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In The Night

Friday’s here and it’s alright. Took a while to get here though, but patience pays off. Just did some laundry and it will probably take all weekend to dry. It’s on racks in the kitchen and hanging in the shower. Last night was O & RM. Bill went to sleep before that, around 7:45.

His back has been bothering him. I watched O & RM solo and then the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Then it was a deep sleep for me. Bill was out by the time Billy Joel was singing about how he didn’t start the fire.

He might not have started the fire but I found the snooze button and was in slumberland for another 10 minutes. After that I was in the shower. It being a Friday I was going to go casual but since I couldn’t find the right shirt I opted for suit and tie. And as expected it was very quiet.

The only excitement is when we had people coming in to see the space they may be subletting from my company. Of course I didn’t know anything about this and who knows what the look on my face was when I saw Ben Shapiro the real estate agent with 6 or 7 people behind him.

They wandered around the office looking at space, making plans for tearing down cubicles and installing a trading desk. Since I didn’t know what they could and couldn’t do I just referred all questions to Ben Shapiro’s supervisor. I also wrote Ben’s supervisor asking him to let me know if there will be clients and whatnot coming in, just a heads up is all I was asking for.

He responded quickly telling me that he did tell Vivek that people would be coming. He apologized for not cc’ing me on that message and I of course bit my tongue thinking about what an airhead Vivek can be sometimes. He’s the managing director so I guess he can do whatever he wants to do.

It was downhill from there. Nothing bad, just nothing to do really. Whatever it was I basically did yesterday. There was the matter of changing the water and the rocks in the glass vases that contain bamboo shoots. That took about a half hour then I had lunch and soon was on my way walking across town. An average boring day. Glad it’s over.

Bill and I are watching the latest episode of Entourage. His request since we’ve seen every episode of Scrubs like 8 million times. I think it will be a quiet evening in tonight this Halloween. Tomorrow is the B-52’s and since we’ll probably be dancing that mess around it best that we keep our feet up tonight.

Then again I just got a call from Rand. He and Lisa and quite possibly Lois and Fred are heading to McSwells where they are having a Halloween Rock and Roll karaoke thing which I totally forgot about. A visit might be in order, get out and have a pint or two and watch whatever it is that might be going on. But right now we’re waiting on a pizza and I’m hungry. Growl!

Free Springsteen Halloween track at

I’m A King Bee

It’s Thursday and it’s a good sign that I’ve made it this far. Last night was the big Obama infomercial which Bill and I watched on MSNBC. It left me whelmed, but then again I’m not the audience that it was aiming for since I’m already a supporter/volunteer.

It was made for the undecideds, the wishy washy and the fence sitters, as well as the people who constantly carp that Obama hasn’t said anything, he has no plan. Well that’s bullshit and you and I know that.

For the past 20 months he’s been spelling it out but those deaf ears certainly weren’t listening. Perhaps he should have been spelling it out using American sign language. As far as I’m concerned he would only need to use one finger anyway.

Like I said Bill and I watched it on MSNBC so we watched the entire 30 minutes. According to Harpy who called me soon after, he only was able to watch 28 minutes since the last 2 were cut off, meaning the transition from tape to live rally in Florida went unseen.

Harpy mentioned it was like that on the other broadcast channels as well. Strange doings indeed. The segue from tape to live event was very smooth and the perfect high energy finish.

This morning on the Today show, Matt Lauer called the Obama infomercial sappy. Yes that hard hitting news show, co-hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford in it’s last hour knows what sappy is. Sappy is the moronic conservative Baptists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with 18 kids and their home schooling. Sappy is the Family Ties reunion.

Sappy is tomorrow on the Today show with Matt Lauer dressing in costume as befits a hard boiled newsman like himself. Sappy is draining John McCain’s ball sack which Matt Lauer has been known to do when interviewing. So yeah, I guess Matt Lauer, the former newsreader and host of PM Magazine would know what sappy is.

I’m sure he sees it every time he looks in the mirror. It’s what comes before his ever expanding and worrying bald spot.

Work was busy and productive today which made the day go that much faster. I saw Dominick Dunne who lives next door to my building. He’s a bit frail and quite short. This weekend is the B-52’s at the Hammerstein Ballroom on 34th street. Bill and I are quite psyched about the whole thing.

I think beforehand I’ll put in some volunteer time at Obama headquarters, either working the phone bank of doing data entry, whatever is required for a few hours. I donated money to No on Prop 8 in California again.

Fucking mormons as well as national reich wing christianists are pouring in a ton of money and spreading disinformation. I really hope the people of California are smart enough to see through this, but then again they’ve voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor.

Many thanks and credit to Jeremy from Good As You, a very fun and informative blog that has been intensely focused on this very important issue.

If anyone wants to buy me a present and they have $3000 to spend, I’d really like this suit. Just a suggestion that’s all. 46 Long.

The One Thing

Here we are in the middle of the week, which isn’t such a bad place to be. I would have rather it be Friday, but here we are and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Last night was pretty quiet. Just me and Bill watching O & RM, then he went to bed and I watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Colbert had Yo Yo Ma on as a musical guest and Yo Yo was pretty funny. I wonder if Jane ever met him? Watched the news and I was going to go to bed but turned on The Simpsons which had an episode I didn’t expect to ever see on TV again. It was the episode where the Simpsons go to New York City.

Since a good part of the action takes place at the World Trade Center it made the premise dodgy at best. Barney drops off Homer after being the designated driver and goes on a bender with the car eventually leaving it parked for weeks between the two towers. It really is one of their best episodes, featuring the voice of Officer Steve Grabowski and fresh Kal-Kalash.

So I stayed up and watched the whole thing. It was followed by an episode of Scrubs that was on Comedy Central earlier in the evening. Slept and eventually woke up and dragged my ass out of bed as the Supremes sang I Hear A Symphony.

It promised to be another cold day so I broke out the winter coat. It would probably look good with a fedora and I do have one from about ten years ago when my Rasta pal Marcus gave me a very nice felt hat which I’ve kept in a box, it’s that nice. Before I left I downloaded African and White by China Crisis.

Just a song that crept into my head and I immediately needed it on my iPod to listen to as I walked to the bus stop. It was a later bus than usual so it was a different crowd and not as crowded. Once again I walk into an empty office.

I found out that Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine went home last night, everything seemed to be alright. She has a thyroid problem which is what gave everyone a scare yesterday. I kept myself busy throughout the day.

Worked on Greg’s computer, grateful that he has zero computer skills and enabling me to prove my worth once again. Tom Chin and I remain civil yet frosty to each other which seems to work just fine. Also helped Vivek out with the scanner, showing him how to use it and convert documents to pdf files. Two feathers in my cap, or rather fedora.

It was a nice quiet day. I walked across town, enjoying a Padron and listening to Prince, Sign ‘O’ The Times which is probably his best. Too bad he’s gotten flakier as time progressed. Right now I would care less if he got back together with The Revolution.

Too much water under that graffiti bridge. You may groan now.

Looking forward to Barack Obama’s infomercial. It should break up the evening nicely.

Deadbeat Club

Well it’s back to the grind. Last night Bill and I watched the Jack Benny dvd. A collection of 4 of his shows from 1954. I watched it on Sunday and I knew Bill would enjoy it so I saved it and watched it again. Bill took the day off as he was quite tired which made me fearful that he might be coming down with what I had but no he was just tired after the weekend and the change in weather.

