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Sunday’s Best

Argh, Sunday night. After four days off there is a feeling of dread in going back tomorrow. And there’s no need for it, since I enjoy this job. I’m sure it would be different if Bill was here, but he’s not on this cold rainy evening.
I wish he were here, but I must carry on. Didn’t do much today due to the weather. Yesterday would have been the day to do something but I stayed local. No trip to Manhattan, just a walk to the post office.

I did find the scarves I’ve been looking for, and of course I found them after buying a scarf on Thanksgiving morning in the city while waiting for Bill and his mother outside of Grand Central Station.

Last night I watched Tropic Thunder, which was very good, very witty. Turns out I didn’t have Hancock, the Will Smith movie. That’s next in the Netflix queue. Tropic Thunder was basically a movie about a making a movie, which I thought was along the lines of The Stunt Man, a movie from the early 1980’s starring Peter O’Toole, Barbara Hershey and Steve Railsback. Similar concept, different plots, or plotz.

I watched the director’s cut last night, the commentary with Ben Stiller, Jack Black and the great Robert Downey Jr., who is certainly one of the best actors around today, playing a blond haired blue eyed Australian who undergoes a darkening of his pigmentation so he can play a role written for a black man.

It did sag in bits, but then again it was the director’s cut, not the theatrical release which had most of the fat trimmed off. But as Downey’s character says in the movie that he doesn’t step out of character until the DVD commentary, he does his commentary in character, to the amusement of Stiller and Black.

After that I watched bit’s and pieces of Saturday Night Live as well as Escape from the Planet of the Apes which I used to love, now I was surprised that I was able to sit through it then because there was an awful lot of dialogue and really cheap sets.

Then again, I wasn’t able to see it in the theater since I was too young so I had to wait for it to be shown on broadcast TV. I think the only one I saw in a theater was the fourth Ape movie, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

They never showed the Apes movies nearby, it seemed they only showed them in Passaic, which was too far and too rowdy for me to go alone let alone ask someone else to go and get their parents to drive us. Paramus was closer and within walking distance and had a few theaters.

This afternoon I finally got around to watching Wall-E which was as charming and cute as I had been told. Harpy likened it to old school cartoons from the 1920’s, not much dialogue- you need to follow the plot by watching the action and figuring out various bleeps and whirrs.

But it’s not all bleeps and whirrs and watching it on DVD affords the luxury of reading subtitles. It’s funny, when I sat don a few minutes ago I was saying to myself I don’t want to write, but here I am twenty minutes later and basically finished with tonight’s entry.

And I just got a call from Rand who is going to be dropping off my computer in a few minutes. Oh how torn I am, using Bill’s Mac and finally getting the right commands down to going back to Ol’ Dusty.

Which is sort of like Bill’s Mac being EVE and Ol’ Dusty being Wall-E.

Yeah- that makes sense.

Janie Jones

A lazy good for nothing Saturday and that’s how I wanted it to be. Didn’t do much of anything today. Just relaxed watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it was ok. It was hyped up to me quite a bit so maybe I was expecting too much. It was enjoyable but not gut splitting, which is good since who wants to clean up guts anyway.

Last night was pretty good though. Juan was a lot funnier than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He stooped by on his way back to Trenton. We hung out and watched most of Zelig and The Times of Harvey Milk.

Of course while watching the documentary on Harvey Milk I got choked up which was a surprise to Juan. He was nice enough to ask if I was alright even though I think it made him a little uncomfortable.

I blubbered that even though I’ve watched the documentary a few times already it still gets me every time. I don’t think Juan had ever seen me like that before and I also don’t think Juan had seen the documentary before either.

He left around 10:00 and I watched the rest of the documentary. I wound up staying up until 12:30. I wanted to sleep late but I couldn’t sleep past 8:00.

I rallied and was out the door, paying 25 cents more for the funny papers. Saw the family unit on the 3rd floor only briefly since Superboy needed a super change and I certainly didn’t need to see that.

After the morning shows I watched the extra disc of the documentary before I had to turn it off. You see since I’m using Bill’s Mac these days, the TV is in the next room and I don’t get any chance to watch it, only hear it, which of course isn’t the same thing.

Right now, The Stand is on. I’ve seen that before a few times. Pretty good adaptation of a Stephen King novel. I can hear what’s going on and I can picture it in my mind.

I still have Wall-E to watch as well as Hancock on DVD. Hancock got so so reviews but I am a sucker for a super hero gone wrong story, so that should appease the 12 year old boy in me.

Also deleting non-existent racks from my iPod. The gray exclamation points show which tracks are no longer there. Rand is fixing my computer and updating my iTunes so perhaps if I take everything off the iPod and reload it, it might work better.

Then again it might not.

In any event I missed the Apple sale where the iPod classic was on sale 20.00 less that the list price. No matter where you shop, the iPod is 249.00 so I guess 229.00 is a big deal. It was a one day sale.

Perhaps as we get closer to December 25 there might be another sale. But even then it’s a bit of an extravagance.

One other thing Juan got a super duper new phone, which he was so happy to have. It does everything, even contains a defiblerator.

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

Friday night, yet feels like a Saturday night. Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker. Bill and I went to see Milk this afternoon in Chelsea. Sold out show at 2:30. An excellent movie, well done.

I can’t really say that I’m a big Sean Penn fan but I have utmost respect for him since playing Harvey Milk. James Franco, also someone I was ambivalent towards was quite good as well as hot. Emile Hersh played Cleve Jones and I had forgotten his role in the Harvey Milk story.

Cleve Jones is the creator of the Aids Memorial Quilt, aka the Names Project. The other day I posted in my Facebook page a statement from Harvey Milk, You Cannot Live on Hope Alone, which still brings a tear to my eye.

There were a few moments in the film that tears were rolling down my face. I knew where it was going to end and I was dreading it, but it was remarkably handled. Just so well made, Gus Van Sant did a commendable job.

Harvey Milk was a hero of mine. I feel one of his main points from his life was to get gay people out of the closet and destroy those myths. There is no shame, we are not monsters or child molesters. WE are your brothers and sisters, your children, your friends and co-workers.

For years, maybe centuries we have been told we were inferior, perverted, just because of whom we love. To find out that I was gay at the onset of puberty was an earth shattering moment for me.

I remember it perfectly. One night I was letting the dog out in our backyard and while I waited for him to do his business I looked at a newspaper waiting to be tied up and given to our neighbor for recycling.

There was an article that caught my eye, an article in the sports section about a footballer, Dave Kopay who had just come out of the closet and giving the NFL a big scare, if not society as a whole.

He cracked the myth of the limp wrested florist or hairdresser. Here was a football player who could probably beat up anyone in the room who called him a fag, coming out of the closet. I remember getting aroused reading it.

That is when I knew, when I had my ‘uh-oh’ moment that October night in 1976. As confusing as it felt for me, my life plans whatever they were at 14 years old, getting married and having kids was what was drilled into me, as confusing as that was, it also felt true.

I knew then, that this was the way I was, no choice involved. And really if you think there is a choice, at what moment do straight people make their decision to be straight?

It was painful and lonely for me. I did look it up in a dictionary and that was basically telling me I was abnormal, a deviant. I knew I wasn’t those things.

In 1976 there were no Gay/Straight Alliances in high schools and if there was, I was going to a catholic high school and there certainly wouldn’t be one on that campus. I eventually found my footing and was forced to live a double life, or a lie from the age of 14.

Not very easy and the terror of being found out always loomed in my mind. I was found out once by someone in my immediate family who said I was disgusting and perverted and would tell mom and dad. I hyperventilated as the room spun and saw that my world could be destroyed that very moment.

Somehow I got through that and as I far as I know, they didn’t say anything. Eventually I was outed. My father found magazines under my bed, but unlike my brothers with Playboy and Penthouse, I had Blueboy and Mandate.

My father told my mother who told my brother then to my sister and then to my brother and when I was confronted I admitted it. I knew I couldn’t live there anymore.

I wasn’t kicked out and they didn’t want me to leave, but I knew I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to in Lodi. I was in Hoboken more and more, hanging out with an intelligent group of college graduates and was more comfortable there.

That was about 8 years after I found out about myself in 1976. Almost 2 years later Harvey Milk was reported on initially as being the first Gay person elected to public office and it was national news in January 1978.

On November 27 1978 he was assassinated in City Hall, as was Mayor George Moscone by former San Francisco Supervisor Dan White.

As terrible and horrible as Harvey Milk’s murder was, I felt equally bad for the Moscone family. George Moscone was a progressive Mayor and who knows how far both he and Harvey would have gone if only they had lived.

I highly recommend this movie. It was so good I would probably see it again in a theater if the opportunity presented itself once more.

After Harvey Milk’s assassination 30 years and one day later Harvey Milk lives on.

