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(Gloryhallastoopid) Pin the Tail on the Funky

“$700 billion dollars, a staggering number, but only a part of the cost of the failed Bush economic policies to our country, policies that were built on budget recklessness. When President Bush took office, he inherited President Clinton’s surpluses. Four years in a row — budget surpluses, on a trajectory of $5.6 trillion dollars in surplus. And with his reckless economic policies, within two years, he had turned that around. And now, eight years later, the foundation of that fiscal irresponsibility, combined with an “anything goes” economic policy, has taken us to where we are today.” That is basically what Nancy Pelosi said that upset the oh so delicate republicants.

As expected Olbermann and Rachel Maddow said all the things that Bill and I agree with. I did have a plan to go to McSwells and meet up with Thaler Pekar and give her, or lend her Naomi Klein’s book No Logo. But with my general mood yesterday all I wanted to do was go home. I’m sure she would understand. I requested Naomi Klein’s latest book The Shock Doctrine from the library so I should get that in a day or two.

Since the economic miasma yesterday it seems to be quite a popular book. After the Olbermann/Maddow shows Bill and I watched Heroes which was excellent once again. Bill went to bed and I soon followed. Woke up at 6:30 with Bill asking if I was going to work today. Apparently I didn’t hear the alarm clock and slept right through it. It felt good though.

I lumbered around the apartment, trying to avoid Bill. Two big guys weighing over 200 pounds can be troublesome. I jumped in the shower, Bill made some coffee for me then he was out the door. I once again soon followed. He caught an earlier bus, I was on a later bus. No Casey on this bus.

Finished the New Yorker from last week and since I finished Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories I knew I wouldn’t have anything to read on my ride back. I made a mental note to have something to read, but misplaced it somewhere on my mental desk.

Got to the office, the auditor was sitting on the floor with her lap top. She was nice, asked me a lot of questions about Hoboken. She too is also a bit nervous on the economy right now, and she’s more entrenched in the financial world than I am. She works for a government department that audits investment banks, as does her husband.

She was enjoyable to talk to, a definite change from the average auditor who generally lack personality and don’t talk to anyone. Perhaps with my being warm and outgoing, it could lend itself to a favorable rating from the audit. Who knows? Perhaps she and her husband will find an apartment in Hoboken and we’ll cross paths again.

Today was payday and with the dire warnings yesterday about small businesses not able to meet their payroll, I checked my account online. My heart stopped when I saw the same amount as yesterday. It seemed that the direct deposit did not go through.

I checked with Tom Chin who said that the payroll had gone through with no problem, he showed me my account as well as everyone else’s, and it’s true the payroll did go through and I do make a lot less than everyone else. I’m not complaining. I’m comfortable with my salary.

I checked again online with my bank and sure enough, there was my direct deposit. The bank had some glitch with it’s online services. Talk about bad timing.

The morning was going by smoothly when the bell rang. I went to see who it was and there was a guy in a nice suit with two other people. A real estate agent, asking for Jonathan. I told him the name was John and I didn’t have any record of an appointment to see the space. He also mentioned Vivek’s name and I went and asked Vivek to see if he knew anything about it.

Vivek said he didn’t and gave me the go ahead to brush the guy off. I went back to the now flustered agent and told him it was a bad time and gave him my card to make an appointment. He checked his iPhone and he was visibly nervous, with shaking hands. His clients were understanding and perhaps a little bit miffed but they left.

Vivek then walked up to me to ask how it went and that was when he remembered that they did have an appointment. I gave him the agents card and hopefully he apologized but he more than likely blamed the whole thing on me. I hate dealing with the real estate office space situation.

Had a nice Padron on my walk across town, no change for the homeless guy who nonetheless said my suit looked sharp. I’ll take a compliment from anyone, no proof of residency required.

Happy birthdays to Rita, Thaler and my nephew Earl who is now 18!!! Yikes!

Love for Tender

Well today was a day at work like no other so far. Panic basically. It seems that Nancy Pelosi made a speech complaining about the past eight years of right wing ideology and that just upset the right wing so much that they sabotaged whatever bailout was in the works.

Now because of their ‘hurt feelings’ my job is in even greater danger. Small businesses like the one I work for are in grave danger. A difficult year ahead is what they’re saying on TV right now.

The ‘hurt feelings’ is too reminiscent of when the Newt Gingrich philanderer was upset that Clinton had him sitting in the rear of Air Force One, which caused Gingrich to shut down the government for a few days. Not the best move as we learned and probably forgot since then.

Greg Stevens had me fax and overnight some documents, he’s taking his money out of Wachovia and putting it somewhere else. This week there are just four of us in the office, Vivek, Greg Stevens, Tom Chin and myself. Esteban got married on Saturday and is on his honeymoon.

Nervous jokes were made after the stock market plunged 777 points, jokes about how lucky we were that we didn’t have windows that opened. And if they did, we’re only on the fourth floor anyhow.

I felt the panic and dealt with it as best as I could. I did ask before I left whether or not I should come back tomorrow. Vivek asked what I was going to do next. It doesn’t look good and perhaps the end may be sooner than anticipated.

Once again, no one knows anything. It should make for interesting TV tonight, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I am sick of the republicans and their tricks and lies and out and out greed. I’ve never seen such merchants of bullshit.

