October 7 was pretty funny and silly. A slight return to a form that I started a few years ago, also involving a parrot I think.

So despite my feeling down yesterday about the lack of feedback or comments, I think I’d rather not know. Still since this is my blog I have license to whine and bitch and complain if no one writes anything in return.

Write your own blog and I’ll comment early and often.

No one besides Annemarie and Harpy. I do wonder where that Dave McKenzie has gone. I hope he’s alright.

Last night I slept really well, partly because Bill took the initiative and fixed his sleep apnea mask and also because of the Xanax I had taken earlier in the day.

Also gave me a very pleasant hangover, causing me to say ‘Good morning’ to various strangers as I walked to get the paper.

Today being today meant that today was laundry day and laundry is what I did. But I also had to get a new clothes rack since one of the two that I had broke last week. I balked at the first store selling one for 17.00 and walked towards the other hardware store (which is the hardware store I prefer).

On the way I saw an old friend of mine, actually an old friend of Rita’s. I smiled and I was about to say hello to her she turned and hastened her pace. That was odd so I called Rita and asked ‘What was up with Karen Bunny?’

I thought maybe she was a reader of this here blog, but no, Rita just said that Karen Bunny is a crazy person. Generally nice but a bit crazy and maybe a touch homophobic. That was oddly reassuring, it had nothing to do with me or my blog nor anything that I might have said or done.

Had a good talk with Rita anyway, the usual larfs.

I did wake up this morning to the news that our President, Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. A nice accomplishment, more for changing the climate of the world stage after eight years of the bully boys and Condoleezza, to won where Obama has said we will shake your hand if you unclench your fist.

I’m proud of Obama and this country for trying to make this world a better place. I did spend a good portion of the day posting and rebutting comments on the Yahoo/AP news.

Anyway, do what you want. Comment if you’d like, or don’t.

It’s funny, a few years ago when ill and I were seeing Philip Beansprout for our couples counseling, both Philip and Bill were pushing me to try and make money from my blog. I didn’t see it being possible then and I don’t see it now.

The only sponsors I can imagine are pharmaceutical companies with an ad that could change day to day, perhaps saying, ‘If you feel the same way John Ozed feels in this entry, maybe it’s time you had a talk with your doctor regarding Zimdon.’

That might work.

I’d be rolling in the bucks.

And once again this was written on Bill’s Mac.

and happy birthday Dr. Winston O’Boogie!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Well this turned out to be a crappy day. Last night wasn’t so bad. I watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV and taped it for Bill. It was a good one, finally with Stephen Rea as the guest star.

A proper ending rather than the villain jumping off the roof, or Robin Williams jumping in the East River and not being found again.

I decided to watch District 9, which I downloaded the other day. Oh it was quite good, really well done and highly recommended. A bit slow at first but it takes off and takes you with it.

I sat at my computer with headphones on while Bill watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV. I was so engrossed that when Bill was getting ready for bed I didn’t hear him with headphones on, I got quite a scare when he waved his hand in front of my face to get my attention since tapping me on the shoulder wasn’t the way to go.

Then I went to bed soon after that where Bill was snoring away. His sleep apnea mask wasn’t fitting properly so he decided not to fix it, and snored. Did not make for an easy night of sleep so when he was leaving this morning, he did the usual of kissing me goodbye, saying that I looked very tired.

Tired from being unable to get a proper night’s sleep due to the snoring. He was fine and refreshed so I guess that was all that really mattered. I was able to get an hour of uninterrupted sleep and that was good, but nothing like the 7 hours I wanted.

That’s how the day started. I had to go out and buy milk for my cereal and that went well. Came home and checked my computer. Firefox was acting weird so I figured a restart would do the trick.

And it did, but it was the wrong trick and now my computer was inoperable. I figured Rand might have been in Florida and would simply say, ‘Oh hit Ctrl/Alt/Delete’ or some hocus-pocus like that.

