Daily Archives: October 6, 2008


Well it seems like the meat loaf last night was a gift that just wouldn’t stop giving. Gave enough to compel me to stay at home and not to get too far away from the porcelain. So that is where I stayed, didn’t dare wander away. Made for quite a lazy day and one tinged with guilt. Guilt about not going in, not that I did anything wrong.

There was a time not too long ago where not going into work was nothing to worry about but with the climate lately there is plenty to worry about. And if they are in fact thinking of shrinking my work week by a day, then this would be a good way for them to see how it is without me.

There wasn’t much at all that I did today and I certainly didn’t see anyone. I did keep hydrated and mainly lay around the apartment reading yesterday’s news. I did watch True Blood on HBO which was once again very good. Can’t really tell where it’s going and since some people are waiting for the show on DVD I best not say anything.

According to the nightly news, stock markets around the world are crashing and the Dow closed with a loss. Not good as we inch closer to the precipice of depression. It does look bad. I used to resent my parent’s depression era values but they’ve served me well.

Saving items, reusing items, not falling for the gilded items. Not so sure there are many others out there brought up the same way but it may come in handy. Now if only movie theaters would charge a nickle…

I just woke up from a nap and feel a whole lot better. Last night due to the menu I didn’t sleep that great. Now the mudslinging for the election begins. McCain brought up Bill Ayers, Obama brought up the Keating Five scandal. I think he should have brought up G. Gordon Liddy, since Liddy has a radio show and has gone on record for plotting murder among other dastardly plans.

The Bird and The Bee were very good last night. Inara George is quite winsome. She had the crowd eating out of her gloved hand. She’s the Bird. The Bee is Greg Kurstin who mainly keeps to the side. There was an opening band, Willoughby, a trio of bass, guitar and drums were pretty good.

They backed Inara and Greg on Again and Again. It was good to see them in a place like McSwells and hopefully they didn’t have the meat loaf. They’re probably off to bigger venues next time. Last night was the last night of their tour. At their website, thebirdandthebee.com it says they’re playing Zankle Hall next March which is part of Carnegie Hall. Maybe it will be affordable.

A mellow night planned ahead, nothing ribald. Juan may be stopping by which should make for an interesting time watching TV, but then again it all depends on what time he shows up, if at all. Tomorrow I’ll go back to work and she how things went without me. I expect a mess.

Here are some clips of the Bird and the Bee.

That’s not McSwells and that’s not me singing though I did singalong last night.

Go Obama!