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Eight Miles High

Well today has been a lovely Sunday. Bright and sunny with only a few minutes of drizzle then it all went back to being sunny and gay. Well it’s always gay for me and maybe for some of you too.

Sorry about the late posting last night. Firefox has been misbehaving lately. Each time I would try to upload pics to the blog the Firefox browser would crash.

Over and over again.

Then I went out to meet up with Rand and Lois to discuss plans for their short film that might be shot over a weekend in a few weeks. I am game for it and told Lois that I would be willing to do just about anything she might want me to do.

It was a good meeting with laughs liberally applied. I’m not getting into any further for now. Don’t want to give anything away or offend any gentleman’s sensibilities though Clive Davis should be worried.

Some musical instruments were played with, a piano, a ukulele, a eastern European harp of some sort and a double necked bass & guitar as well as Lois’ Fender Squire which I liked. Lois asked if we were up for some drinks and Rand said yes and I said no. Then I thought about it and said why not?

It was off to DC’s Tavern on Eighth Street all the way in the back of Hoboken. Everyone’s friend Pat Longo DJ’s there sometimes and I can’t say I’ve ever made it to his spinning sessions. Finally making it there I wondered where does Pat Longo set up his turntables and whatnot.

It’s not that large a space and a lot smaller than I had imagined. It seems like DJ’s Tavern would really like to be a roadhouse. Streamers advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon were hanging underneath beer trays for Pabst as well as other beers.

I expected to see some Rhinegold, Ballentine’s and Schaffer beer trays hanging but didn’t see any from my angle. Cute bartender though, shaved head and inked which isn’t normally my style but any port in a storm. Alas, there was no storm though.

It was a good evening with more laughs with Rand and Lois who I’ve known since 1983. I definitely look forward to the filming of their filmic world. After a few pints of Guinness and some cocktails for Lois we headed out, I was able to light up a San Luis Rey Rothchilde for the walk home, with even more laughing with old friends.

When I got home I checked the blog and was surprised that what I had written a few hours previous wasn’t posted. I was able to figure out what happened wrong on that front and re-posted. Then I watched some rebroadcasts of Lost from the first season.

Posted the pictures this morning on Internet Explorer. As I am doing right now.

With the Guinness and walking around Manhattan in the afternoon with Bill I decided to head to bed with Bill sleeping quietly under his sleep apnea mask. He was up and about around 7:00 which was just wrong in my book. I finally got out of bed myself around 9:00 after Bill had headed off to collect his mother.

I made some coffee, showered and was soon out and about picking up newspapers and other weekend morning items. Saw Julio with Alexander from a distance as they were waiting for Stine and her family from Denmark. I was off to the supermarket so a wave would have to suffice.

It was a nice morning and I wound up playing selections from Woody Allen’s movies, which were mainly songs from the Big Band era. Bill and I watched a little bit of Peter Marshall on PBS hosting a pledge time Big Band special.

I knew most of the songs last night and with Bill’s Shazam application for his iPhone we were able to identify and tell the difference between Chick Webb and Harry James.

My sister Annemarie had burned the Woody Allen stuff a few years ago but they couldn’t be identified through Gracenote on iTunes since I think Annemarie had her son Earl do the CD burning. Too complicated for her and some fun for Earl since he threw everything out of order and it took me a couple of years to figure out what’s what.

It was too nice to stay in today so I walked over to the Hudson River and sat by the soccer pitch and read the New Yorker and enjoyed another San Luis Rey Rothchilde.

I’m still trying to get my brothers and sister on board for what could be Paul McCartney being the first concert at the new Mets stadium in Flushing in July. Right now it’s only a rumor, but it’s a fab rumor.

a brief approaching storm from the west of Hoboken

a brief approaching storm from the west of Hoboken

Radio Gaga

Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon

Just got back from another lovely day outside. Today was even nicer than yesterday. Clear skies, nice temperature. Almost perfect. Last night was mellow, Bill was off rehearsing with his church choir for a big thing on Sunday.

I watched TV, played some bass, some guitar. Watched on 20/20 an episode about Etan Patz who was abducted 30 years ago on his way to the bus stop in Soho. An unresolved story, which is still sad 30 years later.

I remember seeing his 6 year old face on the cover of the Daily News when it happened. Etan’s parents still live in the same loft on Prince Street, perhaps in a vain hope that Etan might return someday.

After that I watched Bill Maher which I thought was tedious. Bill came home when I switched over to the last Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Conan O’Brien was the guest with James Taylor coming out and singing Sweet Baby James, requested by Jay Leno.

Never really cared much for Leno and can’t say that I ever watched a complete episode of the Tonight Show when he was hosting. It was OK overall. I am looking forward to see how Conan holds up on Monday.

Bill stayed up watching Craig Ferguson and I went to bed. I slept in while Bill went off this morning to get the bagels and whatnot. Eventually I got myself together and made some breakfast for myself.

Julio stopped by to get his Frisbee since he and Stine and Alexander were going down the shore with Stine’s sister and her family who are visiting from Denmark.

It was brief visit. I was soon walking up and down the aisles in the supermarket, replenishing the juices that I bought the other day.

Cut back on drinking soda you see, and been I’ve drinking juice lately.

Bill and I had plans to make it into the city to see a friend of his performing at the Lincoln Center library. Nice ride into the city as well as a stroll up Eighth Avenue on a spring afternoon.

We ran into another friend of Bill’s (which sounds like an AA meeting) Jesse and after chatting with her outside the library we all headed in.

The performance was titled When She Was King- D.R.E.D. : Daring Reality Every Day. The artist was Mildred Dred Gerestant who performs as a drag king. Same premise as a drag queen only with the gender reversed. It was a lot of fun, and a few laughs.

Definitely not what I was expecting to say the least.

Bill directed Mildred in her everyday drag in a workshop reading. So that’s how they know each other. It really was an entertaining performance that I would check out again if the circumstances were permitting.

After that Bill and I walked up to Gray’s Papaya and got some hot dogs and headed into Central Park. We wandered over to the skate circle where the disco was in full bloom. Lot’s of the same people that were there 10 years ago are still there skating around in circles.

The DJ was quite good as Bill and I watched from on top of the rocks. There were a few bears opposite on Bear Hill, a few that were probably in the demonstration on Tuesday night. We didn’t stay too long and caught the 1 train from 72nd street to the Path train.

A nice evening walking back to the apartment. Twilight in Hoboken can be quite nice. Now I’m waiting to meet up with Rand and Lois to discuss something that Lois has planned.

I’m not going to get into it right now, but it promises to be a fun endeavor.

heading in...

heading in...

..the city

..the city

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

Mildred 'Dred' Gerestant

Mildred 'Dred' Gerestant

Central Parkers

Central Parkers


Series of Dreams

Earliness ensues. Been a pretty good day thus far. Last night Bill and I watched both The Naked Civil Servant and Resident Alien. It was Quentin Crisp night on Park Avenue. The Naked Civil Servant was very good, mainly for John Hurt’s top notch performance.

Resident Alien was a bit of a downer, Quentin living in a tiny apartment in the East Village, getting some negative feedback from Seniors Active in a Gay Environment (SAGE).

Quentin claimed to be a successful failure and some people in the documentary are say some awfully mean things about him. It’s definitely not a love letter, unless it was from Frank Booth in Blue Velvet.

I would see Quentin Crisp from time to time on the street in the East Village, blue rinsed hair, looking like a dandy. I might have said hello to him once or twice. He probably responded in kind, being polite and well mannered. That was probably the early 1980’s.

John Hurt was in Resident Alien, playing himself and interviewing Quentin on the streets of New York City, and some eerie shots with each looking at the other though as mirror frame.

Bill enjoyed the DVDs and then it was off to bed for him while I stayed up until almost 1:00. Slept good, told Bill to use my bus pass this morning since I wasn’t heading into the city.

Had a nice relaxed breakfast and did some laundry, leaving the apartment around 11:45 to do some grocery shopping. I’m so domesticated.

Listening to disc 1 of Bob Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs quite a lot today. Also listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Magic album which was really good. Never played it from start to finish.

Some of it is typical Bruce & E Street stuff and some of it is extraordinary. Also played some of Born to Run. Not the title track, that would be a bit much. No, I played 10th Avenue Freeze-out, Night and Backstreets.

Just seemed like a perfect day to play some Bruce with the windows open and the sun breaking through the clouds.

It was so nice out I decided to wander around Hoboken. Not many people around on a Friday afternoon. Rain was forecast but all you needed to do was look outside, where it was cloudy but sunny as well. The glass was half full as it were.

I wound up by Pier A and sat and continued reading the Eno biography. He just did some half hearted demos for Television, working with Robert Fripp, had a lung collapse and was hit by a car.

A busy life indeed. Up next should be David Bowie, Talking Heads, Devo and U2.

Now it starts to rain, a few raindrops fall on the windowpane, raindrops in puddles on a neighboring rooftop. I like living on the top floor.

Now I’m playing disc 2 of Tell Tale Signs and like disc 1, it opens with a version of Mississippi from Love & Theft. There’s so much Dylan out there, different eras and styles. I do like 1965-66 Dylan but not much from the 1970-80’s. I have Blood on the Tracks but I just can’t get into it.


I didn’t ‘get’ Blonde on Blonde the first time I heard it and that was in the 1990’s. Ann Boyles played that record a lot and tried to get me into it once or twice. I thought it was a character flaw, but the flawed character was me.

