Shakin’ All Over

Oh that Kenny G. He’s on TV right now playing his horn on some ice skating program. He’s the butt of a lot of jokes but I talked with him a while ago on the phone while working for Arista Records and found him to be quite a nice guy.

So I have no beef with him. I won’t run out and buy his records or anything like that but I really have nothing bad to say about him. I wish I knew him better so I could recommend Harpy working for him.

I just got home from Manhattan. Nice day to walk around the city. I headed into the office and cleaned some vases with bamboo shoots in them and roots and rocks covered in algae. I try to clean them once a month but I’ve been lax in that department.

I was also able to take care of a few things that occurred during my absence yesterday. It’s true, these people I work with and support can’t do anything for themselves. They are spoiled. I’m not complaining since I’m the one who’s spoiled them and it keeps me busy. The smallest thing I do makes me look good I think and I intend to keep this up until the lease runs out in March 2010.

Last night I watched a little bit of Factory Girl (The Edie Sedgwick story) which had a bit of the song, Shakin’ All Over. I loved the version and went to iTunes to find out who had done it. Of course it’s a classic and covered by dozens of artists. I found a version I really liked by Iggy Pop and downloaded it. But still- who did the classic 1960’s version?

I enjoyed a Padron as I walked back to the Path train. I wasn’t going to take the bus home since it took forever to get into the city on the bus. One lane going in through the Lincoln Tunnel, plus the bus had a slight collision with a truck. Nothing bad happened and we only stopped for a few minutes.

I was reading about Caroline Kennedy in the New Yorker and a woman next to me asked what I thought about the article I had just finished. We would up having a nice chat about the Kennedy’s and politics. I mentioned that it’s sometimes confusing and infuriating that being so close to New York, we get all the information about New York politics, like Caroline Kennedy thinking about becoming a Senator for the Empire State.

Ultimately it wouldn’t concern me one way or another, but I was drawn into it due to the Kennedy myths. My seat mate felt the same way. She’s an Irish Catholic and I’m a Irish Atheist, formerly catholic. It was a nice chat. She was chubby cheeked enough that she could have passed for one of my cousins. And we both still feel bad about John F. Kennedy Jr and his untimely demise.

I talked with my sister on the phone as I puffed on my Padron and walked down Fifth Avenue towards the Path train. She and her husband, Rex are enjoying the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss CD I got Rex for his birthday this past week, Raising Sand.

Annemarie is going to burn it for me since I was pretty much intrigued by the song that I had heard. I, in turn promised to burn a copy of Raphael Saadiq, The Way I See It. I posted the 100 Yard Dash on my Facebook page page and Annemarie liked it.

It promises to be another quiet night tonight. No plans really. Got the new Mojo and Uncut magazines which I will likely peruse while perhaps watching Renee Fleming on the Elvis Costello show, Spectacle. That’s it on this end. Hope all is well with you and yours, as it is with me and mine.

4 thoughts on “Shakin’ All Over

  1. bhikkhu

    Hey! A good entry….I feel the same way about Kenny G. I even saw him today too on TV, and when I did I went “AAAAAH!”. That hair, that smiling, that jumpimg around. But it’s pretty music and it makes people smile, especially him, and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, so…who am I to judge? Remember that controversy when he put out that X-mas or Kid’s album and he was surrounded by little kids and they thought it was pedophilic? Right wing christians I’m sure…….I had the same upbringing with the Kennedys in my household, Irish Catholic also. MY dad had all those assasination books around the house and I used to look thru them and get freaked out over the morgue photos, ugh, i still do…..I always liked Andy Warhol’s musing on the Kennedys in his diaries. THey were funny, interesting. Like he wondered why Caroline never got to “the bottom” of her Dad’s assasination……SHAKIN ALL OVER is a great song. Some British rockabilly guy did it, from the 50’s i believe. If my memory serves me well, and it doesn’t, he has a “pirate-ey” sounding name, if that makes sense to you. Google it, I’m sure you’l getto the bottom of the mystery…..

  2. johnozed Post author

    Yeah but it might have been the Yardbirds.

    I checked out the Pirates version and it wasn’t it. Too raunchy. This was more clean 60’s pop.

    Great bass line on top of that killer guitar hook. Iggy’s version is excellent and worth checking out.

    I love heavy reverb and echo….

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