It’s been getting quite cold. After Jack Benny we watched O & RM which Bill has been getting into more than me. I suppose I’ll keep watching it until things wind down after the election. I wrote that with difficulty. It’s not easy to type with your fingers crossed. I almost switched off RM and put Heroes on but since I was recording it, RM it was.

Heroes was good I thought. They’re getting rid of some superfluous characters which is fine by me. Bye Maya. Take your black tears of death with you. Hiro might be getting interesting again. Parkman, the cuddly clairvoyant bear cop is back, in love with Daphne the speedster who may or may not be double crossing the cuddly clairvoyant.

Oh and Peter lost most of his powers, but he still has that handsome power, and that Sylar. He’s fast becoming the most interesting character once again.

Couldn’t fall asleep until midnight, tried watching Letterman’s Top Ten but he just wouldn’t stop talking about Bill O’Fuckface which is almost as bad as seeing him so I finally fell asleep. Bill up before the sun and out the door.

I woke up to the Beatles singing Can’t Buy Me Love which was a nice way to start the day. I thought I would be running late again, but I wound up leaving early out of boredom.

Doesn’t seem like I’ll be seeing Casey non the bus anymore. We emailed each other and he’s working downtown now which is where I originally thought he was working but it turned out he was a couple of blocks away. Still trying to get his script to Martha G., just haven’t heard from her.

Work was good. Tom Chin learned his lesson. Greg Stevens came in, still a bit ill. He definitely seems to have what I had and doesn’t blame me for it. The day went by at a nice pace. I was relatively busy which helped.

This afternoon was a bit of a shock. Greg’s wife, Lorraine rents some office space from us, running a charitable organization out of her office. Around 3:30, one of her assistants called for me to call 911. It turns out that Lorraine was feeling faint and they were worried that she might have been having a heart attack.

She has scoliosis which sometimes affects her left arm, hence the cardiac fear. The paramedics came and checked her out and she agreed to go the hospital for some more tests. Greg had left the office and was at his acupuncturist and he was unavailable so I tried leaving a calm measured message regarding his wife’s health. That was all I could do, it was time for me to go home.

Now it’s 9:00, I just got off the phone with my dear friend Billie in DC. I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I was worried. He’s fine, once again letting me know that’s there was nothing to be worried about. I told him that Bill and I will try giving him a call on Saturday from the B-52’s show.

Get Off of My Cloud

Well it was back to work for me today. It wasn’t so bad. Had some difficulty sleeping last night even after remaining awake most of the night. It wasn’t due to nerves. It was too warm, then it was too cool. It went on like that for awhile until I don’t know when. Bill of course was fast asleep snoring which usually puts me to sleep mostly, but not last night.

I’m pretty sure the bug had left me. It didn’t kill me, it made me stronger. Or so I would like to think. I did wonder during the intake last week at the ER, why I was asked what my religion was. I answered Atheist, which is what I am, but why would religion enter the picture?

Perhaps to see if I was a Christian Scientist, or a Jehovah’s Witness? I don’t know, but it was an odd question and perhaps an invasion of privacy.

The antibiotics worked so now I’m doing pro-biotics as per my sister the erstwhile blogger suggested. That means eating yogurt which isn’t as bad as I remembered. I bought some organic yogurt in Manhattan this morning which made me realize that I should have bought some in Hoboken instead and save some money that way.

I did take my time getting to work, caught a later bus, no Casey again. I really hope he didn’t catch whatever it was that I had. I did give him Purell almost immediately after shaking his hand. Maybe the terrorist fist jab would have been more appropriate.

Got to the office at 8:30 and of course no one was in. In fact no one was in until 10:00. Greg Stevens sent me an email saying that he was sick with a cold and a sore throat which made me realize that that was what I had and I more than likely infected him, though the bug is going around and he could have gotten it from anyone, especially since he rides the subway. I replied, wished him a quick recovery and suggested a good rest and plenty of fluids.

The mood in the office is still pretty much a downer and with Greg out that left Vivek, Tom Chin and myself. And Tom Chin and I had a run in mere minutes after him asking me how I was feeling. You see on Friday, while feverish I got a call from one of the sub-tenants asking me how to get into a locked file cabinet. I told her and thought that was that.

Apparently there were some items in the locked cabinet that were confidential, but the sub-tenant wasn’t going for those, she just wanted access to two empty drawers. Tom Chin has this really annoying habit of asking a question and when I answer proceeds to talk at me.

He’s been doing this since I started and I’ve generally resigned myself to the fact that he’s an asshole on this point. But this morning as he proceeded to get at me I stopped and turned the tables telling him that I answered the phone with a fever of 101 and it may have been a mistake but nothing happened at all.

The problem was taken care of right then and there when Vivek saw what the sub-tenant was doing. Tom Chin’s power trip over me ended this morning, basically letting him know that he had better cut the shit, so to speak.

He was quite meek throughout the rest of the day, which is probably how he is when at home dealing with his wife and their two terriers in Connecticut. Never saw a picture of his wife, but have seen a picture of Tom Chin with the two dogs. Looked like three bitches to me.

It was a good day.

Back to Life

I actually had most of an entry written last night before the power went out. And since it was a complete system shutdown, nothing was saved. Thank you Annemarie for posting in my place, you did an admirable job. It was quite a storm last night high winds and pounding rain and with the power out there was no air, meaning I couldn’t open a window making it quite stuffy.

I would up reading a book by flashlight when not pacing back in forth in the apartment which has been my world for the past four very long days. Bill came home through darkened streets and moments after his arrival the power came back on so I crown him Sun King for the day.

He’s been quite a help and a rock that I can rely on. Of course he’s been worried about me. I have been worried that he doesn’t catch whatever it is that I’ve had. I’d like to think that I’ve turned a corner health wise, still not 100% but I do have to get it together somewhat and get to the office tomorrow.

I think the corner was last night, probably while everyone was having a nice dinner and a good time at the Hamilton household. I was able to sleep much like I used to, and only had to change my t-shirt three times as opposed to something like ten times a few nights previous.

Saturday Night Live was good, the digital short was hilarious, ‘Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent’. Coldplay were interesting, I really liked their first song a lot. Jon Hamm was the very funny host and it got me interested in Mad Men again. Tonight is the season finale and you would think AMC would have a block of shows leading up to it but instead they have horror movies for Halloween.

Yesterday was the first time since Wednesday that I left the apartment and it was a bit like a psychedelic experience. First off I was still a bit light headed and walking to the supermarket was a bit of a trip. There were a handful of customers, some in pajamas and with the lights down low to save electricity made for quite a surreal experience. By the time I came home I was drenched in sweat once again and found myself in bed under the covers.

Juan stopped by yesterday, fearless of the bug that I have. I attempted to stay awake through the day so my night sleep wouldn’t be disturbed but while watching a documentary on quantum physics and Mark Everett of Eels who’s father was a prominent physicist. But physics started wearing me down and getting drowsy so I went for a lie down and Juan was on his way. Can’t really say it went downhill from there, more like it was a slow decline.

Right now I’m watching a dvd of the Jack Benny show which is still pretty funny and I can see a connection from Jack Benny to Stephen Colbert. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they’re both better known for their characters than for themselves.

Both play characters named after themselves. Has anyone else noticed this? Over half a century later Jack Benny still has some great laughs. It’s all in the timing. Still, laughter is the best medicine and this is helping greatly.