The day didn’t start out that way. Last night was rather cool too. I watched True Blood last night. Very good. A visit to the local Vampire bar, Fangtasia. And Sookie’s brother is still very much an idiot. Last night despite being warned to take only a drop of the drug V, a vampire serum to help him with his erectile dysfunction.

Being an idiot, he drank the whole vial and was in a priapismic state for quite a long time, causing him to go to the emergency room to have his penis aerated. And I was glad they didn’t show that. They did show the tent underneath his hospital gown though. And the serial killer isn’t a vampire it’s the owner of the bar, Sam. Saw that one coming before it was revealed.

Entourage was good, but not as good as last week. Little Britain USA was more miss than hit and had an annoying laugh track. It looked funnier in the commercials, that’s for sure. Woke up with Justin Timberlake in my head.

Specifically the song, Sexxyback. Not a bad song and I had it on my iPod anyway, Juan’s influence you see. The city isn’t under lock down like last week though. All the major players went back home.

Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

From Joe.My.God (blogroll on the right side of this blog)
Top Ten Bank Failures Of All Time

1. Washington Mutual, Seattle (2008)
Total assets: $307 billion

2. Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, Chicago (1984)
Total assets: $40.0 billion

3. First Republic Bank, Dallas (1988)
Total assets: $32.5 billion

4. IndyMac Bank, Pasadena, Calif. (2008)
Total assets: $32 billion

5. American S&LA, Stockton, Calif. (1988)
Total assets: $30.2 billion

6. Bank of New England, Boston (1991)
Total assets: $21.7 billion

7. MCorp, Dallas (1989)
Total assets: $18.5 billion

8. Gibraltar Savings, Simi Valley, Calif. (1989)
Total assets: $15.1 billion

9. First City Bancorporation, Houston (1988)
Total assets: $13.0 billion

10. Homefed Bank, San Diego (1992)
Total assets: $12.2 billion
The previous nine biggest failures together don’t equal WaMu.

all of the above happened during republican administrations.

My Spine (Is The Bassline)

It’s Sunday. Right now, it’s 100% humidity and 80 degrees. A bit uncomfortable, but that’s about it. Just a bit. Last night I watched Chris Rock and he was funny of course, but not as funny as I had hoped. It was a live show shot in various locations, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, New York and a few other places I believe.

They kept cutting between venues since he did the same show basically all over the world. They do it for rock and roll concerts sometimes, various shows many splices. This may have been the first time it was done for a comedy show. For me, it was too gimmicky. But over all he was alright.

I just expected a little bit more. Not as funny as his other specials I think, though the proper gauge would be to see how many times Bill laughs out loud and busts a gut for a few minutes. Bill missed it last night, but I’m sure it will be rebroadcast ad infinitum.

Saturday Night Live was pretty good though. Anna Farris was good and Duffy was really good. I know some people don’t like Duffy but I do and so does my sister. Darrell Hammond and Fred Armisen were both funny as McCain and Obama for the debate sketch and it was good to see Chris Parnell who Bill and I always liked. And he looks good in a Speedo too, but that was a different sketch a long time ago.

Slept like a log and woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye as he was off to church. I soon got out of bed and found myself walking down Washington Street looking at various vendors setting up with wishes that the rain wouldn’t happen.

Saw The Lopez clan as I dropped off some bagels and chatted with them for a bit. Seems like it’s getting to be a Sunday morning routine, chatting with Mama and Papa Lopez while Alexander feasts.

I watched the Sunday morning shows for a while before finally watching a documentary about the tailor to the stars, John Taylor. Old school tailor, dressed the biggies like Mike Douglas, Monty Hall and Jan Murray. Big I tell you! He also dressed Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. He’s the last of a breed, few good tailors around, I guess in Beverly Hills and I certainly can’t afford a bespoke suit that starts at $1500.

Ran into Rand and Lisa at the supermarket and then heard from Rand a little while later. He was at the Art and Music Festival and watching our friends in Sexpod playing. I didn’t think they would be on until later but there they were. I only caught the last 2 songs, but Alice noticed me while she was on stage and gave me a nice smile.




Karen and drummer

Rand and I hung about waiting for Mary Weiss from the Shangri-La’s who was better than anticipated. She did her hits as well as 2 songs by the Rascals among others. I mentioned to Rand that she should have covered a Blondie song or a Ramones song. They would’ve have sounded great but overall Mary Weiss was plenty enjoyable as was the crowd.

Mary Weiss

Rand’s wife Lisa joined us and we all had a pleasant stroll through the festival, enjoying the finale of the Salsa group that was performing. Rand suggested a drink but I needed to go eat. Came home and made some pesto with gusto.

Bill came home after singing Something’s Coming from West Side Story for a church presentation. I threw in the DVD of West Side Story that I bought a few years ago that I hadn’t watched completely. I knew why I hadn’t. I always cry at the end, and watching Tony sing Something’s Coming before meeting Maria at the dance I started to get choked up.

I usually watch the movie and always ridiculously hope that Tony and Maria will get away, but they never do.

The crowd

Yabba Dabba Don’t

Roda and his daughter

Night of the Living Baseheads

Last night was the debate between Obama and McCain and of course, as far as I’m concerned it was Obama’s victory. Whenever they would show a split screen and Obama was criticizing McCain and his record, McCain was grinning through gritted teeth it seemed.