Young Gifted and Black

No, the title isn’t about me just a song that has been playing in my head for the past few hours. The Bob and Marcia reggae version, not the Nina Simone version which is still good but heavy enough to make Nina cry when she sang it. Bob and Marcia’s version is very much a fun song, upbeat and optimistic.

It’s a late posting tonight since I just got back from Thanksgiving dinner with Bill and his mother and various cousins and friends. A lovely time indeed.

Last night was mellow yet again. Bill was here in the apartment for about thirty minutes, mainly to pick up some fresh clothes and for an extended bear hug, which I was glad to both give and receive.

Can’t really hug that long on the street when I see Bill after work since you never know who will bash your head in with a brick if you’re seen showing affection to the one you love and the one you love happens to be of the same sex. So we have to hug indoors in the safety of our apartment.

It was all too fleeting, Bill’s visit. We did finalize the itinerary for this morning though. Bill handed me a round trip Metro North ticket and we made plans to meet at Grand Central Station.

I woke up this morning and went out for the papers and some bagels. Had to go to Dunkin Donuts since the Hoboken Bagel store was closed on one of the few days they actually close. I think Christmas is the other day. I’ll find out on December 25 in any event.

Saw Julio and Stine and Kal-El this morning. They were going to Julio’s sister who just gave birth to twins last month. One came home a few weeks ago, the other last weekend. They were premature you see.

I came upstairs, made some breakfast and soon I was suited and out the door headed to Manhattan. Not many people on the bus, which was nice.

I expected some problems crossing Broadway due to the parade and my expectations were on the money. I couldn’t even cross Seventh Avenue. Just people milling about looking at floats and balloons from a distance.

No cops to ask where to cross so I try walking down to the subway hoping I can cross underground. Nope, the gates were closed for entry. I found another subway entrance and was able to get through but the exit I had hoped for on the other side of Broadway was inaccessible.

Luckily there was a cross town shuttle about to leave the station and I squeezed in. Five minutes later I was at Grand Central. I had some time to kill before Bill and his mother arrived so I bought a dozen roses for Bill’s cousin Hiram’s wife, Chris.

Met up with Bill and his mother and soon we were on the railway to Beacon NY, about two hours away.

Hiram picked us up at the station and soon we were mingling with cousins and friends. Chris made a lot of food and we all ate like gavones, at least Bill and I did. Pictures were taken but I can’t figure out how to post them on a Mac so later on down the line you can see them.

You can see Bill’s pictures taken on his Facebook page.
Cut n’ paste time

I’m wearing Bill’s hat, which since it fits me better than him, is mine now. He said so.

Tomorrow afternoon Bill and I are going to see Milk and we’re both pretty psyched about it.

We hope you had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

I See Red

Jesus Christ what a crazy day this has been. First off, since May 2007 I have been receiving harassing calls from an Asian woman who claims I have lied to her and betrayed her.

She usually fills my voice mailbox with messages preventing any legitimate messages from being recording. All the messages are in another language and they starting out in broken English- whispering weeping and usually increase in volume winding up with her screaming and sobbing.

Usually I’ve just erased them. The phone service we use claim they couldn’t help me unless I changed my number (which can’t be done since my number is the main number) or go to the police.

I figured the NYPD has better things to do, but I found out later this afternoon that if I get a police report from the NYPD I can submit that to the phone service who will send it to Verizon (who control most of the land lines in Manhattan) and they could block these calls. No one told me that earlier.

In the meantime, I asked that my phone be forwarded to the fax machine until Monday. I tried it myself but couldn’t so I schedule it to be done at 2PM this afternoon after I had left for the holiday weekend.

At 3PM I checked and expected to hear a fax machine, instead I heard my own voicemail. The psycho didn’t call. Other methods I have used in the past to discourage this woman calling was to digitally record her messages, load them into my iTunes and then play them back as an outgoing messages.

Some Asian woman screaming and crying about how she’s not a celebrity and everyone stares at her when she goes shopping. I can honestly say I don’t know anything about what the hell she is ranting about.

I should also add that I did meet her last year. She showed up in my office, asking to see John Ozed. The receptionist tells me and I go out and introduce myself and she says I am not John Ozed, that someone as put me up to being John Ozed.

Apparently somehow she got my name and work address and has called me almost every day since then. I know it’s odd but that is how it happened.

I live such an interesting life.

Then Bill asks me to pick up some shoes from the shoemaker and some dry cleaning. I go to the shoemaker and hand in the ticket to some Hoboken born and raised inbred. Old geezer paisan. He can’t find it.

Younger Latino worker asks when the shoes were dropped off, I tell him I’m doing someone a favor, and to look at the ticket. Turns out Bill dropped off the shoes October 30. Today is November 26.

They look and look. They ask me what size shoe, what type of shoe and the shoe’s color. I call Bill, he says size 12, penny loafer and they’re black. They can’t read the ticket. I suggest sending it to a pharmacist so they could read it. They didn’t get the joke.

Geezer paisan says some remark about me going to a pharmacist. I ignore him. 20 minutes they find the shoes and start putting on the toe and heel savers. Almost a month to do the job and here they are putting the savers on.

The kid behind the counter takes some money off the bill and wishes me a Happy Thanksgiving but I just take the shoes and I leave.

I call Bill, telling him that I couldn’t believe it took them almost a month to do the job. The Geezer is outside and hears me and says, ‘Yeah so what? It took a month.’ I tell him to mind his own business. He doesn’t like the sound of that, and warns me to watch it.

I tell him to shut the fuck up. He again warns me and I tell him to drop dead.

I get the dry cleaning and come home and feel bad about the kid who wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I call the store and ask for the Latino kid behind the counter. It turns out he answered the phone.

He asks who’s calling and I tell him I was in the store and they couldn’t find the shoes at first, and anyway ‘you wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and I ignored you and that was wrong’.

I wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and tell him that I like the work that they do there, but if the geezer is there next time I won’t be coming in. He says he understands and says, Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

I just saw Rand and Lisa outside and then Julio and Stine with Alexander. Rand and Lisa headed home and I went upstairs with the family unit. Had a few glasses of wine, told them the story I just wrote and watched Alexander teethe.

Alexander restored my faith in humanity so all is well. A few glasses of wine helped also.

Tomorrow, the trip to Beacon NY with Bill and his mother via MetroNorth to have Thanksgiving dinner with Bill’s cousin and his family.

This was written once again on Bill’s Mac since my computer is at Rand’s with a new hard drive I bought this afternoon being repaired and installed.

It’s Alright With Me

Well it’s Tuesday and it’s been a rainy Tuesday. The iPod keeps shedding tracks, it seems like the end is near. My computer was off all day and I made arrangements to drop it off at Rand’s tonight, but now it’s working.

As slow as ever but still it’s working somewhat. I’m not taking any chances though and I am writing this on Bill’s Mac once again. More dependable plus he’s not here. He doesn’t mind that I’m using it either.

There’s just a slight adjustment in using the Mac. Certain commands are different and instead of using the control button you need to use the ‘cloverleaf’ button to do the things you want to do.

I neglected to mention yesterday that I gave someone the wrong directions on the street yesterday. I was on 52nd street walking east and a woman asked me while she was walking west if she was walking in the right direction to get to 53rd street.

I didn’t hear her correctly and asked her to repeat herself and she did. Still I didn’t understand exactly and just agreed with her, telling her she was indeed going in the right direction. A few feet later I felt bad about not putting her on the right path, but not bad enough to set her straight.

Work was busy today and I was able to get a few things done and also find out what Vivek and his partner had in mind. 10 hours a week, paid to do administrative things like expense reports, travel arrangements and other things like that.

Extra money is extra money and I showed interest and enthusiasm. Don’t know when it’s going to start though.

Bill and I talked today, a few times actually. The call that stands out is the call I got on the bus ride home. I don’t like talking on the bus, since I don’t want to be one of those people who while chatting the people sitting around them can hear every word of the conversation. I had 2 seats to myself, probably because of the Padron I smoked on the way over to the bus terminal.

Bill was excited though, ‘fishing’ to see what I was doing on Friday afternoon. I told him I had no plans, and he wanted to meet up around 2:30 for something to do at 3:30. I told him sure, just to remind me on Friday morning.

I was a bit short though since I wanted to get off the phone as soon as I could, telling Bill that I would call him when I got home. That was the first thing I did when I got home, even before changing clothes.

He was still excited, he’s a rambunctious character. He asked if I was home and I said, yes I told him I would call when I got home and I am calling him now that I’m home.

He was going on and on about his bus driver friend and how her sister wrote a script and should the driver invest in the play.

Actually it all started when I mentioned Casey. Bill mentioned meeting Casey on the bus while his was talking to the bus driver which turned into the driver’s sister’s script. Then he said he had to get off the phone. I asked, ‘what about me?’