Another good medicine is homemade soup which my sister in law Elaine just dropped off with my niece Corinne. Luckily Elaine had given me a heads up and I was able to clean up the hovel a bit which was looking even worse than usual since it had been my prison/hospital room for the past two weeks.

It wasn’t much that I could do but clean up the couch so they could at least sit them both comfortably. They were here for about an hour and it was a nice visit and I’m sure the soup is good, just haven’t warmed it up yet.

So far I’ve been outside three times today which is an accomplishment. Tons of strollers out. Too many all rolling down the sidewalks with parents behind them sometimes three or four strollers abreast. I doubt if I’ll be heading out again today. Got to reserve power so I can go to work tomorrow and deal with that mess.

I’ve only been out since Wednesday but it feels longer. With the power outage last night it really made me feel out of sorts this morning. Time is relative, and for the record my temperature is basically ‘normal’ 98 degree range. And there is nothing like homemade soup, made with love.

power out!

Hey – it’s not John, it’s me Annemarie (his sister). He just called to invite me to post for him due to the power outage in Hoboken. Don’t know how widespread it is. I will not match his 500 words. I spoke to him earlier and he is feeling somewhat better.

You got me tonight instead. I’m in Humboldt County CA where it’s been beautiful fall weather and warmer than it is in the summer out here.

So hope his readers are avoiding the illness that he experienced and that your power returns soon. No on 8!

Getting Better

I don’t think I’ve ever been as sick as I have been for the past week, or at least not for this amount of time. 100.5 is the temperature. It’s a beautiful day, or looks that way. Sleeping during the day disrupts my sleep patterns at night, giving me maybe a half hour here and there. And last night was the changing of the t-shirt every 20 minutes or so I was sweating that heavily. Here it is Friday afternoon and I sit in my underwear sweaty and clammy. I think I am getting better however slowly. 98.6 now. Interesting news about a woman named Ashley Todd who says she was attacked by a 6’4” black guy who was enraged by her support of McCain that he scratched the letter B for Barack in her face. It’s been determined that it was a hoax, but it is this type of lie that got men killed not that long ago. I finally get out of bed and find this news waiting for me. I should have stayed in bed. 99.5

I hope I didn’t write too soon. It’s 6:43 and I’m freezing and my temp is 101.5

The Fever

Well guess what? I’m still sick. Not much progress. A lot of sweating though. I wish I was better thats for sure. And from what I understand the stock market keeps tanking so who knows if I will have a job to go back to?

Right now it’s 50 degrees outside and I sit inside sweating with a fever of 99.5. All I do is sleep. Did laundry today since the sheets I’ve been sleeping on have gotten funky. They’re in a bag waiting for Bill to drop off at the laundromat to get dried.

That’s basically it. Still ill, still miserable.

Night Fever

Sorry I didn’t mean to alarm anyone by not posting any words, just a Herman’s Hermit’s video called No Milk Today. Personally I am really out of it. Just went to the ER at Hoboken Medical Center, nothing to worry about, just that my GP is off today and he keeps really shitty hours and his staff are a bunch of morons.

I came home yesterday, and basically went to bed, sleeping throughout most of the day into the night. I got a phone call from my brother Brian who actually reads this everyday. It was great to hear from him and he was concerned and left me with the request that I don’t die. I will do my best to hold up my end of the bargain.

My temperature has been 97.7 to 100.8 to 99.9. Last night while taking a shivering piss the temperature was 98.8 even though I was cold enough to shiver a bit. Right now it’s 99.1. I went to the Hoboken Medical Center, formerly known as St. Mary’s. Last time I had gone there was about 10 years ago when I was living in Weehawken and I threw out my back.

I don’t remember how that turned out but in any event they remembered me, enough to ask if I had a sister named Annemarie. No bronchitis, no pneumonia, just a bug that’s been going around. They gave me cough syrup I have to take 2 teaspoons 3 times a day and 5 days worth of anti-biotics. Now I am home very fatigued and desiring for sleep.

Each time I cough I get a head ache, and no I haven’t smoked in days. Last night I woke up every 2 hours it seemed to change my t-shirt which was soaked with sweat. Bill was in Manhattan since he needed to help a friend of his get to Staten Island for a hysterectomy.

I don’t recall being this sick, if not ever, then for a long time. I let them know in the office I wouldn’t be in for the rest of the week though when I get the strength I do log in and check whatever emails I might have to take care of.

I’ve canceled just about everything for the rest of the week, including a dinner party with John and Donna and Rand and Lisa and Lois and Fred. That was supposed to happen on Saturday night and Bill and I were really looking forward to it.

Bill comes home tonight, hopefully he’ll bring some juice. So that’s that. I’m going to sleep. Not the 500 words I told myself I would write each day but hey give me a break. Having written 1,073 entries I’m entitled, so fuck off.

Maybe I’ll write tomorrow, maybe I won’t. We shall see…


Augusta, Angelica e Consolaçao

Well this has been quite a crap filled day. Last night wasn’t so bad but when I went to bed it was awfully cold, causing me to shiver and shake with chattering teeth. Nothing I could do could warm me up until I put on a wool hat and finally got something like sleep. And it wasn’t a restful sleep since I woke up just as tired as I was when I went to sleep.

Still I got it together and got dressed for work. 44 degrees outside yet I was sweating. Definitely not running at full strength so I took my time. By the time I was walking through Bryant Park I realized that I probably should have stayed home. It’s this damned bug. Came to the office a little past 8:00 where I was surprised to see Tom Chin in before me.

He mentioned that I wasn’t looking too good and questioned why I had come in. Also mentioned the fact that I am more than likely getting other people sick. I had no response to that except to say that I had things to do. And do those things I did. A hour later I was spent.

A few people mentioned how pale I looked so a little before 11:00 I was on the street walking across town. I dreaded waiting at the bus terminal and sure enough I got there at 11:42. The previous bus just left at 11:40 and the next bus was at 12:00. I couldn’t do much of anything but wait so that’s where I was with a line of people forming behind me.

A older geezer just walked past the entire line and stood just outside the door so he would be the first one on the bus. Oh I had such dislike for that geezer. Idiotic bus driver too, dropping people off wherever she felt like it, but making me wait for the light to change before she would let me off the bus.

I walked down 6th Street in Hoboken towards my house. Most everyone working or in school. Turning onto Park Avenue I see a dump truck in front and the sound of jack hammers. Three hours previous I was walking on this sidewalk, didn’t notice anything wrong with the sidewalk but apparently something had to be done without my knowledge.

Still don’t have a working buzzer, and now we’re without a sidewalk. And of course since all I wanted to do was sleep I had to put up with the sound of a jack hammer tearing up concrete then loaded into the dump truck.

Some how I was able to sleep through most of it, with me finally getting some sleep as the laborers had their lunch. An hour later the noise started, still irritating and loud but still I slept. It seemed like every move I made was the wrong move.

Now I am awake obviously, temperature is 99.1 as opposed to yesterday’s 97.7. And of course now that I’m awake, they are done jack hammering outside.

I just got back from the store, apparently there was leaking water so that is why they needed to chop everything up. At least that’s what they told me.

Bye Bye Love

Jeez this bug that I have just won’t go away. Been feeling it since about last Monday and here it is almost a week later and after spending just a few hours outside I’m tired. Last night after I watched The Mayor of Sunset Strip, I watched Stardust starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer. To quote Juan, I was whelmed.

Not over or under, but simply whelmed. Enough that I couldn’t be bothered to turn off the dvd. It was ok, but overall a disappointment. Hard to believe that was Sienna Miller, who looked so much like Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, in this she was far from it. My brother Frank liked the movie.

