Daily Archives: November 4, 2008


Today is the big day. No it’s not my birthday. But perhaps it’s the birth of a better nation than it has been for the past 8 years. Yes it’s election day. What I have been waiting for since last year. If you recall, I think it was August 2007 when I mentioned if it was intense then in 2007, how would it be in October 2008? Well we have our answer don’t we?

Surprisingly I’m not as angst ridden as I was in 2004. This one seems more like a sure thing. Of course having written that, superstitious me thinks, ‘oh no, I’ve jinxed Obama’. But then again I am an atheist and have no need for superstition but it’s there. Oh yes… it’s there.

Last night Bill was in Stuyvesant Town so he would be able to vote early. That’s where he’s registered you see. I slept well. Watched O & RM, and was looking forward to the escapism of Heroes, but to my surprise Heroes wasn’t on. Instead it was two hours of Saturday Night Live’s political sketches from as far back as Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford. Different times indeed.

I went to bed after the news and talking with Bill on the phone. Woke up and did my thing. I picked out my clothes the night before. Emphasis on blue, blue tie, blue braces, blue tnt otc socks, navy blue pinstriped suit and of course my blue Obama 08 button.

I didn’t wear the button at the polling place 50 yards from my door though. Didn’t know what to expect but found a line. Usually it takes about 5 minutes, today it took a little more than 20 minutes. At first they couldn’t find my name in the book, and I thought I’d have to get all Tim Robbins on their asses.

I pulled out my voter registration cards, I have 2 of them but eventually they found it. Actually they found it after I found it by reading upside down. Then I was in the queue for Ward 6 in Hoboken. Easy vote, column A except for freeholder Anthony ‘Stick’ Romano a creepy ex-cop from Hoboken. Also a Yes and a No on the public questions in that order.

Then it was a bus ride into the city. Got some looks at my Obama 08 button, nothing hostile and as far as I know, no comments, at least none that I heard as I was playing Funplex by the B-52’s on the iPod. It’s nerve wracking to listen to the news right now, basically they’re saying not to count out McRage yet, while just before they had reports from around the world mostly saying that they hope Obama wins.

All except for Israel. And who do they ask for an Israeli opinion, but an American ex-pat living in Israel. Don’t forget that 60 years ago Israel was created at the expense of the Palestinians who were living there for maybe a thousand years before. Nothing like outlawing and degrading the people that were there first. Hello Native Americans!

Work was quiet. Tom Chin still sick, so it was me and Vivek basically. Doing handiwork actually. Me all dressed up on the floor under a desk unscrewing pieces so desks can be taken apart and moved. That was ridiculous and tomorrow promises more of the same.

Vivek told me to dress casual since it’s bound to be dirty work. Bill is coming home tonight, and Juan is coming over to watch the results. So all is good, hopefully.

Hope you all went out and voted. It’s almost 7:00PM here in Hoboken so you have an hour left to hit the polls. GO OBAMA and best wishes to California against Prop h8 as well as Florida and Arizona. I guess there is enough love in the world so why not discriminate against people in love that are mostly the same yet slightly different?

Prove those bastards wrong!

Get out and VOTE!