He asked what did I have to say and I said I didn’t have a chance to say anything since he completely dominated the conversation and how he loves the sound of his own voice. It’s true, homeboy can talk and talk without letting anyone get a word in edgewise.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to say except that I need to carry my computer over to Rand’s apartment and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then he asked if I was just going to chill out in the apartment tonight and I said, No I was going to bring my computer over to Rand’s apartment. Which went in one ear and out the other.

Bill is unapologetic for the fact that he loves the sound of his own voice. But it’s alright, since I love him so. Drives me crazy like no other and that’s fine by me. After 8 years it had better be.

I think Bill and I are going to see Milk on Friday. That may be what he was fishing about. I really want to see it since Harvey Milk was a personal hero of mine. I own the documentary The Times of Harvey Milk which always leaves me sobbing at the end.

In 2004 Bill and I visited the Castro in San Francisco. Harvey Milk’s photo shop was a card store, but embedded in the sidewalk out front was a plaque in Harvey’s honor. Got choked up there too. I’ve seen the trailer and I have to say Sean Penn looks incredible. Not so much looking like Harvey, but having the mannerisms and speeech patterns down pat.

If you have a chance, rent the Academy Award winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk. You won’t regret it.

On Some Faraway Beach

Ok here we are, on Bill’s Mac. The day started out with my iPod skipping songs in a playlist. The other day they were there, today they aren’t. A while ago I logged into a website for determining the life of your iPod. My iPod is scheduled to die on December 1, 2008, which is right around the corner.

I couldn’t figure out what was happening and couldn’t find any easy answers online. It wasn’t the end of the world and I figured though it would be time consuming I could replace the missing songs when I got home. But that would depend on my computer working properly, and it isn’t which is why I am on Bill’s Mac.

I seem to have a very good wireless connection, excellent it tells me, but it’s trying to acquire a network address. That does me no good.

One thing I learned today during some downtime was sewing. I was able to tighten up some buttons that were loose enough to make me worry about losing them. It was so much easier to grasp the concept of sewing watching it on video and it didn’t involve pricking my finger constantly.

So I didn’t lose too much blood and was able to re-sew a few buttons, which was a check mark in my accomplishment column.

Jeez, Bill’s Mac is so much easier and friendly. Not as temperamental as mine.

Greg Stevens returned from his vacation in Arizona. It was good to see him and it’s an interesting thing, our friendship. He really looks out for me and sat me down to tell me what Vivek told me a week or so ago, about how my job is relatively “stable”. Of course anything could happen overnight.

Greg mentioned that he lost quite a bit of money due to the distress of CitiGroup. He worked for them for 20 years and acquired stock. Now that stock is basically worthless. He was looking forward to retirement but doesn’t know how that will go.

He and his wife might sell their Manhattan apartment and live in Southampton and Arizona. If he’s worried about things then we’re all basically on shaky ground.

Greg also mentioned that I wouldn’t be getting a bonus this year. To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting one. I told him that, and also that I have had jobs where I didn’t get anything so not getting something that didn’t really exist isn’t really that much of a problem, though last year’s bonus was quite nice.

I think Vivek has a plan for me to work with another partner of his for a different company. It would be nice if more money was involved, but we have to have a sit down to discuss his plans for me.

Last night I watched the season finale of True Blood, which was very good. Edge of the seat type of thing. Turned out the woman that Tara was living with, with the musician known as Egg, wasn’t the devil. Still a scary chick though, that’s for sure.

It was very very good though and I won’t say anything else in case some of you hadn’t seen it yet and will wait for the DVD. Entourage was also very good, also a season finale with a happy ending and cameo appearances too.

My computer is still on the fritz but obviously it isn’t all bad since you’re still reading this.

And I suppose if all else fails employment wise, with my new skills sewing I could perhaps start a career as a tailor. Buttons only though, don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.


Only You

Sunday night. Went scarf hunting today. Went to Burlington Coat Factory. Sometimes you can find something good there, but not today. It was a mess an hour after it opened and no one really knew anything.

I asked for mens scarves and was told 2 locations, but could only find them in one and it was a poor selection. I’m not one for branding so that reduced the selection to almost zero. I did ask another salesperson and she said basically they probably had them but she didn’t know where since a lot of things were still in boxes.

I almost bought a tie and some undershirts, but there was no real line, just a mob of people going to the registers from all directions. I just put the things I was planning on buying on a table and walked out.

Wound up walking around Hoboken in the sun, smoking a Padron. Expected to run into someone, anyone but to no avail. I guess that they saw me first. Walked around.

Watched Jack Benny and Carole Lombard in To Be or Not To Be and it was just as good as the Mel Brooks Anne Bancroft version. In fact I think the same script was used. Odd to see Jack Benny as a Nazi saying Heil Hitler with a swastika armband on his arm. It was good and breezy and fairly fast paced. Carole Lombard was gorgeous, easy to see what Clark Gable saw in her.

I just checked and there was a TV movie in the 1970’s starring James Brolin and Jill Clayburgh as Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. I probably saw it when it was broadcast. ABC used to show made for TV movies on Friday nights which I used to watch since I had no where to go on Friday nights. Much like today.

I also remember watching Hey I’m Alive, a TV movie starring Ed Asner and Sally Struthers who played plane crash survivors trying to stay alive in the snowy Yukon by eating toothpaste.

And Home for the Holidays starring Sally Field who watches her father and sisters get murdered by their step mother over the Christmas holiday. That one scared me, I used to think that that would happen to my family. Or a scenario like the Clutter family from In Cold Blood which I saw at much too early an age.

Last night I watched the Too Tough to Die: The Tribute to Johnny Ramone. It was ok. Marky Ramone’s documentary is better as is End of the Century, the ‘official’ Ramones bio. Johnny was a taskmaster right winger. Johnny stole Joey’s girlfriend and the two of them didn’t speak for years even while sitting in the same van on tour. Joey wrote The KKK Took My Baby Away about Johnny and Joey’s ex-girlfriend.

I know some girls thought Johnny was cute, but Dee Dee was always the cuter one, as well as the most troubled, being a junkie and all. And dey awl had dat deep Queens way of talkin’ you know wud I mean?

Tommy speaks the best and now it’s just him and Marky. CJ and Richie Ramone really don’t make the list. Should they?

It was a live concert basically from Los Angeles. Bands like X, The Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Kiedis really sounded like Johnny Ramone), The Dickies among others. Eddie Vedder was in it too. Ho hum. Said he was a good friend of Johnny’s. Might have paid for Johnny’s tombstone as well since a quote from Vedder was inscribed on it. X were great of course.

Rob Zombie was the MC so I guess it was all a big Los Angeles love fest. Left me somewhat whelmed.

Tonight is the season finale of True Blood. Who knows what will be revealed? I’m almost psyched. Perhaps I will be more so when it’s 9:00. Back to work tomorrow. 2.5 days of work. Yippie!

What You’re Doing

Well this is the second attempt at posting tonight. Lost the first edition which was just so great. Quite possibly my greatest work yet. In fact if they gave Pulitzers out for personal blogs, why I think I’d definitely be on the short list. In 1000 years if it is found, it would probably be the text for a new religion, based on Pink Bunnies and Lollipops. But now it belongs to the ages.

It’s been an indoor Saturday, quite cold outside. Bright and sunny outside and if you’re in the sun it was ok. In the shade, quite the opposite and if the wind hits you, fegedaboutit. I’ve been outside exactly twice today.

Once to get breakfast things for myself and that family on the 3rd floor. After that it was reading the papers and cleaning before I went out again. Had to get my Stevia. I was running low and didn’t want to be caught short tomorrow for my morning coffee.

I don’t use sugar or Equal anymore and Stevia is natural and good for you. And it’s only available in health food stores. There are only two health food stores in Hoboken I think. Basic Foods and Hoboken Farmboy.

I used to go to Farmboy since they’re more local and I knew people that worked there. But they’re not there anymore and they’re generally grumpy behind the register. At Basic Food they’re always happy to see you and they act like it too.

Then I came home saw Julio and Stine and Superboy and hung out with them for a while. Superboy Alexander can’t crawl yet so he drags himself around with his upper torso. He’s still adorable and Julio and Stine were wondering whether or not to go out for lunch.

My description of the environment outside had them do a rethink of the subject. I did offer them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which amused the three of them greatly as I was then politely shown the door.

For the past couple of hours I’ve been watching the tv, and chatting with friends online. I did try to find a scarf that I lost in between seasons but I couldn’t find it. I was tempted to go get a new one, but the old scarf would probably turn up after I got the new scarf.

I’ll probably watch the Johnny Ramone video in a little while. Watch Wall-E tomorrow. Also have To Be or Not to Be starring Jack Benny and Carole Lombard. I’ve only seen the Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft version and that was good so maybe the original will be better.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? I can’t think of any remakes that were better than the original, can you?