I really do like the 1990s to the present Bob Dylan. Seems like a very good fit. And the band behind him, lead by Tony Garnier for the past 15+ years is really good.

The rain has passed, mere minutes later. No biggie.


Ah, just got off the phone with Lovely Rita. Hadn’t spoken to her in a while. Always a good chat. She’s another woman who I love to make laugh. Getting off the phone is a bit abrupt. It always is. Just an uncomfortableness.

I guess Rita’s not one for long goodbyes. I know a few other people like that. As soon as the ‘e’ in ‘goodbye’ is said, they are gone. Personally for me, I don’t mind the long goodbye. It’s a warm feeling.

The goodbye/I’m outta here is too cold, leaves me hanging. But that’s some people and not me and if everyone was like me, it would be a better world, yet it would be a boring world, so here’s to them, the short goodbye people.


It’s a Thursday which for me is a Friday. It’s been a week of oddness. Monday off, Tuesday substituting for Monday, making Wednesday feel like Tuesday and today feels like Friday. As you can guess it’s very confusing.


I spoke with my brother Frank today. He called me, a bit bummed that I hadn’t spoken to him in a while. He’s been trying to deal with his retirement. And he still has issues with life, specifically growing up.

Apparently my parents wanted him to be a priest. By the time I came along 11 years later, the parents were tired and didn’t really seem to care what it was that I would do.

No red flags with regards to college. No red flags with regards to anything. I don’t blame them. Wouldn’t do any good to blame them anyway. I’m not one to go to a cemetery and yell at a tombstone.

Work was busy somewhat and also quiet. Vivek was in and when I finally had a reason to see him, I find out that he’s on the way to the airport.


I was able to make a few phone calls with regards to the new position I find myself in. I call it, ‘inroads’. It’s funny, last week on Thursday I was totally stressed, at wit’s end. So much so it affected me physically. Today, not so bad. It must be the new outlook, to just plow through.


Today was humid and drizzly, tomorrow they are expecting thunderstorms and showers. I have 2 new DVDs from Netflix, The Naked Civil Servant, starring John Hurt, who is one of my favorite actors of all time.

John Hurt portrays the late Quentin Crisp, a bon vivant from the UK transplanted to Manhattan. It’s said that Sting wrote An Englishman in New York about Quentin Crisp. Very dry that Crisp was.

The other DVD is Resident Alien, which is also about Quentin Crisp, this time a documentary. Since Sting is in the documentary, I guess I’ll find out the story about An Englishman in New York.

When my brother Frank was on the radio, instead of the web these days, he would occasionally mix in some spoken word recordings of Quentin Crisp on top of what ever music Frank happened to be playing.

Quentin Crisp, from the old world of Oscar Wilde. The was no closet that contain him.


32-20 Blues

It’s Wednesday, and it feels like a Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. Last night Bill and I marched, I saw awesome Andres and met Joe Jervis. It was pretty cool that Bill was with me to see these other bloggers that I enjoy reading. The word becomes flesh.

We made it home after running into the Virgin Megastore on Union Square which is going out of business. I was able to buy CD’s that my local record store, Tunes didn’t have.

Still no Budos Band but I was able to get Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy and the 2 disc set of Tell Tale Signs, Number 8 in the Bootleg Series. At 30% off I couldn’t resist.

We made it home in time some clip show on NBC, about the most well known lines from TV. It was totally worthless filler. It seemed to go on forever. How much NaNu NaNu can one person take? Bill liked it enough though.

At 10:00 Bill wanted to watch Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV but I figured he would rather watch Keith Olbermann reporting on Judge Sotomayor. As soon as I changed the channel he forgot all about Lawn Hors d’œuvre. Bill’s a Puerto Rican from the Bronx and so is Judge Sotomayor so he was feeling especially proud.

It was no surprise that the right wing had nothing to say but “no” in regards to the Judge’s nomination. She’s going to pass since the Republicants don’t have anything to block the process.

We watched the news and then The Simpsons at 11:30 which was from the second season. A classic episode featuring Harvey Fierstein as Carl. As soon as I heard the word Mynoxodil I knew what the episode was.

It is certainly in my top ten Simpsons episodes but for Bill it was his all time fave.

He was off to bed after that and I joined him soon after that. I slept OK but once again I could have used a few more hours of sleep. I guess I can catch up with those missing hours on Friday since my Fridays are still furloughed.

Work was OK. Vivek told me he was going to be in Seattle today and tomorrow and I was surprised to see him in the office. I was fairly busy, things seem to be going smoothly.

I was ambushed by another conference call from out of the blue but I stood my ground and stopped the call, putting them on hold until I was able to get Sanjay in on the call.

Too much of what Vivek and Sanjay do is secretive or at least I’m out of the loop, while on the other end of the line in the conference call they seem to think I know it all. That is one of the biggest parts of my frustration. Those outside the office think I’m running the show whereas in the office, I’m just a cog in the machine.

I plan to keep plowing on, doing my best. What else can I do?

I had a chance to check out JoeMyGod earlier than I usually do and there was a picture of Bill and myself. That was a kick. I regretted not taking a picture of Andres and I just got a message from him saying he regretted not having a good picture of me and Bill looking dapper. He said dapper, not me.

Now we’re watching a documentary on PBS of the making of the Broadway show In the Heights. Bill’s getting a thrill just watching it and I knew that he would. One of these days Bill will be trodding the boards, saying lines.

Who knows? Perhaps they will be lines that I’ve written.

Someday Baby

Late posting tonight. Just got back a little while ago from a demonstration showing the NYC area disappointment of the California State Supreme Court and their upholding of Prop h8. The demonstration was planned if it went either way. If the court overruled, then it would have been a celebration.

But they didn’t and there we were, Bill and I and hundreds of LGBT people and our straight allies shouting and chanting from Sheridan Square, across the street from the Stonewall riots 40 years ago and the start of gay liberation, all the way to Union Square.

The police did an excellent job, keeping traffic away from the marchers as we walked on the side lanes

I also saw the wonderful Andres again, he of the blog, Blabbeando and finally got a chance to meet Joe Jervis from the blog, JoeMyGod. He’s a nice guy.

Andres was busy snapping photos and I was surprised to see him, even though I knew he would be around, I forgot to take his picture.

Still, he posted his pics on Facebook and he will probably post onto Blabbeando. Joe Jervis will probably do the same and so will I. It was great marching side by side with Bill. We were in our suits which probably made other people think we were conservatives. If they only knew.

I just think Democrats and Liberals dress a bit shabby and we’re doing our bit to change that. We were also interviewed in Union Square for Our Scene Networks, an online broadcasting channel by 2 guys named Matt.

They asked us how we felt about the California decision and we told them, and also mentioned that a march on Washington should be in the works since the White House had no comment on the decision today.

The LGBT people are a bit upset with Obama dragging his feel on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as well as the Defense of Marriage act, both which were instituted by that Bill Clinton guy. And a march on Washington is planned for either Columbus Day weekend or in November.

Bill and I plan to be there.

I marched on Washington in 1993 when Clinton was in the White House, which should go to show that just because a sitting President was someone I voted for, does not exempt them from scorn or criticism.

Last night, Bill and I watched A matter of Life and Death, starring David Niven and Kim Hunter. I had never seen it from start to finish but oddly enough the timing seemed apt since it was Memorial Day and this was a movie that takes place during World War II and made in 1946.

Lot’s of extras in the cast that were actually in uniform and active service people. It really is a good movie and definitely worth checking out.

I enjoyed it so much that I moved Black Narcissus to the top of my Netflix queue. I also have another Powell & Pressburger film nearby, from 1969- Age of Consent which stars James Mason and features Helen Mirren in her first major screen role.

Work was actually OK today. I hope and I think I have a handle on things. Perhaps having 4 days off in a row was what was needed.

I had a talk with Vivek and Sanjay. I told them that things were stressing me out and they were somewhat reassuring. I mentioned that I would like to be able to leave at 5 or 6 each day and they were fine with that.

I also brought up the fact that my sister was coming to town in July and I would like some time to spend with her and that was OK by them. So, so far so good. Of course we will have to see what happens come July. But for now it’s good, and that’s the name of that tune.

And congratulations to Judge Sotomayor! Good luck!

And here are some pictures from this evening’s demonstration.



Straight supporters

Straight supporters





..our constitution expands liberties, they don't contract them.

..our constitution expands liberties, they don't contract them.

Me & Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God.

Me & Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God.

Stairway to Heaven

OK, so I only stretched before cycling yesterday, not so much afterwards but climbing 5 flights of stairs makes for some stretching doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? I was pretty tired though. Casey Chasm called while I was showering. He and the missus were going to Margarita’s for dinner but I was too tired to make it.

Plus I had food here that I had bought that needed to be cooked and eaten before it all started to go bad.

I was content with a few hot dogs last night and I settled in and watched Tennessee Williams ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ starring Maggie Smith, Natasha Richardson and Rob Lowe. It was a BBC production from the 1990’s I believe.

I had it in my Netflix queue, added it when I was mourning Natasha Richardson’s untimely death.

It was good, Maggie Smith and Natasha Richardson were excellent. Rob Lowe was passable as Dr. Sugar. No flashbacks like in the Joseph Mankewicz version with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. I suspect Tennessee would have been happy with this classy version.

