Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

2-4-6-8 Motorway

Well today’s top story involves Hoboken.

Courtesy of the New York Times: In Hoboken, for example, prosecutors charge in their complaint, Mr. Cammarano eagerly agreed in a meeting at a diner (The Malibu) earlier this year to help the fake developer with his projects in exchange for cash.

Prosecutors said that when the man asked for assurances that his requests would be expedited by the Hoboken City Council, Mr. Cammarano replied, “I promise you,” adding, “You’re going to be, you’re going to be treated like a friend.”

The fake developer responded that he would give a middleman $5,000 in cash for Mr. Cammarano and another $5,000 after his election as mayor.

“O.K.,” Mr. Cammarano replied, according to the complaint. “Beautiful.”

And Mr. Cammarano expressed confidence that he would be elected no matter what, according to the complaint. “Right now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down,” he is quoted as saying. “Nothing can change that now.”

“I could be, uh, indicted,” he continued, “and I’m still going to win 85 to 95 percent of those populations.”

Mayor Peter Cammarano

Yeah Peter, whatever you say. You were sworn into office just last month, and now you’ve done a perp walk for the FBI. And it was reported earlier on the TV news that Cammarano received $25,000. $15,000 more than the mayor of Secaucus.

I didn’t vote for him and I certainly didn’t like him. The deals were done when Cammarano was a Councilman at Large, and he became Mayor in a very tight race. Cammarano represented the machine, Dawn Zimmer was the ‘outsider’.

I of course voted for the outsider. One or two friends who were born and raised in Hoboken stuck to Cammarano in the election, fearing that family members long entrenched in city government jobs would be laid off. Of course it was just a rumor, but perhaps effective in Cammarano’s win.

Other than that, I did go to Weehawken last night. Took the Light Rail and found no easy access to the show. The Revelations played a bit by themselves, sometimes sounding like Booker T & the MG’s and other times sounding like an anonymous quiet storm combo.

Kenny Lattimore who sang Let’s Straighten It Out in the 1970’s played with them and that’s when I lost interest. Well I was losing interest before Kenny Lattimore joined them, but I did find myself sitting there saying to myself, ‘Why bother?’

The download I got for free from either Popdose or JockoHomo was good. Not great. Well the instrumental was good. But they didn’t get to it when I was there, which hastened my departure.

I sat there and found that Weehawken people are definitely a different sort from their Hoboken neighbors. More subdued than Hoboken. I guess I was subdued when I lived in Weehawken for 11 years. It was my subdued period.

I walked back to Hoboken in an extroverted & exaggerated manner. Sort of like Robert Crumb’s Keep on Truckin’ poster.


I went to work today and actually collected some animal husbandry magazines. And it looks like I just might be collecting some more bowling pins when Vivek is busy. His wife is having a baby and he anticipates being out of the office, plus he’s starting his new gig in August.

So I guess I will be in but I just don’t know where I’ll be sitting.