Certainly not the Marlo Thomas/Orson Welles remake of It’s a Wonderful Life called, It Happened One Christmas. Marlo was in the James Stewart role and it was meh.

I’m sure she meant well but some things should be left alone, lest they be written about in blogs 31 years later!

Danny Says

Well for me it’s been a busy day somewhat. I stayed up until 12:30 last night just reading the New Yorker. Harpy was right, last week’s issue is really good. Mainly all about the election, both sides and it’s totally engrossing. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but neglected to turn off the alarm on my cellphone.

I have an alarm that goes off at 6:45AM, Monday through Friday to remind me not to forget my phone. I forgot to turn it off so at 6:45 this morning I heard it going off, forcing me to get out of bed to shut it off. Oh the agony…Still I was able to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t the same. Poor me.

I usually go out for bagels on days off but this morning I stayed in and had my Post Raisin Bran and coffee like I do every working day. Read the Daily News online and set about doing the laundry. Chatted with a few friends from around the world online and watched Lady Be Good on Turner Classic Movies.

It was a 1940’s musical about an on again/off again couple who writes songs. She does the lyrics and he does the music and they write hits and love each other but…. The songs were by George and Ira Gershwin so they were superb of course and the movie starred Eleanor Powell and Robert Young. It was a good way to pass the time while I got ready to run into the city to pick up my suit.

It was cold and sunny in Manhattan. Quite a few people out at 1:30, the ending of lunch time. Bryant Park is almost set up with it’s outdoor enclosed stores and the ice skating rink is free and fully operational.

I’m not one for ice skating despite several attempts in my childhood. There were mainly two places to ice skate, one was in Rochelle Park and the other was in Paramus. Parents would drop off a few kids and drive off leaving the kids out in the cold on the ice.

Sometimes change was given for hot chocolate, sometimes not. I never could get the hang of ice skating and would generally slide around on the ice with my blades perpendicular instead of the way they should be. Murder on the ankles though.

I didn’t like it much and it prevented me from roller skating. Skateboarding was a lot easier I felt, though I mainly skateboarded from point A to point B. No steep hills, no empty swimming pools or half pipes for me.

I did run into the office and the people that saw me were surprised. I just told them I wasn’t really there and chatted for a minute or two and grabbed my suit. Soon I was on the street lighting up a Padron and headed towards Bill’s office. He wasn’t there since he was at his sadistic chiropractor and hadn’t gotten back yet.

Finished the cigar as I walked into the bus terminal where I found a bus waiting for me. Back in the apartment, I threw on some dress shoes and a business shirt and brought the suit to the tailor. He said the only thing that needed to be mended was the trousers.

I also told him that I wanted buttons for my braces. I hate wearing belts and I think once you wear braces you don’t want to wear anything else. Or at least I don’t, so all my suit trousers have buttons for my suspenders. The jacket fit just right.

Now it’s a cold Friday night. I don’t mind. Just hanging out mainly like I always do. Plenty to read, eat and drink and maybe even something to watch on TV.

I also have some DVD’s, Wall-E which was out earlier this summer and got really good reviews and also Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone. That should be interesting.

According to the other DVD’s on the Ramones, he was a tough taskmaster with entrenched right wing views, but if it wasn’t for him, the Ramones wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did.

Last minute add: Maurice Menares is alive and well living in Portland and working for Adidas. He can probably be found through which is used more and more these days to maintain and exploit business contacts.

Play Your Part (Pt. 1)

It’s Thursday and for me it’s a Friday. I took tomorrow off. No biggie. Gave them advance notice and also set things up so everything should run with relative ease. I really miss Bill. I saw him after work today, for almost 10 minutes.

He’s such a goof, but he’s my goof and I love him. Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since he’s been staying with his mother in her apartment. I know it has to be done. I offered to go and sit with her should the need arise but so far it hasn’t.

I will say that it’s good to have a three day weekend. Next weekend will be a four day which is even better.

I did something out of the ordinary today. I bought a suit. I try to get a new suit every year and there was a sale at Syms. A nice sale. I was able to get it at a good discount. What’s out of the ordinary is that it’s a three piece. That means suit jacket, trousers and a vest. I’ve never worn a vest before but when I tried it on, it looked great.

It was a Bill Blass suit at a really good price. I planned on taking it to the tailor tomorrow, but I left it at my desk, so I may go in to pick it up. Bill offered to go on his lunch hour since he has to come here to pick up some clothes after work tomorrow.

I tried to dissuade him from doing that, but if he does he needs to give me a heads up so he can pick it up and it will be ready for him. But if there are no snow showers as they predicted this morning for tomorrow I could just as well run in and out and get it myself though I’d really rather not.

I know that if I go in I could be shanghaied into doing something. Today work was fairly busy. The new guys aren’t the pigs I expected them to be, but there is a right wing slant to them. One of them was going off on how he hated Barney Frank and wanted him dead. The other guys reminded him that Barney Frank isn’t so bad and a lot of republicans like him and that quieted him down somewhat.

I got two messages on My Space, one from Inara George from The Bird and the Bee. That was from last month. I sent them an email ‘Saw you for the first time and you were excellent. Thanks so much for getting me out of my bad mood! Look forward to seeing you again soon (I Hope!)’ Inara responded with a ‘Thank you!! xox Inara’. That was nice.

The other My Space message was from Gregg Gillis himself, aka Girl Talk I wrote, ‘I had a wonderful and enjoyable time Saturday night at Terminal 5. Really fantastic and unlike any other show I had ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot! Cheers!’

To which he replied, “thanks so much i had a great night! Gregg” Nice to see that they take the time to respond with a quick line to thank their fans.

I don’t think they have assistants to do it for them. It’s not like they’re Meat Loaf. Inara is in Holland tonight and in London this weekend. Girl Talk is in Cheswick PA this weekend.

So if you’re in either area, go check them out.

And though it isn’t really new, but I just found out yesterday, but Monty Python has an official YouTube channel, and here it is. Any minute now. Here it comes. Wait for it…..
ta da!

Writing on the Wall

I just saw Eddie Love on the street. That’s not his real name and I don’t know what his real name is. His DJ name is Eddie Love though. We’ve been in the same universe of Hoboken and actually 20 years ago we were cordial to each other. We never competed with each other as DJ’s. He spun at the Beat n’ Path and I was spinning at McSwells.

Nowadays we pass each other on the street and neither one of us has anything to say to the other. It’s just something interesting. I could have seen his real name since I last saw him the night I was helping to register voters. But I just couldn’t be arsed.

He was friends with Maurice Menares back in the day. Everyone was friends with Maurice. He was such a charmer and still is probably. Last I heard he was managing the Beastie Boys store in Los Angeles. I last saw Maurice when Julio and I went to see Beck at Radio City.

He was doing something for Beck and was great to see him. He’s such a sweetheart. So if he Googles himself, Maurice Menares is a sweetheart.

Right now I’m in a Facebook chat with my niece Hillary. She’s Brian and Karen’s eldest daughter, smart and pretty and she just made the honor roll. Right now I’m trying to convince her that if she ever runs out of things to read, she can always write.

She hates writing though. I can’t ever imagine hating writing. I’ve been doing it all my life. I have journals from past years scattered throughout the apartment. Some embarrassing stuff. Some written while sober, some written while high or drunk.

A lot of friends knew I wrote and felt I was a good writer despite never having read anything that I had written. And so when gifts were given to me they were generally blank books and I have a few of those. I always found blank books intimidating. A keyboard on a typewriter or a computer, I always found them more welcoming.

I once got a good grade in grammar school for an interview that I completely made up. It was with a barber friend of my father’s and it was a last minute, Sunday night homework assignment. I wound up writing about how his customers would talk to him, almost like he was a psychiatrist. Totally bogus yet I aced it.

Another writing task was quite inadvertent. It was Junior year of high school, the dreaded Algebra final. I struggled all year long and I was poised to fail the final. Letters I can handle, numbers I can manage mostly, but putting letters and numbers together just scrambled my brain. If y equals 99 and x equals 1/8 what is the answer?

Things like that would cause a meltdown. And I faced the Algebra final exam and it was all like that. All I felt I could do was to write an essay.

I just wrote about how I never understood this and I probably never will and I swore that I would never apply the lessons Sister Reginald taught in real life. And I also mentioned that summer school would achieve nothing, that my parents would more than likely kill me and that she was a good teacher, that it was just that I was a poor student.

I passed, or rather Sister Reginald let me pass. Social promotion- I benefited!

Why Dontcha

It’s a Tuesday and it’s gotten mighty cold. Had to break out the winter hat and gloves. Spent some time last night looking for them actually. I found a pair of gloves that I found 15 years ago which was nice, and a hat I bought last winter. It’s all good though. I enjoyed the cold. Cuts down on the sweating that I do.

