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Let’s Go Away for Awhile

Well here I am over 24 hours after the last posting. What did I do? Where did I go? Well, after writing I walked from 50th street and Third Avenue to 12th Street and Fourth Avenue, enjoying a Padron and listening to a play list for the Farfetched finale. After 28 years, Farfetched has bit the dust. Not that Susan or Lois did anything wrong.

Lousy landlord wouldn’t renew their lease since there seems to be quite a demand for Goth shoes in the neighborhood. Well, we’ll see how that goes. Raccoon eyed customers with deep pockets always shop during economic downturns.

Even if the landlord did renew the lease it probably would have been a stressful year for Susan and Lois. They were clobbered for the holiday season and that’s their best time of year. So a whole year of that wouldn’t have done them well and they would possibly end the year with multiple ulcers.

I got to the store which was barren and sparsely decorated. Plenty of wine to accompany the six pack of Heineken’s I bought. $13.00 for a six pack is a bit much. I could get two six packs in Hoboken for the same price, but I was on the island of Manhattan where everything is imported. Lois, Susan and Harpy were in the store and we were anticipating a few guests.

We were fine with it being the four of us, but we welcomed the incoming well wishers. And that’s what they were, well wishers coming to wish Susan and Lois and quite possibly Harpy well. The night progressed, I’d say about 50 people were there at one point. Actually more like 25 as I was seeing double.

People came in from as far as Ohio to say goodbye. Bill even was there for a while, taking it all in as well as taking a few photos. I just drank and drank, my hand always having a green bottle in my hand. I had to replenish my supply and I went over to Third Avenue at Harpy’s suggestion and bout 2 six packs at $10.00 per, a slight improvement.

Jen, Me, Sharon, Jessica and Harpy (missing: Amy who left early)

Jen, Me, Sharon, Jessica and Harpy (missing: Amy who left early)



We were a festive crowd, even when Skeletor from the Halloween Adventure Store had the gall to stop by and collect the keys from Lois. After Skeletor left it seemed to be the proper time to throw many bags of shredded paper in the air creating a snowstorm of confetti a few inches deep.

Music was constantly played supplied by Harpy, myself and Sharon, another former employee. Susan’s sister Karen recited a poem, I mistook Susan’s other sister Linda to be a guy, as she’s quite a butch lesbian. Sharon, the distaff DJ was there with her husband Jocko who told me that he doesn’t use Facebook since he thinks it has a cult like mentality.

Perhaps he’s right. I’ve never been much of a joiner but I am enthralled by the Facebook and the connections it allows. Some hooliganism was underfoot during the party with the toilet getting backed up as a welcoming for the Goth shoe store.

That should have been done at the end of the party but someone (and it’s not me) thought otherwise. Some squatting in the basement occurred after that and that wasn’t me either. It was a happy/sad occasion over all.

I stumbled out a little after 12:30 after kissing Susan and Lois and Harpy. Plodded my way to 14th Street and Sixth Avenue to a crowded Path station. Had to ride uptown to get back to Hoboken and I found myself a corner seat, hat pulled down to my eyebrows and waited to get to Hoboken where I walked very fast towards home since I really had to pee.

In bed soon after that and tossed and turned all night. This morning I saw Julio and Stine with Superboy as they were headed out. I made breakfast, did some laundry, watching a movie called Human Traffic on DVD.

Obligatory picture of Alexander Lopez

Obligatory picture of Alexander Lopez

Pretty funny movie about a group of British youths doing ecstasy and partying for a weekend. Some very funny, very true things in the movie, though I still can’t figure out why I rented it.

After that, a much needed nap for about 3 hours and now I find myself in front of the computer again.

Other pics are posted in Facebook under my nom de blog, John Ozed
and some short vids on YouTube under johnotoole99 whomever that is…

I Feel It All

Well since I doubt if I’m going to get a chance to write this later at home, I figured I would start now while still rearranging the deck chairs. Woke up at the usual time this morning, 6:30 and wondered why would I be in a hurry to get to work.

There was a chance that Tom Chin might be in, that rare Friday, but he said only in the morning. I had a plan to leave work around 3:00 like I usually do on Fridays, but decided against it.

I knew I would be going to attend the ‘Irish wake’ at Farfetched tonight and rather than go home and then come back into the city, I decided an extra hour of sleep would suit me fine.

I would go into work later than usual and stay later than usual and head down to Farfetched. I also wanted to be in the office since it was Trudy’s last day. Once again nothing that she has done, just the economy is such that the charitable foundation couldn’t afford her to come in four days a week.

They offered her two days a week but really, who can live and work on two days a week? So she asked them to let her go and since it’s the end of the month its ‘good bye Trudy’.

She works with a woman named Debra and I was asked to join them for lunch which I did. A new restaurant in the next building. Italian food, nice décor, but we sat in the upper level which ascetically was nice but in reality we were that much closer to the ceiling which meant it was over warm and quite stuffy.

I had the chicken picata by the way which was ok though I should have ordered a side dish of pasta since this was just two pieces of chicken in a lemon sauce with capers. Hit the spot in any event.

Now it’s 4:30. I was planning on staying until 6:00 but Vivek just walked through the door, stressed and I certainly don’t want to deal with that, not on a Friday afternoon about to go to a party of sorts.

Just finished talking with Vivek, he’s stressed of course but in a good mood. His partner is planning an extravagant birthday weekend for himself so I guess there should be an all points bulletin for two rowdy Indian guys on the loose in Manhattan. Mothers lock up your daughters!

Trudy just gave me a weepy hug, thanking me for being her friend since she started working here. She’s a wonderful woman, from Northern Ireland. A real sweetheart who will be missed and not only by me.

She’s another friend I have to keep an ear open regarding jobs, if I hear of anything. So much of that going around I can only hope my ears are big enough since I know my arse is big enough.

I’m sure I will fill you all in with details and pics from the Farfetched finale.

Computer World

Jeez, I have a blank page in front of me, and nothing to write about. I never really have anything to write about, just my day which is tedious. Can’t say if it’s entertaining though on occasion I have gone back and read thing’s that I’ve written and found what I had written enjoyable.

That’s something that I never used to be able to do. I would write and immediately put it away. Editing was something I was totally unfamiliar with. And I would write in various states of mind. Sometimes drunk, sitting at the bar at McSwells and checking ID’s. Instead of me standing by the door, I was situated at the end, next to the brick wall.

I would get more than drunk sometimes and would wind up at someone’s apartment trying to be the DJ. I have several notebooks filled with drunken observations about the people drinking around me. Those are too strange to go back and read.

Still I have them in the closet. Perhaps one of these days I’ll use one of the entries after I tidy it up for public consumption. All for $50.00 and a burger. Oh and Guinness. Actually I think I was drinking mimosas. A pint of cheap champagne and just a dash of orange juice to give it color.

I don’t think I started drinking Guinness until I moved to Weehawken.

I was thinking today, yes I know, how’d that happen? But there I was thinking about the fact that I have been online for about 10 years. Roger Johansen lent me his Mac book and I just plugged in and immediately started surfing.

The first time I went anywhere really, was to I just went to the browser and typed in It was a different site than it is now and I did wind up spending a few years there. I made some friends and met a couple, the only one that I connected with was Juan, but not 10 years ago. I didn’t meet Juan online until about 4 years ago.

I think I took to the Internet naturally and couldn’t understand why people would take courses to lean how to surf the net. There was a point in the 1990’s when my then downstairs neighbor knew of some office computers that were being sold for $30.00.

Those weren’t as user friendly as the computers around today. Only a black screen with green fonts and the only communication was through a BBS, on which I offended some queen down the Jersey shore when the night before the Fourth of July I wished the group a happy co-dependence day.

Soon Harpy gave me my first computer actually, his used Packard Bell which was fun and did the job. Rand and I drove up to LaGrangeville in Rand’s hatchback one morning and of course Rand fixed it all up for someone like me.

I’m still grateful and plan on taking Rand and Lisa as well as Bill to dinner. I got a nice gift card for a few restaurants in Manhattan and would like to use it. An adult dinner, something that one gets dressed up for. That’s the plan.

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Well if Monday was mentally ugly today was even worse weather wise. This morning, on the way to work it was snowing, then it turned to freezing rain and now it’s just rain, coming down quite hard. It was a mess no matter which way you looked at it. If you had an umbrella it didn’t matter you were going to get wet.

Huge puddles, through which cars would splash making a wave onto sidewalks. I wisely avoided those streets were I knew there would be major puddles. Smart like that, I am, sometimes.

Last night was mellow. Watched O, no RM. Instead watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Both very funny of course. And then I watched Scrubs which is now on ABC. It definitely has a different feel to it.

Maybe because they characters are a little bit older, and it’s also Zach Braff’s last season as JD. They say the show might continue without Braff, but that all depends on the ratings. Tonight is Lost though and I am looking forward to it.

Work was very quiet today. Tom Chin was out due to the weather, Vivek mentioned that he would be coming in, in the afternoon. He wasn’t there when I left a little early at 4:10. It was just me and Greg Stevens.

It seems that I’ve become Greg’s computer guy. At least once a week I’ll hear Greg calling my name and I walk in there and he mentions that his computer is slow, or how do you do one thing or another. I don’t mind, he’s a good guy and with my limited knowledge of computers, I know more than Greg does and that in turn makes me a valuable asset to him at least.

At one point during the afternoon, 3 firetrucks were stopped in front of my building. It turns out there was an underground fire on the next block. There was an foul odor in the air, which was probably the smell of insulation burning. I

n the winter so much salt is thrown on sidewalks and streets that eventually seeps into the pavement corroding whatever wires and pipes lay beneath. It doesn’t happen instantly, it’s a process. Rust never sleeps and neither does corrosion.