After that I forget what I watched. I do have A Matter of Life and Death by Michael Powell on DVD via Netflix and threw that in the player but I wanted Bill to see it too and since he was doing a reading at the Theater for the New City last night I decided to hold off. I was a zombie anyhow and staying awake to watch the whole thing would have been a bit of a chore.

I did toy with the idea of a trip to the supermarket but it looked like it was about to start pouring any minute. By the time I figured out that it wasn’t going to rain it was too late, the supermarket was closed.

Asleep in bed by midnight. Bill was with his theater friends and didn’t get home until 3:00 in the morning.

I woke up around 8:00 this morning, glad not to have to go to work again. I roused myself from bed and shuffled about doing those morning things that I do most mornings when I don’t have to work.

Still plenty of parking spaces in Hoboken and it should be like this until Labor Day so come on down to Hoboken on weekends and park wherever you damn well please. I got some bagels for myself as well as Julio & Stine.

Donuts for Bill and the newspapers which weren’t as depressing as yesterday. Or maybe they were as depressing as yesterday but my outlook had improved so the stories didn’t affect me as much.

I planned to take a walk around Hoboken early this afternoon when Bill had awoken. He wanted to come but only after the Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV episode had finished. Oddly enough it was an episode that neither of us had seen before, from the early years with Olivia having a short spiky haircut.

The other night was a good one with Alan Dale who plays Charles Widmore on Lost as well as the late Meade patriarch on Ugly Betty. This time he played a judge who’s young son was murdered years before. A few twists that were too convoluted to write about here, but it was one of the best episodes of Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV that I had seen in a while. Bill missed it since he was tired and went to bed before it was broadcast.

So this afternoon after Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV we headed out. I arranged to meet Mr & Mrs Chasm outside their building and the four of us walked up to 14th street and proceeded to walk down the riverside, enjoying each others company as well as the sunshine and a lot of sunbathers. I applied sunblock again and I was quite glad that I did.

We walked over to Pier A and found a bench where we sat for an hour in the shade chatting each other up. We parted ways, Bill and I off to CVS and the Mr & Mrs off to wherever it was they were headed off to.

Bill and I ran into Roger Johansen and his wife Dina. on Washington Street. Always good to see Roger, he’s a prince. It was also the first time I had met Dina and she seemed really nice. Bill and I egged her on to get her MBA and perhaps she heeded our advice, that having an MBA would be a leg up in the search for a good job.

He invited us to his new place in Weehawken which is near his old place. He always had the best houses. I told him that Bill and I would love to visit, all he needed to do is let us know when.

Bill and I came home. He cooked for himself, I napped. Nothing like an afternoon nap. More people should do it. We can call them Siestas. I think it would catch on.

As I drifted off to sleep I remembered a nap that I took about 35 years ago in Framingham MA. Then I thought it odd that I was thinking about a nap from so long ago. It was a comfortable nap back then and I slept wearing my glasses. Then I drifted off to sleep in this day and age.

Woke up made dinner and now Bill naps.

I told him that when I wake him up at 9:00 we’re watching A Matter of Life & Death starring David Niven and Kim Hunter. It used to be titled Stairway to Heaven in this country, now it’s back to it’s original title.

Here’s some snappy snaps from this afternoon.

Last night before the storm. Natural light

Last night before the storm. Natural light




Free toy

Free toy



Fishing in Hoboken

Fishing in Hoboken


Today is Sunday, day three of a four day weekend. It did not start well and last night didn’t end well either. I don’t know what happened. After a wonderful day with Julio, Stine and Alexander and family in Van Saun Park in Paramus, and a few Stellas with Julio and Stine I came home, feeling ok.

I was pretty tired and when Bill came home I was just exhausted. I got myself ready for bed before midnight and just said a good night to Bill before heading to sleep.

I don’t think I slept too well and I woke up feeling sad. Bill was up already getting ready to head to church. He gave me a donut last night which I wanted to have this morning but when I woke up this morning it was gone. Bill ate it. That made me sadder.

Bill headed out and I showered and made some coffee when a few minutes later Bill showed up with a donut, some bagels and the newspapers. He decided that me well being was more important than catching a bus into Manhattan. It was a very nice gesture but still I had a melancholy air about me.

Like the Sunday night feeling that I would have when I was a kid with a major book report due the next day.

It really wasn’t Bill or anything that he did or ate, it was work that was weighing heavily on my mind. Bill was off once again, concerned about the state of mind I was in and I was concerned too.

I made some breakfast and had a bagel. I was able to copy the photos from yesterday onto a disc for Julio and Stine and headed downstairs where the boy wonder had opened up his gifts.

Mine was opened last night and they waited for me to show up this morning when they gave it to Alexander. I also gave the other bagels Bill got for me to Julio and Stine. I sat with Julio watching Alexander while Stine cooked some food to bring to Brick NJ.

The duck on a stick worked fine but Alexander just kept bashing it on the floor. He’s a strong boy but the duck was stronger. After a while they had to get ready to go and since I wasn’t going with them, despite being invited, I headed upstairs.

Still a bit gloomy, all the news in the papers was mainly bad and it was bumming me out. Even though I had a few cups of coffee, I thought it best to take a nap. A reboot as it were.

That didn’t last long and I set about hanging some paintings that Bill’s late father painted throughout the apartment. Then I just farted around a bit when Rand texted me a little past noon.

He was thinking about a bike ride and asked if I was interested. I was interested. It would be good to see Rand again as it always is and a bike ride would more than likely clear the blue cobwebs in my head.

Rand showed up an hour later giving me time to do some proper stretching before cycling. I also had the foresight to apply some sunblock beforehand. Since it was Rand’s idea to go riding he was calling the shots.

Last time we headed north up to Guttenburg, this time the plan was to head south. We headed to Jersey City, exploring the riverfront pathways whenever possible and wound up at Liberty State Park.

It was an excellent ride yet disappointing to see that since I had last been cycling down in Jersey City a few years ago, they still have not done one thing to make access to the bike paths bike friendly.

We tossed a Frisbee for a while before getting all sweaty.

Mid Toss!

Mid Toss!

A ride back through Jersey City brought forth ices from a street vendor who confused coconut with lemon and got a bit indignant when I returned mine.


An easy ride back into Hoboken where I left Rand on the steps of his building, turning down a martini with Rand and Lisa, deciding to head home and grill up some hot dogs instead. Bill was home for a while before heading into the city for a reading at the Theater for the New City on First Avenue in the East Village.

I was supposed to have drinks with the Chasms tonight but they backed out, then backed in while I was showering and Bill was napping. No worries, I’m pretty beat even after stretching after cycling.

Just staying home tonight. I know I’m going to sleep well tonight and I don’t have the blues anymore.

Stine mentioned last night that she wasn’t comfortable with pictures of Alexander being posted online, that other people will see them before she does so I’m not doing that anymore. You’ll just have to take my word for it that Alexander is a handsome boy from now on.





Lisa on the phone with...

Lisa on the phone with...



The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Well I just got back from a really nice time in Van Saun Park, Paramus NJ. Stine organized a party for Alexander’s first birthday. Of course it was a splendid time. I rode up with Julio so we could move some picnic tables together. I was glad to be able to help.

Hadn’t spent time with Julio in a while so that was nice too. And of course I am totally in love with Alexander, who after spending some time together today, recognizes me. I had a blast playing peek a boo with him. Doing a number on his head running in one direction then back tracking, finding him anticipating the direction I should have been coming in and then surprising him when I would turn up where I had just left.

You had to be there. His squeals of delight were most charming and encouraged me to keep running around in circles to amuse the boy wonder.

It was mainly Julio’s family, his mother, & sister with her husband and their 7 month old twins. And his cousins who are also very nice, one of them saying to me that I was part of the family after being around for so long. I was also invited down to Julio’s cousin’s house in Brick NJ tomorrow but I think I will pass.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the zoo at Van Saun Park where I hear they now have a pair of mountain lions, no train rides. I figured out the last time I was at Van Saun Park was when I was sledding with a neighbor Scott Williams. His mother, the sainted Mrs. Williams had driven us there and I don’t know whether she hung around or just came back a few hours later, but I do remember one of the top ten songs was ELO’s Evil Woman.

That was in 1975 so the last time I was there was 34 years ago. Crazy!

Lot’s of good food, Danish and Spanish and all of it tasty and filling. Couldn’t get enough of Julio’s mother’s Potato Onion Quiche thing nor Stine’s Danish sheet cake in the shape of a boy and covered with candy.

It was a dry party as we were told by the park ranger that any alcohol would be cause for expulsion from the Shangri La known as Van Saun Park. Of course a few parties going on around us had surreptitiously snuck in some alcohol but we did just fine with out it, though once or twice Julio and I connived to run out and get something just for a lark. It didn’t happen though and we never saw the park ranger again.

It was a lovely time and I look forward to attending more of Alexander’s birthday parties as life goes on.

Last night I did make it up to McSwells after walking along the waterfront, enjoying a Padron that had got me buzzing quite hard, enough so that once or twice I was weaving as I walked along the river. I met up with Roda who told me the previous night he got drunk as did Rand which made me realize that staying home was the right thing to do.

I only had one pint of Guinness before heading home to watch Bill Maher with Bill Vila.

Quite a pleasant evening and I am quite pleased at how this weekend has been turning out.

Here are just a few pictures from this afternoon, of the boy wonder himself. Now I’m going back downstairs to have a Stella Artois with Julio and Stine while Alexander sleeps.