I am a bit worried about Harpy who seems despondent despite his callous demeanor. He’s losing his job and it’s actually a job he liked. I advised him to go out on a positive note rather than making a scene. That was something I learned from Miriam when I was being dismissed from Arista Records the first time.

Obviously it worked since I was asked back for a project a few months after that. It’s best to leave that way since it’s the last thing they will remember. I think things will turn out well employment wise for Harpy. If anyone here knows of a need for a part time bookkeeper, contact me at this blog. Look at me, posting jobs wanted on my blog.

Last night was O & RM hosted by the Legion of Substitute O & RM’s. Some guy sitting in for O. Doesn’t have the same bellowing tone as O so he couldn’t hold my attention for long so I wound up watching Girl Talk videos on YouTube. RM was hosted by Arianna Huffington so that was interesting but not interesting enough so it was more Girl Talk for me.

Then I watched Heroes which was good. A lot of online reports were about how lame last night’s episode was but I thought it was alright. Not WTF alright, but it satisfied the comic book guy within me.

Just got off the phone with my brother Brian who is currently in his own personal hell. I love Brian, he is truly one of the genuine nice guys on the planet and they don’t make them like him anymore. I can’t get into what he’s going through but he has my full support on whatever it is he has to do or needs to do.

He’s a hard worker, and puts food on the table and clothes on the back of his wife and kids, as well as a roof over their heads. He’s doing an admirable job in the face of tremendous difficulty.

Our father would have definitely handled things differently. Not saying that the way our father raised us was the best way, but we didn’t do anything bad when we were growing up, mainly out of fear of dad.

I think if I was in Brian’s shoes I would probably be looking for my father’s book on life with one hand and the back of the other hand swinging in the air. But it’s not my place and it’s not my problem and I can only stand on the sidelines and be there for Brian should he ever need my help or an ear to listen.

Most of the time when Brian and I were growing up we were at each other’s throats most of the time. Now we’re good friends. Can’t talk politics or sports (though my talking sports with Brian would probably get him laughing) but we can talk music and we share a mutual like of various artists like Bruce, Nick Lowe, The Fabs etc.

I truly love Brian and I want for him only the very best and that he gets through this situation with a peaceful and intelligent resolution for all concerned.

Love you Briando.

That’s My DJ

Monday today. Yesterday was all about relaxing and coming down from the night before, Girl Talk with Juan which in hindsight was magical. On my Facebook page I posted quite a few live videos of Girl Talk live which isn’t the same thing as being there but you get the picture.

Six of the clips are from the Roskilde festival in Denmark, no dancers on stage, but there is also a full live video from New Years Eve 2006 which is joyous ecstatic pandemonium. There also some videos online that may be homemade by fans one of which has fleeting glimpses of Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo which gave me a chuckle. You just can’t go wrong mashing up Rod Stewart with Young Jeezy.

If you decide to check out my Facebook page you will also see a posting from Gawker about Prince declaring his homophobia. That’s too bad, but then again I had written about writing Prince off a few weeks ago and now I guess it’s official.

No need to buy any more products from him. He obviously made his money off of me and he isn’t going to get anymore of my cheddar. He’s now a Jehovah’s Witness thanks to Larry Graham. The high heeled shorty has been known to occasionally knock on people’s doors proselytizing and pushing the Watchtower on people who don’t know any better.

Last night was quiet and good. True Blood was very good, not as good as the week before but still better than anything else on at that hour. Personally I think Tara has been taken from her jail cell by the devil herself. And Sookie uninviting Bill from her home to save Sam who Bill caught kissing Sookie was quite a twist.

Next week is the final episode of the season and I really hope they bring it back next year. Entourage was also very good. Ari Gold versus the German director on Vinnie’s behalf. I think next week they go back to Queens which should be interesting. Nice to see Jerry Ferrara is actually going out with Jamie Lynn Siegler in real life, like his character Turtle on the show.

Today was mainly still rolling with the effects of Girl Talk, so much so that it was all I listened to, to and from work today. Great big smile on my face. Just Tom Chin and I from our company today. We got along ok.

I mentioned that I might be out today so he was surprised to see me, but I didn’t think that that would go well with the new subtenants, so I will be off this Friday and since next week is Thanksgiving it’s a two and a half day work week which is very nice.

I don’t know if I’ll be helping out at Farfetched this holiday season but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I saw Bill fleetingly after work today which was nice but awfully short. I had to pick up something from him on my way home so I swung by his office. He was working so he couldn’t stay too long on the sidewalk talking to me plus it was a bit nippy and he’s not one to work the high beams.

Here’s my Facebook link, I think….
cut n’ paste cut n’ paste

Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me

Well after posting last night, I got myself ready for a night on the town with Juan. I showered and sat around and had a Guinness. He was traveling up from Trenton and was caught on the turnpike in the storm. I told him not to worry, we had plenty of time.

He showed up a little before 8:30 and after a cocktail or two we walked up to Washington Street where we managed to get a bus driver on board even though he wasn’t at a bus stop. The driver let us on briefly hectoring us and mentioning that we could all be arrested for doing such a thing.

I expressed our gratitude and apologies then headed to the seats in the back of the bus. The driver lectured another passenger at the next stop leading us to believe he was having a bad night.

We got off the bus and after finding out that the Duane Reade in the bus terminal doesn’t have an ATM we walked over to Ninth Avenue and started to walk up. Juan wanted to get there a bit faster than we were going so we hopped in a cab and rode up Tenth Avenue towards 56th Street.

It was on the border of drizzling and misty so the gamble to not bring an umbrella was ok. After getting in the queue and having my ID checked so I could have a $6.00 Budweiser. I was incredibly thirsty so that went down rather fast.

The second of two opening acts were on stage, Death Set who could have been a spoof, but I couldn’t tell. Two guitars and a drummer, playing short, loud and fast songs and in between songs an off stage DJ would play various other artists who were totally unrelated to what was going on stage. They reminded me of when the Beastie Boys were part of the hardcore scene.

They were mainly loathed for the audience wanted Girl Talk and nothing but Girl Talk. I sort of liked Death Set though. Totally unexpected as to what I thought would happen and not really my type of music.

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk took the stage, looking a bit like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums with the headband. Immediately the stage was set upon by audience members all dancing and singing. Soon he would be stripped down his boxers and surfing on top of the crowd.

Rolls of toilet paper was being thrown from the stage making a near multi media concert soft and fluffy. I also think there was someone in a bear suit on stage.

It was quite crowded both on stage and off, and Juan had an itch to get as close to the stage as possible. We winded our way up and it wasn’t easy, ultimately getting separated by six people. I gave up and urged him to continue his mission.

With a crowd as big and as tight as it was last night, there was bound to be shoving and jostling. I had enough of the agony and ecstasy of that after a short while and wound my way towards the back and going to the $6.00 Budweisers area where it wasn’t as crowded or packed.

Everyone was dancing and singing along. I can’t say I’d ever seen something like that. Juan eventually found me and we shared a beer and continued dancing. It was definitely a positively surreal experience. I knew most of the words, but I couldn’t remember them for the life of me so sticking with dancing was definitely the smart thing to do.

After the show, it was steadily raining. Juan and I didn’t mind much since we were wet and sweaty. After a few blocks, we did mind the rain and wound up taking a cab to Penn Station and caught the Path just as it pulled in the station. Good karma.

We walked back to the apartment and of course a block away it stopped raining. Watched Saturday Night Live as well as The Office and 30 Rock until three-ish. It was a fun experience over all, I’m glad Juan enjoyed his birthday present. He just left an hour ago after sleeping in for a long time.

I was up at noon and was out buying breakfast or rather lunch depending on what time Juan was going to wake up. We watched most of Cabaret with Michael York and Liza Minnelli on a windy and cold Sunday afternoon.

I’m a PC- Girl Talk

Thanks Rand

It seems the demonstration at city hall in Manhattan was a success as well as other demonstrations across the nation. So congratulations to all involved!

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Well today they promised rain and it rain for a bit but overall it turned out ok. Temperatures were close to the 70’s making it a muggy November afternoon. I was going to participate in another demonstration, this time at New York City Hall, but the threat of rain kept me away, making me a fair weather protester, or perhaps like Sarah Vowel had written, a Partly Cloudy Patriot.

It turns out that it was actually very nice for the hours of the demonstration, and on the news they said hundreds of people had shown up, then they said they covered a few city blocks which, judging by the crowd on Wednesday night, I would say it was more like a thousand or so.

It was also easier to go to the demonstration on Wednesday since I was in the city already. Today I was safely ensconced in Hoboken, far from the maddening crowds. Plus it sucks to go without Bill who is still indefinitely in Stuyvesant Town. I miss the big lug.

