Daily Archives: October 14, 2008

The Right Thing to Do

Oh how I feel like crap. It started last night, or rather yesterday afternoon. I didn’t pay it much attention but after canvassing voters, I came home and the slide into illness began. As I wrote, Harpy called and I think I was rather snippy. And Harpy was behaving properly too, so I apologize to Harpy. Sorry Harpy.

Then Bill came home as I was watching Heroes. I had paused it at one point to finish up last night’s entry and just when the finale was about to happen Bill asks if I want to hear what happened with him and his cousin.

I felt it wouldn’t seem right to say, ‘could it wait 10 minutes?’ so I paused it again and Bill related how his cousin was talking to him and mentioned that Bill was single which upset Bill greatly. Bill to his credit was calm and showed the ring on his finger that I had given him a few years ago explaining that we are partners and plan on being with each other for a very long time.

Unfortunately as Bill was being earnest I was fading away. Bill wanted to know what was wrong with me, or rather my attitude and I told him about the night before with the remote control. He mentioned that he’s taken to watching O & RM with me and he’s been ‘enjoying’ it and I mentioned that I was taking a break from watching those shows this week.

I also told him that I had written about it in the blog but I know he rarely reads it, if at all.

I watched Chuck last night followed by Heroes. Couldn’t be arsed to watch the Christian Slater show since it always seems like he’s imitating Jack Nicholson. Bill had it on though as I faded away. I went to bed at 11:00, no local news. Didn’t fall asleep right away and I felt bad for Bill being so forthright about our relationship while I was nonplussed by just about everything.

Woke up on time after Bill kissing me good bye, professing his love for me again. Felt ok, not so crappy but as the morning progressed I was pretty much getting worse. Drank a lot of water but nothing could hydrate me it seemed.

It feels like a cold but instead of a head full of mucous there’s very little. Just a sore throat. It was a little bit sore last night while canvassing, but still I was able to yell about the deadline for registration and that people should beat the rush.

I do feel bad about not being able to help out again like I had offered last night but I don’t know what it is that is messing with me, so I wouldn’t want to get anyone else sick. Had a deep sleep nap for about 2 hours when I came home which was good for some rest, now I’m watching some kids in a Scrabble championship on ESPN. If it’s on ESPN I wonder if there is some gambling action going on.

That’s it for today. I’m surprised I was able to write this much. I do plan on going in to work tomorrow so laying low seems to be the right thing to do.