The computer is acting up so this is the only pic for now. More to come later as I’m running late to be downstairs and also CONGRATULATIONS to Casey Chasm!

As per Stine’s reasonable request, I will no longer be posting any photos of Alexander. It’s too scary a world and I totally understand.


It’s been a very nice Friday, best day of the week and I don’t mind telling you that. Last night I was extremely tired. Just felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. A lot of it was probably from lacking a decent night’s sleep for the past few days.

I am happy to report that I slept peacefully for about 9 hours last night. Much needed.

Last night Bill had his pizza and I sat on the front steps, enjoying a Padron, chatting with various neighbors as well as a phone call with Casey Chasm. I was worried about him since Mrs. Chasm was out of town when I visited the other day and while I was visiting we had quite a heavy conversation.

He’s a good guy and I am happy to call him my friend. I certainly hope he has a rosy future ahead of him and it looks like he does. He had some good advice for me regarding work which was worrying me.

I’m going to hang in there as best as I could. That’s all I can do. I came upstairs and Bill was watching a repeat of the Office, followed by 30 Rock which definitely boosted my spirits. Then we watched the season finale of Southland and yes it was very good.

The ending had Willie Nelson singing What Was It You Wanted. I thought it was a Leonard Cohen song but it turned out it was by Bob Dylan. A little research showed that it was from Oh Mercy. I had some downloads from Oh Mercy but none of them was the song I heard.

I made a note to go to the local record store and see if they had it in stock today. I walked around Hoboken around noon and wandered into Tunes.

Looked in Willie Nelson’s section for On The Borderline which is where the song was from. Of course it wasn’t in stock. Juan’s doppleganger was working but I decided to search on my own, finding it too unnerving to speak with an ersatz Juan.

I walked over to the Bob Dylan section and once again I was let down. Oh Mercy was not to be found. Perhaps they had the Budos Band who I saw at McSwells a few months ago. No Budos Band either.

I thought I would see if they had Who’s Next in stock since that’s been on my mind lately and of course that was a ‘no’. I even checked to see some Fleetwood Mac CD’s since I saw an excellent and beautiful video of the PS 22 chorus do a moving version of Landslide by Stevie Nicks.

I left empty handed and disappointed. Still I had some money in my pocket.

I got a text message from Roda last night. He was working at McSwells and said it was dead. Why don’t I come by for some cocktails? It’s always good to see Roda but I was really fatigued, too much to head out and socialize. Bill was about all the socializing I could deal with last night.

I was on Facebook earlier, I know, what a surprise. I saw a link to check up on my high school classmates and I almost connected with a couple of them. Then I remembered how I felt after my high school reunion 9 years ago and decided against it. Some things are best left in the past in my case.

Tonight I am going to McSwells too see my old pal. Not staying out too late since I have to get up and help Julio in Van Saun Park for Alexander’s first birthday party. I got Alexander a Beatles onesie and a toy duck on a stick with wheels that quacks and flaps it’s wings as you push it.

I just downloaded Willie Nelson’s version of What Was It You Wanted so I’m a happy pirate. A happy and relaxed pirate at that. I hope all of you, the six of you that is, have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Maybe I’ll see you at the VFW Circle on Monday morning on Saddle River Road in Saddle Brook?

Here is that beautiful video.

Um “oh” e um “ah!”

What a day this has been. First off, I broke the rule of going to sleep the same time as Bill and wound up not being able to sleep well. A few interruptions and before I knew it, Bill was kissing me goodbye, telling me that I looked angelic laying there.

A few minutes later the alarm clock went off, no music- just the buzzer. I got it together and looked forward to an easy going day. Vivek in Las Vegas, and Sanjay flew in last night from Florida thanks to my ticket purchases.

Last night after finagling the tickets Abby was in the office. I need this I need that. Fine, whatever. I left around 5:00 and didn’t say goodbye. He was on the phone.

I left and halfway through my walk to the bus terminal, I get a phone call. It’s Abby. He couldn’t believe I left when he needed envelopes and stamps and copies to be made.

Not for work, but his own personal accounts. I told him to go to my cube and instructed him where to find the things he needed. Then he needed copies to be made and I instructed him on how to operate a copier. Hit the green button!

This morning after Bill left I did my thing and made it to the bus. As I sat down on the bus I realized that I left my cellphone at home. I almost got off the bus but decided to proceed with the day.

A nice walk across town and I soon found myself in the office by 9:15. At 9:16 I get a phone call from Sanjay. Tomorrow is a conference call at noon and I’m expected. I mentioned that I thought I was off on Fridays.

Sanjay says, no problem, we’ll just do the conference call on Monday. I explain to him that Monday is a federal holiday. No problem for him, they’ll just conference me in from home. Oh what a thrill.

Sanjay eventually made it in the office right around the same time as Abby. That made things busy and not as easygoing as I had hoped. A quick demonstration on how the Movie Box works in hotel rooms.

If you want to watch a crappy movie that went straight to DVD then this Movie Box is for you. And the adult fare is strictly hetero and boring.

The day went on and on. At one point I had to go to the post office for Abby and get some mail certified. I warned him that the lines in the post office can be long and I wasn’t sure when I would be back.

The line wasn’t that long and afterwards I used the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll around midtown and enjoyed a Padron.

I figured out that I knew what I had to do and as I finished my cigar I went back to the office with a new, fresh outlook. It was 3:00.

At 3:01 the phone rings, It’s Nash who works in Kent, Washington. He’s frantic, telling me the conference call is going on and I should be in on it.

Sanjay was in a meeting and Abby was somewhere. So I followed Nash’s instructions and jumped in on the conference call. I didn’t know what was going on and all these instructions were being thrown at me.

There was no one I could turn to or ask anything of so all I could do was take notes and I wound up transcribing most of the call.

I was in over my head. It seemed that anytime I get a grip on the situation the rug gets pulled out from under me. I am really at the end of my rope and I am considering telling Vivek when he returns that I don’t think it’s going to work out.

It’s not what I was hired for and I don’t like the hours. I’m sure they would be better off with someone else who could do the job. And the hours, the dirty looks that I get when I try to leave at 5:30 or 6:00. They seem to be nice people but I don’t think I can work with them.

And it’s soon enough that they wouldn’t have invested that much in me.

I’d be willing to continue supporting the office, booking conference rooms, ordering supplies, being the liaison between the office and the building personnel who like me a lot.

I’m well liked by the office personnel and even the conservatives seem to like me enough to make unofficial overtures that they’d take me on if it doesn’t work out.

But this dealing with hotel and motel owners and the insane hours and tardiness of these guys is really wearing me down. Perhaps that is what is causing me to lose sleep at night.

Right now I’m so tired that when Harpy called I could only respond in monosyllabic words.

I come home, not wanting to cook so I pick up two slices of pizza. Bill comes home and a few minutes later the buzzer rings. It’s a pizza that Bill’s ordered. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t had lunch and will eat the whole pie himself.

This day, will it ever end?

Bill before pizza

Hard Luck Story

Haven’t done this in a while. iTunes Shuffle time. Not much to write about today that I hadn’t written about before.

These Things Take Time- The Smiths
I don’t know if this is from an album but it is from the compilation Louder Than Bombs. I enjoyed the Smiths. I saw them once with Hiroaki Kimura on their first US tour at the Beacon Theater and once again to enjoy a show at the Beacon, it all depends on the seats. We were in the upper balcony and we both found The Smiths to be dull. We left before the encore and went over to the east side to hang out with Andrew Feldman who was working at some restaurant as a cook. That was more enjoyable than The Smiths.

No Dancing- Elvis Costello
From My Aim Is True, his first album. Not with the Attractions but with Clover sans Huey Lewis. Obviously they’re going for a Be My Baby/Phil Spector feel. Phil Spector was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of Lana Clarkson. It’s a good Elvis Costello album, not my favorite as I preferred his work with the Attractions, except for Goodbye Cruel World which was the worst.

Manhattan- Carmen Cavallaro
From the Mighty Aphrodite soundtrack. I got this as a gift from my sister a few years ago. Still quite good to listen to, especially on a Sunday morning, reading the papers and drinking coffee. I know my parents would have liked to hear me playing this. Marianne Faithfull covers this on her Strange Weather album. Carmen Cavallaro’s version is an instrumental. Cavallaro was known as the Poet of the Piano, and his style was modelled on Eddy Duchin, another name my parents would have recognized. Carmen Cavallaro died in 1989.

Red Paint- Neneh Cherry
A very good, and ultimately very sad song from Neneh Cherry’s second and last release in the US, Homebrew. Rand turned me onto this record and for years it was available in the cut out bins. It did not do well at all but I prefer it to her worldwide smash, Buffalo Stance. I believe the lyric is about how a boyfriend went to the store on his bike and was murdered and the assailant fled with his footprints in the boyfriend’s blood which resembled Red Paint. The album closer, accompanied by police sirens. It is a very good song, possibly a desert island song. I played it for Juan a few months ago and I think he dug it too.

Beauty and the Beast- David Bowie
From the Heroes album. First song on the album, classic song, totally off the wall. I loved playing this when I would DJ at McSwells. Reportedly the line ‘Someone fetch a priest’ was originally ‘Someone fuck a priest’ which was a phrase that Brian Eno was proud of then. RCA balked and they changed it. Robert Fripp is on it too.

