Daily Archives: December 28, 2008

Black Superman

It’s a Sunday again. Back to work tomorrow, if only for a few hours. Today has been an odd day weather wise. Quite unseasonably warm. 66 degrees they said.

Last night was more low key than it’s been the past few days. Bill injured his wrist somehow and he thinks he has carpal tunnel syndrome. Or arthritis. I told him it’s probably from using his laptop and straining his wrist without any support.

I watched a very good movie today, The Visitor, directed by Tom McCarthy who also did another very good film, The Station Agent. This starred Richard Jenkins who played the late patriarch on Six Feet Under.

Tom McCarthy is an actor also, and played the reporter named Scott Templeton who was making up stories for his deadline on the last season of The Wire. Highly recommended.
And if you haven’t seen The Station Agent, you really should. That is also a very good film.

I stayed up late reading the John Lennon biography. It’s a library book and I only have 14 days to read it. It’s a fairly recent book so there will be no renewing when the due date arrives. Also have the Sarah Vowell book, The Wordy Shipmates but that’s just a slim volume.

It was around 1:45 when I went to bed. I remember staying up way later than that just a few years ago, being artificially stimulated and sleeping away much of the next day. I’m glad to say I don’t do that anymore.

I was up around 9:30 this morning and when I went out for my morning errands I was surprised at how warm it was.

Got an email from Meghan Taylor about removing the pictures I posted on Facebook. I suppose she doesn’t read the blog. I would remove the pictures if only she’d tell me what pictures to remove. Until then the pictures stay.

Got a text message from Rand. He was at the Crow’s Nest in Hasbrouck Heights. I had to laugh since I’d never been there. Drove past it eight million times, but never so much as graced the place with the sole of my shoe.

I’m sure it’s a decent place and I’m also sure that the chances of running into someone from my past would greatly increase. A few months ago I would have been interested, today- not so much.

Of course it would depend on who it would be and with my luck it would probably be someone who gave me hell for four years in high school who doesn’t live that far away from the Crow’s Nest.

I’m just taking it easy tonight, waiting for 60 Minutes to come on. The Sound of Music was just playing but Bill texted me to tell me the Jets game was ‘ova’, meaning either it’s egg-like or finished.

I changed the channel and didn’t see any big men in tight spandex running around a field and jumping on top of each other. Now why don’t I like football again?