A year or so ago a major explosion happened on Lexington Avenue in the middle of the street just as a truck was passing over. Truck went flying and the driver was hospitalized with major burns, the steam melting away skin and clothes.

You can never tell where something like that will happen since the infrastructure is old and in need of maintenance and repair. To make these repairs, rates would have to go up and since no one wants to pay higher rates, nothing really gets done and these underground fires and explosions happen more and more.

Now I’m watching the news and they’re saying there are a million people without power. So I’d better hurry up and finish tonight’s entry just in case the power goes out.

Today’s scenes

Park Avenue, Hoboken

Park Avenue, Hoboken

Washington Street, Hoboken

Washington Street, Hoboken

Bryant Park NYC

Bryant Park NYC

Firetrucks at 50th Street and Third Avenue

Firetrucks at 50th Street and Third Avenue

Start to Move

Like Dinah Washington sang, What a Difference a Day Makes. Yesterday at this time, well, yesterday at this time I was just getting home. Now I’ve been home for almost an hour. Different characters today. Vivek was in the office when I came in, and he quickly left the stage to attend some meeting somewhere.

Greg Stevens made it in as did Tom Chin who was surprisingly understanding. A lot of the shit that I had to deal with regarding Vivek was quickly cleared up since he had the files. Greg Stevens and I talked quite a bit today and he mentioned that he thought Vivek might be bi-polar, or it could just be the stress of being a managing director in these dire economic times. Possibly both. Greg Stevens will now be out on Mondays and Fridays and more than likely will not be performing in the Sunday matinée.

Last night I was just frazzled by the days events. Watched Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Harpy called during Rachel Maddow and he was a garrulous as ever, a bit annoying at that. Not that he’s annoying, he’s generally amusing, but he kept stepping on my lines and if he was in front of me I would have throttled him.

That’s right, I would have throttled Harpy, in fact I had a ruler handy and could have throttled him to within an inch of his life. But instead I just let him go on and on and ended his phone chat on a relatively up note.

I did feel better watching Flight of the Conchords. Some Dewars helped too. I think Jemaine would make a better male prostitute than Brett. Went to bed at a decent hour and woke up with a feeling of dread.

So much so that every step I took from the bus terminal to the office was filled with me imagining a confrontation between Tom Chin and myself. I should have written the lines from the imaginary confrontation down, they were that good.

A few years ago when Bill and I were in a rough patch in our relationship and we were having a late night discussion about things in bed with the lights out. I was saying such profound lines and I felt then I should have been writing them down but I figured I would remember them the next morning which of course by then I had forgotten all the lines.

Tonight I took the Path train home and was able to finish the John Lennon biography by Phillip Norman. It was good and ended as sadly as I remembered. The epilogue was an interview with Sean Lennon who mentioned that when he was 5 years old he had no idea what was going on, why his house was filled with such dour people and where was his father, what were all these people doing outside the Dakota singing songs and crying?

He mentioned that it took him some time to actually listen to his father’s music both solo and with the Beatles and how jealous he was of the world who had known of his father a lot longer than he did for 5 years.

I’m just glad that today wasn’t so bad after all. And I did enjoy a Padron on the way to the train. The Lennon bio was a day late and cost me $0.20. Now it’s onto Sarah Vowell, The Wordy Shipmates.


The Wolves (Act I and II)

Fucking hell. That’s the type of day it’s been. Didn’t start out that way surprisingly despite the fact that I wasn’t able to go to sleep when I wanted to. Wound up falling asleep around 1:30. It seems the 2 hour nap that I had taken earlier stole some much desired sleep. I lay in the dark and laughed about how fat I am.

Still with about 5 hours of sleep I felt pretty good as I woke up and got my act together and headed out to catch the bus. Almost finished with the Lennon bio and of course it’s due today. I figured I would be able to find some time and read it, maybe at lunch, maybe on the bus ride home. It was not to be.

On Friday I got an email from Tom Chin telling me to get a few expense reports together and he wrote especially that I shouldn’t wait until Monday to do it. I took care of most of that as well as some expenses Vivek had me do for his other company that he and his business partner are doing.

They claimed $8000 and change, I found they were owed $8200. I could only do so much on Friday since I was the only one in my company in. Greg Stevens seems to be fading from the company. I guess being the president of nothing in particular will diminish one’s enthusiasm, Vivek was travelling for his other company and Tom Chin doesn’t come in on Fridays.

So today there was a lot of things that hit me as I walked through the door. Some company needed our tax ID number which I tracked down and when I sent an email to Tom Chin and Vivek, Tom Chin said he was working at home, feeling ill. He told me I had the info available but I couldn’t find it.

That’s when I found it looking in other years files. He started yelling at me telling me what I had (which was what was asked for) was wrong. He’s a jerk in person and a fucking bitch when he’s sick on the phone.

Then it was the expenses which out of $1700 was listed, I found $1600. I told Vivek about it and he insisted I call the bookkeeper. I decided not to call her and figure it out myself. An hour after I usually leave, I was still there. I had everything spread out on a table and showed Vivek, ‘I have this, I have that. This is that, that is this.’

After a day of looking at these expenses I was toast. I even told him I was toast, two hours after I usually leave. He had me call the bookkeeper and started screaming at her. It was ugly. Apparently he was on a yelling kick today, going so far as to scream at his pregnant wife that she’s ruining his life over the phone.

I didn’t hear that but heard about it. I cleaned up whatever I had on the table which was no longer in neat stacks. I was really toast and all the stress started to mess up my back. Back in his office I can hear Vivek yelling at Tom Chin that he had to fire the bookkeeper after tax season. I know this will bite me on the ass tomorrow as well as Thursday when the bookkeeper comes in.

But I didn’t do anything but just tell him that he might be getting less than $1700. My name was mentioned but it was about ‘why should John have to file those papers? Why doesn’t the bookkeeper do it?’ I don’t mind doing the filing, I’ve been doing it since day one at the firm. But man, I don’t think in all the jobs that I’ve had, I’ve never bore witness to such an ugly scene.

I asked a question which opened a whole can of worms which I will hear more about this week. Usually I rearrange the deck chairs on this Titanic, but now the captain is losing his mind and the crew is turning on each other. Left the office feeling lousy and even though I smoked a Padron, it didn’t really give me the satisfaction it usually does.

Made it to the bus where I had to stand, lower right part of my back throbbing. No reading the Lennon bio. I should return it tomorrow, it ends badly I know.

Came home, my brother Brian called. He’s stressed and I talked with him for a while but I don’t think it helped either one of us.

I really hoped to talk to someone, but it turns out, I don’t have anyone I can talk to. Julio is busy with Stine and Alexander, no time for this big baby. Annemarie is too far away and plus she was unavailable since she was working or en route from work.

Forget about my brother Frank, he’s no help these days unfortunately, and Bill is directing his first play tonight and when he calls later he’ll be all about how the directing of the play went, and I wouldn’t want to rain on his parade.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day, but I obviously have my doubts. It’s all about the economy, my company trying to stay afloat and get whatever monies owed to us and it is stressing everyone the fuck out.

Oh yeah, the coffee maker crapped out and I spent a good part of the day filling it with white vinegar to clean it out.

All Together Now

Just got back from Otisville a few hours ago, and just woke up from a nap a few minutes ago. It was all in all a fun time with Pedro and Connie as well as with Excer and Lillian.

Always good to get out of town if only for a few hours, in this case I was out of Hoboken for about 24 hours. I do like Hoboken, don’t get me wrong, but an occasional change of scenery is the key to living a sane life.

Pedro and I spoke before I left for the train and he asked me to pick up some batteries. Unfortunately the line in CVS was too long and I was faced with a not so difficult decision, get the batteries and miss the train or get the train and forget the batteries.

So I opted to forget the batteries which wasn’t so bad. Pedro wanted them so he could light up some petrified wood sculptures through the house.

The train ride was pleasant enough, I dug into the final chapters of the John Lennon biography which is due tomorrow at the Hoboken Library. It’s been a good read, and so far Sean Lennon has been born and John has his green card, planning to visit his Aunt Mimi soon enough. We know how it will end though, sadly. He was a messed up figure to say the least and he himself recognized it.

Got off the train in Otisville, the next to last stop on the Port Jervis line. Pedro wasn’t around so I waited in the heated waiting area which smelled of a very strong disinfectant. Excer and his girlfriend Lillian were in the kitchen talking to Pedro’s girlfriend Connie when I got there.

I was starving and Connie was making a lot of food, chicken, potato salad, rice and beans. A big bucket filled with wine and beer was nearby and soon enough it was cheers all around with the clinking of wine glasses and beer bottles.

Some of Pedro’s friends also showed up in time to watch the boxing match between Shane Mosely and Antonio Margarito. Pedro mentioned that Margarito was favored to win, in the ninth round which made me root for the underdog Mosely who won in ninth round instead. Things wound down after that.

Two of Pedro’s friends who drove up from Long Island left soon after making some of us scratch our heads and wonder why they would drive three hours up to sit around for two hours and then drive back to Long Island.

More beer for everyone else and we drank and watched a bootleg of The Wrestler which was very good, both the quality of the copy and the movie itself. Still I would see it again in a theater if and when Bill wants to.

Then at 1:00 we decided to watch Gran Torino which despite Pedro’s hype was merely ok. Clint Eastwood doing his best Ted Cassidy as Lurch performance. He also reminded me of my father. In certain shots he looked like him.

At 3:30 it was bedtime for all of us. I was set up in the basement on a comfortable futon not too far away from a very warm fireplace. Woke up to a text from Bill wishing me a good morning and mentioning it was one degree below zero in Otisville. I texted back telling him it was nice to know but I was under a very thick comforter.