He just told me as I called to wish him a happy birthday. He seemed to have just an average day for his birthday which is how it goes sometimes. Plus since he works for the board of elections he had to work today, on a Sunday which didn’t make him happy at all.

After Stardust, came Saturday Night Live. That wasn’t as good as it had been the past episodes this season. And with Sarah Palin on the show I think I threw up in my mouth a little. I just don’t like her. At all. Josh Brolin was good but when he first came out for the monologue he looked like Butch Patrick. I don’t find him attractive though I know people that do.

Andy Samberg was a disappointment as well. His scene with Mark Wahlberg was a bit off. Wahlberg knew his lines, but Samberg seemed riveted to the cue cards. Or maybe he was acting as if he was terrified of Mark Wahlberg, who I though was one of the funniest spots on the show.

Kristen Wig. I like her but perhaps she is funnier in small doses. Like Lewis Black, who is funny for five minutes a month on the Daily Show, but not strong enough for an hour long special on HBO.

Adele was the musical guest and she was ok. She seemed like another singer from the Amy Winehouse/Duffy genre. It’s not bad but really not enough to distinguish from other female R&B stylists.

Amy Poeler has only a few more weeks before she leaves the show and gives birth. She’ll be missed, especially on Weekend Update where she was the funniest thing on that whole spot. I went to bed at 12:45, just couldn’t risk seeing Sarah Palin at the end of the show.

Woke up feeling ok, went out for foodstuffs and the paper. After breakfast I watched a documentary called Champion on Danny Trejo, an actor you’ve probably seen in some movies. He had a hard life, a junkie at 13, life in San Quentin followed. Now he has a successful career in movies and also counsels younger people encouraging them to stay of of jail and off drugs and booze.

Somehow that wound up in my Netflix queue. It wasn’t that bad a documentary but then again it wasn’t that good. I watched the BBC and a rally in North Carolina for Obama. The big news today was Colin Powell supporting Obama. Is Colin Powell still relevant? After the WMD’s fiasco at the UN, who really cares what Colin Powell has to say?

McCrazy of course mentioned that he has a former secretary of state backing him, Henry Kissinger. I suppose for some, having a war criminal back you is quite the feather in the cap. I don’t think Kissinger can leave the country lest he be arrested for the bombing of Cambodia and Laos all those years ago and tried in the Hague. But then again McCrazy has G. Gordon Liddy’s backing so maybe he wants the backing of the tarnished and tattered Nixon crew.

I walked around Hoboken and saw Rand and Lisa at their Gate Sale and then visited Fred and Lois at their sale. Then I walked downtown to the Neumann Leathers Building and stopped by Tim Daly’s studio where I talked with Sheilah Scully who just so happens to be Tim’s wife. Came home, made a nice penne, pesto and chicken dinner and now I’m tired.

I spent all day wondering who Joe Gideon was, and now that I just watched the ending of the Simpsons with a Fosse character in it I realized Joe Gideon was played by Robert Schneider in Bob Fosse’s loosely autobiographical All That Jazz. Now I can go to bed.

Starry Eyes

Another low key, under the radar Saturday. This was intentional since I’m still wrestling with this bug. But not doing much seems the way to go. Same with tomorrow. In Hoboken there is the artist studio tour but I really doubt that I’ll be touring.

Last night was very mellow as well. Juan and Bill couch surfing with me situated between the tv and my computer. Juan called and asked to come down to watch O & RM. He actually called it O & RM, getting a chuckle out of me. After that was Bill Maher and then Juan was shown the door at midnight.

A good night’s sleep without any abuse of Bill much to his relief. Saw Julio and Alexander for a spell and came upstairs and waited for the guy who was supposed to fix the buzzer which has been broken for a few weeks. He wasn’t on time so I had a nice breakfast and read the paper while Bill watched Lawn hor d’oeuvre and got his laundry ready. He washes his laundry in the laundromat since they have dryers.

He was off to see his mother after that. The buzzer repair guy finally came but didn’t do anything since through the process of elimination the problem was figured out to be in one of two apartments where there currently is no access to. So if ordering food we have to walk down four flights of stairs then back up the same four flights or if someone’s visiting- the key drop out the window.

I watched The Limey on cable which I enjoy. It stars Terrance Stamp, Luis Guzman and Peter Fonda and it’s directed by Steven Soderbergh. I’ve seen it before and I liked it. Then I went out and ran into Lois Di Livio at the Guitar Bar.

We walked up Washington Street having a few laughs. Some of the 10,000 McCainiacs tried giving us some info saying the weren’t trying to convert us, they just want us to know the facts. That was another laugh. We then hung around Lois’ apartment. Her husband Fred was working.

They’re having a gate sale tomorrow as are Rand and Lisa. I would have participated but I thought I was going to Garfield and now that I’m not going anywhere I will probably swing by those sales.

I also watched a dvd that Lois lent me, The Mayor of Sunset Strip. It’s a documentary on Rodney Bingenheimer. He’s been a fixture on the Hollywood/LA music scene since the sixties and has a radio show on KROQ.

He’s had an interesting life, he’s definitely a music fan like myself and Chaz and who knows how many other people. Like Chaz he has quite an amount of memorabilia. He also has the lithe figure of Harpy and a voice that could easily be mistaken for Andy Warhol.

It’s a bittersweet movie, Rodney’s a lonely guy and keeps getting his radio slot moved around, you can probably find his show on the net somewhere. He loves to hobnob and met quite a lot of people. It’s worth looking at, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cellphone pic of Alexander!

I Believe in You and Me

Well it’s Friday and I had hoped that I would be fully functional, but no, still in the 90% range. But no, that’s not how it works out. Still I am better than I have been most of the week. I am glad I made the decision to do nothing at all this weekend as opposed to the unconscious decision of not doing anything at all.

Last night I broke my ‘fast’ and watched O & RM. Both were entertaining, mainly with Olbermann in the wings at the Letterman show, looking like he was ready to jump in after Biff Henderson measured the size of his ample skull.

And Rachel Maddow had live clips from the Alfred E. Smith dinner at the Waldorf Astoria featuring John McCain and Barack Obama making fun of each other. It was actually very funny, Bill and I were laughing out loud. Whoever wrote their lines did a great job.

Went to sleep and didn’t beat Bill up again which was nice, I know he appreciated it. He was up and out once again leaving me to sleep for a few minutes before I stirred and got out of bed. Had some coffee, showered and was soon at the bus stop.

Missed my usual bus which Casey might have been on if he didn’t catch the bug I may have accidentally given him.

On my way across town this morning I was prepared in case Obama was still around. He wasn’t staying at the Marriott like I thought, he was staying at the W Hotel. Sure enough he spent the night at the hotel.

I had my camera out and loitered on the sidewalk making small talk with a security guard at a smaller hotel next door. She was ready with her cellphone camera. I wound up standing around for 45 minutes then told to stand behind a barricade far away enough to totally miss Barack Obama getting into his car. So once again I got pictures of secret service agents and detectives who were a lot more interesting to look at yesterday.

Work was quiet yet again. I was able to get a birthday card out to my brother Frank for his birthday on Sunday. After lunch and finishing whatever tasks I had I was out on the street at 3:00.

Walked across town, got on the bus and was soon back in Hoboken, where I am now- doing laundry. Had a phone call from Vivek who was trying to figure out how to use the scanner. I tried talking him through it finally telling him that it was pretty much intuitive and he could figure it out.