Obama was most presidential I think. McCain was crazy. Obama did say a few times, ‘You’re right John..’ and then go on to back up that McCain might have been right at some point but where he is now was some place totally different.

And already the wrong wing has taken that little snippet of Obama saying that and will try to turn that into a pro McCain advertisement. Next time Obama will have to be a bit harder and sharper. I was tired before the debates started yet when it was underway I was totally engrossed. Bill came home halfway through.

His mother is making progress and will likely be in the hospital for a while. And she’s taken to speaking in Spanish to everyone, regardless if they speak or understand. Another thing that she’s taken to doing is behaving the nurse she was for quite a number of years, making the beds of various other patients on her floor to the amusement of the actual nurses as well as Bill. It’s good that she’s active though and stimulating her mind somewhat.

Bill was in bed soon after the debate and since I was drinking some crappy cranberry juice that had quite a bit of sugar in it I was up for a while. I watched Bill Maher after that but didn’t pay too much attention. I can catch that at a later date. I tried sleeping but the sugar hadn’t worn off yet but eventually I slept. It was rainy still when I woke up, gray skies and drizzle.

I had a plan to participate on an Improv Everywhere assignment of Governor’s Island, but with the weather being what it was I decided against it, watching instead a DVD of the Twilight Zone from the 1980’s with a soundtrack by the Grateful Dead and Merle Saunders.

It was the series brought back on CBS back then. I specifically wanted to watch the episode called Nightcrawlers, about a Vietnam vet who cannot fall asleep or else his nightmares of Vietnam will come to life and wipe out everyone including the dreamer.

It was also the very last episode on the DVD. Nightcrawlers also had Exene Cervenka in a featured role as a waitress in the diner. She was great and I remember telling her that I thought so when I met her at McSwells back in the day. She was doing a spoken word thing that night and mentioned that William Friedken who directed that episode was a crazy man, or words to that effect. He really put them through the paces.

After that I wandered around Hoboken, so muggy out, quite Hummus. I had hoped Pier A in Hoboken would be deserted but it was far from it. There was a Lights On celebration that had a lot of people wandering around.

I sat and looked at Manhattan through the fog and talked to my sister on the phone before heading home for a penne, pesto and chicken dinner. It is Saturday after all.

The weather promises to be the same tomorrow which is the Hoboken Art and Music Festival which features the headliner, Mary Weiss from the Shangri-La’s of Leader of the Pack fame. As well as Remember (Walking in the Sand) and I Can Never Go Home Again.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and give me something to do or at least give me people that I can surreptitiously take pictures of. Yes, we see…

Just watched Bee Movie which was cute and funny. Waiting for Chris Rock’s latest HBO special. That’s it. Smell ya later.

Rest in Peace Paul Newman

photo from JockoHomo

Tiny Dancer

It’s a Friday. A wet Friday at that. Just Bill and myself last night, Juan back at school. I did have a short chat with Song online in Sydney though and I wished him well then as I do now, that he aces his exam. Roda is a father again, a baby girl born this morning. Congratulations and best wishes!

Watched the usual last night with Bill, actually watched a little with Bill. He was in bed fast asleep by 9:00. It started raining last night and continued into today. It sounded like a maelstrom when Bill was kissing me goodbye at 6:00 this morning.

He advised that I stay home. I agreed and continued sleeping after getting up and emailing Vivek and Tom Chin that I wouldn’t be in. Due to flooding. Imaginary flooding, but flooding nonetheless. I went back to sleep and slept like a rock with mother nature banging trash cans up and down the street.

Around 8:30 I got out of bed again and checked my email to see if it went through ok, if there were any glitches. Tom Chin thanked me for the heads up, Vivek wondered if I am generally up at 3:45 in the morning.

I figured out that the time stamp on the email was set at PST and let him know, that on Mondays through Fridays I am generally up at 6:00. I was worried that he might think I was partying and decided not to come when the bars all closed, like my supervisor Felicia used to do when I worked for McMann and Tate, or rather Wolff Olins.

Then I went back to bed, and woke up an hour later. Still wet and miserable outside and I felt uncomfortable staying home. I also had my nephew Earl’s birthday card and present to send out. That was the main reason actually. I made it in and took the subway across town.

Tom Chin was surprised to see me. I explained that there was stuff to be done, then I wished him a happy birthday. It’s true they are quite helpless without me. I did what I had to do then had lunch and left again a few hours later.

It had stopped raining mostly and the walk across town was mildly enjoyable. Came home and wound up taking another nap. It’s really the best thing to do on a rainy day, if you can get away with it.

Now, here I am, writing again, waiting for the debates which Cotton Hill tried to postpone as well as Peggy Hill’s vice presidential debate next week. Looking forward to Barack Obama showing McCrazy who’s the boss and I don’t mean Tony Danza.

Tomorrow has something to look forward to as well, Chris Rock’s latest special on HBO. Here are some of Chris Rock’s best lines this week according to New York Magazine.

