Stand and Deliver

Not sure about writing today, didn’t do much of anything except to watch the rain fall. Bill and I stayed in comfy and cozy. I hadn’t left the apartment until 4:00 this afternoon when it stopped raining. Bill was off to the city and I was headed to the supermarket.

Wasn’t too crowded at the store and most of the employees are new high school students talking to each other while hitting the scanner. ‘Why isn’t anyone going to Prom?’ was the topic and I passed through the check out.

Right now it hasn’t rained for two hours. I may go out for a walk after I eat. Cleaned up a bit in the apartment so some progress was made. Still the mountain looms.

On this date in 2006 my time working at Wanker Banker was winding down. I was relatively confident at the time that I was making the right move, since things had gone south for me there. I was still well liked but things had changed and I had no support from management.

They couldn’t get rid of me, but they wouldn’t make it pleasant for me, going so far as to pay my assistant twice as much as I had gotten for a bonus. Luckily some co-workers heard about this and were upset and a collection was taken and I wound up with some extra extra cash in my pocket.

A week later from April 11, 2006 I knew I was in the fire after jumping from the frying pan.

On April 11, 2007 I was all about Mormons. This was before knowledge of their financing Prop h8 in California for the 2008 elections. I’m pretty sure they were starting to mobilize their followers and their tithing.

I was working at Golden Staffing, or rather getting ready to leave there. My two weeks notice was ending and I was moving onto the Titanic. Golden Staffing was alright but too small. My sister was right, I had worked at two different staffing agencies and I didn’t like it.

Of course I protested saying that this time was different. It was different somewhat. The other two staffing agencies were a bit larger, this was smaller, six people mainly. And it was run by Naomi who was the matriarch.

Nice person but she would have no problem having you removed from the picture. For a few weeks I proofread their website re-writing and tweaking various bits. One thing I remembered was their adage, Never accept a counter-offer.

When I told Naomi and Co. I was leaving, she made me a counter-offer, which I reminded her that her website advises against such a thing.

April 11, 2008 was a good one. A lot of sentences that I had picked up from the television playing behind me. It certainly confused a few people. Not much for Dada, or Surrealist poems in these here parts, ma’am.

An extremely good value, in good times shoppers want a bargain. Wouldn’t you say? In Riverside they tell me, those voices. Was Beckett right in what he wrote? Was he one for great leases and low financing or was he merely a termite?

In between bouts of writing he was known to chew on a house every now and then you know.

And that’s it for something.

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