Just found out that Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops passed away in his sleep at 72. He had a great voice and I always had a soft spot for the Tops, more so than the Temptations. When Bill and I started going out, one Sunday when I knew Bill would be rehearsing at his church, I decided to surprise him.

I got dressed up in a suit and tie and rode into the city from Weehawken. He was surprised to see me and after talking he went to the piano and started playing a song, I Believe in You & Me. My first thought was, ‘oh god, what a corny song’ since I was more familiar with the Whitney Houston version and not the Four Tops even though it was the wedding song for my brother Brain and his wife Karen years before.

Bill really put his heart and soul into it, he’s such a joy to watch when he’s playing the piano and singing. By the end of the song I had tears running down my face. It’s sort of ‘our song’ now with Bill sometimes sending me text messages saying ‘I believe n u & me’ which is still sweet years later.

Here’s a clip that I found on YouTube after finding out about Levi’s passing. Very touching, have the tissues ready.

Keep It Rollin’

Well I’m feeling a whole lot better. That’s good news. Not 100% but in the upper 90’s. Last night Bill and I watched the debate and I participated in the Hoboken411 live blog and defended Obama valiantly.

Not taking any shit this time even with a temperature of 97.7. The democrats outnumbered and out gunned the republicans. My comments immediately went up without approval, so overall Obama and the democrats won. Hopefully we will repeat this on November 4.

Slept really well and didn’t beat up Bill for which he was glad. I woke with no problem and found myself on yet another crowded bus. No Casey. I hope I didn’t get him sick. Listened to A Tribe Called Quest on my journey across town.

Got my weekly egg sandwich. West Indian Tony still not behind the grill and no one knows when or if he is coming back. His partner behind the grill is no longer there either. Walking down 49th street I see a lot of secret service agents again as well as a battalion of police officers and detectives.

I asked one of the cops who was around and he told me Obama. I got excited and lingered with my camera out hoping to get a pic. Obama and 10,000 McCainiacs were in town for the big Alfred E. Smith (I always think Alfred E. Newman) political roast at the Waldorf Astoria.

Eventually I was moved behind a barricade, far away enough to totally not see Obama getting into the SUV motorcade so I took some pictures of some not so secret service men instead. That got me to the office a little past 8:00, not that it mattered since no one was in yet.

Did the usual turning on machines and tvs and changing tapes and making coffee. Trudy, a woman from Northern Ireland was in and we generally get along fine.

She asked how I was feeling and I told her and also mentioned that I felt better knowing that it was a cold from Stine, since I saw her on Friday and Sunday. Trudy said that wasn’t the case since these things incubate for two weeks. I repeated my claim and she repeated hers quite adamantly to the point I just turned and walked away from her. It was like I was arguing with my mother.

The day was odd. I don’t think I mentioned that with all the bad news lately regarding work, one of the former partners has taken legal action against the company. Legal Action that we more than likely can’t afford, so there were some very long meetings between Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin behind closed doors. The day proceeded under such a pall.

I cut my Netflix from 3 dvd’s to just 1. Starting my personal cutbacks. Tomorrow is going to be another quiet Friday, just me and Vivek which means I should be on the way home at 2:00 which is fine by me. I also found out that the office space that we’ve been trying to rent, has been rented and even more good news, my hours aren’t going to be cut….for now.

I checked to see if Obama was back on my way home but there were only one or two agents and police officers around. The streets were crowded with news trucks though lined up outside the Waldorf Astoria. I wasn’t hanging out to wait this time.

Came home saw Juan. He was on his way to a show, now I’m chillin’. I will probably check out O & RM tonight to see their debate coverage, so there goes that abstention.

Go Obama!

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008

Three Girl Rhumba

Still ill. Last night was low key as expected. Just lay about the apartment, Bill came home carrying juice and concerned about me. There are moments when I feel just a little bit out of it, then there are moments when I can’t make sense of anything. Watched TV, avoided O & RM to Bill’s chagrin. Did watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report but wasn’t paying much attention.

Reading the latest Uncut magazine, good article on Bob Dylan, specifically about the albums from Oh Mercy to Love and Theft, his last studio record which came out on September 11, 2001. Talk about bad timing, it’s like the release for Phil Spector’s Christmas Album which came out on November 22, 1963. At least that’s the folklore.

Dylan’s new record in the bootleg series is outtakes from Oh Mercy to Love and Theft, and if you’ve read Dylan’s autobiography, Chronicles Volume One, a portion of that book is about the Oh Mercy sessions in New Orleans. Being in the state that I’m in reading is not as easy since my concentration is not what it usually is.

I did feel somewhat better when I went to sleep and slept fairly well though I did hit Bill once or twice during the night. I really don’t think it’s malicious, he’s just there, in the way of my nocturnal arm swinging. Perhaps I have restless arm syndrome. It is disconcerting.

I woke up at 6:00 and got myself together and went to work. I felt relatively ok. Bus was mighty crowded this morning. Saw Casey who asked the woman sitting next to me to exchange seats which she did. Casey asked how I was doing and I told him I was a bit ill after shaking his hand which made him feel like he was going to be sick. I lent him my bottle of Purel.

We talked about politics which no one on the bus talks about. No one on the bus talks about anything really. On the bus there’s this guy that I used to see with his wife when I worked at a video store on Washington Street years ago.

I know he recognizes me and I certainly recognize him but we don’t say anything to each other since it’s been about 17 years since I worked there and the store is no more. I only brought him up because once Casey and I hit the bus terminal Casey takes the subway across town and I walk, and this morning as I was crossing Park Avenue and 49th street- there was the video store guy, so he takes the subway as well but if he’s at Park Avenue the same time as I am then I make good timing while walking.

It has to be a major event for me to take the subway. Either a massive storm or I am feeling sick will get me underground.

The office was empty when I came in. Greg Stevens came in soon after me and we talked. Apparently Esteban, the last of the stooges was let go yesterday making the head count 4. He’s still going to be on staff some how, any projects that come up, he will be called in on. I had to distribute the payroll, 4 checks.

I checked the paperwork and found that I’m the only one getting paid. The officers of the company Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin are not. I guess they’re making a living out of investing in the company but there’s not much of a living to be made.

There are deals and contracts that are waiting to be completed but the companies involved aren’t sending any money our way and they’re much like my company- we’re squeezing every last cent we have. It’s not good and from what Greg Stevens told me, we probably won’t be around for 2009.

I chatted briefly with Vinnie from Wanker Banker which was swallowed up by the Big Canadian Financial Institution and he told me they let a lot of people go yesterday. So he’s scared for his job.

It’s like this all over the city, all over the country no doubt, maybe even the world. Still Greg reassured me that I should be alright, even though they still might have to cut my hours which is understandable. Not fun, but understandable nonetheless. It’s better to have some kind of job than no job at all.

But it is weird, like 10 Little Indians. And then there were 4….

PS- Just saw Julio who is sick as well. Turns out this bug is courtesy of Stine! So I guess it should last for another day or two.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the debate tonight!
Here’s a clip courtesy of Rand from the Kirby Museum

The Right Thing to Do

Oh how I feel like crap. It started last night, or rather yesterday afternoon. I didn’t pay it much attention but after canvassing voters, I came home and the slide into illness began. As I wrote, Harpy called and I think I was rather snippy. And Harpy was behaving properly too, so I apologize to Harpy. Sorry Harpy.