You’re All I Need To Get By- Aretha Franklin
Classic Lady Soul. Oh Aretha sounds fantastic. The band behind her is great, the Sweet Inspirations singing back up. Jerry Wexler, Tom Down and Arif Mardin produced it, Arif doing the arrangement. It is as good as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s version, but Aretha makes it her own. I bet you that’s the late King Curtis on saxophone too. She is the Queen of Soul, now and forever. Aretha’s 30 Greatest Hits is a must have. ♫Yeah ♪

Listen to Her Heart- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
That Classic Rickenbacker sound. Actually the first Tom Petty song I heard. You think you’re gonna take her away/with your money and your cocaine. Great line. I like Tom Petty. He gets my respect. I would shake his hand if I ever met him. Seems like a righteous dude. The Peter Bogdanovich documentary on Tom Petty is worth checking out if you have 3.5 hours to spare. WPIX FM used to play this a lot,which is how I first heard it. This is from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits.

Miss Chatelaine- k.d. lang
Oh k.d., such a voice, such a presence. Her finest album, Ingenue. Her worldwide smash hit. I can still listen to this from start to finish. This was a hit single for her, or at least it got lot’s of play on the jukebox at McSwells when the jukebox still played 45’s from Pier Platters.

Cool for Cats- Squeeze
Yet another WPIX song. Chris Difford sings this one. It’s also the first Squeeze song that I knew. I did my best to sing along cockney style while working in the book warehouse. I used to have my boom box all the time playing different songs. They probably all thought I was insane and an idiot since I could never fill out an invoice properly. I should have been fired I’m sure, but my mother was so well loved they would look the other way. Singing this loudly in a faux cockney slang did not make me a punk rocker though you know I tried.

Madeline, 1976- Bob Frank and John Murry
From World Without End. A collection of murder ballads. I first heard Bob Frank & John Murry on a free disc from one of the UK magazines I get every month. The song on it was beautiful and atmospheric and the lyrics were quite gruesome. Haven’t played this one that much but it really is worth a listen to. I bought it on iTunes. Frank and Murry are from out west somewhere. I think I would check them out if they ever came east of the Mississippi.

Jigsaw Feeling- Siouxsie & the Banshees
Great song from their first album, The Scream. I saw Siouxsie & the Banshees a handful of times. She’s a dynamic presence. This is my favorite album by them. I played this constantly. I heard it constantly coming back from the East Village in the back of Laszlo Papp’s Dodge Charger. Back then if Laszlo liked it, it was cool. Eventually I learned how to think for myself, but I was lucky since Laszlo had some good taste.

Mo’ Onions

Last night before I came home I hung out with Casey Chasm and his friend Moishe. Last minute, spur of the moment thing. Mrs, Chasm was out of town so it was sort of hang out with the guys. Casey’s always a good guy to hang out with, Moishe- I couldn’t say. I’ve only met Moishe twice and he seemed alright.

It was an interesting hour or so. I would have stayed for dinner, but the groceries I bought over the weekend needed to be eaten before they went bad. I did stay for some scintillating conversation and a few Bass Ales. I left feeling rather buzzed, listening to Lou Reed singing about New Sensations on the iPod.

Nothing going on around here and that was fine by me. Watched O & RM again. Back to my old habits. Didn’t pay much attention though. Nothing much on TV. Not one to watch Dancing with the Armenian Idols, I just talked with Harpy on the phone.

Bill came home when I was almost finished playing the guitar. Just playing to some Smiths songs, but hampered by the Dm7 chord. Bill was rambunctious as ever, with lots of silliness. I love him. He really bolsters my spirits and he’s relentless in his bolstering.

After RM we wound up watching The Soup on the E Channel. We like Joel McHale. Then it off to bed for Bill, wrestling with the sleep apnea mask. I eventually joined him, sans mask.

Woke up more tired than I was when I went to sleep. Not enough milk for cereal, just enough for coffee. Not the best way to start off the day. But I got through it.

Caught a bus that was more crowded than I hoped and sat in the very last seat. An overweight guy sitting next to me, almost on top of me. He was apologetic and I did my best to get over it and focus on the New Yorker.

The walk across town was pleasant and uneventful. No errant mice fleeing a swarm of sparrows and starlings.

The office was quiet again, I settled in moments after a phone call from Vivek. He had a few things for me to do. He was home after driving his wife to the airport at 5:00 in the morning and was trying to get some sleep. I could have used some more sleep myself.

I got whatever it was he wanted done. I always get whatever anyone asks of me done. He was going to be out of the office for the rest of the week.

He also set up a conference call, Vivek in bed, me in the office and some French guy from Spain on the phone in Florida. Apparently he has a lot of hotels under his belt so all I could do was take as many notes as possible, hopefully writing things down so they would make sense later on.

I was busy enough, but not enough that the day flew by. In fact it was a bit on the slow side. I had my usual salad for lunch, with a low fat balsamic vinaigrette.

Vivek did make an appearance which surprised me. He needed me to print out some boarding passes which I did and then saw him off into a cab headed to LaGuardia Airport, headed to Atlanta. He did ask how I felt about the ‘new’ job.

I told him that things were getting better, and that I wanted to do good, not just for the company but for myself. He mentioned that he did introduce me to the French Spaniard as their first employee.

I almost mentioned that I wasn’t fond of staying late, but decided we could talk about that next week when he gets back.

I smoked a Saint Luis Rey cigar and I did enjoy a compilation of 2 Tone bands, The Specials, The Selecter, Madness and the English Beat mainly on my walk back to the bus terminal.

Empty Pages

Monday back to work day. Welcome to the working week. I didn’t sleep well last night and just about the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer.

That meant that I had to go into work, though a few more hours asleep would have done me just fine.

The weekend overall was really a good weekend, seeing most of my family and spending some great quality time with Bill. It was a special weekend, the kind that you can’t plan or recreate. It worked out just right.

Bill was up and out by the time I finally stirred. Shower, shave, coffee, cereal. The drill which some of you might be acquainted with.

Even though I was dragging ass, I left the apartment earlier than usual and was soon on a bus reading the New Yorker, trying to pick up where I left off last week.

It was an article about the science of self-control. I had only gotten into the first couple of paragraphs and wound up starting all over again and finishing the article by the time the bus exited the tunnel on the Manhattan side.

The walk to the office was made interesting as I walked through Bryant Park. A young woman had a Tupperware container and was dumping something out on some gravel. Whatever it was started to move. It was a mouse that this woman caught in her apartment and was releasing it into the wilds of Bryant Park.

Immediately the mouse was set upon by sparrows and starlings. The birds weren’t attacking the mouse, just checking it out, letting the mouse know who was boss during the daylight hours. A few pigeons got in on the action.

The mouse was about to run into some ivy around a tree and decided not to, probably sensing something in the ivy that would either cause some physical harm, or perhaps eat it. I didn’t stick around to see what was next.

The whole scenario lasted about one minute.

I was in the office after that. No four legged rodents there. That’s not fair, everyone seemed OK today, no rats in sight.

I was surprisingly focused and getting things done. Greg Stevens was in, as was Tom Chin and eventually Vivek.

I had a good talk with Greg who mentioned that the IT woman who was in last week suggested that Greg hire me as his assistant. That would be nice but it seems unlikely that the money would be there.

I had actually thought about that over the weekend. Greg and the IT woman had a meeting and I had wondered if my name came up, in a good way.

Of course, paranoid me thinks they were talking about me, ‘Who is that guy? How did he get here’ and Greg Stevens saying, “I know, I wish we could get rid of him.’ It was heartening to find that wasn’t the case.

The day progressed with me running errands and basically doing alright. I got some work done. Vivek called me int his office later in the day and he asked me how things were going. Basically he wants to know whether or not I’ll be on board with this latest venture.

He asked if I would be with him six months, nine months down the line. Nine months is all that’s about left on the lease. He told me to think about it and I’m going to. I also told Greg Stevens that I would help him out whenever I could.

I will stick around, there’s nothing else out there. But I will have to tell Vivek that the hours need to be tightened up.

I might work late one or two nights a week, but he shouldn’t expect that four days a week. So it was an interesting position to be in. I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to ride this through to the end.

So said the mouse in the Tupperware container.

Here is the Google car taking 360 degree shots of 51st Street.



Sunday night, the big whoop di doo. Just got back an hour or so from Garfield. My niece’s graduation party. Corinne has graduated from Kean University so kudos and congratulations to her.

It was nice to see my brothers and their families. Of course Annemarie and her family were missing being in California and all, but they will be here in July so we will all have to wait.

My niece Meghan’s husband Rob was an able grillmeister. Brian and Karen were underneath the patio umbrella which was set upon the new patio. Since my last visit Elaine and Frank had some bricks laid down so that was nice.

My other nieces Hillary and Cassie were being teenage girls since they are teenage girls, Hillary is a voracious reader, always a book nearby. Cassie had boys on her mind. My nephew Brian alternated between the barbecue and inside watching TV.

The original plan was to take a train out to Garfield from Hoboken but Bill decided to rent a Zip Car. That made things a lot simpler. No need to pick Bill and I up at the train station.

Bill’s mother was invited but she wasn’t up for it and since it was a bit nippy outside by the barbecue it was for the best that she didn’t join us.

A few of Corinne’s friends were there, they seemed like a nice bunch. Before they arrived they attempted a game of beer pong which didn’t go that well due to the wind.

