Daily Archives: February 2, 2009

No Reason

Well it’s a Monday and I have some sort of bug. There’s been some bug going around lately and I thought it was merely a strain of the bug that I had in October. Hopefully this is nothing new, just a clogged head, feels like allergies actually. Didn’t sleep well last night. Tossing and turning and feeling dried up.

Woke up feeling like crap and went to work feeling like crap.

Last night wasn’t so crappy. I missed most of the Super Bowl. Actually missed all of the Super Bowl, instead watching a CBS Reports about Barack and Michelle Obama and then tuning in time to watch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at halftime.

He was good of course. The crotch into the camera shot was priceless and very much a surprise. The world got to see something that Patti Scialfa sees every night.

Then I watched Big Love which was very good as usual. Flight of the Conchords was pretty funny too. Everyone has hurt feelings which is what Brett and Jemaine sang in Conchords and could also be applied to Big Love. Caught the Office which was funny and odd and stretched a bit thin for an hour long episode.

I went to bed tired but was unable to sleep for a while. Lot’s of uncomfortable feeling. I swear I was finally able to rest when the alarm went off. Isn’t that always the case. Literally dragged my ass to the bus stop. I can definitely breathe better outside than inside which is a good thing to know and that makes me think it’s allergies.

Got to the office, feeling crappy. It was a nice morning though. In the 40 degree temperature range which made it spring like. Enough so that I didn’t wear a hat. Inside my office, the usual sub tenant knuckleheads were in already.

I just settled into my cube after starting up the machines and making coffee when Tom Chin showed up with a ‘Hey big guy’. He always calls me big guy. I should call him little man. He called me into his office, saying something that I couldn’t pay much attention to.

Once again he asked me a question and as I tried to answer it he started talking over me which made me stop speaking and listen to him since he doesn’t really want to hear what I had to say.

Last week Vivek had me give me the head of the sub tenants some papers for him to sign. The head left them on his desk and he was out for a few days. Since they were still unsigned and in the same place where I left them, the papers were revised so I went in there and replaced the original with the revision.

That ruffled some feathers and as Vivek and the head were talking Vivek was saying something and the head just kept saying ‘yeah. Alright. OK’ and you could tell he wasn’t listening to Vivek, in the same way Tom Chin doesn’t listen to me.

Oh rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic can be such a chore.

Vivek and his partner had a few guests in from India for a meeting. It’s going on today as well as tomorrow. I had to bring coffee into the conference room when I was accosted by 5 Indian men who bathed in strong cologne, driving my sinuses crazy.

I got through most of the day and left early on the pretext that I will rest up for another big day tomorrow. Already I’ve taken a 90 minute nap and I’m sitting next to an open window so I could breathe.

And here I thought I wasn’t going to write tonight. Go figure.