Last night was relatively quiet. Watched O & RM, and I have to ween myself from them soon. Daily Show and Colbert Report can stay though. Last night’s repeat of Thursday night’s show had Bill O’Reilly on and he is such an ass. He was trying to be so hip, and he only came off as smug. Jon Stewart had him on the ropes though. Stephen Colbert was actually funnier than the Daily Show. Had me laughing out loud. They’ll repeat both on Monday night I think and both are worth checking out.

Started to watch the news when I remembered Bill Maher was on. Thankfully I missed his monologue. Ashton Kushner was surprisingly outspoken and presented his views quite well. Even rebuffed Dan Savage’s overtures, reminding Dan Savage that he had sent Savage a letter which was replied with some really foul and nasty language.

That seemed to have put Dan Savage in his place. Dan Savage has been in the hot seat this week due to some comments regarding 70% of black people that voted in favor of Prop h8 and were construed as racist following the passing of Prop h8. They didn’t bring that up though and Dan Savage has deleted that column from his archives and is singing quite a different tune.

Then it was a good night of sleep. Waking up this morning had a shower, some coffee then a walk a few doors down my block to Mr. L’s for my monthly haircut. Tony was free and I was determined not to paint as grim a picture on the economy as I did last month. I think my generous tip helped proved my point. He’s a great barber. Gets the gray out of the goatee, and trims eye brows, ear and nose hair. When my goatee gets bushy I know it’s time for a hair cut.

cellphone pic

Went to the market, dropped off some bagels with the Lopez clan on the third floor. Superboy has changed since I last saw him three weeks ago. After that I had breakfast and surfed the net, made some new friends and freaks and walked to the post office to drop off some Netflix dvd’s and enjoyed a Padron.

Now I’m having some pizza waiting for Juan so we can go to the Girl Talk show tonight at Terminal 5 which is at 56th street and 12th avenue. That’s it in a rather large nutshell. The liquor store on the corner has a Christmas display in their window already, Santa and his reindeer on a motorized see saw.

Hoboken’s very pricey (millions!) new World War 2 memorial.

And now that I’m finally getting ready to go out with Juan tonight, the downpour begins….

Natural’s Not In It

Another gray day, this time it’s Friday. Just woke up from a nap which was ok. I should have turned the lights out, but I didn’t want to fall into too deep a sleep. Too deep a sleep sounds like Chico Marx. But that’s what happened. In fact I just told Bill to do the same thing that I did, set an alarm on his cellphone and take a nap for an hour. Hopefully he’ll have better results.

I guess this weather is a lot like the weather in Arcata and it’s like this a lot of the time. I don’t know how they can deal with it out there, but they do persevere. Last night was O & RM again, punctuated with calls from Bill and Harpy. Both calls enjoyable, one a sober call, the other not so much.

After that, The Daily Show then The Colbert Report then the news and bed. Man- I lead a boring life.

Tomorrow should change that, Girl Talk with Juan at Terminal 5.

Work was as quiet as I expected it to be. I was the only employee in for my company. The sub-sub tenants were all in. A trading desk was set up a few feet from my own and if it’s anything like the trading desk that used to be at Wanker Banker it should be filled with rude obnoxious guys.

But then again I think I would have seen these guys already, and so far it four guys and a woman who seems to be ‘one of the guys’.

Corner of my new cube

Since I was the only one I was officially allowed to leave early which I originally thought to be 1:00PM, bit actually was closer to 2:00PM which isn’t so bad. It’s a good thing Bill called me since he was going to surprise me but he knew that since it was Friday I would probably be leaving early.

I met up with Bill in Bryant Park where we sat in a light mist and smoked cigars for a while before heading over to the bus terminal. He was heading back to his mother’s apartment, having taken the day off and I was headed back to Hoboken on a crowded bus.



It seems a lot of people get off early on Fridays and it seems like their mainly from Hoboken.

In the queue for the bus. Here’s an advert that caught my eye.

I like the shirt, tie and turban combo.

Still reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and its quite an informative book about capitalism and Milton Friedman and his followers from the University of Chicago. His economic shock treatment was a major cause in the overthrow of Allende in Chile on 9/11/73, Bolivia, Argentina, Poland, Russia and lately Iraq.

Also the US after 9/11/01 some of his dastardly teaching were implemented. BushCo is/are big fans of Milton Friedman’s economic plans. He hated FDR and the New Deal and this is his way to correct that. Free trade, no regulations or oversight by government. You’ve heard that tune before on GOP Records.

Basically it’s about changing economic policies following a disaster, usually man made but occasionally following a natural disaster. While the populace are in shock, the Chicago Boys move in and implement among other things, price restrictions and go about destroying unions as well as anyone who gets in their way.

In Chile it was Pinochet overthrowing Allende, in Russia it was Boris Yeltsin attacking the democratic Russian parliament in the name of preserving democracy. With Bill Clinton praising Yeltsin while he attacked the people’s representatives. Also created the Russian oligarchs in the process. Dickwads, all of them.

It’s a good read, and now that I’m in the middle of it, it flows quite nicely.

Tomorrow is another demonstration, this time at New York City’s City Hall. It’s in the afternoon at 1:00 and depending on the weather and the laundry I may join them.

Here’s me, sans Padron

GOP First Responders

In The Name of Love

It’s a gray day, it’s a Thursday. Last night was an experience, another in a line of protest marches that I have taken part in. Meeting Andres from Blabbeando last night was cool. He’s a nice guy and it was good that we finally connected. Dinner is planned somewhere down the line.

There were a few other bloggers I would have liked to have met but sometimes you don’t know who they are or what they look like. I also didn’t see Whoopi Goldberg or playwright Tony Kushner, (Angels in America), or Larry Kramer who helped start GMHC and then ACT-UP in the 1980’s.

What was amazing though was the fact that thousands of gay people and their supporters were mobilized in a matter of days, mainly through Facebook. Kudos for Corey Johnson for that. So many blogs that I read had pictures and videos of last night’s demonstration and of course the people who are against same sex marriage are up in arms.

They feel so persecuted, claiming that their faith encourages them to feel this way, or actually their faith demands that they feel this way. LGBT demonstrations against them attempts to prevent THEIR persecution and that makes them feel threatened.

They have no problem persecuting, but when the mirror is held up to them they cry foul. What’s foul is their hatred and fear cloaked in the name of religion and it’s sickening. They claim activist judges, when it was activist judges that enabled interracial marriage (Loving v. Virginia), and various civil rights rulings among others that if they were put to a popular vote would not have passed.

I hate to quote Joe Scarborough, but he’s the one who said that an activist judge was one that you disagree with. In a way the attempt to slur judges by calling them activists is very much like the anti-intellect feeling in this country.

The attempted put down of the elite which we saw during the presidential campaign. I think it would be a better thing to have some one who is more intelligent than I am, who can make better decisions and has a coherent view of the world today rather than some guy who I’d like to have a beer with.

That is bullshit and look what that type of thinking has gotten us for the past eight years.

Just fired up after arguing the same points online on a discussion board which I am still doing at this moment. Every now and then someone will react or post some ignorant thing and I just have to go after them.

I do love my brother Brian, despite the mix up with text messages this morning.

“All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.”
Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

So how has your day been?

Of The Instant

Well today is Wednesday and it’s certainly been one of those days. But first of course, last night. Bill was so sad. Dealing with his mother’s health and his cousin’s husband’s idiocy and lack of compassion which is only practiced on Sundays in that household it seems.

I did my best to help Bill. Just being there for him is enough I guess. He packed up his clothes as well as various items he might need and got them ready to bring with him to work, and then to Stuyvesant Town. I helped him with his bags this morning, taking a later bus and carrying one of his bags to his office on my way to work.

While Bill and I were talking, Harpy called. Bad news for Harpy, he’s been laid off. They gave him two weeks notice. It sucks but he’ll make some dosh working at Farfetched which in itself might be on thin ice financially. I don’t even know if they’ll need me this holiday season. It would be nice, but perfectly understandable if that doesn’t work out.

I got to the office this morning which was under construction. Everything was out of place or all over the place. Not my ideal place to walk into. After about an hour I decided to go out and run some errands which I usually do later in the day. Also got my shoes shined since I wanted to look good for the demonstration tonight. I heard you get points for your appearance.

Vivek returned from India with a deal made and him telling me that I will have a job until March 2010 so I guess I should say ‘thanks but no thanks’ to the application for the Obama/Biden administration. I requested one as a lark when visiting Obama’s website to tell them my story last week.

I stayed later than usual at the office since I had plans to make it to the No on Prop h8 demonstration outside the mormon temple at 65th Street and Columbus Avenue. Things had calmed down considerably in the office by then and I sat at my desk making a sign and playing Erik Satie, Gymnopédies – 1. Lent Et Douloureux which is nice and relaxing and perfect for making signs.

I made my way across town listening to Gang of Four to psych myself up with some agit-pop. Also stopped in De La Concha cigars and treated myself to a nice cigar, a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero.