Connie made a very big breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes and lots of coffee. Pedro was incapacitated and did not get out of bed. I knew I wasn’t going to catch the 11:00 train back to Hoboken and the next train was around 3:30.

Instead I hitched a ride back to Manhattan with Excer and Lillian and got off at the George Washington Bridge bus terminal only to find the A train wasn’t stopping there and the 181 bus to Union City wasn’t running until 4:00.

I hopped on a shuttle bus to 168th street and caught the train to the 42nd Street bus terminal where I caught the bus back to Hoboken and took a nice two hour nap. Back to work tomorrow.

That’s it for me. Good to be back home, though it would be better if Bill were here.

en route to Otisville at sundown

en route to Otisville at sundown

Otisville 6PM

Otisville 6PM

Excer & Pedro

Excer & Pedro

Lillian and Connie

Lillian and Connie

The host with the most

The host with the most

T'is himself....

T'is himself....


Nice to write on a Friday evening. Been a long week though it was only a 4 day work week. Haven’t heard of any other friends getting laid off today. Trudy whom I wrote about yesterday is leaving next Friday. Farfetched, according to Susan’s Facebook page will probably be shuttered this weekend.

Next Friday is a farewell get together at the store and Harpy wants to dance with me. ♪’I’m Harpy just to dance with you’♫. I may fob Bill off on him since Bill is more of a dancer, I’m more of a music selecter. No typo or sic, just an homage to a favorite 2 Tone band.

Tonight I’m not doing much of anything except for laundry. I’m off to Otisville, land of the alpha male Pedro. Trying to figure out how to get that nude shot of him from his phone to mine. The nude shot that sobered me right up last May, burned into my consciousness.

Speaking of nude shots, I saw (and saved) a video of two hot guys going at it a while ago. That’s one of the advantages of not having children around, graphic images and their availability. Well the other day I am pretty sure I saw one of the participants on the street the other morning as I was going to work.

I wasn’t sure since he was fully clothed and couldn’t tell since I didn’t hear his voice. Of course ever since I saw him I made it a point to walk the same bat route at the same bat time but he was nowhere to be found this morning.

Just 2 ships passing in the night (or morning) and one with quite a heavy anchor. What would I say? What would I do if I saw him again? Just a daydream again, albeit a lustful daydream. Oh sex, such a welcome distraction from life’s drudgery.

That was a return to the early days of this blog when I wrote freely about sexual matters, now I use discretion and ennui. Last night was nothing extraordinary. No O & RM, watched Ugly Betty. It’s been awhile since I watched it and while it’s still sweet I really don’t know what’s going on.

Easy to jump back in though. Bill is into the show and I could always ask him who’s who and what’s what. I had no idea that Betty was living in Manhattan with Amanda and I had no idea Amanda could be nice. Amanda is the receptionist and also the illegitimate daughter of the horrid Gene Simmons from Kiss.

I never liked Kiss and always felt their fans, the Kiss Army were a bunch of suckers. They were big but never reached the upper echelons of the Rock and Roll hierarchy and are rarely mentioned in those Rock and Roll documentaries on VH1 Classics.

Unlike Led Zeppelin who I used to resent, but now I respect, I will never like Kiss.

Harpy called midway through Ugly Betty, reading me the pulse on Farfetched and then proceeded to froth at the mouth about something. I don’t remember and as Harpy was nearly 3 sheets to the wind I doubt if he will remember.

I do recall his mentioning Ambien and how he took it once only to find himself on the living room floor surrounded by stacks of books that he piled up when sleep walking. That sounds like fun, if only as an experiment.

Take an Ambien and let the camera roll. Of course someone would need to use the camera and prevent me from doing something really stupid. The perfect person to man the camera would be Juan who just called me a little while ago wondering if we were going to meet up later.

He gets out of work at 10:00 and he’s in Princeton which is a few hours away which means midnight, and that might be too late for me. Still, I told him to call me to gauge the situation. I’m hopeful since I haven’t seen him since last year.

I just wouldn’t want him to come over and then me kicking him out soon after. He’s working and going to school so he has a full dance card.

I doubt that I’ll be posting tomorrow night since I’ll be in Otisville with Pedro and Connie, as well as Excer and his girlfriend and Gary- a friend of theirs from back in the day. I meet Gary every couple of years and the last time was last year.

And last time I saw Excer he was complaining about how his girlfriend wants to get married and that’s something Excer doesn’t want to do again. Another friend, Ulysses may show up but I’m not placing any bets on that.

It would be fun if Ulysses showed up, it would raise the party to a whole different level but I’m not holding my breath. Ulysses is such a cool name though, isn’t it? I suppose it made him tough, much like A Boy Named Sue.

Aretha’s hat takes over the world!

Touch Sensitive

It’s Thursday and a melancholy Thursday at that. Another co-worker has been given her walking papers. Well a subtenant actually. Trudy who I wrote about the other day as well as a couple of times before.

Through no fault of her own, just the economy. She was an assistant working Tuesday through Friday for a charitable foundation but since the donations aren’t coming in, they can’t afford Trudy.

On my front, my company is making sure that I’m getting paid but who knows how long that will go on for? Till March 2010 is what they told me but anything is possible.

Trudy had tears in her eyes as she told me her bad news and made me swear not to tell anyone and I’m sure I can count on the five or six of you that actually read this to keep Trudy’s secret.

Spoke with Harpy last night and it’s getting sadder each day at Farfetched. Susan and Lois did everything right for 28 years. The holiday season didn’t come through though, and even if they did spectacular, they’d still have to close the store since the landlord wasn’t going to renew their lease. So it’s quite gloomy at 110 Fourth Avenue. There was nothing they could do.

I bought a lottery ticket which I plan on winning so maybe I’ll be able to help everyone out somehow. That’s the only plan I have at the moment. Check with me on Saturday to see how it turns out and think positive people!

Last night I watched the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of them funny, but The Colbert Report was that much funnier since it was decidedly hilarious to see Stephen Colbert’s mascara running down his face and gross to see the snot running from his nose due to his being so happy about Barack Obama being sworn in as President.

After that was Lost. The TV show not the actual fact of being not able to find one’s way. It was a good two hours. No Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, just escapism. The second half was the more interesting part, the first half was all about the set up for the season.

And apparently this season will be all about time travel and it’s implications of what you can and cannot do. Since it’s science fiction they can do anything, bring people back from the dead, unleash smoke monsters or even travel through time.

After that it was the news and then bedtime which was earlier than it’s been, 11:45. I made sure to set the alarm a little earlier on the alarm clock so I can get the day started a little bit earlier. Bill texted me warning about a water main break at the Holland Tunnel and that traffic was piling up at the Lincoln Tunnel.

I took my chances and called Bill on the cellphone when I got on the bus. Two seats in front of me, some dork thought I was talking loudly, when I wasn’t and luckily for him, my death glare wasn’t working properly so he lived. It seemed there were assholes all over the place.

Almost saw a fight on an escalator when one guy wouldn’t step to the right to let people pass on the left. He was adamant about not moving, one of those people who just stand on the escalator and stand there. He got called an asshole and not by me. I can only assume there is a proctologist convention in town.

Wear You to the Ball

After all the inaugural footage and festivities have wound down, it feels like the holidays are over. I know they ended a few weeks ago but to me it seemed like it was finished. I mainly watched MSNBC covering the balls and the events of the day regarding the incoming president.

I have to say after hearing the Etta James song, ‘At Last’ nine times I had had enough. A James Brown song would have done better but hey, it wasn’t my party and I wasn’t the guest of honor. A few twirls around the stage and a few words from the president and then it was off to the next ball for them.

Somehow Barack Obama was able to get up and go to work this morning. I did too but all he had to do was get out of bed and walked through the White House from the east wing to the west wing. I’m sure he had a busy day and I was busy myself. Finally.

Things were quiet on the conservative front this morning. Perhaps my comment to them yesterday shut them up, perhaps they were hurt or perhaps they realized they can’t just spew their ignorance around anymore without anyone else speaking up against what they had to say.

What I said yesterday was nonsense though and though I sort of expected the other shined shoe to drop, it never happened. A lot of running around in the cold streets of midtown. Just quick jaunts here and there, nothing too insane.

Got an email from Susan regarding a party for the closing of Farfetched. Harpy mentioned that it might be this weekend so I should keep this weekend open. I committed to this weekend when Pedro called inviting me up to Otisville for a get together to watch a boxing match.

He’s big into boxing. I told him about Farfetched and their closing party and of course he berated me for not going up to see him. The email that Susan sent this morning was announcing the party being on January 30.

I texted Pedro this morning, letting him know I could make it after all. Effectively giving him another opportunity to bust my balls and telling me that I wasn’t invited after all.

I told Bill about Otisville and he wanted to go, but when I told him it would be an overnight trip, a two hour train ride each way he said he wouldn’t be able to make it after all since he has to do a reading at his church on Sunday morning. We’ll probably be just getting up when he mounts the pulpit.

Bill and I will have to work out a visit later in the year when it’s warmer. Then it would be up to Pedro and Connie to invite us up. But that’s further down the line and a few flips of the calendar pages and right now I’m just too tired to really care.

Hopefully I will get to sleep at a decent hour but having said that, it seems unlikely, what with Lost returning to TV tonight in a 2 hour season premiere.

Here’s a picture of Superboy that Julio took with his cellphone last month.



Coming in From the Cold

Well it has finally happened and as I write this my eyes are welling up with tears. Barack Hussein Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. Truly a historic event whether or not you like him and whether or not you voted for him. For me, I never felt as connected as I do to this country like I did today.

The day started with me waking up with some difficulty. Apparently I shut off the alarm clock, but the back up alarm on my cellphone did it’s job, jarring me awake with what I call Housewife’s Choice. That’s an old Ska song and it’s not the ringtone but it’s how my mind identified it this morning.