Then Bill came home as I was watching Heroes. I had paused it at one point to finish up last night’s entry and just when the finale was about to happen Bill asks if I want to hear what happened with him and his cousin.

I felt it wouldn’t seem right to say, ‘could it wait 10 minutes?’ so I paused it again and Bill related how his cousin was talking to him and mentioned that Bill was single which upset Bill greatly. Bill to his credit was calm and showed the ring on his finger that I had given him a few years ago explaining that we are partners and plan on being with each other for a very long time.

Unfortunately as Bill was being earnest I was fading away. Bill wanted to know what was wrong with me, or rather my attitude and I told him about the night before with the remote control. He mentioned that he’s taken to watching O & RM with me and he’s been ‘enjoying’ it and I mentioned that I was taking a break from watching those shows this week.

I also told him that I had written about it in the blog but I know he rarely reads it, if at all.

I watched Chuck last night followed by Heroes. Couldn’t be arsed to watch the Christian Slater show since it always seems like he’s imitating Jack Nicholson. Bill had it on though as I faded away. I went to bed at 11:00, no local news. Didn’t fall asleep right away and I felt bad for Bill being so forthright about our relationship while I was nonplussed by just about everything.

Woke up on time after Bill kissing me good bye, professing his love for me again. Felt ok, not so crappy but as the morning progressed I was pretty much getting worse. Drank a lot of water but nothing could hydrate me it seemed.

It feels like a cold but instead of a head full of mucous there’s very little. Just a sore throat. It was a little bit sore last night while canvassing, but still I was able to yell about the deadline for registration and that people should beat the rush.

I do feel bad about not being able to help out again like I had offered last night but I don’t know what it is that is messing with me, so I wouldn’t want to get anyone else sick. Had a deep sleep nap for about 2 hours when I came home which was good for some rest, now I’m watching some kids in a Scrabble championship on ESPN. If it’s on ESPN I wonder if there is some gambling action going on.

That’s it for today. I’m surprised I was able to write this much. I do plan on going in to work tomorrow so laying low seems to be the right thing to do.

Waves Become Wings

Slept late, in office late. Watched True Blood last night, though before that bumped heads with Bill. Or at least I was a bit annoyed with Bill. I was here, where I am now, in front of the computer. Some show about showbiz was on.

I was writing and slightly paying attention when Bill walked in. After saying hello he picks up the remote and changes the channel without any consideration or even asking if I was watching what was on. No he decides it was the perfect time to watch Chris Rock. Not today when he was off from work, but right that very minute.

Yes I was annoyed by that. Yes his arrogance sometimes pisses me off. Don’t know if it’s even arrogance- willful ignorance? Self centeredness? It did make for an uneasy night. Simmering resentment on my part, which is obvious since I’m writing about it 24 hours later. It’s gone now anyway. Writing about it takes care of it.

True Blood had quite a surprise ending and next week looks even more intense. Entourage was good and once again we switched off Little Britain USA, Bill couldn’t take the laugh track either.

Woke up at 7:00 as I was dreaming about an insect on my wrist. In the dream I was looking at it, wondering if it was a bedbug, then I opened my eyes and instead of the insect I saw my watch which said 7:00.

A quick ‘oh shit’ and I was in the shower and out the door. I wound up being a half hour late which was ok since once again no one was in the office yet. A slow day was planned for sure and the day crept by.

Greg Stevens wasn’t coming in. According to Vivek, Greg was too depressed to come in. His portfolio is a shambles it seems. The stock market did rally today so perhaps it’s not the end for Greg Stevens.

Walking to get my daily salad I pass by 2 women registering voters. They ask everyone that walks by and I anticipate them asking me so I could boastfully say that I will be doing the same thing tonight. But they don’t ask and I attribute this to the way I look, rather conservative in a suit and tie. Disappointed by the brag block.

I spoke with my brother Frank who was also a disappointment since he was able to tell me about how his day was going and this and that but couldn’t give me 5 seconds to answer the door. And I was planning on telling him about the voter registration I was participating in.

I left work at 4:30 and was going to take the Path so I could just walk across the street to the Obama Hoboken office but since it was 78 degrees out, I was sweaty and clammy. So I decided on taking the bus home and change my clothes.

Ran into Sheilah Scully on the street who told me I looked good, but I was uncomfortable. Came home and changed into jeans and a shirt and walked briskly to Obama headquarters. They decided to use my brawn instead of my brains and gave me a 10 foot 2 x 4 with Obama posters stapled to it.

I carried it over to the Path train across the street and introduced to the other volunteers and proceeded shouting that tonight is the last night to register to vote. It’s actually tomorrow night but I decided to light a fire under some asses.

A few people ignored us, a few sneered. One or two said they were registered but they weren’t voting for Obama and laughed. I told them that it was ok, I would cancel their vote.

There was a Rangers game tonight so there were a few blue shirts headed down the stairs. They ignored our asking them if they were registered so I told the other volunteers that the question was too hard for them to answer. Plus they probably only answer to hockey moms.

A lot of people were surprised that the deadline for registration was coming up so soon, others lived in New York and asked if they could register there tomorrow. I told them that I thought they were too late, New York’s deadline was last week. I told a few people to call their Board of Elections in New York, and a few in Hudson County.

One snotty republican made a comment and said ‘Acorn?’ I said ‘Elm’. I knew what she was getting at but I decided a surrealist answer would work better so then I said ‘Moose’.


A quiet Sunday. Last night was a quiet Saturday. The whole day mainly. I watched Today in NY yesterday morning and there was Pat Battle interviewing Mitzi Gaynor. Mitzi Gaynor was going to be on Long Island public television promoting a dvd of her TV specials from the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m sure I watched them on occasion since there was only one TV set in the house back then.

For those playing at home, Mitzi Gaynor was in the movie South Pacific. Well at 77 years old she’s still singing and dancing as I found out last night while watching the PBS show. There was nothing on TV that I wanted to watch and I thought I would kill some time before watching Baby Mama.

It was a lot of clips from the specials as expected and there was Mitzi Gaynor looking quite good and perhaps sexy in the Long Island studio last night. A GILF for some I bet but I don’t think she’s a grandmother.

After that I watched Baby Mama and wow was I disappointed. Definitely not as good as Mean Girls and nowhere near as funny as 30 Rock. I think the best scenes were shown in the trailers and commercials. Really a disappointment.

Then it was Saturday Night Live which was a repeat so I was in bed by 12:30. Bill at his mother’s apartment, Juan- who knows where. Woke up and went out this morning, got some bagels for the third floor family. Alexander just bouncing around in his stationery bouncy thing. Julio and Stine muddling through their morning.

I went into the city this afternoon to do something on my computer there that I couldn’t do at home. Chatted with Annemarie on the phone, told her of my plans to stop by the Hoboken Barack Obama office by the Path train. And that’s where I found myself, offering my time to help with the campaign.

Tomorrow after work I will be by the Path train registering voters, and maybe Tuesday as well since Tuesday is the actual deadline for voter registration in New Jersey. I also offered data entry and phone bank. I’m sick and tired of these idiots from the McCain camp spewing hatred and expressing how ignorant they are.

I told Harpy the other night on the phone that I was watching Obama speak and I realized, I love this guy. I worry about him and I’ve made donations to the campaign when things were better only a few weeks ago. I just feel I should do something, contribute to the campaign other than monetarily. My sister told me a political news blackout might be a good thing, so I’ll unplug from the TV info for the week.