I was in a pretty good mood and looked good as well. You don’t see too many guys in suits and ties at political demonstrations. I followed the crowds walking up Broadway to the meeting place and unfolded my sign and chanted and yelled with everyone else.

We were on both side of Columbus Avenue, I was penned in, in front of the temple telling them what we wanted and when we wanted it. Equal Rights! Now! Not special rights mind you, equal rights like all married couples. There was a larger group across the street penned in a traffic island shouting the same things. Tax This Church!

Somehow, we got permission from the police to march down Broadway. They stopped traffic as thousands of us marched and yelled and cheered. Some people joined us from the sidewalk as we marched.

I caught up with Andres, a fellow blogger who writes Blabbeando which is in the sesame seed blogroll. After chatting online for a while, we finally met. Nice guy he is. Knows many people. Kept running off to say hello to this one or that one.

After marching to Columbus Circle, it all seemed to peter out. Andres was heading back to Queens, me to Hoboken. We made tentative plans to have dinner sometime. My cigar extinguished while marching in the crowd. Didn’t want to bother anyone with the smoke, nor did I want to hear any complaining about it.

I lit up again after crossing Central Park South and smoked it, taking my time walking down Eighth Avenue, passing dozens of police cars on stand by, perhaps ready to bust some heads should something go wrong. It was a boisterous crowd so rioting was unlikely to happen with the police, stoic and sitting in their cars.

A few blocks south of that, a few police vans and squad cars were zooming up Eighth Avenue lights and sirens a blazing. I made it to the bus, got a seat and continued reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

Bill at his mother’s still cleaning and shredding and working his way through his anger for his cousin’s husband. Who knows how long he’ll be in Stuyvesant Town? It’s good to be home, but it would be better if he were here or with me at the demonstration.

My sign, perhaps a bit wordy or slapdash…

Everyone else


Night School Observers

There’s something to be said about marching with thousands of people, gay and straight for equal rights. Also a good reminder that gay people come in all shapes and sizes. The cookie cutter image of gay people is so last century…..

It’s Too Bad

On the cusp of O turning into RM, after O’s excellent editorial regarding Prop h8 in California, I get a phone call from my brother Frank. He watches O religiously, and I guess I do too. O was over and I guess RM isn’t his type so despite the fact that I’m watching RM he calls to ask me if I saw O’s Special Comment. I tell him I did and it’s basically what I’ve been thinking and feeling the past few months.

I tell him of my plans to demonstrate outside the mormon temple on Wednesday night with a few other bloggers in my poppy seed blogroll. He advises me to not get into trouble so as not to alert the O’Reilly factions. I want to tell him it would be more like Grant Park 2008 as opposed to 1968, but I guess he just wanted an easy going conversation and here I was getting all radical.

It’s too bad, I would have loved to have talked to him about the past week. I wrote that last night, after I posted and after the phone call. I was obviously bothered by the whole thing and kept it to myself. Actually not really keeping it to myself since I am posting it here.

Frank’s wife Elaine, told me that he definitely likes to talk (when he can find the words), he’s just not so good at listening.

Now Bill is home, literally hat in hand. He’s upset that he’s going to have to take his mother out of his cousin Elsie’s apartment. That’s where his mother has been since Elsie was adamant about not wanting her Aunt in a nursing home.

Elsie’s husband, Andy Capp, the faux crooner has been very abusive towards Bill on the whole matter, calling him names and generally belittling him every chance he could get. You see Andy Capp with his series 7 broker license doesn’t work. Just practices being a crooner all day long.

Food on the table? That’s his wife’s job. Clothing their kids, let Elsie do that too. Here is this bald headed scumbag treating Bill like shit as if Bill wasn’t feeling bad enough. So Bill is going to take his mother out of there and set her back up in her own apartment.

That means after the helper that’s been looking after Bill’s mother leaves, Bill will leave work and tend to his mother without the help of Elsie or the abuse of Elsie’s do nothing husband. Bill is all torn up and once again I offer a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen.

The bed will be bigger without him, but it will always be here for him. I just love how people use the bible to justify their hatred, their fears. Elsie seems so hip and with it but she actually uses that old tome to make decisions on how to live her life and to justify not explaining to her kids why ‘Uncle’ Billy isn’t going to get married to a woman, and now why Bill isn’t going to be around much, if at all.

Even if Jesus existed, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how he wanted his followers to behave. Speaking of which, tomorrow night is the night when I will be joining fellow No on Prop 8 supporters demonstrating outside the mormon temple at 65th and Columbus Avenue at 6:30.

Started out the day reading about Thomas Friedman in the New Yorker, rode on the bus home reading about that dead bastard Milton Friedman in Naomi Klein’s excellent book, The Shock Doctrine.

I’ll Keep It With Mine

Bad news for Wilmington, Ohio. The freight company DHL has decided to stop making deliveries in the US. I never liked DHL. I tried using them a few times but it was always a hassle. The delivery guys are generally nice guys, but the services sucked and forget about using customer service. They were always incompetent. Regardless, DHL’s base of operations is in Wilmington and overall 10,000 people might be out of work throughout the US.

Just wrote that since the news is on and Brian Williams is smugly spewing forth with his nightly bad news. Last night, Bill stayed in Stuyvesant Town with his mom. He was still shredding papers when I spoke with him after 11:00. He will be coming home tonight and I will do my best to make sure he’s stress free and able to relax.

I’m sure a spliff would help him greatly but that’s not his style. I watched True Blood last night and it was very good. Perhaps the best episode so far. Sookie found out that Sam was a shape shifter. The easiest shape for him to turn into is a dog. Tara had an exorcism that seemed to have worked until she found that the exorcist worked part time in a drug store, so her ‘new’ world collapsed and she got real bitchy. Bitchier than usual.

Sookie’s sexy and stupid brother, Jason- is still being manipulated by the girl who played Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Then she killed Steven Root and you know that can’t be good. And Vampire Bill was on trial and since he killed another vampire, the Magister played by Željko Ivanek decided he had to create another vampire which was sad.

You’d know Željko Ivanek if you saw him. He’s a really good character actor and has been in countless shows and movies, sometimes playing a good guy, sometimes a bad guy and last night he was the eldest vampire that all the vampires in North America report to.

I would say True Blood is sort of like Dark Shadows, but we weren’t allowed to watch Dark Shadows. Maybe because it dealt with the occult which was a no no in my mother’s eyes, or maybe because it would cause nightmares which she wouldn’t want to deal with in the middle of the night.

Entourage was good. It’s interesting to watch Entourage since the election of Barack Obama and the selection of Rahm Emanuel. Interesting because Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari, is the basis of the role of Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven. How close the impersonation is, I couldn’t tell you, though Wikipedia has some ideas.

Then I watched Summer Hills High or some show with a similar title. I think the sell by date on comedies with unlikable characters has passed. And last night, the unlikable characters were all played by the same guy. I guess he’s good at that sort of thing, but like I said- the unlikable characters, the spawn of Seinfeld, has gotten old.

What’s next? Blipverts? ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar’? Sybil the Soothsayer? I guess they will all arrive in due time. Darn that Paddy Chayefsky! And Max Headroom as well as Paul Verhoeven while we’re at it!


Blurry Tourists!


Every Kinda People

Well it’s Sunday night. No feeling of dread, the feeling that I had better get my homework done. No spending the afternoon training with the Junior Rifle Squad, no going with my brother Brian to pick up a pie from Lodi Pizza. All is well though the pizza idea is a pretty good one.

But no, I just ate dinner. Or was it supper? Which one is later? Dinner or supper? My family used to eat dinner/supper around 2:00 in the afternoon on Sundays and then have the pizza later around 8:00. It was always a treat to have pizza on Sunday nights, something to look forward to.

No pizza for me, maybe some organic dark chocolate with raspberries instead. Once I open it, it has to be devoured. It rarely lasts through the night.

Last night was a pretty good time with Excer. I’ve known Excer for about 20 years and he is the only person I know named Excer. He’s a good guy and plays keys for Conjunto Imagen. I met him initially though Pedro when we were both working at 2 Park Avenue for Rupert Murdoch. It didn’t go well.

Excer pulled up in his red Honda and Pedro was in the front seat and I was in the back. We were all sharing a spliff in the parked car. It was the 1980’s so things were a bit lax as regards to law enforcement.

On the sidewalk 2 guys were walking up Park Avenue, they were a bit on the swish side which of course didn’t bother me since it’s the swish guys that are the bravest. But it bothered Excer enough to make a comment. I took that as my cue to go back in to the office, leaving Pedro and Excer in the car.

From what I heard, Pedro gave Excer an earful about how uncool it was for him to say what he said about the gay guys. Excer didn’t think he was that wrong at the time until Pedro told him that I was gay. This is one of the reasons I love Pedro so much. He honestly cares for me and looks out for me like that.

