Daily Archives: November 25, 2008

It’s Alright With Me

Well it’s Tuesday and it’s been a rainy Tuesday. The iPod keeps shedding tracks, it seems like the end is near. My computer was off all day and I made arrangements to drop it off at Rand’s tonight, but now it’s working.

As slow as ever but still it’s working somewhat. I’m not taking any chances though and I am writing this on Bill’s Mac once again. More dependable plus he’s not here. He doesn’t mind that I’m using it either.

There’s just a slight adjustment in using the Mac. Certain commands are different and instead of using the control button you need to use the ‘cloverleaf’ button to do the things you want to do.

I neglected to mention yesterday that I gave someone the wrong directions on the street yesterday. I was on 52nd street walking east and a woman asked me while she was walking west if she was walking in the right direction to get to 53rd street.

I didn’t hear her correctly and asked her to repeat herself and she did. Still I didn’t understand exactly and just agreed with her, telling her she was indeed going in the right direction. A few feet later I felt bad about not putting her on the right path, but not bad enough to set her straight.

Work was busy today and I was able to get a few things done and also find out what Vivek and his partner had in mind. 10 hours a week, paid to do administrative things like expense reports, travel arrangements and other things like that.

Extra money is extra money and I showed interest and enthusiasm. Don’t know when it’s going to start though.

Bill and I talked today, a few times actually. The call that stands out is the call I got on the bus ride home. I don’t like talking on the bus, since I don’t want to be one of those people who while chatting the people sitting around them can hear every word of the conversation. I had 2 seats to myself, probably because of the Padron I smoked on the way over to the bus terminal.

Bill was excited though, ‘fishing’ to see what I was doing on Friday afternoon. I told him I had no plans, and he wanted to meet up around 2:30 for something to do at 3:30. I told him sure, just to remind me on Friday morning.

I was a bit short though since I wanted to get off the phone as soon as I could, telling Bill that I would call him when I got home. That was the first thing I did when I got home, even before changing clothes.

He was still excited, he’s a rambunctious character. He asked if I was home and I said, yes I told him I would call when I got home and I am calling him now that I’m home.

He was going on and on about his bus driver friend and how her sister wrote a script and should the driver invest in the play.

Actually it all started when I mentioned Casey. Bill mentioned meeting Casey on the bus while his was talking to the bus driver which turned into the driver’s sister’s script. Then he said he had to get off the phone. I asked, ‘what about me?’

He asked what did I have to say and I said I didn’t have a chance to say anything since he completely dominated the conversation and how he loves the sound of his own voice. It’s true, homeboy can talk and talk without letting anyone get a word in edgewise.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to say except that I need to carry my computer over to Rand’s apartment and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then he asked if I was just going to chill out in the apartment tonight and I said, No I was going to bring my computer over to Rand’s apartment. Which went in one ear and out the other.

Bill is unapologetic for the fact that he loves the sound of his own voice. But it’s alright, since I love him so. Drives me crazy like no other and that’s fine by me. After 8 years it had better be.

I think Bill and I are going to see Milk on Friday. That may be what he was fishing about. I really want to see it since Harvey Milk was a personal hero of mine. I own the documentary The Times of Harvey Milk which always leaves me sobbing at the end.

In 2004 Bill and I visited the Castro in San Francisco. Harvey Milk’s photo shop was a card store, but embedded in the sidewalk out front was a plaque in Harvey’s honor. Got choked up there too. I’ve seen the trailer and I have to say Sean Penn looks incredible. Not so much looking like Harvey, but having the mannerisms and speeech patterns down pat.

If you have a chance, rent the Academy Award winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk. You won’t regret it.