At least that’s the plan. So instead of watching it on TV I’ll be campaigning instead. Just a week without election news on TV, though as I write that I fear I’ll be missing the info that O & RM supply that doesn’t get much coverage on the local and national newscasts that I watch.

But then again, there’s Truth Out, Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily Kos as well as tons of others that I get the information from. You have to admit, television is the big mama of all the info sources.

Hell I grew up with TV, more than my siblings. It’s generally on all the time here. Rarely do I play music with the sound off of the TV or totally off.

Right now Bill is home watching the latest Chris Rock HBO special. I’m not watching it but hearing it actually. I watched the premiere a few weeks ago and it was ok. Still just ok, just a little bit funnier without having to watch the jump cuts from stage to stage around the world.

If you take the Path train to Hoboken around 6:00 keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the guy in the suit and tie registering new voters. Go Obama!

Yesterday’s Gully

Give Me An Inch

It’s a Saturday. Nice to sleep in. Slept really well until around 8:30 when construction started two buildings down. I was asleep a little after 12:00, very much heavy lidded over red eyes. Nice. I obviously much prefer it to drinking. I think I am getting overloaded by the convention coverage. Just way to much info, it’s worse when I’m alone.

When Bill or Juan is here it feels like the information is dissipated, at least it can start a conversation. Flying solo, it’s all input, no output. I’ve been toying with the idea of not watching Olbermann and Rachel Maddow (O & RM) this week, just some time off. I guess we’ll ultimately see how that works out. Didn’t do much last night, read some magazines while O & RM followed by the Daily Show and The Colbert Report played on before I watched Bill Maher.

You see what I mean? Even though it’s entertaining it’s just a barrage of information which while enlightening is generally preaching to the choir. Bill watched his cousins kids last night and is doing it again tonight so he’ll be in Stuyvesant Town. I have 3 Netflix discs Baby Mama, Stardust and a DVD of two Alan Bennett teleplays.

I think I’ll definitely watch Baby Mama tonight. Stardust is the movie that came out with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer last year to some pretty bad reviews. The bookkeeper at work recommended it and for some reason I listened so we’ll see where that goes.

Right now I’m listening to the Roches. I’ve always liked them a lot. I’ve only seen them twice, once with the Caroling Carolers at the Bottom Line and once at Town Hall, and also as part of the Songs from Liquid Days by Phillip Glass at Lincoln Center. I

have only a few of their records, but my favorite is probably Keep on Doing which is on right now, with an a capella version of the Hallelujah Chorus. This album and their first, The Roches were produced by Robert Fripp which makes it stand out from their other records. I wouldn’t mind hearing the Roches produced by Fripp again.

For some reason I’ve always liked Maggie Roche the most. She wrote some outstanding songs and seems to be the balance between Terre and Suzzy. They’re playing in Tarrytown in December with Loudon Wainwright. Suzzy had a fling with Loudon which produced Lucy Wainwright, the half sister of Rufus and Martha.

Lucy sings and tours with the Wainwrights. And the Roches are from Park Ridge. I reckon the fling between Loudon and Suzzy caused his marriage to Kate McGarrigle to cease. Oh those folkies!

So it’s been that kind of day.

I spoke with Harpy last night who was raving about iTunes Genius program. I took his advice and downloaded it and for the past 6 hours it’s been ‘gathering information on my library’ which is over 14,000 tracks. The progress bar hasn’t moved past the ‘i’ in information message. It had better be worth it, or Harpy gets it!

My niece Meghan and her husband Rob ran in the Baltimore marathon today. They ran 26 miles which is impressive. They’re both coaches as well as teachers at 2 high schools. Meghan ran it in 3:17:09 and Rob ran in 3:24:38.

So congratulations to both of them on their fleet feet feat!

It’s October 11! National Coming Out Day!
Come out come out whomever you are!

3 Legs

Another weird day. The proper term I think is ‘off’ day, but I think people would get that confused with day off so I’ll just stick to weird. And weird it is, weird it was and probably- weird it will be. It didn’t have to be that way but circumstance was out of my control. Last night was mellow, once again with Bill and Juan manning the couch, me playing the role of ‘guy in computer chair’.

We watched Olbermann and Rachel Maddow followed by the Thursday edition of Weekend Update which was 60% good. The Hall and Oates thing maybe would have been funnier 15 years ago. And the debate could have had 6 questions instead of 8, but then what would you cut? It’s a good thing I don’t work on Saturday Night Live. Yeah, it’s a ‘good’ thing.

Bill went to bed and Juan and I watched The Daily Show then I kicked Juan’s butt out and went to bed myself. Hopefully he got home alright. Woke up tried to take my time but somehow wound up getting to work about 10 minutes earlier. I must have stepped into a worm hole somewhere. Got to the office, no one in.

It’s a Friday and the expected number was 5 and eventually the other 4 came in. Me and Vivek on my team. It’s getting weird I tell ya.

In the lobby of the building they play a lot of songs from the 1970’s. This morning I heard Dream Weaver by Gary Wright. It brought me back in a Proustian rush to the edge of puberty back then. No, I’ve never read Proust but I think I get the gist of it. No madelaine for me thanks.

In Search of Lost Time is one of those classics that I will never get around to reading, especially if I have a New Yorker subscription. I did try reading Ulysses by James Jones a few times, but never got past page 48 each time. Don’t ask me what happened in those 48 pages since it was maybe 25 years ago when I had literary ambitions.

Anyway, Dream Weaver was prominent in my memory, and I was dealing with feelings that were unknown to me before that. It was 1976 and puberty was down the road. As I wrestled with what was happening to my body and my mind the radio was on and Dream Weaver is what I will forever associate the adolescent feelings with.

I also remember a specific night when my sister was coming back from Aspen I think late at night and my family went to Newark airport to pick her up. This was before 9/11 when you could still walk right to the gate. It was late for me and I was an emotional wreck. I remember crying when I saw my sister walking towards us.

I was happy to see her definitely but I think I came to the realization today, that I was also crying because she was probably the only person I felt I could talk to at that time, though I never did talk to her about what was going on within me. I couldn’t talk to anyone and since I was in catholic school, sex education was out of the question. So in effect I had no one to talk to, not even the person I was probably closest to.

All that from 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Seems like a quiet night tonight. Juan is probably in Trenton and Bill is at some rehearsal so he might just stay at his mother’s apartment in Stuyvesant Town. Got the new Mojo and Uncut and the latest New Yorker that Harpy said was very good and once again he’s right, dammit!

This is from BettiCola

And a big round of applause for Connecticut!
California still needs help though, the haters are gaining ground so
NO ON PROPOSITION 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay Connecticut!

Watching the Wheels

Well today was an alright day. No vendors, no real estate agents. The stock markets all around the world are doing poorly and no one knows what will happen next. The government has cut interest rates to no avail, other countries have done the same. Pakistan is thisclose to bankruptcy and that will affect us somehow, one way or another.

Last night was nice. Juan came by again. Always good to have him around. Bill and I talked about his situation with his mother. She’ll be staying with his cousin for the time being. Awfully nice for her to offer and I know Bill is grateful.

He’s doing all that he can and he’s doing the best job possible. He’s totally stressed though. If anyone could use a puff, it would be him. But he’s not one to pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side.

We watched the usual programs that get our blood pressure rising. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report provided some much needed levity but still, it isn’t enough. A little less than a month until the elections, and then hopefully I can laugh again.

Does anyone remember laughter?