We all went inside for cake which Brian and Karen and family had to forgo since my nephew had a matter that he needed to attend. That was too bad since they missed a good cake.

Bill and I had a nice ride home, by passing the usual drive up Riverview Avenue where I grew up. That always leaves me with bittersweet feelings. Most of the people that I grew up with have either died or moved on.

Last night I watched most of a 2 disc DVD from the BBC about Glastonbury. Glastonbury is a major rock and roll festival, quite big. It’s been going on for decades, from the beginning with maybe 20,00 people over 3 or 4 days to 300,000 punters.

All the top name UK & US music acts usually perform, R.E.M., Macca, Moz,Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (guess the roster includes Australians), Radiohead and Coldplay. Quite a distance from the Incredible String Band.

It’s pure escapism usually accompanied by tons of mud. It does look like fun though and a pair of Wellies would definitely be recommended. But I fear my days of major rock festivals are over.

The last festival I attended was the first Lollpalooza which didn’t end well. It started off fine, I went with Chaz and Steve Saporito and a few other friends, mainly to see Siouxsie & the Banshees who cancelled that date.

We saw Nine Inch Nails, Living Colour, Butthole Surfers, Ice-T’s Body Count and Rollins Band. It was mediocre at best, still I was entertained.

Things were partially trippy, then the other half was ingested which was a slippery slope.

It was a few months after my mother suddenly died and things were getting dodgy in my conscious mind.

Luckily Steve Saporito talked me down as Jane’s Addiction hit the stage at sundown which in my mind turned the crowd into outtakes from Apocalypse Now. Not a good position to be in, in my state of mind.

On the ride back I kept asking to pull over so I could get a drink to counter the lysergic in my head, which didn’t seem to leave until a day or so later.

All I got was ‘Oh John, you’re such an alcoholic.’

SNL was good last night, Will Farrell hosted and there were a few surprises like Norm McDonald, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poeler as well as Tom Hanks. Green Day was Green Day which was boring. Buzzcocks did it better, but I guess Green Day’s hearts are in the right place.

In the chest under the rib cage.

Corinne, the Graduate

Corinne, the Graduate

Meghan, 2009 Garfield Hall of Fame inductee

Meghan, 2009 Garfield Hall of Fame inductee

Elaine & Frank

Elaine & Frank

Cake Stabbing Corinne

Cake Stabbing Corinne


It’s been quite a pleasant Saturday. Pleasant enough that I wonder what will I write about? I could write about last night. I came home from work and wrote rather hurriedly, did some laundry.

I kept thinking that Bill and I were supposed to meet on 42nd Street to see the Star Trek movie. As I headed downstairs I saw Julio sitting on the stoop. Had a little chat with him, with me keeping my distance since he’s been feeling not at all well the past week and Alexander was sick last weekend.

While I was talking to Julio I suddenly remembered that Bill and I were meeting on 23rd Street and not 42nd Street. I headed towards the Path train, somewhat secure in my knowledge of where to go.

I sat on the Path train after walking against the commuters heading home and sat and read my Eno biography.

I got off at 23rd Street and lit a cigar and saw that Bill had phoned while I was underground and left a message telling me he was on 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

I puffed on the cigar as I walked down 22nd Street. Less crowded which meant less people to complain about the cigar.

I rounded the corner and found Bill leaning on a bus stop. Gave a nice kiss hello and we stood on the side of the movie theater talking while I finished the cigar.

Bill got the tickets and we made our way to the seats after getting some popcorn and sodas. Luckily we found two together on the side. It was very crowded, a sold out showing.

Star Trek was a lot of fun. Very entertaining. Miles ahead of Wolverine. Like I wrote last night, I’m no Trekkie but this was so entertaining, a clean slate for the franchise. A lot of fun indeed.

A few laughs at things that hearkened back to the original series that even a passing viewer with just a basic knowledge of the series could be in on.

Bill loved the movie quite a bit, and of course it wouldn’t be a modern movie going experience without a crying baby sitting nearby.

We caught the Path train back to Hoboken free of crying babies. The bar scene in Hoboken was hopping as befits a Friday night. I texted Roda and told him that Star Trek was good. He texted back that he plans on seeing it soon and that it sounded awesome.

Bill and I made it back to watch Bill Maher before him going off to bed leaving me to watch some episodes of The Daily Show before I went to bed myself around 1:00.

Woke up a little before 9:00 this morning and got myself together. Had a cuppa before heading out to get bagels and other foodstuffs. Saw Julio, Stine and the Boy Wonder and hung out with them for a few minutes.

Alexander is certainly getting active. Julio misses the days when Alexander would just lay around whereas Stine doesn’t and is more entertained and busy now that Alexander is more active. He is still so adorable.

No pictures this week but I should have some next weekend at the party in Van Saun Park for Alexander’s first birthday, which was actually last month.

Bill and I watched three hours of Lost which we recorded on Wednesday night while we were watching the Ludes.

Star Trek was directed by JJ Abrams and Lost is his baby. The first hour was catch up from the previous episodes, the last two hours were the season finale which was intense and with every commercial break I let out a ‘Wha?’ V

ery good finale, a tad upsetting but it’s science fiction so normal rules don’t apply, meaning the dead could not really be dead and on a show like Lost that happens sometimes.

Or does it?

Bill went out after that and I went wandering around Hoboken, getting a Graduation Day card for my niece Corinne’s party tomorrow in Garfield.

After sitting by the river and reading a bit about the beginning of Roxy Music I ran a few more errands before coming home and taking a well deserved nap. Overall a pretty good day.

I keep forgetting to write that I saw Bjork with Matthew Barney the other night while walking past Washington Square Park to see the Ludes. She looked great.








Stay Hungry

And it’s Friday again and it’s been a bear of a day. I’m back to a four day work week, this week at least, but somehow I was in the office five days. It’s a fucked up situation and these Indians are driving me crazy with their careless disregard of other people’s time.

Since I’m not working for the company that hired me three years ago and as of three weeks ago I’m working for another company, my payroll wasn’t done in time, missing this term. Vivek had to come in and cut me a ‘live’ check.

He said he’d be in at 11:30, he was in at 12:30. Said he’d cut the check in 5 minutes, an hour later I got the check. Then I tried cashing the check at the bank it was drawn on, but my official NJ State ID was not in their book of recognized identifications.

This was after getting a spiel about how much I would benefit opening an account with Chase Bank. A total waste of my time.

Then I schlepped across town to find my branch. I was trying to do this before 3:00, you know, banking hours. What a friggin’ hassle it was. Still I was able to deposit the check and my head is somewhat above water, at least for today.

Getting my check today was only one reason I went into the office. The other reason was to help out Greg Stevens. He’s also working for a new company and his IT person came in from Los Angeles to help him out.

Help him out with things that were done by our former IT guy last month, but he didn’t tell anyone. That IT guy, and perhaps most IT guys have bad communication skills.

I explained to the new IT person that I’m not an IT guy, that I only know a little bit more than Greg Stevens, who then said that I knew a LOT more than he does.

It’s something like 75 degrees out, quite nice and sunny. I have been home so far for about a half hour.

It’s funny, when you’re growing up, they hint at the pressures of life, but when you’re actually an adult, that is when you feel the pressure. Still I am home, decompressing.

Tonight Bill and I are off to the movies. Bill bought tickets to see Star Trek and it does look exciting. Bill is a Trekkie, I am not. He loves all that. I did enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation somewhat but never watched it religiously.

I also enjoyed the occasional episode of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and the Star Trek movies that I had seen. Never went out of my way to watch these shows though.

I saw some of the Star Trek movies, but not all of them. So while it’s nice to be home and relaxing, I will be headed back into the city in a little over an hour.

I’ll bring a book and I’ll have my iPod since I anticipate sitting in traffic outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

I just got a phone call from Abby. We shipped a TV set and a Movie box out yesterday via FedEx.

Before I left the office, I checked the tracking on the two boxes. Both were delivered at 10:04AM this morning to the Ramada Inn in North Brunswick. The guy who was supposed to get them said he only received the TV. I told Abby, reassuring him and talking him in off the ledge that both boxes were delivered at the time I mentioned.

It is nice to have some time home. I’m writing this and doing laundry while the news spews forth more news of Swine Flu. My hackles are raised with every strangers cough or sneeze that I hear. I pass by holding my breath and exhaling with force in hope that the virus passes me by.

Makes sitting in a dark theater with a hundred other people that much more exciting.

Happy Birthday to Brian Eno! 61 years old today.

Close To Me

Yes, it’s Thursday again. Last night was a fun time with Bill. We went over to the city to see Pre, De, Quay & Inter aka The Ludes. We got there in the middle of the first Carpenters cover, Close to You.

It sounded great, Donna singing and playing drums, Lois on back up vocals and tambourine, Dave on Bass and John on guitar.

John and Donna’s sons were there, Jasper and Henry. Apparently there is one more show scheduled in June at an East Village venue. I couldn’t recall the last time at Kenny’s Castaway’s but I do know that it was probably in the 1980’s.

A slew of Carpenters songs came by, Superstar, Rainy Days & Mondays, Top of the World among them.

I grew up on these songs. I love them dearly. They finished the set with Sing which everyone sang along to. Then for an encore they did some King Crimson song which I didn’t know since there is only one King Crimson records I liked, Discipline.

That’s the one where they sounded like Talking Heads. The last song was a dodgy cover of Rock & Me by the Steve Miller Band, another song I grew up with.