• “If this was a boxing match, McCain would be holding on to Obama.”
• “McCain jokes are easy jokes. ‘I don’t want a president with a bucket list!’ You basically take the dust off your Reagan jokes and tell them again.”
• “You got a guy that’s worth $150 million with twelve houses against a guy worth a million dollars with one house. The guy with one house really worries about losing his house — because then he’s homeless! … John McCain could lose half his houses and sleep well!”
• “[Bill Clinton’s] wife was running for president. If you give me a choice of pissing off a whole race of people or my wife, I’m sorry, I gotta piss off a whole race of people. Sorry blackies! Go eat some chicken! … Right Larry? You’ve been married twelve times, right?”
• [On the choice of Sarah Palin] “I thought Al Davis made the choice, or something. That’s how bad it was.”
• “Jason Lee has done more interviews promoting My Name Is Earl than [Sarah Palin] had to run for vice-president of the United States.”
• “[Sarah Palin is] kind of like Kim Kardashian on Dancing With the Stars. All that ass and you can’t shake it!”
• “Bin Laden did more movies last year than Sam Jackson. I think he’s in Lakeview Terrace.”
• “America is broke right now, and nobody understands broke better than black people.”

Next belly up bank: Wachovia

apologies to Mike Judge

Just who is the elitist?

This guy!

But not these two!

One more

That’s it! Good night!

Solid Air

Well Juan was here last night. A total surprise. He was ringing my bell five minutes after I got here. Lately the buzzer has been broken making communication to the street near impossible. I was hanging out the window yelling to whoever was ringing the bell, but they couldn’t hear me. Finally Juan looked up and I buzzed him in.

His car broke down in Newark and his mother wouldn’t help him so AAA picked him up and drove him to Union City where he fought with his mother and then walked down here to Hoboken. It was cool hanging out with Juan, of course.

Then Bill came home and we all watched Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. All very good despite Bush Co making his speech about how the economy is terrible. Nice for the idiot to notice. It happened on his watch and once again he has done nothing. Oh history will judge him harshly for sure, but I can’t wait for history.

From the History Boys: ‘History? It’s one fucking thing after another innit?’

Juan wound up sleeping on the couch, Bill and I snuggled in the bed. I told Juan that Bill is up at 5:30 and out by 6:00 and I’m up and out by 7:00. Of course at 6:45 Juan was still fast asleep with morning mouth. He does look adorable when he’s sleeping though. He got himself together and got a train back to Trenton. For me work was busy.

We had an auditor in the office which made Tom Chin extremely nervous. Still there was nothing to worry about. A steady stream of visitors were in today which made things busy for me but I didn’t mind. The streets are still on lock down outside the office and it’s going to be like this until next Friday due to the United Nations General Assembly.

I got through the day ok and had a nice walk past various agents and policemen. Gave some change to the homeless guy who always calls me ‘soldier’. Today he said I was looking sharp. I noticed that when I walk past some agents they look at me like I am one of them. I guess all thats missing is the tell tale bulge. No not that one. The bulge of a gun. A revolver.

I did run into Casey this morning. He’s been going in earlier so we’ve been missing each other. It was good to see him though. He doesn’t drink coffee but is quite caffeinated. We were talking politics which no one else on the bus seems to talk about. They talk about generally dumb things though the guy sitting next to me was writing a script and the scene he was working on takes place in a conference room.

It’s now a quiet and cool evening. Summer is officially over and autumn is here. One more day of work this week and then I can sleep late. I saw Sheilah Scully outside the supermarket and she was looking good. She told me she reads this blog and that she enjoyed my writing which is good to hear.

Looks like Washington Mutual is about to go belly up.

Pro-Tibet protestors

Rescue Me

What a fucking day it’s been. Ugh. It started out with me sleeping a little later than usual. About 11 minutes later. I knew it was 11 minutes. Made a big difference. Everything is more crowded, and busier than what I am used to.

I did not like it at all, but made the most of it listening to Konk! which made it to my playlist finally. That pseudo Latin 1980’s East Village dance groove made a nice walk across town.

Got to the office about 25 minutes late and to my surprise no one was in. I was glad at that fact. Allowed me to take my time in setting things up. Soon people came in and everything hummed along nicely. No one said anything about how they had left the office early yesterday leaving me holding the bag. I didn’t bring it up and neither did anyone else.

At one point I had to run an errand which I was glad to do. I brought along my trusty camera and took some pics. As I was crossing Lexington Avenue I spotted some who looked recently familiar. Prior to the errand I was reading AM New York, one of the 2 free newspapers given away at most subway stops for free.

The other is the Metro but Metro doesn’t have dependable people at the stations so I didn’t get one of those. Their both good reading during a morning, how you say….evacuation.

So I am at Lexington and 50th Street, still an intense police presence since Bush Co is still in town. I spot a guy wearing a hat and sunglasses and crocs. Normally I find crocs offputting but I made an exception since I had a feeling I had seen this guy before.

I decided to take a chance since we were both walking up Lexington Avenue and with him I said slight yet loud enough for him to hear, ‘Loudon’. He stopped and turned around. I wonder what he thought when he saw me, in a navy blue pinstriped suit with a light blue tie and light blue cuff links.

I say that because there were a lot of gents like myself dressed in such attire, meaning Secret Service and NYPD Detectives. Of course I am neither but he wouldn’t know that. Perhaps I’ll wind up in one of his stories. Anyway I said I was a fan, didn’t mention Rufus or Martha, deciding to let him have some John time for himself.