Today is John Lennon’s birthday. He would have been 68. I would have loved to have met him, but then again I probably would have embarrassed myself. I listened to a few Lennon tracks today. My favorite John Lennon album is probably Walls and Bridges, his last album of his own material before he retired for five years.

The vinyl edition had a really fun flip cover where you can change John’s glasses and face over and over. Also had a nice booklet with lyrics and drawings from his childhood and an excerpt about the Lennon name from an Irish lineage book, that stated that no Lennons ever amounted to much. It was signed at the end, ‘Oh yeah?, John Lennon’.

It was things like that that made me love him. You have to feel bad for Paul McCartney though. If he had to deal with being compared to John while he was alive, after John’s death the legend loomed larger than ever before and still to this day grows and grows.

John was definitely a flawed individual, and it’s been said he had a violent streak which probably fueled the fire for peace in his life, realizing that what inside of him and peace would be the only way to take care of that.

It would have been nice if John was able to follow his plans, to visit England again, to go on tour again. More records, perhaps they would have been great, perhaps not. We’ll never know. It did mean that the Beatles would never get together again which could be seen as a heartbreak. Or a relief since you really can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

In any event he’s probably frolicking around the universe, met up with George and Stu and Brian Epstein and Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix, my mom, Jet and Zed and Abraham Lincoln. That’s how I see it. When you die your essence or soul goes out and becomes part of the ever expanding universe and life flows on within you and without you.

This video is relatively new (at least to me). It features Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick and Tony Levin from Peter Gabriel’s band and King Crimson. The track was rejected for the Double Fantasy album at the time and eventually resurfaced on the Lennon Box Set which is probably when the video was made with clips of John and his drawings sometimes interacting with the band.

Then there’s Well Well Well from John and Yoko at the One to One concert in 1972 at MSG

and here’s an oldie but goodie…

Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

The madness continues. My company seems to be treading water, and I was busy today dealing with real estate agents. Two sets of agents, both with different agendas. Apparently there is a database of companies in Manhattan that has information on leases.

My company’s lease expires February 2010. For the past 5 months different agents have called or shown up with offers on finding the company a space to move to on March 2010. Of course with the way the economy is we can’t even say that we would be around by the end of the month much less in a year and a half thereabouts.

One of my problems is that that either never call and just show up, or they call constantly. I do my best to field the calls but eventually they wear me down and I consent to meet with them. Todays visitor was in his second year and he had his manager with him who just wouldn’t shut up. The manager was cute though and clearly the dominant of the two.

I did my best to be engaged and engaging even though they interrupted my lunch. They were the ones looking forward to March 2010. While I was meeting with these two, Vivek and Tom Chin were showing the vacant spaces in our office to sub-sublet, going so far as to walk into the conference room where I was meeting the first two.

Of course being Realtors they each recognized the other. After I got rid of the two I was with I was summoned into Vivek’s office. Vivek was sitting with the other Realtor. The other realtor’s name is Claus. Claus is a bit swishy and when I met him a few weeks ago I thought he was gay and that was our common ground.

A few weeks later at another meeting he mentioned his wife which through me for a loop since the guy just seemed so not straight. You never can tell, though of course he could very well be gay and so ashamed that he lives a lie which in 21st century Manhattan doesn’t make sense.

I reassured Claus that the other Realtor was there for the end of the lease, offering to help us find a new space should we need it. The way things are right now we don’t need that much space. Claus offered to run interference in case I get overwhelmed from the unending phone calls, just to tell them Claus Fischer is our agent now and all inquiries should be done through him.

It is certainly turning into a melancholy space to work in.

Last night was good. Juan came by to watch the debate and since Bill was on the way we paused until he got home. I was participating in a live blog on Hoboken411. I participated for the vice presidential debate and enjoyed it somewhat and I think the guy who runs Hoboken411 enjoyed my comments.

He said so last night and stated that my comments would go up automatically without his approval. That was cool, I felt part of the ‘scene’. Then I noticed whatever I tried to post wasn’t making it online.

I mentioned it in private to the moderator and he said he needed to approve them, which meant they had to be approved. I sat there and read what these other people were posting, stupid pro-McCain nonsense. Really stupid stuff without an iota of wit or intelligence so I dropped out of that Obama bashing blogging. It did piss me off though. Whether or not I give it another try next week, we shall see.

Bill’s mother was released from the hospital today and he’s been told that she can’t be alone anymore. That’s a totally different story that’s not mine to tell.

“…my fellow Prisoners…”

Not Fade Away

Back to work today with a stuffy nose which made everyone think I was really sick which I was and which I wasn’t. It didn’t matter- people were glad to see me. It certainly is weirder than last week. I think the term is anxiety.

Last night was different somewhat. Bill came home in time to catch Heroes with me. I recorded it so I can get agitated by Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I much preferred Heroes despite the leveling of the fictional Costa Verde, CA. That came as a total surprise.

Hard to figure who is a hero and who is a villain, who is alive and who is dead. Luckily I do know comic books somewhat or at last used to, so however farfetched the plot may be I don’t have much difficulty following it or accepting the weirdness.

After that I watched the news and then some of the Simpsons and tried to fall asleep but the nap that I had taken earlier made that difficult. Woke up at 6:00 and it was dark out. Bill hovered above kissing me good bye and I asked him if it was raining out. It wasn’t. I showered and shaved and after some coffee was out the door.

No Casey this morning, though he did send me an email just in case I have to look for a new job, some links to a company that the missus works at. I was grateful for that. I walked across town listening to The Bird and The Bee of course and midway through I switched to Paul McCartney singing Band on the Run. Great song.

Two years ago Julio and I went to see Macca at the Garden, truly one of the best shows I had ever been to. Bill and I were supposed to go together but we were estranged at that time so I took Julio instead. He got teary during Yesterday and I got teary during Maybe I’m Amazed. I swear I was high from that concert for a few days.

I still get a thrill from the memory. After that I played Jet and Live and Let Die, finishing up with Hi Hi Hi before heading into my building. Felt like a Monday but it was a Tuesday. No one in the office when I got in but within an hour people showed up.

Greg Stevens inquired about my wellbeing and I inquired about his. His portfolio in a shambles but he reassured me that there’s a place for me at the company and I have nothing to worry about, except perhaps cutting my hours back.

Vivek eventually came in and he too asked how I was feeling, making a comment about how he thought I might have gone on strike since the talk he and Greg had with me regarding the shorter work week. I told him that I would hang in there and I am quite loyal which he was glad to hear.

Some vendors stopped by, telling me about how my company could save money if we’d only switch over to their company’s machines. I just sat there as the woman said her speech and her manager kept telling me about how he bought GE stock two weeks ago and how he should have waited.

I felt bad for the sales woman since she was obviously saddled with a neckbone for a manager. Still I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t buy any products. I couldn’t tell her about the financial state of my company and told her I would get back to her with regards to the luncheon showcase next week that she invited me to.

After work I walked to the Path train, listening to Konk!, and enjoyed a Padron. Tomorrow is but another day, but at least I’m ready for a four day work week. And it was a two banana day. Tonight, the second debates with Obama and McCrazy.

one of Colbert’s green screen challenges, courtesy of the wonderful BettiCola

and to end on a good note, if you find yourself in Akron, OH on October 17, 2008 at 8:00 pm, you should go to the Akron Civic Theatre…
Akron’s own DEVO will appear on the Civic Theatre stage. This performance is a benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 7th, at 11:00 a.m.

thanx to jockohomo for the tip