Eventually Excer came around and we became good friends, which is why we were hanging out last night at a bar called Kabin on Second Avenue. Kabin was a decent bar, great Happy Hour. One freebie for every drink purchased. Excer and I drank some Stella Artois before heading over to BBQ for some mediocre hamburgers.

Then instead of going out for more beers, I decided to head on home, Excer kindly dropping me off at the 9th Street Path station. I slept ok, Saturday Night Live was a repeat and I didn’t want to watch Kings of Leon again.

Woke up with the sun beaming on my face at 8:00. Went out and did my thing, and came home and made breakfast. Rand and Lisa were going to be at the McSwells flea market and I was planning on making an appearance until Bill called and asked if I could help him move his late father’s documents to a shredder truck that was going to be at Stuyvesant Town.

I took the Path once again into the city. Twice in one weekend is an accomplishment. After helping Bill, we sat and talked and looked at photos of Bill and his parents as well as his sister who died when she was just a child before Bill was born. Bill was such a handsome lad when he was growing up. What happened? Just kidding of course.

Portrait of Bill playing piano 1990, by William Vila Sr.

Had a Padron as I walked from 14th Street and Avenue C to 32nd Street and Sixth Avenue and listened to a playlist that I’ve been compiling while reading the latest Mojo and Uncut music magazines. Just made the train before it pulled out and was in Hoboken in 20 minutes.

Called Rand to see if the flea market was still going on but I missed the whole thing as they were packing up. And now I’m here at the beginning of tonight’s entry.

One more thing, Bill and I will be protesting against the church of latter day Twits at the Manhattan mormon Headquarters at 65th and Broadway at 6:30 on Wednesday night. Hope to see you there.

Solar Prestige A Gammon

Late posting on a Saturday night. Out of the ordinary. It’s been a busy day somewhat. Last night watched Bill Maher on HBO and once again he was alright, nothing much to write home about. I was home and I didn’t write anything to myself so that proved that point.

Bill’s still out of sorts, dealing with his cousin in law and his mother. The cousin in law pursuing his career, not working and yet somehow busy enough to be able to put Bill down for not doing enough. It’s a good thing I guess that he says this shit to Bill when I’m not around.

If I was there to hear the shit that Bill tells me he said he would be in trouble. The guy’s a washed up crooner with a foot in the early 1970’s glitter rock era. A dick bag that was lucky enough to get his songs on iTunes somehow.

I went into the city today. It was a gray day today, but no need for a umbrella. I was fortunate enough to have timed it well so it was just foggy, no ‘real’ rain. I stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy who was rather curmudgeonly, enough so that I didn’t want to stay too long.

He was off to a party that he didn’t want to go to, such is the nature of relationships, compromise. I was there for about 20 minutes before heading over to Stuyvesant Town to see Bill. He’s been trying to clean out his father’s stuff and figured there would be some books that I would be interested in. There wasn’t anything really.

I’ve stopped buying books, too expensive a habit to maintain and plus I have a decent public library down the street from my apartment. I found a paperback from the 1960’s about Martin Luther King Jr that I took with me.

I left the apartment and headed to St. Mark’s Place where I met up with Excer. Excer and I were supposed to go to Otisville today and hang out with Pedro and Connie but since Pedro has the bug that I had, Excer and I decided to have dinner together instead. It was his suggestion to go to BBQ which isn’t the best place to go, but since I drew a blank it was where we wound up after having a few pints at a dive a block away.

Some catching up, he’s divorced and his oldest kid is about to turn 21. He also has 2 girlfriends but that’s nothing new since I’ve always known him to have 2 girlfriends. BBQ once again provded a lackluster meal but since he picked up the tab I wasn’t going to complain.

Excer suggested going back to the dive for a few more pints but I begged off saying that I needed to go home and write and that’s where I am now. Home. Writing. It’s best for all concerned I think. Next week is Girl Talk with Juan and that should be more than enough for the month of November.

Still, I am open to suggestions.


I suppose it’s true, no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes when I walk down 41st Street, I give a homeless guy some change. He calls me soldier, usually compliments me on what I’m wearing and comments on my smoking a cigar. He seems like a nice guy and I always try to give him some change when I can. This happens after work most nights.

Today work wasn’t busy at all and I tried to leave at 3:00 with Vivek’s permission. He was busy since he’s going to India tomorrow and coming back on Tuesday. But things being what they are, I didn’t leave at 3:00. I tried to but as I was headed out the door I heard my phone ring.

So I run to my desk and my jacket gets caught on the edge of the cubicle, tearing off a button off my suit jacket. No problem, even though I can’t sew to save my life I scooped up the button and put it in my pocket.

The phone call was from this crazy psycho Vietnamese chick who has been calling me most every day since May 2007. I’ll come into work and find my voice mailbox would be filled with messages in Vietnamese of this chick screaming, crying and mumbling.

Today when I answered the phone she was crying in English, which she does speak on occasion, ‘what did you do to my computer?’ I told her that I didn’t know anything about her computer and that she was a stupid bitch.

Then I headed out the door, enjoying a Padron and walking across town. Bought a refrigerator magnet of Barack Obama outside of Grand Central Station and headed to the bus terminal. As I approached the homeless guy I reached into my pocket and gave him almost a dollar in change. Make that almost a dollar, plus a button.

I didn’t realize that I gave him the button until I got into the bus terminal. I figured I’ll take the suit to the dry cleaners and have them sew a new button on. I go to the ‘new’ dry cleaner around the block, they do the cleaning on premises and they do it green, meaning environmentally safe.

I tell the gent behind the counter about the button and he looks at me and asks if I have an extra one. I told him if I had an extra one I would have brought it. I also told him it doesn’t have to be the same button, just the same size. He tells me he couldn’t do it.

I wind up walking to another dry cleaner around the block and give the same spiel. This gent tells me that he could probably match the size but it wouldn’t be the same. I tell him to just take off the other two buttons and sew three new ones which is what I could have told the first guy.

I also could have turned around and went back to the homeless guy and asked him to check his cup for a button but since it was a Friday and I was just about 100 yards from my bus I obviously decided not to. Not the end of the world after all.

Just heard from a mutual friend of mine and Pedro’s, Excer. Excer called Pedro to find out what would be going on for tomorrow, but it turns out Pedro is still sick so no Otisville this weekend. Excer mentioned next weekend but I won’t be able to go then since I’m taking Juan to see Girl Talk next Saturday for his birthday.

I am having dinner with Excer tomorrow night instead and I’ll tell him then, unless he reads this first but I find that doubtful.

Viva La Vida

Well it’s 75 days until Barack Obama’s inauguration. I don’t think I’ll be in Washington DC. I think I’ll stay here, but who knows? Come January I might have free time on my hands the way this economy keeps going south. Not something that I want believe me.

Last night was a quiet night at home, Bill cleaning his mother’s apartment and throwing out his father’s things. He came home after I went to bed. He’s doing the same tonight and may stay there which means I have to make my own damn coffee. Things are back to normal I guess, but the bloom is still on the Obama rose.

Last night was O & RM. I’m slowly weaning myself off the political news, but I’ll still watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Interesting to see Colin Powell getting teary talking about Obama’s election and even more interesting to see Condoleezza Rice express pride as an African American in regards to Obama’s success.

Definitely off the republican message. Still not too fond of her and have a low, grudging respect for Powell.

Now that Casey works downtown there is no one to talk to on the bus ride into the city which means I can tear through the New Yorker. I’m only a week behind.

Work has been busy. New Sub-tenants moving in and so far they aren’t the big pain in the ass that I anticipated. Tom Chin has been moved to another office which he is sharing with Vivek and my cubicle is going to be dismantled for the new inhabitants which means I will be in a different cube. That should be fun. Whether or not I wrote that facetiously remains to be seen.

So today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. It was a fast week. I think the excitement of the election helped speed things along. I might go up to Otisville on Saturday and hang out with Pedro but that depends on how he is feeling since he too has the bug.

I can’t be blamed for his condition. I blame the crooks at Rikers that he comes into contact with. It would be nice to get out of town, if only for 12 hours. His girlfriend Connie is looking forward to it. She likes to cook for Pedro’s friends and she’s pretty good at it.

Tonight promises to be a quiet night and tomorrow just might be another short Friday, me leaving the office at 3:00 is quite nice. I have to say that I really enjoy wearing a suit and tie to work. It’s so much easier and makes me feel better about myself.

A boost to my self-esteem which is always welcome. Even though Friday’s are generally casual day I wear a suit and tie. Yesterday I was busy and Vivek warned me to dress casual for the work at hand, so that meant I wore some nice trousers and a collared shirt which was casual for me yet dressed up for Vivek.

Whatever works I guess.

Sorry about the late posting but my computer/wireless connection has been quite unruly!