I told him that I was just reading about him in the paper. He asked which one and I told him, but held back on what was going on while I read about him. I mentioned that an upcoming show sounded cool. In December he’s playing in Tarrytown with the Roches, another group that hits a soft spot for me.

I was off on the errand but before I left I asked if I could take his picture and he said yes, so here’s a picture of Loudon Wainwright III.

Work was weird when I got back to the office, I didn’t know it then but it seems that the renting of the office is now something that other people are involved in. I wasn’t bringing in the results they wanted, but then again I was trawling on Craigslist whereas they know a few people with the money to rent an office in midtown. I don’t mind that at all.

After work I decided to take a train downtown and check out Oliver Sacks who was giving a free lecture at Cooper Union. I stopped by Farfetched where Harpy was next to Susan. Had a glass of sparkling wine and picked some birthday cards and had a good time with the two of them. An interesting chemistry between the 3 of us.

Back on the street I walked over to Cooper Union and found a daunting line wrapped around the Cooper Union. I turned back, popped into Farfetched again and then I was on my way, walking up Fifth Avenue enjoying a Padron and listening to Raphael Saadiq’s new album.

Got to the Path train and found that I missed 3 of Bill’s calls. I was nervous and considered getting back up to the street to see what was the matter. I was worried that things may have taken a turn for the worse regarding his mother.

I decided to head back to Hoboken and check once I got up to the street again. I checked the voicemail that Bill left and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. His mother did have a stroke though, affecting her speech center and with a paralysis on the left side.

She’ll be in the hospital for a while, then the varies therapies that are required. And she’s disoriented with being in the hospital as a patient when she was a nurse for a number of years.

Now I’m home with Bill and special guest, Juan. We’re all pretty tired.

Alien Jam

Last night was cool, mellow. Watched Olbermann and Rachel Maddow which was as good as usual. Taped Heroes which had it’s season premier last night. I of course, being a former comic book geek was hooked anew. But it was a two hour episode or rather two one hour episodes shown back to back. I watched Rachel Maddow and taped Heroes and watched the first hour.

Still don’t know how the second episode went, but I have a week to watch it. Bill was in bed fast asleep when I joined him and before I knew it he was kissing me goodbye once again. I got out of bed and showered. Forgot to shave but then again it takes a few days to notice, though I can feel it growing.

Last night I bought two songs from iTunes by Konk!, one of my favorite bands from the 1980’s. I was surprised to see it on iTunes, but there it was. I bought them, and loaded it into my iPod, making a playlist so I could find it fast or so I thought. I was disappointed to not find it this morning. I got over it and wound up listening to solo songs by the Fabs instead, which was great of course, but not that pseudo Latin dance stuff from the East Village that I was looking forward to.

On the bus I got a video message from Bill, being silly and screaming and shouting that he loved me which was fun to get on a crowded bus. Then I got a phone call. It was Bill and not as silly as he was a minute before. He told me his mother had a stroke last night and he was on the way to the hospital.

To say that sucked would be an understatement. He was understandably stressed and continued to be so throughout the day when he would phone with updates. It was thought it was a seizure but seems to be a stroke, slight paralysis on one side of his other’s face among other symptoms. I couldn’t get away from work and even if I could what could I do?

Work itself was intense, not so much for what was going on inside the office, but rather from what was going on outside. Bush was in town, staying at the Waldorf Astoria right around the block from my office and most of the neighborhood was on lock down.

Total street closures, snipers on rooftops, helicopters flying low over head and quite a fleet of vehicles one of which was the dummy vehicle, with the rest being decoys. Cops everywhere and Secret Service, some of them dressed oh so nicely.

Work was quiet again, the only thing I heard was Vivek indignant yet laughing at the way the Senate was questioning Paulson. Vivek thinks Paulson should get all the money to do what he will. Vivek is the managing director of the company and of course he wants his company to stay afloat, which puts me in a weird position, I want to work and I want oversight on this bail out. Questions asked.

Then around 2:00 Vivek and Greg Stevens went out saying they probably wouldn’t be back, leaving me all alone in the office. Esteban, the lone stooge, left early after a doctor’s appointment and Tom Chin never came in after saying he would be in by noon. I stayed until 4:30 and walked across town enjoying a Padron listening Radiohead, In Rainbows. Haven’t played it in a while.

Got the bus back, picked up a ticket at Tunes for my brother Frank’s friend for The Bird and The Bee at McSwells in a week or so. Then I ran into Thaler who is really sweet. I’ve known Thaler for a long time and we have a few mutual friends. And she and her husband Tom who’s equally nice used to live next to Chaz and Kathe when they were together and living in Hoboken.

She’s a lot more political minded than I am and has been a vocal supporter for women’s rights. She looked really good as well and we had a really good talk about the current political scene. She has some good insight on a lot of things that I’m too tired to get into right now.

I started tonight’s entry on my own computer which crapped out again, low wireless connection. Finished on Bill’s laptop which has a good wireless connection. Also didn’t want a cranky call from he who must not be named about ‘why is the blog so late tonight?’

Goo Goo Muck

I didn’t write about this yesterday but it was on my mind. A synchronicity of sorts. My brother Frank and I were talking about a few topics, one of them being a woman we grew up with passed away from leukemia a week ago, Dorothy Foglio. She didn’t have an easy life, major hearing loss in one ear that went undiagnosed for so long that Dorothy was regarded as slow.

