Daily Archives: September 14, 2009

Short’nin’ Bread

Just got in from seeing a staged reading that Bill directed at the Theater for the New City. It went well. It was a good play, could definitely use some work, some things should be cut or shortened, other things need to be developed further.

It was a musical oddly enough, about a black woman adopted by a white couple and raised as white. They remove all mirrors in their home and go so far as to hire a white woman to be her doppelganger in real life.

Yes it can be filed under hare brained but it was performed in earnest. Bill did well and should be satisfied with the result. The audience loved it as well.

Bill’s friend Kirk played flute and another friend of Bill’s, Tom played drums. Bill was worried about Tom being up for the task since his background is more in rock and roll and not musical theater but I think he did a decent job though he said after the show he would never do it again.

Too much restraint, not much room for improvisation for Tom.

Bill wasn’t around last night to watch the season finale of True Blood. It was OK, left me whelmed, neither over nor under but merely. Of course I can’t give anything away. That would be heartless.

Today I went in and did some work for Greg Stevens. It was supposed to be for tomorrow as well but there’s really no need for me to come in. The office is now a shambles, things aren’t ordered anymore, it really is a mess.

I had to type up an itinerary for Greg and his head honcho. Basically got paid for typing one and a quarter pages of meetings and lunches and dinners. I’m not complaining, every little bit helps.

Over the weekend I got phone calls from people I hadn’t heard from in a while. On Saturday I heard from one particular person. We were really close back in the day but time moves on and people move away.

I was glad that they called but couldn’t stay on the phone too long as I was getting ready to head out. I told them I would call them tomorrow.

So thinking that they were next to their phone all day waiting for me to call and not wanting to ruin their day, I called. I got voice mail and decided not to leave a message. They noticed I called and called me back to see what was up.

I replied that nothing was going on, just calling back like I had said I was going to do. It was awkward as they were in the middle of something and I was just sitting there feeling rather stupid with nothing to really say.

I still have to call some other people but I think it would be best to call when I have something to say.

Now Bill is at McSorley’s with the cast. He asked if I wanted to go but this was his night, let him bask in the glow of his successful directing. He should be home soon since he does have to work tomorrow.

I’m proud of him.

RIP Jim Carroll.