AM radio! Whatever happened to it?

It was good to see Scott Harbison and Sheilah Scully. We all chatted on the sidewalk outside of Kenny’s while Bill and I made sure no one ripped off the car with the band’s equipment in it.

There were also a few of John’s students lingering about, seemingly surprised that their language professor was an ace guitarist. Bill and I walked over to 9th Street and caught the Path train home, in a car with no air conditioning.

It was surprising that the Village was so dead, except for tourists on Bleecker Street. 8th Street was totally deserted, most of the stores shuttered for the night, except for the head shops and Gray’s Papaya.

I was telling Bill how much I’m enjoying the Brian Eno biography. We share a similar touchstone in John Cage, specifically Cage’s book, Silence.

My former roommate Jimmy Lee gave me a copy years ago and I have to say it changed my life somewhat, or at least made me realize that I wasn’t crazy, you can see ‘art’ everywhere.

Of course, back then a lot of hashish helped, but still to this day I can look at the world around me and if I’m in the right frame of mind I see art.

It’s also a way of thinking from Marcel Duchamp. I explained to Bill John Cage’s most famous composition, 4’33. The one that either people enjoy or are totally infuriated by.

The pianist opens the lid over the keys and for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, the piece comes alive. The environment is the composition. Someone coughs and it’s part of the piece.

Someone yells, ‘This is a crock of shit’ and that too is part of the composition. I love it.

Work was weird again. I think I make progress and then something happens and I feel it turns into 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. I just have to hang in there.

Since my payroll hasn’t been set up yet there’s also a chance that I won’t get paid tomorrow, which is payday. I can only hope that Vivek will cut me a ‘live’ check until my direct deposit comes through.

On a side note, I had a feeling that 2 married people that work in my office were being a bit flirty with each other. Today, both of them were out.

I can only wonder if the ‘hotel no tell’ they checked into had a movie box like the ones I’m going to be working on.

And here’s a picture of some band hired to play outside the Seagram’s Building. The Ludes had a better turn out, but then again it wasn’t drizzly inside of Kenny’s Castaways.


And The Ludes didn’t play ‘Frankenstein’.

I Love to Say Da Da

Well this is odd and this is nice. It’s 6:30 and I’m home already. I still have a job and I left work feeling satisfied, not beaten down.

I was able to book Vivek, Sanjay and Dozy hotel rooms in Pensacola. I guess they won’t be around tomorrow. Dave Dee, Mick and Tisch were unavailable.

Last night was a nice night overall. I met up with Gazi in front of the Public Library on Fifth Avenue, then we caught up with Robert. Robert used to be our supervisor. It was funny and quite like old times, riding the train with those two as they continuously sniped at each other, all in a joking way.

We got off the train somewhere in Queens and walked over to Gazi’s house where his wife and 3 kids were waiting to say hello.

We didn’t stay, just said hello and hopped in Gazi’s car and drove out to Manhasset, Long Island. More sniping between Gazi in the front seat and Robert in the back seat.

We got to the funeral home and saw Barbara who was and still is the compliance officer for the former Wanker Bankers, aka Putnam Lovell NBF. She was happy to see us.

Her father was 83 years old and was living with Barbara. She took him everywhere, last trip being only three weeks ago, a trip to Northern Ireland.

Other former co-workers were there, Vinnie, Brenda and Barry. Nice to see all of them. Brenda and I still keep in touch and occasionally go out for drinks after work, weather permitting. Wemingled and chatted with other mourners.

Robert was distressed that we were all getting together for a funeral. I mentioned that’s how it is when you get older.

You only see some old friends at weddings and funerals. The ride back was pleasant. I think Robert and Gazi ran out of ammunition so the sniping had ceased.

We all agreed that jobs where you actually like your co-workers and enjoy doing things with them out of the office. That’s how it was when I worked for Murdoch Magazines.

Harpy, Pedro, Excer, Ann Boyles, Meghan Taylor, Catherine Cloud, Steve Saporito, Jon Fried and a few others all had good times in and out of the office together.

I still see some of the Murdoch crew from time to time, mainly I’m in contact with Harpy and Pedro.

Robert, Gazi, Vinnie and Brenda all made plans to get together soon and have some drinks after work next month, Barbara too. I was home by 10:00 last night, Bill showed up a little after that. He had an AFTRA meeting.

He was soon in bed with his sleep apnea mask on and I was soon next to him sawing wood.

I woke up dehydrated for some reason with an intense headache. I drank a lot of juice ad water and took two Advil. I was on the bus a little while after that.

I was distressed to find some of my trousers are worn in the crotch area so I have to take them to the tailor to get them mended. Nice suits too. I’m wary.

Three sets of trousers, all in the same spot. I did someresearch and found the tailor directly around the block from me, they do good work, but are shady in their pricing.

I’ll take mine to the dry cleaner and have the tailor there take care of one pair. If he does a good job, then I’ll bring the others.

One of the trousers is from a Hugo Boss suit that I got at a bargain a few years ago. I still have a swatch of the pinstriped material that I suppose he would have to use as a patch.

Luckily any sewing seams with be invisible to the eyes of others but will be noticeable to me.

When I got home tonight I saw Stine parking cars. She lucked out, two spots right after another a few doors down from the building. Alexander was fast asleep in the back baby seat.

He woke up his groggy self, still so adorable, even more so when sleeping. He is really looking like Julio more and more, the poor kid.

I was able to help her out with some bags as she carried the handsome lad up the stairs.

Stine mentioned that Alexander said his first words on Mother’s Day. Dada.

Off to see The Ludes and tell them Dave McKenzie says ‘Hello!’

Forgetful Heart

So here I am again, this time it’s Tuesday. Oh, I neglected to mention that I wrote yesterday’s entry using Google Docs. As I am today. I usually use Open Office but it was annoying me. This is quite user friendly which is why I using again today. I’m still at work.

Going to a wake tonight in Manhasset, Long Island. A former co-worker’s father passed away and since the co-worker was a nice person I thought I would show my face. I’m meeting up with 2 other former co-workers, Robert and Gazi.

I’m meeting Gazi in front of the library then heading into the subway to meet Robert where we will ride to Gazi’s house in Queens and then drive to Manhasset. So that is all out of the ordinary.

Last night was nothing special again. Wound up alternating between listening to music and watching TV.

Today is the dreaded May 12. A foul day for me and my siblings. In 1991 May 12 was Mother’s Day which turned into the worst day of my life. Or one of them at least. Since I wrote about it previously on May 12, 2006 there’s no need to go and write about that sadness again, at least not today.

Work has been weird today, but what else is new? Vivek was in this morning and asked me if I was going to be able to work with him on his latest project. Of course I said yes. I mentioned that despite a few stumbling blocks once they’re out of the way I could only see clear sailing.

I think I have the gift of telling people what they want to hear. He was somewhat subdued but seemed to appreciate what I was saying. But there is always this anxiety that invades my consciousness throughout the day. It usually happens when I’m out of the office running an errand or something.

Today I had to deposit some dosh for Vivek and as I walked to the bank it struck me. Just the uncertainty in my employment. My sister Annemarie nailed it before I even recognized it. Working in what used to be a financial firm that is teetering on the brink of disaster is freaking me out in moments where my mind is unoccupied.

On the way to the bank there was a Salsa band playing and that certainly took my mind off my woes. I’m a sucker for a trombone.

I’ve done all I can do for the day here in the office and now it seems I’m merely killing time until 5:15 when I will leave, light up a cigar and wander over to the Public Library on Fifth Avenue and meet up with Gazi. I haven’t seen him in a few years so that should be a hoot, if only the circumstances where more entertaining than going to a wake.

I’m just glad to be writing this now rather than trying to write it later. I hope to get home at a decent hour.

Tomorrow I’m going to see the Ludes at Kenny’s Castaways on Bleecker Street. The Ludes are John and Donna Hamilton and Dave from Tiny Lights with Lois DiLivio performing a tribute to the Carpenters. It’s a free show so if you find yourself on Bleecker Street around 9:00PM, stop by.

It’s also a farewell for John Hamilton who is leaving NYU to teach at Harvard. I suppose I’ll be writing early tomorrow as well since it makes sense to stay in the city, rather than head home and then back into the city again.

Plus they do want me to stay late here at work so if I stay until 8:00 that should make them somewhat happy.

Now here’s some Salsa!

Lip Service

And we’re back on Monday again. And that means back to the bullshit. I was more anxious about it last night than I was this morning. But I put on my brave face and headed in.

I decided to listen to Elvis Costello & the Attractions, This Year’s Model. Good way to start off the week I thought. That brought back the memory of being such an Elvis Costello fan that I really wanted (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea and it wasn’t on any US versions.

I wound up taking a bus to a record store next to the Oritani theater in Hackensack and buying a Canadian EP which cost me my bus fare. causing me to call home and my brother Frank picked me up, understanding my love of music while upset that he had to pick me up.

I should have walked home and could have but I was scared from all of the stories I heard about Hackensack in those days.

Vivek and Sanjay were back from India with their crazy plans. Today I was told to find them a suite in National Harbor in Maryland, checking in tomorrow, checking out on Wednesday. Of course since it was less than 24 hours to check in, hotel rooms were unavailable.

And they were very specific on which hotel they wanted. Which made it impossible. It was out of my hands. I do wonder whats going on with them.