She wasn’t, and I think it wasn’t until she reached adulthood that a significant hearing loss was discovered. Dorothy was the daughter of Jim and Lorraine Foglio who were good friends of my family. Jim was a great guy, really nice and always willing to lend a hand. He had four daughters which he loved but Frank and I figured he probably would have liked to have a son to play ball with.

His daughters ages roughly corresponded with me and my brothers and sister. Jim might have tossed a ball with me once or twice, something my father rarely did. My mother taught my brothers and me how to throw correctly not like a girl. One night in 1975 Jim had tickets to a Yankee game and he couldn’t go so he gave the tickets to my mother so that one of us boys could go.

My brother Brian was unavailable so the tickets went to Frank and myself. Frank was late of course and we drove to the Bronx in a drizzly rain, Frank telling me about some song about how the Red Sox were winning. I mentioned that trip to Frank, thinking it ‘funny’ since the last game to be played at Yankee Stadium was last night. Just something that was on my mind, that’s all.

Last night Bill and I watched True Blood while I wrestled with the computer which seems to have cleared up. That’s why the posting was later than usual and also the reason I got an irate phone call from Harpy whining about how late the blog was posted. Harpy would be the guy on a paper route who’s newspaper invariably wound up on the bushes.

True Blood was very good and very interesting since the guy who plays Anna Paquin’s dim brother was being videotaped dancing in his briefs with quite a large bulge that pointed to his left. That got our attention for sure. After that we watched Entourage where Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven went apeshit and deservedly bitch slapped a rival agent in front of the rival’s staff.

Then we watched the end of the Emmy awards which Harpy called about during True Blood. Bill went to bed before the end of the awards and I stayed up and watched the usual bad news which keeps getting worse and worse.

Woke up to Bill’s alarm clock and heard that ‘more news on that terrible story later in the broadcast’. Horrible news? What now? More economic disasters? Going to work was scary thinking about all that. Nothing on the TV news said anything overtly horrible except for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley converting from investment banks to holding companies.

I don’t know what that means but I keep hearing that yes it’s bad now, but it’s going to be a lot worse soon enough. Bush has a plan to give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson a lot of power and money to bail out these corporations, with no questions asked and what Paulson decides will be the final word on the matter.

Fuck Bush and his plan. He allowed millions of people to be screwed and now he wants our money to bail out this monoliths? Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you’re against this, that is- if you’re against that.
Cut n’paste

Today’s New Yorkers

Late addition: I just read on Joe.My.God.’s blog (in blogroll on your right) that McCain’s chief of staff is an out to his friends and family gay man. There’s an interesting and conflicted debate going on about it in his comments on the entry.

What do you think about a situation like that? Should he be outed? Can an out gay man be outed? There are some very interesting comments, what would yours be?

Computer Blues

Computer problems again. Deleting tons of photos. Clearing space for memory. I thought I deleted a lot of photos in the past but obviously I still have quite a bit. Not to mention a lot of photos were duplicated since I was too lazy to change the settings on my camera to a lower setting for the frame.

So if I have a pic that is 3225 x 2650 you can bet there is a 555 x 416 duplicated. And now a lot of pics are gone. Where do they go once you empty the recycle bin? They have to go somewhere. I know they’re still on the computer.

Last night was a nice time with Rand. I was plenty tired after riding about 40 miles and walked gingerly as I strode up Washington Street towards McSwells. Nobody I knew on the street at 8:00 which is the norm these days. It used to take me a long time since I knew a lot of people back then. Now, not so much.

After a few pints with Rand I wasn’t so achy anymore and gradually became animated somewhat. I put some money in the jukebox ensuring that for the next hour the music playing was selected by me. McSwells is a totally different scene, filled with hipsters nowadays rather than the characters of yesteryear.

Very much akin to what I hear Williamsburg is like, and like Hoboken had done in the 1980’s Williamsburg is gentrifying at a very fast pace. At least that’s what the interviews with TV on the Radio have mentioned. I haven’t been to Williamsburg in about a dozen years or so.

According to Harpy who works in the thick of Williamsburg hipsterdom, the hipsters hate to be called that. Which is all the more reason to call them hipsters, and not in the Graham Parker sense of ‘I’m the token hipster/ and you’re just the novelty set’.

Actually perhaps the hipsters are the novelty set. Watched a few Raphael Saadiq videos on the television of the past couple of hours. Such a personable and handsome guy that Raphael is. But enough about him.

I spoke with my brother Frank today who was a bit too upset about forgetting my birthday. I tried to let him know it was alright but it plays into the bigger picture of what has happened to his memory since the stroke. That would make me panicky.

I did my best to reassure him that it was ok, that I wasn’t Dad who would be greatly insulted if his birthday wasn’t recognized. I also spoke with Frank’s wife Elaine who apologized. There was no need for it.

In fact I always forget both my sister in law’s birthdays and they’re right after each other in December. I usually call Elaine and Karen on the 6th or the 7th and wish them a happy birthday only to find once again, after decades of having them in my life I still cannot get the dates right.

Rand and I parted ways after walking around Hoboken with me smoking a Padron and I was home by 11:45. Watched most of Saturday Night Live and I thought it was pretty funny. It seems they’ve taken to ending skits rather than let them peter out. That definitely makes all the difference. Kings of Leon were oksucked.