I shuffled through the apartment and I made it to the bus a little later than usual. A different crowd but at around 8:00 there are many coach buses coming down Washington Street so it wasn’t too crowded and quite comfortable. Made it to work a little after 9:00, a bit treacherous since I wore dress shoes and the sidewalks were a bit dodgy.

I took my time and picked up a bagel since it was going to be a long morning, even though for me it was a 3 hour morning at work. I wasn’t sure where I was going to watch the swearing in of President Barack Obama but I was determined to watch it somewhere.

One of the subtenants and I somehow got into a discussion about religion and I revealed that since 9/11 I was an atheist. Before that I was an agnostic. He seemed alarmed by this and seemed to be trying to convert me back into the world of theism.

I resisted as he told me of his problems getting an annulment for his first marriage so he could marry his second wife in a catholic church. I soon walked away from that chat and decided to go to Rockefeller Center to watch the Inauguration.

I tried to get my former co-worker Steve or another subtenant, Trudy to go with me but Steve had other plans and Trudy was stuck at her desk. At 11:30 I headed over, telling Tom Chin & Greg Stevens what I was up to. I had their go ahead, but I think they realized that they really couldn’t stop me.

I lit up a celebratory Padron and headed west towards Fifth Avenue. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought, though there was a few thousand people between the screens on 49th and 50th streets where the Christmas tree usually stands.

I got there in time to hear pRick Warren’s invocation and thankfully it was short, painless and oh so easily ignored. My stress for the past weeks was unneeded.

We The People

We The People


Aretha Franklin singing 'My Country Tis of Thee'

Aretha Franklin singing 'My Country Tis of Thee'

I found a spot at the edge of 30 Rock, in front of the J. Crew window and took various snapshots of the crowd and the screens. A woman stood next to me and I saw her leaning forward to see who was smoking a cigar. I hoped she wasn’t offended by the aroma and when I took a puff she noticed it was me smoking.

‘Oh you’re smoking the cigar. It smells good.’ I told her I was hoping that she wouldn’t be bothered by it and she said she wasn’t. ‘My father used to smoke cigars and it brings back memories so keep smoking!’ And so I did.

The President was sworn in, stumbling a bit when Chief Justice John Roberts messed up his bit, throwing Obama off his mark. Both recovered and concluded while I recorded the oath of office on the screen and followed by shouting Yes! Yes! On the clip I sound quite butch I think. Still my eyes had teared up.

The crowd quickly dispersed but about a hundred of us stayed for Elizabeth Alexanders poem, ‘Praise Song for the Day’ which was beautiful. The Reverend Lowery said his benediction which was somewhat funny and it was enjoyable to hear from a cleric who doesn’t have an air of pomposity.

The poet, Elizabeth Miller, 'Praise Song for the Day'

The poet, Elizabeth Alexander, 'Praise Song for the Day'

The Star Spangled Banner was sung by a choral group from a branch of the armed forces and I sang along with my fedora doffed and placed over my heart. First time I had ever done that. My feet were near frozen from standing and not moving much for an hour in the freezing cold so I stomped around a bit as I headed back to the office.



Before I did that, I needed to go to the Post Office to buy stamps. It was very crowded and I got on a short line for stamp and started chatting with the woman in front of me.

She too had seen the inauguration on TV and was thrilled by the history that was unfolding before her eyes. She asked if I thought if a DVD of today’s event would be for sale and I assured her that it probably would be.

Came back to the office and spoke with Trudy to see if she saw it. She mentioned that she walked over to the subtenants area to watch the inauguration and was dismayed to see them sitting there with the sound turned really low and not enjoying what was going on.

She was bothered enough by their non-reaction to history that she went back to her cube and watched it on CNN online. I told her that some people were sad to see the last 8 years end, and here were 5 of those people.

I set about doing work at my desk as my feet thawed when I heard one of the conservative subtenants say something about Obama’s lies. I wasn’t going to sit or stand for that and mentioned that at least he wasn’t lying about weapons of mass destruction.

One of their co-workers, a fence sitter who sometimes is a democrat and sometimes is a republican said that it would be no use trying to talk some sense to the guy who said what he said. Me, being me, as if I could be someone else, said, yeah well I just got my shoes shined and I don’t want to step in any shit.

The day ended and I came home still feeling high from everything that happened previously in the day. Turned on the TV, went to C Span where the parade was on, just missing the LGBT contingent by seconds. From what I heard, the broadcast networks and cable networks cut away from the LGBT marching band.

Still what I saw was impressive enough to make me want to be there, marching in front of the President of the United States of America, with or without the Junior Rifle Squad. Preferably without since those spats we had to wear were a bitch. Just an unforgettable day, with a lot of work to do, and a lot of people to put to work.


The cause is ennobled, the concept is higher

Crocodile Rock

It’s a Monday, it’s Martin Luther King day and it’s a federal holiday. It’s been a pretty good day overall. A lazy day at that. A festive vibe is in the air, mainly from the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.

I watched the HBO broadcast of the inaugural concert last night and I was entertained. Most everyone was good. Garth Brooks is a major hot dog though. Can’t say I ever liked him. He did appear to hang to the right which was a bit impressive. So that’s one aspect of Garth Brooks that I didn’t mind.

Bruce was great of course and Pete Seeger is a national treasure. A wonderful version of This Land is Your Land with Pete, Bruce and Pete’s son in law.

James Taylor was pretty good too. Renee Fleming singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ hit all the right notes.

U2 rocked it with a two song set. They seemed very happy to be there, except for Larry Mullen who you can never tell if he’s ever happy. Too bad he’s the best looking member of the group.

There was a to-do about the omission of Gene Robinson and the invocation before the concert. HBO said it wasn’t their fault and that it was the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s decision not to include it in the broadcast. It was also reported that the speakers were turned off during the invocation.

Not that I care for the invocation or the magic words but Gene Robinson, the first openly gay, non celibate bishop of the episcopal church was supposed to be a salve for those of us that are STILL rankled by the choice of pRick Warren.

So perhaps there a few people in the inaugural committee who just aren’t down with gay people. I just hope this has no bearing on policy decisions down the line. I am trying to get into the swing of things, I am entitled to it. Especially after the money I donated and the time I spent working on the campaign.

Bill came over this afternoon and we watched the concert together as well as other reports from Washington DC. That’s all that’s been on TV all day today making me wish that I was down there. Of course it’s much too late for that and much too crowded for me and much too cold for Bill.

We’d stay with Billie in any event and probably would watch it from his house in the southwest part of the district. I guess I’ll watch it somehow at work. I’m sure the conservatives with the flat screen TV will be watching it and making snarky comments.

It was good being with Bill for a few hours. He definitely is a whole lot better that he was when I saw him last night. Still he wanted to take a two hour nap in our bed. I decided to take a nap alongside him but only lasted about 10 minutes when I was awoke by the sounds of a buzz saw a few doors down.

I watched Barack and Michelle Obama meeting an auditorium of volunteers at a high school in DC. That was really heartwarming. Heartwarming enough to last since I hadn’t read anything about pRick Warren in a few hours.

Here are some pics of the latest snowfall in Hoboken as well as some shots from the bus stop with Bill.











and with pleasure, a final posting of this…

Bring Me Closer

It’s a Sunday and if you’ve been keeping score you probably knew that already. That means last night was Saturday and I’ll tell you what I did. Basically watched TV. Watched the DVR of the second half of last week’s Saturday Night Live which was ok, also The Office which was somewhat sad for Andy.

The showdown between Dwight and Andy for Angela’s had (or body) came to a head. I think Andy won the duel from driving under 5 miles per hour in his Prius and pinning Dwight’s legs to the shrubbery.

30 Rock was good though not one of their best, but of course the scenes with Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek were the funniest.

I channel surfed and wound up on Back Beat, the 1994 movie about the Beatles in Hamburg with Stephen Dorff as Stu Sutcliffe and Sheryl Lee as Astrid Kirscherr and Ian Hart as John Lennon. The guy who played Paul McCartney was too tall, a few inches taller than Lennon but only trainspotters like myself would know or care about something like that. It was an enjoyable way to kill an hour or so, despite the movie being hokey at best.

After that I watched Saturday Night Live which had Rosario Dawson hosting and Fleet Foxes as the musical guests. I read about Fleet Foxes a lot lately in Mojo and Uncut, so apparently they’re big in England and only starting to make a splash here in the states, despite coming from Seattle.

I thought they were ok, a bit like Crosby, Still and Nash which if you like CSN you would probably like them. Me, I am fairly indifferent towards them. A bit twee as Lennon supposedly remarked when CSN tried to sign with Apple Records back in the day. Rosario Dawson was good but overall the show lacked.

Right now Jamie Foxx is doing an impersonation of Barack Obama on the HBO rebroadcast of the Inaugural concert this afternoon. Jamie Foxx is the new Vaughn Meade?

Betteye Levette is doing a duet with Jon Bon Jovi of Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come. I’m sorry but I don’t think Jon Bon Jovi should ever sing this song at all. Either in a duet or solo. It’s hard to imagine Jon Bon Jovi being oppressed and denied his civil rights.

Betteye should have kicked his butt off the stage. Nothing against Jon. I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy and I’m friends with his cousin.

This afternoon I made it into the city again, stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy, this time working with Susan. Good to see Susan, both she and Lois are going through the stages of grief over the loss of their business. It’s a sad thing.

Have to get Susan a job somehow, as well as Harpy, Billie, Rita, Steve and various other friends who are presently out of work. Bill is still sick but a little bit better than he was yesterday.