This morning I received a phone call for Vivek. He wasn’t in yet so I took a message. It was all about some woman they are hiring in June.

I did wonder if she was being hired for my job. Not that I want to be out of work, but to go through the anxiety that Vivek creates, is it worth hanging onto a job like that?

Abby was in today and though he’s a nice guy, he’s also a liar. I caught him in a lie. I asked him if he got his car back to the dealer before the lease expired, causing me to go into the office on a Saturday. He told me he lied to the dealer, saying that he was awfully sick and wouldn’t be able to return the car on time.

It’s good to know the people you work for.

I left the office around 6:00 tonight which was early for them, but since I had been there since 9:30 it was getting late for me. Enjoyed a nice cigar walking across town, a Saint Luis Rey. It was a nice evening, New Order- Power, Corruption and Lies on the iPod.

Last night Bill came home, stressed out as usual and needing a big hug which I gladly gave him. I was happy to have him home and we watched Scrubs from last week, the penultimate episode and the season/series finale. He got weepy which made me get weepy at the end. Not sobbing, just a bit of the bladder moving closer to the eyes.

After that he just sat on the couch with his eyes closed. I suggested he go to bed and he did. I watched the Alzheimer’s documentary on HBO which was depressing and sad.

Bill really wanted to watch it and I’m sure he will. I’ll probably need to have some more tissues around for that. Bill’s mother has Alzheimer’s and there are a lot of people that are a lot worse than Bill’s mother in the documentary.

There really wasn’t anything lightweight to watch after that. And I certainly did look up and down the dial.

I wound up reading some more of Uncut magazine before going to bed after the news.

That’s about all that’s going on around here and in my mind. How are things on your end?


It’s Sunday and though it’s beautiful day, there is a feeling of anticipation in my gut. More like anxiety. It comes and goes, not a constant thing. As long as my mind is occupied I’m fine.

Last night I watched discs 3 & 4 of a series from the 1970’s called ‘All You Need is Love- The story of Popular Music’. It went back to the beginning of the 20th century with vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley up to about 1975 with the cutting edge music of Black Oak Arkansas.

It did have a lot of footage that if I hadn’t seen before, then I saw it when this series was first broadcast on PBS in the 1970’s and if that’s the case, I had forgotten I had seen it.

3 hours each disc. I watched disc 5 this morning into the afternoon, so ask me anything about Black Oak Arkansas. You’d still get the dumbfounded look that I would have given you then. I’m glad I watched it, but it was a bit much.

I gladly walked to the Post Office, enjoying a cigar to drop off the Netflix discs. I actually bought a book the other day, I couldn’t resist. I was reading somewhere about a biography on Brian Eno and ordered it promptly.

So far, up to chapter 2 and it’s a very entertaining and informative read. Brian Eno has always been a fascinating person in my world. I even had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked at Skyline Studios and he was producing some things for Laurie Anderson.

He was a nice guy, very quiet and startled me a few times when he suddenly would be standing right next to me. He was also quite kind enough to sign his first 4 solo albums and Ambient Volumes 1-4 and a book.

Still within reach and in good condition too. Last night, Saturday Night Live was really funny, excepting the Jimmy Fallon guest spot as Barry Gibb which was about 25 years too late and 10 minutes too long.

I doubt that the 20 somethings that watch it or are the target demographic would actually get the joke.

The stand out bit was the digital short with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles from Dick in a Box and becoming Mother Lovers for Mother’s Day. Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson played the mothers. It was very laugh out loud funny.

I was up until 1:30 reading Uncut magazine. Did not want to get out of bed this morning, just so comfortable. Bill was off to get his mother and bring her to church. I eventually did get out of bed around 8:30 and was soon getting the Sunday morning supplements.

Then after reading the papers I watched the discs and headed out to mail them back. And after enjoying a cigar I met Bill on the street and we just enjoyed a pizza from Grimaldi’s courtesy of Bill’s largess.

Now he catnaps on the couch and I sit a few feet away writing this and playing selected ambient Eno tracks for his napping pleasure.






Last night was a pretty good night. After I wrote, I got myself together and headed into the city while most everyone at the Path station was heading away from the city.

I had the New Yorker to read as did another rider a few seats down. I tried to see what issue he was up to, but couldn’t tell except I knew it was recent since it had the iPhone advertisement on the back cover.

Got off at 14th Street and headed west, passing the vacuum cleaner store at 131 west 14th Street and took note since they’re about the only accessible vacuum cleaner store for me. And since I’m now vacuuming the hallway in my apartment building, it’s good to know.

I walked over to Eighth Avenue and 20th Street where Bill’s friend Fred was waiting outside with a friend of his, Lila. The whole get together was to celebrate Fred’s birthday which was a few days ago. Bill joined us a moment later and we ordered drinks, they had margarita’s, I had Corona’s.

Then I had possibly the best burrito I have ever had in my life. I usually eat chicken, but since it seems all I eat lately is chicken I decided to have a burrito with hanger steak.

It wasn’t Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex, and it was definitely a ‘modern’ presentation. All I know is I did not focus on anything else while I was eating it.

Oh it was sooo good.

Lila left before dinner was over, having other things to do. After dinner we walked up to 23rd Street where we saw Wolverine. It was underwhelming. I’m getting tired of the high resolution fight scenes where you really can see anything that’s going on.

It’s not even that fancy an effect. And the movie didn’t have that coherent a plot. And no cigar smoking either. It seems cigar smoking is only done by villains these days since smoking is verboten.

We stayed until the very end since there was an open door for a sequel or for another movie. We saw the set up for Dead Pool who I never heard of until this movie, played by Ryan Reynolds aka Mr. Scarlett Johansen.

That’s one way to get a head.

We parted ways at the Path train, Fred going his way and Bill and I heading back to Hoboken. And Hoboken was hopping since it was a Friday night after all.

Near the bars were groups of twenty somethings trying to figure out where the next party was, or else lurking in doorways furtively smoking cigarettes.

I don’t think Hoboken has always been a party town, more like it happened in the past 15 years or so when the gentrification was complete.

Now it’s election season in Hoboken. I keep running into an independent candidate, a handsome guy who’s name I won’t print here since he probably Google’s his name everyday.

Ah fuck it, Chris Carbine is his name.

He always catches me and always ready with a handshake. I’m polite and try not to lead him on.

I did visit his website and when I saw that he held a rally on Pier A on April 15, he asked people to bring tea bags. I always have my tea bag ready but I don’t think that was what he meant. He’s a tea bagger and not the fun kind.

And that cost him my vote.

Republican or Libertarian, no vote from me. Sorry Chris.

The election is in a few days and in Hoboken it’s getting feverish and dirty. And there still is an enormous tax levy.

I haven’t made up my mind on who to vote for, for mayor. It will be a woman, I know that much.

Voting in Hoboken for the Mayoral election always requires a shower afterwards.

Listening to River Deep, Mountain High by Ike & Tina Turner. Still an amazing song hundreds of years later.



Bill Shavin'

Bill Shavin'

If I Had No Loot

Today is Friday, May 8, 2008. It’s official. There’s no two ways about it. Maybe somewhere else it’s Saturday, but right now it’s Friday. I didn’t go to work today. I took a day off.

I did check my email a few times as well as checking my voice mail. Apparently I didn’t miss anything. Just checked, I really didn’t miss anything.

Last night was mellow. Roger Johansen texted me, telling me he had an extra ticket to see Mike Watt at McSwells. But I was basically in for the night. Too lazy to go out even though it would probably be a good show and also good to see Roger.

No not for me, at least last night.

I was content to just stay in and relax. Bill came home a little before 10:00 and we had a lot of laughs. We then watched Southland which we’re both enjoying. I’m liking it more than I expected to. Still, a shiny object could easily divert my attention.

I stayed up and watched the Simpsons again. Woke up as Bill was getting ready to go to work. I just had to go to the bathroom and when I went back to bed, Bill was at the ready, all set to tuck me in before he left the apartment.

That was sweet.

I slept for another hour then got up and showered and made some coffee. Did some laundry and read the news online. Yes I am contributing to the death of the newspaper. I still buy them on weekends so that has to be some form of contrition.

I also ran some errands to the dry cleaners, the coffee shop for more coffee. Jeff wasn’t there. I was hoping to ask him if he moved into his new apartment, which is across from my kitchen window, on Willow Street.

I was actually hoping for a review of my Prancing Pantomime Pony routine that most anyone looking in my kitchen window could catch several times a day.

Tonight I’m going to see Wolverine with Bill and an old friend of his, Fred. We’re supposed to meet at a Mexican restaurant in Chelsea at 7:15 then catch the 9:30 show nearby. I enjoyed the X-Men movies, but the last one was a bit lame.

I also used to read the comic book faithfully, specifically after the rebirth, which introduced Wolverine. So I do have an interest in this one.

Plus, Hugh Jackman.

Tonight is all Bill’s planning and he’s good at that sort of thing. All I have to do is show up. That means I should leave here in around 45 minutes. Haven’t had Mexican food in a while, and I do like Mexican food.

More Cal-Mex than Tex-Mex though.

I’m happy to be out of the apartment, even though I did walk around Hoboken a couple of times today. Lot’s of people were out, it was a good day to take off. And hopefully the weather will continue to be pleasant.

It would make for a nice night in Manhattan, specifically Chelsea.

Here’s a pic from my travels around Hoboken this afternoon.