But Rand was in Hoboken and though he didn’t have the time since he was flying tonight, he said he would stop by. He did make up the four flights of stairs and did a few things, one thing he felt he shouldn’t have done.

So now my computer sits there, forlorn and unused. The original message was that Windows was no longer there or corrupted. I’m sure I might have done something to corrupt the Windows but my type of corruption and computer corruption are basically 2 different things.

I started thinking about how yesterday was the fourth anniversary of my blog and I thought I wrote something funny. I expected some feedback, a pat on the back, a comment saying that it sucked, anything.

But I got nothing and after writing yesterday about how I write at least 500 words a day, today I wondered why do I bother? I know I can write 500 words a day at least, but without feedback it seems I write for myself and felt like chucking in the whole thing.

I’ve proved over a thousand times that I can write, but now…what’s the point?

Thank goodness for Xanax. At least I could rely on that to take the edge off.

And seeing Alexander today was the tippy top highpoint of an otherwise lackluster day.

This miserable rant was brought to you through the good graces of Bill letting me use his Mac and torment you with my scribbling. If you have a problem with that, tell him.

Rags to Riches

Well I was just wondering what I should write about today. I haven’t done much, nothing really worth writing about. (Your line: And since when has that stopped you?) I almost called up Harpy to see if he could suggest anything, but changed my mind.

Then something inside, maybe my pancreas, said, ‘Isn’t today an anniversary of sorts?’ I said, I wasn’t sure. Then my Canals of Hering spoke up and said “maybe you should check the date of the first posting for johnozed.” So I reluctantly checked.

I hate it when the Canals of Hering are right. They can be so smug. I know I’ll never hear the end of it. ‘Ooh, we are part of the outflow system of exocrine bile product from the liver. Ooh look at us! We’re so clever!’ Still credit should be given where credit is due.

Ooh, we are soooo clever!

Ooh, we are soooo clever!

I looked at the archives and saw that today, October 7 was when I posted my first entry, way back in 2005. The entry was mainly about going with Bill to An Evening of American Satire with Barry Crimmins, Paul Krassner, Lewis Lapham, Kurt Vonnegut and Art Buchwald at the Society for Ethical Culture on Central Park West.

Both Vonnegut and Buchwald have passed away since then. No- I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Bill and I spoke with Lewis Lapham outside the hall where he was having a smoke after the show. He was the one who inspired me with something that a few other people had said before, that a writer should be like a musician.

Basically Lewis Lapham said, Where a musician practices for an hour or so each day, a writer should do something similar. Write for an hour or so, or write 300 words, or 500. Or 1000. I thank him for that and he rattled off that Balzac would write 500 words a day. Not 499 or 501 but 500.

Graham Greene would write only if his favorite parrot, Ozymandias would sing The White Cliffs of Dover in Latin. Impressive things to know. So being a big fan of Latin speaking parrots, I set about writing.

Initially it wasn’t easy and I found myself longing for a parrot of my own. It never came through though I did see a Starling fly into the supermarket. I’m sure I could have caught it and trained it somehow, but the only Latin I know is Tempus Fugit, E Pluribus Unum and that’s about it. Plus I was next in the express line and I wasn’t about to give up my place. It was all about the genius loci, you see.

Still it’s more than I know of Gaelic.

I also wrote about seeing Paul McCartney earlier that week at Madison Square Garden with Julio. That sort of repeated itself this past July and included Bill, Julio’s wife Stine, and Annemarie and Earl out in Flushing.

I know it seems all ab absurdo but it has been 4 years since I’ve started and I’d like to think things have improved. Not that I’ve done that much but I don’t see any of you writing at least 500 words a day. And by you, I mean the 6 people that subscribe to this cyber rag.

Perhaps it’s all cacoethes scribendi so caveat lector.

Caveat Lector! Squawk! Caveat Lector!

Caveat Lector! Squawk! Caveat Lector!