I picked up 2 quarts (a half gallon) of chicken soup as well as a hero from Subway for Bill and walked over to Stuyvesant Town and dropped them off. I sat with Bill for a little while, then headed out and decided to finish the last of my La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero cigars which should make Harpy happy since I don’t think

I’ll be writing about them again any time soon. It was a difficult cigar, not an easy draw and I’ll stick to my Padron cigars from now on. Since I was smoking a cigar I decided to walk from 14th street and Avenue C to 32nd Street and Broadway and it was a good walk, listening to D’Angelo.

Got a seat on the Path train back to Hoboken where I ran into (or was almost run into) by Julio, Stine and Alexander. They were driving to Jersey City to see if they could see the US Air airbus in the Hudson River. Stine and I walked over to the river’s edge while Julio and Alexander stayed in the car. Couldn’t see much but I think I got one workable picture.

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle




Came back and took some more pictures of Alexander and Stine took a picture of Alexander and myself. Now I’m just watching the rebroadcast of the inauguration which was good, but still I’m glad to watch it here though I wish Bill were here to watch it with me.

I’m trying to get into the swing of the inaugural spirit but I can’t. The pRick Warren debacle just tarnished Obama in my eyes. I can’t help but feel spurned after the work I did for the campaign. And more and more bad news about pRick Warren keeps seeping out.

How the work against AIDS in Africa that Warren has done mainly consists of meeting up with anti-gay religious nut jobs who’s work counted on faith based initiatives and abstinence only programs that don’t do anything but offer the damaged hope that people just won’t have sex until they’re married as well as pRick Warren actively participating in the demonstration of setting condoms on fire which certainly doesn’t prevent the spread of HIV.

This seems to be the thinking that that is what the sky god from the iron age wants them to do. And I can’t omit the video of the Saddleback Church 25th anniversary celebration from 2005 where pRick Warren implores his followers to be like the followers of Hitler with their devotion to pRick Warren’s plan for the next 25 years of Saddleback douche baggery.

It seems that each time I inch closer to how I felt on November 5 some more news about pRick Warren emerges.

He’s a dangerous man and I still feel he is the wrong choice to deliver the invocation for the inauguration of Barack Obama, but then again I feel religion should have no place at all in the inauguration (or government) and we know that will never happen as long as the belief in an iron age sky god exists.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.


this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....

this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....


It’s Saturday. And it’s freezing outside. Right now, according to the New York Times it’s 18 degrees. That’s 11 degrees more than it was when I woke up this morning. Still alive, carbon monoxide detectors are doing their job and not beeping. That’s a good thing I think.

Last night was a quiet night, just me and some Bushmills. Perfect for a winter night, some sipping. I watched Elvis Costello’s TV show on the Sundance Channel, Spectacle. Watched 2 episodes. The first featured the Police, Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland.

The first time I heard the Police was in 1978, riding to school in Scott Miskuff’s car. It was his brother’s 8 track actually and to my ears it sounded like Boston was doing reggae. I don’t know why I thought that, especially since they don’t sound like that at all.

Roxanne was the big hit and they were considered Punk so I eventually bought it. It was ok, their better record was the second album, Regatta de Blanc. I was more into Elvis Costello at the time so when he was putting down the Police, I paid even less attention to them.

Elvis: I just wish Sting would stop singing in his cod Jamaican accent.
Sting: I wish Elvis Costello would stop singing in his cod American accent.

Now they are all nice nice. It was ok. Andy Summers in now 79 years old, Stewart Copeland is a gangly goofy father of 7, and Sting has gotten handsomer and his voice carries a resonance it never had 30 years ago. The Watching the Detectives/Walking on the Moon medley was adequate.

After the Police I watched Elvis Costello with Rufus Wainwright. That was ok. Rufus to me, came off like a 30 something gay guy from Manhattan, which is exactly what he is. He did part of Memphis Skyline which is his song about the late Jeff Buckley and a complete version of My Phone’s on Vibrate for You which was great as it always is when Rufus hit’s that high note.

He really is a good singer songwriter. He’s playing the Wellmont Theater in Montclair in a month or so, just him and his piano. His half sister Lucy Wainwright Roche is opening so I guess there will be a duet or two. I’m not going. Not in the budget you see.

Like I said, when I woke up it was 7 degrees outside. Bitterly cold, I walked outside, past Mr. L’s. I was due for a haircut but I didn’t have enough cash on me. I went and got bagels instead and stopped by Alexander Lopez’s apartment and talked with his dad.

It had been about a month since I last saw Alexander so he had completely forgotten about me, making me this exotic thing in a leather coat in the middle of his kitchen. Julio was telling me that Alexander weighs 22 pounds now and wears the clothing of a 12 month old. He’s only 8 months old. It was good to see them. Stine was in the shower and I only saw her briefly, clad in a bathrobe.

After doing laundry I decided to head into the city and visit Farfetched. Lois and Harpy were working and it was busy. Not much left in the store, everything was up for sale, sometimes with an 80% discount.



Lois & Harpy


That didn’t stop people from trying to haggle. Things that were on sale for $50.00 were marked down to $10.00 and that was still too much money for some people. Some woman wearing a big ass fur coat was the Marvin Hagler when I was there. And she wasn’t marvelous.

For me it was a bittersweet visit. I got a bib for Alexander and some cards as well as a Wicked Witch of the West key chain that has Margaret Hamilton’s voice cackling, saying ‘How about some fire Scarecrow?’ among other things.

It was too cold to enjoy a Padron and walk up to 33rd street so I made a beeline to the 14th street Path station. I also bought Elton John’s Madman Across the Water for $5.00 in the soon to be shuttered Virgin mega store on Union Square, next to the rapidly closing Circuit City.

Also picked up Bon Iver, whom I saw on Letterman last month and posted their appearance on this blog. While walking around I was playing Bob Frank and John Murry, World Without End. That’s a album of murder ballads, each and every one quite gruesome, but it sounds amazing.

I bought that last night using the iTunes gift card my brother Brian and his family gave me over the holidays last month. I heard one song by Bob Frank and John Murry sometime last year and it was really good and when I picked up the latest issue of Uncut and saw they had another track on the free CD I decided to dive in and buy the album.

Like I said, it’s gruesome, hearing them sing, ‘He cut her throat and gutted her insides’. Basically they took murder stories from the past 100 years and put them to some down home country tinged music. Murder ballads aren’t new at all, a strain of folk music for the past century.

Worth checking out I think, both Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever ago and Bob Frank and John Murry- World Without End.

Also bought a new CO detector and got a haircut from Tony at Mr. L’s. He once again outdid himself, trimming gray hairs from my goatee, trimming my nose and ear hair as well as trimming my eyebrows. He earns his tip every time.

Bill is quite ill right now, laid up in Stuyvesant Town with a fever and sore throat. That sounds like what I had back in October. I hope to go see him tomorrow and on the way I’ll pick up some chicken soup from a Chinese kitchen on the way. A quart or two for Bill and his mother.

It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow they say. Could make it into the 20 degree range. Almost beach weather.

Add my friend Billie in Washington DC to the unemployment rolls. He invited Bill and myself to stay with him if we wanted to go to the inauguration, but I said thanks but no thanks. It’s going to be too cold and very crowded. I can watch it on TV.

The Classical

I don’t know how it happened. Things were going relatively well this week and I was looking forward to leaving early, seeing Bill for a few minutes and stopping by Farfetched to see Lois and Susan. Alas, the best laid plans etc.

First off, the other night, I’m on the bus going home, my cellphone rings, I answer it. It’s Vivek asking me about some expenses we talked about. I told him I would have them ready first thing in the morning.

I go home and send myself an email reminding me about the expenses. I remembered talking to Vivek about them, but don’t recall anything coming of it. He talks a good talk but rarely follows through.

Like a few months ago telling me about some side work for me. It never materialized. That was fine, I still have my regular gig.

Still when I came to work on Thursday I proceeded to tear apart my desk looking for something that doesn’t exist. This morning he was in at 11:00 which was different. Usually in around noon. Anyway I corner and say I don’t have the expenses and is it possible that he never gave them to me? No, he insisted that he had.

So I continue tearing apart my desk. An hour later the phone rings, it’s Vivek. He has the expenses, he had them all the time. That’s it. No apology. So I started working on his expenses which were hard to decipher. I gave up and decided to finish them next week.

Heard from Bill today, heads were rolling at his job. 18 friends of his got the ax. He was angry and I tried to calm him down via chats online. When we last left off he was closer to the window than to the ledge. 50,000 people laid off today. Circuit City liquidating their stores and laying off 34, 000.

I am now on Bill’s insurance since I was fed up with Oxford insurance. The other day it was reported that United Health care which owns Oxford had worked out a legal deal with New York state regarding that the independent board (Ingenix Inc.) that reviews out of network claims (and rejects 20-30% of those claims) is owned by United Health care

Conflict of interest anyone?

United Health care will close Ingenix Inc. and spend 50 million dollars to create a truly independent board. That was done by Andrew Cuomo who should be the next Senator from New York, rather than Caroline Kennedy. I’m no hater of Caroline, but Andrew is better qualified. But then again why the fuck should I care? I live in New Jersey!

I am just so glad this day is over. It couldn’t end soon enough.

Here’s some carbon monoxide information. I spoke with Julio last night on the phone and asked him about carbon monoxide detectors. He told me to look at the date on the back of the detector. I did and it was manufactured on July 28, 2001.

These detectors have a life span of maybe 5 years so I wasn’t in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, but more in danger of going insane with the beeping every now and then.

Tomorrow, I have to get a new carbon monoxide detector. I have one that functions but the apartment is supposed to have 2.

RIP Andrew Wyeth

There are 12 people in the world, the rest are paste- Mark E. Smith

Down By The River

Just got in from the cold. It’s been a bitterly cold day today and luckily I didn’t wind up in the Hudson River like the passengers on the US Air plane that landed on the water a few hours ago. I heard about it at work and watched it as it unfolded.