Walked around Hoboken this afternoon. Since I rode so much yesterday, staying put was nice. Finished the New Yorker, skipping the movie reviews since I’ve started reading them mostly, until after I’ve seen the movie.

this was posted on Bill’s laptop since my computer is crapping out.

You say you’ll change the Constitution, well…you know, we all want to change your Head

Don’t Fall In Love

Last night was most chill, and cool. Chill in the apartment, me and Bill watching Rachel Maddow and recordings of the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, followed by Bill Maher and cool weather wise. I was pretty much wide awake after having taken a nap when I got home.

All pretty good shows. Bill was watching Chris Rock on his laptop while wearing headphones and laughing at the most inappropriate times during Bill Maher. It was odd listening to Andrew Sullivan or Naomi Klein talk about some serious issues and hearing Bill chuckle,

Will I. Am was the third panelist and he didn’t have much to say except when Bill Maher discussed his documentary about the insanity of religion. My Bill went to bed soon after and I stayed up to unfortunately watch the last 45 minutes of Balls of Fury, the ping pong movie starring Christopher Walken. It was odd and elicited a giggle or two but overall not worth watching.

Woke up this morning around 8:30 and went out in the world picking up bagels for the family on the third floor. Julio was feeding Alexander while Stine was getting ready for a baby shower for Julio’s sister. Hung out with them for a while before heading upstairs and having my own breakfast.

Bill was getting ready to see his mom and I read the Daily News and started doing laundry. Another Saturday another bike ride. I wasn’t sure where I was going. I rode up the elevator to Congress Street and proceeded up Palisades Avenue, getting bananas in my old neighborhood.

Still wasn’t sure where I was going though the bike decided on heading north. I pedaled in agreement and eventually found myself in Fort Lee by the George Washington Bridge, after briefly talking to my sister on the cellphone while stopping in Cliffside Park. Had a quick bite to eat then I rode across the bridge.

Several other riders in bicycle riding gear passing me by in groups all shiny in their spandex and branding. I didn’t know until I was in the thick of it but today was a big festival for the Little Red Lighthouse underneath the bridge. It’s a children’s book too you know. Strollers and families everywhere slowing me down. I got around them with no problem and decided on a different route.

I got off the bike path and rode up to Riverside Drive and then down 96th street into the park. There was supposed to be something for the play, Hair going in in the park but I couldn’t find it. I rode over to the skate circle and sat watching Disco Granny and the guys on Bear Hill.

Bear Hill

It was nippy out and I was only there for just short of an hour. Rode down 59th street where on the hill between 10th and 11th Avenues some woman decides to make a U Turn just as I am hitting a nice speed. I yelled, ‘what the hell are you doing you fucking bitch’ she says I should just go around her, into oncoming traffic. A flip of the bird and I was on my way to the safety of the bike path again.

Rode to the World Trade Center and caught the Path back to Jersey City where I stumbled upon a Jersey City Irish Festival. Lot’s of people that looked like my tribe, most of them carrying cups full of Guinness. I thought about getting one for myself but decided to head on home and make dinner before meeting up with Rand finally for a pint or two at McSwells.

7 World Trade Center

Jersey City

Neumann Leather Building

Observer Highway

Falling Dub

8:00PM and I finally feel awake. Last night was different. Home by myself most of the night, Bill asked that I get his amplifier, keyboard and keyboard stand ready for him to take to Harlem. He’s starting a jazz combo with someone he works with. I did all that, moved the big ass amplifier and out it in the hall, got the keyboard in a carry bag and dusted off the keyboard stand.

Bill came home and started playing the keyboard with an extension cord leading into the hallway so the whole building got to hear Bill’s doodling on the keys. I don’t know how it sounded on the floors below us, but here it was loud, louder than Keith Olbermann. When Rachel Maddow came on I had to request that Bill turn it down. Bill moved the amplifier downstairs then went out and got a Zip Car.

I carried the keyboard and the stand downstairs when he showed up with the car. Then I was back to doing whatever it was that I was doing. He came home an hour later and was in a weird state of mind. I just went to bed. It was cooler out and no more need for the air conditioner. I don’t know what time Bill went to bed, but he did wake me up while looking for the comforter.

The comforter did help though, but it was an uneasy night of sleeping for me. Since I gave up drinking soda I’ve been drinking a lot of cranberry juice which meant a few stops to the loo. Woke up at 6:00, Bill still in bed. He was going to work, but not at his usual time which in turn set my morning routine askew.

Of course he got out of bed and started getting his clothes ready as I was trying to get dressed which did not help my state of mind. I was only a few minutes late and tried to read the New Yorker while trying to stay awake. Made it across town listening to some heavy Dub music from Tappa Zukie. I love Dub, but I guess it wasn’t the high energy that I actually required.

Got to the office, one of our subtenants asked me if I smelled cigarette smoke. I mentioned that I smoked but he said it smelled before I came in. He was there at 6:30. I wandered around and sure enough it smelled like cigarettes, especially in Vivek, the managing directors office. I told Vivek when he came in that it smelled like his buddy’s cigarettes.

