Daily Archives: July 28, 2009


Ugh it is so humid out. All I want to do is sleep, which is what I did when I came home this afternoon. Just napped for an hour. It was good. A nice nap can do so much.

I was drenched when I made it into the office this morning and I was drenched when I waited for the bus ride back home. I think it’s a peculiar thing, that while I’m moving everything is fine.

I’m not over doing it and I’m taking my time, walking on the shady side of the street. Everything is cool. It’s when I stop walking, that is when the sweat comes pouring out. Literally dripping on myself on the floor around me.

Still I prefer it to taking the subway. Too hot, too crowded and too smelly for my sensitive nature (I’m a delicate flower- With thorns) and with the budget cutbacks it’s going to get worse, with less trains running and less subway clean up than there is now.

I prefer to walk thank you very much.

I don’t have the same problem with the Path train, but then again I tend to ride the Path on the off hours, not during the rush hour.

That was an eye opener, back in the day when I would ride the Path train in the morning while working for Wolff Olins, aka McMann & Tate, that advertising agency in Soho. The train was insanely crowded and was a factor in my decision to not work there anymore.

The main factor of course was the wanker factor, and also the fact that they knew that having one person at the front desk was too much and that one person (me) would get burned out.

Maybe one or two people from that error I consider friends and I communicate with them through Facebook.

I just had a nice dinner, penne, pesto and chicken again. And once again I followed some of Annemarie’s advice and cooked the chicken and stored it for future use. So now I’m sated.

Spoke with Julio earlier. We talked about taking a walk which will be good to walk off the penne, pesto and chicken. But it looks like it might rain again, which should make everything more humid.

My niece Hillary turned 17 today and she is going to see Green Day at Madison Square Garden. Brian and Karen are going with her and a friend. Thanks to some finagling, they were able to score VIP passes and Brian posted some pics of Hillary with the drummer (Tré Cool) from Green Day on stage before the sound check.

Though Green Day is a band that I don’t follow, it is one of the coolest presents that a teenager could probably ever get. Those pics are on my brother’s Facebook page.

And since they were in Manhattan this afternoon, they weren’t around to get the mail today and since I didn’t put Hillary’s birthday card in the mail until last night, she should get it tomorrow which works out just fine for all concerned I think.

So that’s that for me.