All the passengers have been reported safe and in various hospitals. No major injuries, some hypothermia from the freezing waters of the Hudson, 40 degrees. The ferries were first on the scene followed by NYPD and FDNY boats and the US Coast Guard.

From Hoboken411 YouTube. Couldn’t wait for permission.

I called Bill to tell him the news, which he hadn’t heard. I had a feeling the ferries would be tied up with the rescue and decided to take the Path train since the buses would be filled with ferry passengers unable to get across the river. Bill and I agreed that the Path would probably be the better bet.

It’s been reported that a flock of Canadian geese flew into the engines and tore up the fan blades. So with only a few days left, I guess BushCo. will invade Canada for revenge. So it was a bad thing that happened but so far no fatalities making it a semi happy ending.

This morning it was snowing out which was a surprise to me. Nothing too much, just a dusting. Some icy spots but no spills on my part. Took the short cut through Grand Central Station, navigating my way through the commuters coming in from upstate and Connecticut.



As I was going through the doors on Lexington Avenue, I saw Gerri Delaney walking in from outside. I used to work with her at Staffmark, a staffing agency from 2001 to 2002. We worked side by side and got along well.

We also worked during 9/11. I was let go from the agency the following summer and when the first anniversary of 9/11 came up I gave her a call to see how she was doing. A lot of people had unhappy memories of that day and I figured since we both went through it together it might be a good time to reconnect.

Her reaction on the phone had the tone of ‘why are you calling me?’ That was the last I spoke with her until at some point last year when she somehow called me at work wondering how I was doing. I gave short answers and dutifully took her phone number on a post it which I stuck onto a printer that I eventually threw out.

I didn’t say anything to her this morning as I passed her and I didn’t look back either.

Despite the plane landing on the water it was pretty much a quiet day. Cold, but quiet. Bill had a visit with Medicare to see about getting a home health aide for round the clock care. Hopefully that will go well and Bill will be able to stay in Hoboken again.

Awfully cold in bed at night without the big lump on the right.

For the past couple of days or so I’ve been posting a lyric online from some random song. Today’s lyric was ‘In walked Bud with his exploding nose, he’s been giving it maximum today/shouted’ how the devil you in trouble I suppose, all you ever do is runaway’.

The song was written by Graham Parker and covered by Dave Edmunds/Rockpile, called ‘Crawling from the Wreckage’.

I am so Nostradamus.



Don’t Come Around Here No More

Well Harpy swore me to secrecy, that Farfetched will be closing at the end of February. Yesterday I found out that they will be closing at the end of January. Everything must go. They’re even selling the shelves. Harpy just called and wondered why I wasn’t there at the store.

After a 28 year run, Susan Zappone and Lois Marsilio are being forced out of business. The raising of the rent you see. It was outrageous rent to begin with, now it can only be described as out of control.

I started working there on and off about 10 years ago. The store had just been robbed by a guy named Delroy Kemp. He had a gun and not only did he rob the store, he robbed the customers as well. The employees at the time were women, Susan, Lois and Denise. Harpy was living the life of a country squire in Rhinebeck or La Grangeville.

I was working at Right Track at the time and was invited to a gathering at the Paramount Hotel that Harpy was having for his then companion, Carol. That’s where I met Susan. Actually I think it might have been when I passed a package of powders to Harpy.

Harpy mentioned that I might be interested in extra money and it would probably be a good thing to have a big guy behind the counter. I qualified as a big guy. Still not sure how intimidating I could be. No robberies on my watch I have to say.

For a while I mainly worked with Denise on weekends. Me coming in at 1PM and working until 7PM for $10.00 an hour. I enjoyed working there though even after all these years I never really felt I fit in. I knew the writing was on the wall the past holiday season where I usually would work one or two days to help out with the rush, this year there was no rush, therefore no need for me.

I helped them out however I could though. Even standing behind the counter when someone needed to go to the bathroom or put quarters in the parking meter. I did see Susan Sarandon shopping there as well as Tim Robbins on a different day. Also Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt.

The celebrity that stands out for me would be Joey Ramone buying about $100.00 worth of discounted holiday cards the day after Christmas. I didn’t get a chance to see Robert Plant shopping there a few months ago. I did alert Gawker Stalker on that celebrity sighting of Percy but they ignored that as well as other postings I sent them, so I don’t read Gawker anymore.

So it’s sad to see some friends business go belly up. I don’t know what’s in the works for Susan and Lois and I don’t think they know either. I do wish them well and I plan on visiting them soon enough before the end and before it turns into the hot spot to buy some authentic cruddy Goth shoes and boots which seems to be in the works.

Susan and Lois were at my 40th birthday surprise party that Bill threw 6 years ago at Rand and Lisa’s apartment. I wonder if Susan figured out her digital camera yet…

In other news, I have been home for an hour, heater is on, no carbon monoxide detectors going off. My brother Brian called me, a bit alarmed at the CO problems. CO meaning Carbon Monoxide, not Corrections Officer. That’s Pedro’s department and he doesn’t care. Great to hear from Brian despite the messed up news he had to say. And that’s all I have to say on that.

Man in the Street

It’s Tuesday again and it’s not my fault. I did everything in my power to make it Thursday but obviously that didn’t go as planned. My carbon monoxide detectors kept going off last night. It seems if I come home and turn on the heater to medium it sets those buggers off.

So for most of the evening I was sitting in the apartment with the windows open, heaters off and wearing layers as opposed to the single thong I usually wear when I write. Yes butt floss does a writer good. And I keep checking to see if I am red in the face since Harpy hipped me to the fact that carbon monoxide poisoning can be seen when you’re looking beet red.

Visions of Vitas Gerulaitis pass through my consciousness. The late tennis pro died of carbon monoxide poisoning a while back while living in the Hamptons. The detectors haven’t gone off so far and the heaters are on at a minimum.

Obviously I am still alive though by this writing sometimes one can’t tell.

One the bus home today I was reading Sarah Vowell, The Wordy Shipmates and of course it’s very funny but despite me chuckling to myself I could barely keep my eyes open.

That may have been from the errand I had to do taking me from 49th Street and Third Avenue to 56th Street and Seventh Avenue. Right by the Carnegie Club, a posh cigar bar that I have been to a number of times.

Fortunately it wasn’t open.

I say fortunately since I usually bring my own cigars and they charge you $10.00 if you are not going to purchase one of their over priced cigars. It is a good spot though, drinks a bit pricey. It’s best to stick to beer, I’ve found.

Actually what’s best is to go on a company credit card. It’s where I had my going away party when I left Putnam Lovell NBF, I mean, Wanker Banker. Oddly enough I only had one cigar that evening which kept going out due to the fact that I was so chatty that night with everyone wishing me well.

Little did they or I know that where I was going, Wolff Olins, I mean, McMann and Tate was the proverbial fire underneath the frying pan.

I much prefer the Cigar Inn where I’ve been the past two Fridays with Steve the former coworker. You do have to buy your cigars there but you can also bring in your own libation. I don’t know if we’re doing it again this week, neither one of us has brought up the subject.

I walked around listening to the Story of Jamaican Music on the iPod Alexander Lopez got for me over the holidays. After writing about the Jamaican music last night I decided to load them into my iPods.

I listened to all of that so much that I know all of the words and I found myself singing along as I walked through midtown.

It was almost ironic since I saw a messenger walking along rapping along to whatever it was he was listening to while he was doing his errands and I thought it was odd.

But singing about how the train is coming is a lot different than saying ‘I’m gonna shoot that mutha fucka in the fuckin face’.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Everything’s Alright

Well it’s Monday again. It was a pretty good weekend. Cigars and bourbon on Friday, Chaz’ party on Saturday and yesterday a whole lot of nothing. I only went out for a little while yesterday afternoon, a trip to CVS to pick up various items and that was it. That was all I wanted to do with the world.

Not because of anything in particular, just a low key day. I did watch the Golden Globes from start to finish. Good to see Bruce Springsteen win an award and giggling on stage. Tina Fey is great and won her well deserved awards.

I am itching to see Slumdog Millionaire and Bill wants to see The Wrestler so I guess that’s where we’ll be somewhere down the line. We usually get the ‘let’s go to the movies’ bug around this time of year. Hype from the award shows does the trick.

Bill has discount passes for the movies which would make it more enticing as well as affordable. He has to get the passes though. It’s convenient since the movie theaters are right by the bus terminal. NO movie theaters in Hoboken, yet.

At work last week Vivek mentioned how good Slumdog Millionaire was and today he said I should go to 28th and Lexington where I could by the DVD for $5.00. He also mentioned that it might not be released in India due to the fact that Indians don’t like to see themselves portrayed in such a bad light, what with the abject poverty and violence.

He also mentioned that Indians tend to be a bit straight laced, just look at the reaction they gave to Richard Gere kissing that Indian actress at a press conference.

Or maybe everyone just feels that way towards Richard Gere. I know I did about 10 years ago when he was online in front of me at Tower Records, snapping up the last Story of Jamaican Music boxed set. He was talking to a friend about ‘How much Cindy was going to like it’. That was when he was married to Cindy Crawford. Julio was there with me so if you don’t believe me you can ask him.

Today was just like any other Monday. Getting up was a chore though. Most Monday’s are. Nothing special to report, a few errands here and there, a salad for lunch. All very hum drum. I did run into Scott Harbison on the bus tonight. He got on in Hoboken two stops before I was getting off.

It was good to see him. He’s on the wagon and working with the Hoboken Leonard Cohen, Lew Carbone. I have a feeling Lew Carbone Googles his name so I intentionally misspelled his name to see how far he will search.

