Daily Archives: October 13, 2008

Waves Become Wings

Slept late, in office late. Watched True Blood last night, though before that bumped heads with Bill. Or at least I was a bit annoyed with Bill. I was here, where I am now, in front of the computer. Some show about showbiz was on.

I was writing and slightly paying attention when Bill walked in. After saying hello he picks up the remote and changes the channel without any consideration or even asking if I was watching what was on. No he decides it was the perfect time to watch Chris Rock. Not today when he was off from work, but right that very minute.

Yes I was annoyed by that. Yes his arrogance sometimes pisses me off. Don’t know if it’s even arrogance- willful ignorance? Self centeredness? It did make for an uneasy night. Simmering resentment on my part, which is obvious since I’m writing about it 24 hours later. It’s gone now anyway. Writing about it takes care of it.

True Blood had quite a surprise ending and next week looks even more intense. Entourage was good and once again we switched off Little Britain USA, Bill couldn’t take the laugh track either.

Woke up at 7:00 as I was dreaming about an insect on my wrist. In the dream I was looking at it, wondering if it was a bedbug, then I opened my eyes and instead of the insect I saw my watch which said 7:00.

A quick ‘oh shit’ and I was in the shower and out the door. I wound up being a half hour late which was ok since once again no one was in the office yet. A slow day was planned for sure and the day crept by.

Greg Stevens wasn’t coming in. According to Vivek, Greg was too depressed to come in. His portfolio is a shambles it seems. The stock market did rally today so perhaps it’s not the end for Greg Stevens.

Walking to get my daily salad I pass by 2 women registering voters. They ask everyone that walks by and I anticipate them asking me so I could boastfully say that I will be doing the same thing tonight. But they don’t ask and I attribute this to the way I look, rather conservative in a suit and tie. Disappointed by the brag block.

I spoke with my brother Frank who was also a disappointment since he was able to tell me about how his day was going and this and that but couldn’t give me 5 seconds to answer the door. And I was planning on telling him about the voter registration I was participating in.

I left work at 4:30 and was going to take the Path so I could just walk across the street to the Obama Hoboken office but since it was 78 degrees out, I was sweaty and clammy. So I decided on taking the bus home and change my clothes.

Ran into Sheilah Scully on the street who told me I looked good, but I was uncomfortable. Came home and changed into jeans and a shirt and walked briskly to Obama headquarters. They decided to use my brawn instead of my brains and gave me a 10 foot 2 x 4 with Obama posters stapled to it.

I carried it over to the Path train across the street and introduced to the other volunteers and proceeded shouting that tonight is the last night to register to vote. It’s actually tomorrow night but I decided to light a fire under some asses.

A few people ignored us, a few sneered. One or two said they were registered but they weren’t voting for Obama and laughed. I told them that it was ok, I would cancel their vote.

There was a Rangers game tonight so there were a few blue shirts headed down the stairs. They ignored our asking them if they were registered so I told the other volunteers that the question was too hard for them to answer. Plus they probably only answer to hockey moms.

A lot of people were surprised that the deadline for registration was coming up so soon, others lived in New York and asked if they could register there tomorrow. I told them that I thought they were too late, New York’s deadline was last week. I told a few people to call their Board of Elections in New York, and a few in Hudson County.

One snotty republican made a comment and said ‘Acorn?’ I said ‘Elm’. I knew what she was getting at but I decided a surrealist answer would work better so then I said ‘Moose’.