Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

I’m No Superman

Today was not as bad as yesterday. Last night I talked about it with Bill and I felt better. There were a few things I told him that didn’t make the cut here. Nothing major. It was a good talk though.

Bill and I watched Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV last night. Weird episode with Swoosie Kurtz who probably enjoyed playing a corrupt conservative activist judge.

Overall, as exhausted as I was carrying around that frustration didn’t allow for a good night’s sleep. I woke up more tired that I was when I fell asleep. And I had to hustle this morning since my computer crashed last night and the tech guy was coming in.

It’s $100.00 a visit from the tech guy and you have to catch him when he’s in or else it’s another $100.00. I made it in before the tech guy came in and told Tom Chin, former employee, now consultant that the tech guy was en route.

He of course snapped at me about how I’m spending money that I shouldn’t be spending. I just walked away from him and let him rant. I avoided him most of the day. It was best for all concerned. He just loves snapping at me, even when he’s wrong.

Basically Tom Chin is an asshole.

I also helped out Greg Stevens quite a bit today which kept me in his office away from everyone else. I am grateful for his ineptitude and always happy to help him out. I mentioned to him the other day that I wanted to work for him rather than Vivek, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

He is renting out his office space until February 28, 2010 when the lease expires for the office. That should be the end of my time there, that is, if I can hang in there.

Got a call from my brother Brian today, singing ‘Hooray for Bollywood!’ He’s a joker that brother of mine.

We’re going to a show together at the Highline Ballroom tomorrow night. I was second choice, his wife Karen didn’t want to go to the city.

He won tickets on the radio to see Eric Hutchinson. I haven’t been to the Highline Ballroom yet so that should be something. Eric Hutchinson opened for Marshall Crenshaw a while back at McSwells and I guess Brian liked him.

I missed his set apparently and don’t really know what he sounds like. I’m sure he doesn’t sound like Gwar or Flipper since that’s not Brian’s kind of thing and he probably wouldn’t enter a contest to see those groups. In any event it will be fun to hang out with Brian for a little while.

I’d like to go home and change my clothes and that might involve a lie to get out early. So maybe I’ll tell them something. Maybe get out at 4:00. That would be nice.

I deserve it.

Still pretty tired and watching Scrubs which is the last episode with JD. I can’t see the show continuing without Zach Braff. It’s a bittersweet episode and I’m just waiting to see if they say the Janitor’s name, which will prove it’s the final episode.

Glenn Matthews?

It was a very sweet, lump in the throat ending with a beautiful Peter Gabriel song and one or two moments where I said, ‘Awww’.