I call him the Hoboken Leonard Cohen since he’s an older gent, an artist and always has a beautiful woman nearby. I don’t think he’s a Lothario, just that he enjoys the company of good looking women, much like Leonard Cohen.

I don’t know Lew Carbone at all, just seen him around town for the past 20 years or so. I could be totally wrong, but I think my point of view is so much more interesting.

That’s what I should do, take people I don’t know, just know about and write totally false things about them. Like how Jerri Fallow is a licensed truck driver who killed a man in South Dakota and is wanted on several bench warrants.

She’s crazy that Jerri Fallow. It is said that the man she killed only offered her a sandwich which apparently drove her over the edge.

So sad. So damn sad.

on the other hand….

Walk Out to Winter

Well Chaz once again threw a pretty good party. All very adult, chit chat and cocktails. The promised snow storm didn’t happen. I was starving beforehand so I ate a light supper about two hours early. Bill was in the city, fortifying himself with Claratin. Chaz has a cat, Lily (who once tried to take my eye out) and Bill is hyper-allergic to cats.

Rand and Lisa were going too so plans were made to meet at the Path train. I stopped off at Karma Cafe gingerly stepping over the kitchen help laying about the floor and got a gift certificate for Chaz. I started walking down Washington Street when I got a phone call from Bill who was in the city and about to head into the 14th Street Path station.

He mentioned meeting at Journal Square which made sense since the train he would be on would be going to Journal Square after Hoboken. But he wasn’t going to make a move until I gave the go ahead. The plan was to meet at the station so I told Bill that yes we would meet in Jersey City.

Rand and Lisa were a block or two behind me so when I got to the station I called them. They thought we would all be taking a cab from Hoboken to Jersey City Heights and I explained the situation. Rand and Lisa and I met on the platform, Bill on a train already, somewhere.

Nice ride and a few laughs along the way. We got off at Journal Square where we found Bill disembarking from the same train that we were on. He was in a different car, you see. I figured we would be taking a taxi from Journal Square so I bought a six pack of Stella Artois which cost more than usual since it was part of the train station.

When I left the store, it was suggested that we could walk. That was fine by me and I was surprised to find out that Lisa and Bill were into it. I know Bill isn’t a fan of the cold. I could have bought a six pack closer to Chaz’ house but it didn’t matter. Rand and I led the way with Bill and Lisa chatting it up a few feet behind us.

It wasn’t too bad of a walk, a frozen drizzle would rain on occasion but overall it was harmless. We were on Carlton Avenue before we knew it and soon we were in Chaz’ warm living room next to a kitchen table crowded with food and snacks.

Chaz made some excellent vegetarian chili as well, which I only had a tiny portion. Chaz’ lifelong friend Andy was there with his friend Howard. They made for a nice couple as well as Debra and Roy another couple that I only seem to see at Chaz holiday party.

No Dave McKenzie, no Connie and no Kathe. Dave was in Kentucky, Connie was fearful of the blizzard that wasn’t happening and Kathe had gotten out of work in Astoria and was just too tired to make the hike. And it would have been a hike for Kathe from Astoria and Connie could be excused since it would be unnerving to drive home in the middle of the night back to Highlands.

From what Chaz said, Connie was angry with the fact that she wasn’t going to be at the party.

Chaz had presents for most everyone, Bill and I getting a Simpsons calendar as well as a Simpsons bottle opener and two DVD’s, the Outkast movie Idlewild and the Paul Giamatti movie Sideways. You could tell it was a good party, lot’s of food, and drinks and before we knew it it was 1:00 in the morning and Bill was on the phone calling for a taxi to take us back to Hoboken.

Bill was heading back to Stuyvesant Town so Rand, Lisa and I rode to the Path train and saw Bill off. The three of us walked up Washington Street in a light drizzle past people lined up outside of bars trying to get in. I parted ways with Rand and Lisa on 7th Street with hugs and kisses.

I came home and watched Saturday Night Live for a bit while enjoying a night cap before going to bed myself. I waited to hear from Bill to make sure he got home alright. He did but was waylaid by his allergy since the Claratin wore off.

That’s it for now, back to rearranging the deck chairs tomorrow.

Here’s some pics.

Chaz, the host with the most

Chaz, the host with the most

Lovely Lisa (always photgraphs beautifully)

Lovely Lisa (always photgraphs beautifully)

Ernie photographed by Bert

Ernie photographed by Bert



William and Marianne

William and Marianne

Andy & Howard

Beatles in a tree

Beatles in a tree

Smokers lounge

Smokers lounge




a John Lennon apparition

a John Lennon apparition

"where is the eye?!?"

A splendid time was had by all

A splendid time was had by all

The Charging Sky

Saturday, a day to sleep in, but for me it was the day that somebody was moving something in the neighborhood on a truck which made a loud enough sound to wake me up. That, and my cellphone ringing at 8:00. Still I didn’t get out of bed until 9:00.

I texted the parents on the third floor to see if they wanted bagels and Julio replied that they did. By the time I got back from the supermarket which was being depleted of supplies due to the oncoming snowstorm Julio and Stine were at the pediatrician’s office for Alexander’s monthly checkup. I left their bagels in a bag hanging on their doorknob as I went upstairs and made myself a hearty breakfast.

So far it’s been snowing on and off all day. I haven’t left the building since 10:00 this morning and I have no idea how much has fallen. It’s almost 6:00 now so I’m sure the local news would have some information on the snowfall.

Tonight is Chaz’ party for which I am meeting Bill at the Path train along with Rand and Lisa I think. Then it’s to Journal Square and a taxi to Charlton Ave. Hopefully we’ll get a taxi. Right now the ending of the PBS documentary on Pete Seeger is finishing up. I watched it the other day as well. It’s a lot better than the Isn’t David Foster Great show that was on endlessly last month.

I didn’t write about something that one of my sock puppets was involved with the other day. It seems that the sock puppet had been arguing online in You Tube with a homophobic troll. Actually the sock puppet was the troll since it was a video against same sex marriage.

For the past couple of months it went on, name calling, curses and disparaging remarks about parents. Finally it came to a head. My sock puppet told the other guy to show up at 50th st and Third Avenue so they could duke it out. The sock puppet said he would be wearing a black leather trench coat.

Where he was going to get that, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t have a black leather trench coat. Looks too much like a 1980’s coke dealer’s apparel.

At the appointed time I was out there and looked around. Didn’t see anyone except for a soldier dressed in fatigues. I went back to my desk after a few minutes and figured the guy didn’t show. Hours later when checking the sock puppet’s email, there was an email from the guy who the sock puppet was supposed to battle.

It turns out it WAS the soldier. He called the sock puppet a coward for not showing up, the sock puppet in turn posted a video showing that the sock puppet was there. A few hours later the sock puppet got another email from the soldier who was apologizing for being such a jerk.

He said he’s usually not like that and blamed it on post traumatic stress disorder, saying he’s done 2 tours in Iraq (where he said he enjoyed killing Hajis). He ended the email, wishing the sock puppet, peace be with you. The sock puppet instantly replied, ‘and also with you’ but it was too late, the soldier shut his own account down.

A day later another email from someone with a different name. It was the soldier saying that he shut down his account since he couldn’t believe how far his anger had taken him.

Once again he wished the sock puppet peace and hoped that the sock puppet and his partner, Anklet, have a happy life together. The sock puppet thanked him once again and suggested he get help for his PTSD

I’m Telling You Now

Well today has been an off day. Started out that way, me being out of step with just about everyone. Nothing bad mind you. Just unable to get it together throughout the day. It started off with Love Me Do by the Beatles on the radio. Not a bad track to wake up to.

I puttered around, showered. Not enough milk for cereal but enough for coffee so I went out caffeinated but still fasting. Not too much of a problem, there’s plenty of places to get some food in Manhattan and I do know some cheap spots.

Made it to the office, nothing going on. I just keep rearranging the deck chairs. Right now, I’m pretty beat. Had some bourbon and a cigar with Steve a former co-worker. It was good seeing him.

Last week we basically had the cigar lounge to ourselves, this week it was crowded with men in suits smoking cigars. I of course was not suited, it being a Friday I went casual. Strangely enough after dressing casual or even more laid back than that, I can’t do casual anymore.

It’s more like sloppy than anything. I prefer the suit and tie. We finished the bourbon in Steve’s flask around the same time we finished our cigars. We plan to meet every Friday for cigars and booze. I walked back to the office, feeling good but still out of step.

A nap would reset my body clock but I couldn’t do that until I got home. I left the office around 3:30, caught the bus and did some food shopping at the supermarket. I was planning on going out to McSwells to see Jeff from Empire Coffee with his band, The Poconos and also see Roda but the way I’m feeling now, the way I’ve been feeling all day and the fact that it’s very cold out, makes me want to just stay at home.

Plus there is Chaz’ party tomorrow and that’s supposed to be in the middle of a snow storm. Hearing about the snow storm approaching made me think of 2 snow storms. One was back in 1970’s. It snowed enough that my father didn’t go to work and I had no school.

I mainly recall the 2 of us walking to the A&P which was usually a 20 minute walk but the snow made it an hour long jaunt.

The other time was in 2000 when Bill and I started going out. I was working at Farfetched and living in Weehawken. It was snowing quite heavily and enough so that NJ Transit ceased operations on everything.

Bill had told me about NJ Transit shutting down, but I wasn’t so sure. We had just started going out you see, and I didn’t know how in tune he was with bus schedules and information.

I was in the city and needed to get home somehow. No one was shopping so I got the go ahead to close the store and go home. I wound up taking the train to Herald Square and catching the Path train to Hoboken.

From there I walked up the middle of Washington Street since there wasn’t any traffic at 2:00 in the afternoon. I couldn’t see past a block ahead and anyway I was walking directly into the storm and my glasses had caked with snow and ice. All I could do was look at my feet as I trudged through the snow, telling people waiting for the bus that there was no bus service at all.

It took me about 2.5 hours to get from the Path train to Jane Street. By the time I got home I was plenty tired. Now I’m just tired and there’s no snow.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll make it up there after all. Maybe I won’t. I did give Jeff the heads up yesterday, letting him know that my afternoon would consist of scotch and cigars and he said he understood. Plus I’m generally reluctant to see friends in bands play. If they suck you have to lie and I find it hard to lie about music.

The Cutter

So happy it’s Thursday makes for a good acronym. The week went by not too fast but not too slow either. Keep your head down and muddle through is basically how its done.

I am through with the Today Show. One day they cancel Ann Cunter, the next day they have that anorexic twat on anyway. Matt ‘Sans scrotum’ Lauer talked with her in the first 10 minutes and I of course caught it like a bad cold.

I never heard of her until 9/11 and when I heard about how the US should invade foreign countries and convert the inhabitants to christianity, I figured she was just an old hag like Phyllis Schafly. Nope, I was wrong. She’s a middle aged hag. And the less said the better.

It seems like this might be a busy weekend coming up. Jeff the guy who works at Empire Coffee has a band that’s playing at McSwells tomorrow night. I think Jeff’s band is called the Poconos. He’s a good guy and I told him I would make an attempt to see him.

I also told him that I’m supposed to go out for a cigar and some whiskey with Steve like I did last week. I feel bad for Steve, he’s having a tough time trying to find a new job. So is Harpy, Rita and a few others that I know.

It used to be that I was the one who was unemployed and everyone else was working. Except for Harpy who was living the life of a country squire in upstate NY. I am keeping my ears open for all concerned, but I’m not hearing anything.

Last night was another in a series of quiet nights. Olbermann, but I turned off Rachel Maddow. I watched the recording of the Daily Show which was funny of course, but I was disappointed when the recording of The Colbert Report didn’t take. Does my DVR have something against Stephen Colbert?
It did erase the Colbert Christmas Special after all. I’m trying again tonight.

I might forgo Olbermann tonight and watch Ugly Betty. I need levity damn it! Since I missed the Colbert Report I was able to watch the new episodes of what else, but Scrubs. And they were actually pretty funny, though the second one was a touch sad with Glynn Thurman playing a dying man.

Good new characters introduced and I’m glad they kept Keith who was dumped a few days before his wedding to Eliot last year. That was a good way to resolve that plot line.

Saturday is Chaz’ party which Bill and I are attending. Kathe is supposed to be there as well as Connie, who I can’t believe I haven’t seen in a number of years. Just maintaining contact via the phone. I hope to see them as well as a certain commenter on this blog.

Just planing on relaxing tonight. Some TV, some reading, and probably a lot of surfing online. Don’t really have much else to write about so I should end it here. Or here.

Oh wait I should also send some good thoughts to my brother in law Rex who is en route to San Francisco with Annemarie for some tests to figure out what the hell is wrong with him.

So good thoughts are on the way!

Family Snapshot

What a cold and wet day this has been today. Just really crappy out. Last night was quiet again. O & Rm which is wearing thin, then the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Didn’t watch Scrubs yet. Still have to watch that Stax Soul Revue from the other night.

Slept really well last night though. Woke up to the sound of rain which made getting out of bed that much more unappealing. Still I rallied.

I’ve been reading online some post about Yoko Ono. It was from The Curvature, A Feminist Perspective on Politics and Culture. I really enjoyed it. I always felt Yoko was unfairly blamed for the break up of the Beatles.

cut and paste

I remember seeing a midnight showing of Let It Be a long time ago (Lennon was still alive) and whenever Yoko was on the screen people in the audience would hiss and yell things. I liked John enough and felt that if he thought she was cool, then she was cool with me.

John, Paul, George and Ringo were pretty much tired of each other. Brian Epstein had passed away and he was basically the barrier between them and the music business. That was the beginning of the end.

They weren’t really the cuddly mop tops that people imagine them to be. They could be assholes too, or in John’s words, the biggest bastards in the world. And Yoko could be an asshole too.

They couldn’t get it together to buy their publishing, John was flirting with heroin, Paul was sleeping with anything in a skirt, George was unhappy being a Beatle and Ringo felt his role was being diminished.

George and Ringo were also fed up with Paul telling them how to play and what to play, and if they couldn’t do it, Paul would do it himself. The showdown between Paul and George can be seen in Let It Be.

There was also a betrayal of John by Paul. They had a deal to own equal shares in Northern Songs, their publishing company. But unknown to John, Paul was buying up his own shares which John eventually found out.

It’s not a pretty story and it ended badly for all concerned. But basically the break up wasn’t Yoko’s fault. They were heading for a break up anyhow. Do you think the Beatles could have lasted into the 1970’s against Led Zeppelin? I think they ended on an up note and became legends.

Another report that I’ve been reading is related to something I posted last year on July 28, 2008 under the title, God. I wrote about Sean Kennedy who was attacked, punched so hard in the face that facial bones were broken, causing Sean Kennedy to fall and when he hit the pavement, his brain stem became separated ensuring his death.

The murderer, Stephen Moller received a sentence of 18 months. In South Carolina it seems a gay mans life is worth less than a straight mans life. To rub some salt in the wound, Moller the murderer is being considered for parole since 18 months for murder can be such a difficult thing.

I was motivated to write a letter to the parole board asking them to deny his parole at the upcoming hearing. I’ve never written a parole board, not even requesting that John Lennon’s assassin remain behind bars. But this motivated me enough to do so.

Whether or not a letter from some homo in Hoboken has any weight to a South Carolina parole board, I couldn’t say. But I felt I had to do something.

Here is what I sent to the South Carolina Parole Board:

Department of Probation Pardon and Parole Services
2221 Devine Street, Suite 600, PO Box 50666
Columbia SC 29250

RE: Stephen Andrew Moller – SCDC ID # 00328891

To Whom It May Concern:

I have just read online and in the print media of the fact that Stephen Moller (SCDC ID # 00328891) is being considered for a parole hearing. Stephen Moller is a murderer plain and simple, despite the fact that he was charged with the involuntary manslaughter (after screaming anti-gay epithets) of Sean Kennedy.

This is reprehensible. Moller took Kennedy’s life, and destroyed the lives of Kennedy’s family and friends. To allow something like Moller a chance for parole, a chance to kill again would be a travesty of justice, much worse than the year and a half sentence that Moller has received. Someone like him should be behind bars for life.

A mistake has been made with Moller’s sentencing. Please do not make that mistake even worse by granting an early release, especially since the year and a half sentence was a joke.

Let’s Take a Walk

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year. Quick! Make a wish! I am not saying what my wish was since if you say it out loud it doesn’t come true. I actually didn’t wish for anything, succumbing to the adage, be careful what you wish for. Last night was a few steps back. O & RM again followed by Scrubs. And it was an hour of Scrubs.

I didn’t mind. I did not stay up and watch the episode at midnight. I was in bed, fading fast asleep. I usually listen to a snippet of a song before I go to sleep on WCBS. I like the oldies, the familiar, I suppose.

Sunday night was Your Song by Elton John and last night was Get Down Tonight which always reminds me of driving around in Susan Sher’s roadster and sing ‘Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo’ and laughing hysterically. It is one of my all time favorite songs. It always makes me feel good and it’s good to go to sleep laughing.

Waking up laughing is always much more difficult. This morning I got up on time, 6:15 and as I got out of bed I was struck by a thought, ‘Why bother?’ and went back to sleep for a few more minutes. There’s really no need for me to hustle into the office at 8:00 anymore. 8:30 is fine. Today was 8:45.

Still one of the first people in the office. That’s the thing, the subtenants are in before me now and they can make their own damn coffee. I do like the subtenants, they’re a lively group.

They love to play tracks from the 80’s and this afternoon they were playing JJ Fad, Supersonic. A one hit hip hop wonder. Of course that stuck in my head like a nasty ear worm. Actually it was De La Soul’s take on JJ Fad, De La Cratic that played for a while in my head.

Somethings are going on in the office to which I am not privy to. One thing I did do today, for myself, not work oriented was to change my Facebook profile picture. I used a picture of pudgy little me from 1976 wearing a Cap and Gown with a bicentennial Liberty Bell medallion hanging around my neck. Vivek stopped by soon after that and asked me to scan some documents.

No problem with that. I scanned and converted to a pdf and sent it to Vivek who in turn sent it to a client. Unfortunately, I sent him the cap and gown picture and he sent that to the client. Oh embarrassing.

He came up to me and asked me to rescan since someone’s graduation picture was sent. I had to own up to it and there was a laugh about it, and I re-sent the proper documents. Who knows if it will bite me on the ass? In any event it was funny.

I was out and about quite a bit today, wearing my late cousin Jackie’s overcoat with a velvet collar. The overcoat was made specially for Jackie and says so inside, stitched above an inside pocket.

It’s a great looking jacket that was originally given to my brother Brian but since it didn’t fit him that good it went to me instead and it’s a good fit. So thank you Brian and thank you Jackie.

Scrubs is back on TV tonight, new Bat channel. Same time as Rachel Maddow so I’ll record it and basically repeat last night, O & RM followed by Scrubs.

Does anyone else think it’s oddly convenient that when Israel kills civilians they say that the civilians were around Hamas strongholds in the Warsaw ghetto Gaza?
To be balanced, or at least appear so, Saudi Arabia beheaded 2 men accused of ‘raping each other’. added 9:15PM EST
That’s it for me on this side of the microscope. How are things on your end?

Bill thought this was my brother Brian in the picture.

Bill thought this was my brother Brian in the picture.

This is me tonight in my late cousin Jackie’s overcoat. Snazzy, no?