Not the Gauloises like I smoke but dried out, chemically treated Marlboro Lights. It turned out I was right, it was his buddy. We’re trying to get Vivek’s buddy out of the office since he’s been squatting in an office and he doesn’t contribute anything or pay rent. That’s now my task to kick him out and perhaps put him in a cubicle which I’m sure he’s not going to go for.

I also sold my ticket for My Bloody Valentine (MBV) through Craigslist. I listed it yesterday and there were quite a few others selling or trading tickets. I got three inquiries yesterday and a few today. The first contact from yesterday didn’t respond to an email, so I went to number two who yesterday seemed interested.

This morning, she didn’t respond to a couple of emails until later when she told me she got a ticket already. So I went to number three and arranged to meet him downtown by Union Square. Got there with no problem, stationed myself outside the Virgin Mega Store. John Hunter showed up a few minutes later and we chatted briefly about MBV.

I explained that I had seen MBV in 1991 and they were great but it promised to be the same show since there really isn’t anything new released. I guess it’s a show for those who missed them the first time around. My excuse for not going was that there was no one to go with. He was a nice guy and chuckled when I gave him a pair of foam ear plugs.

I went into Virgin and bought the new Raphael Saadiq cd since the free download from FYE was bogus. It was in an ad in the Village Voice, go to FYE enter the code and you get a free download of the album. Well it didn’t work on Wednesday or Thursday and today FYE said I exhausted my downloads when I didn’t get any.

Small potatoes I know, and I preferred to have a hard copy anyhow. And it’s a really good record, worth checking out if you’re interested in what’s going on in today’s R&B. It’s a little retro but contemporary. If you’re so inclined and if you have better luck that I did, got to the FYE website and check digital downloads, the code in raphaelsaadiq.

McCrazy is still a fucking asshole by the way. Blaming Obama for the current crisis, when Obama was calling for regulations while McCrazy was all for deregulations. I really hope people aren’t stupid and remember this come November. McCrazy to his credit, for an old man he certainly has a raging hard on for the presidency and will do or say anything to get there. If he’s this dangerous now, how bad will he be should he get elected?

McCain + Palin = McPain.

Anyway, here’s some pics of today’s New Yorkers.
Smiley Suit


Wash out

The lure of Sabrett

Ooh! Double Breasted Pinstripes!

I love that suit!

Ersatz Ashley Olsen with Radioactive man

Space Worms!

He thought it was an ice cream truck

Mr and Mrs Tourist

NO kicking of the flowers! NO stopping and smelling!

Have an advert


Lately I’ve been listening to Grace Jones quite a bit. Don’t know why, but I do love the albums she recorded with the Compass Point All Stars who included Sly and Robbie among others. Really a crackerjack team of musicians behind her, better than the disco team that recorded her first three albums.

My friend Jet resembled Grace Jones a little bit. He was black and had a fade much like hers. It was the look he was going after and succeeded at least to me after a few drinks. I think the first time I actually heard Grace was when I was visiting my friend Stan in Wallington NJ. We were probably going to a show or something and Stan played the Nightclubbing album which is my favorite Grace Jones record.

Through the years a subconscious guage on how much someone loved music meant they had to have at least one grace Jones album, preferably one with the Compass Point team. It seemed that a lot of people that I met did. Jimmy Lee, an ex-roommate was infatuated with the song, Living My Life.

A favorite memory of mine, is when I was a bar back at McSwells on Friday nights with Declan and Martha and Slave to the Rhythm was on the jukebox. Slave to the Rhythm is one of my favorite songs of all time, but while bar backing I would invariably play a different version of Slave to the Rhythm on the b-side, called GI Blues.

I called it Heavy Rhythm for a long time. A harder version which is perfect for walking through the streets of midtown Manhattan. I hear it and I am back behind the bar washing glasses, stocking the beer and telling customers that I wasn’t a bartender. After downloading a version of the song I finally bought the album last night through iTunes, which doesn’t make it an album, but rather a download. I have a cassette somewhere.

Today I checked out some YouTube videos and found something that I hadn’t looked for before to my surprise. It was Lambert Hendricks and Ross singing Everyday. I remember in 1988 coming home from McSwells in an altered state one Monday morning and too wired to sleep, I turned on the tv and watched a show with David Sanborn and Jools Holland called Sunday Night.

Either Jools or David introduced a clip from the 1950’s and it just grabbed me right from the start. I was captivated, just watching them swinging and singing. Totally captivated. I told my brother Frank about it and of course he had some info and gossip about Lambert Hendricks and Ross.

It must have been before the holidays because for Xmas that year Frank got me a copy of Lambert Hendricks and Ross’ Greatest Hits. Loved it and played it quite a bit. A few years after that, I’m working at Right Track Recording and I forget who the client was, but a phone call came in for them.

I picked up the call and asked who it was and the caller said Jon Hendricks. I sort of bent the rules and asked if he was the same Jon Hendricks from Lambert Hendricks and Ross. He said yes, that he was. I told him about seeing the clip from the 1950’s on TV and it was amazing, I gushed.

I could tell that he was impressed that the music he made 40 years earlier was being appreciated by a younger generation. It was a small thrill just chatting with him for a minute. He did visit the Manhattan Transfer, that’s who he was calling for and made it a point to see me and shake my hand, thanking me for knowing his music.

A few years ago, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross were performing together for what promised to be the last time. Dave Lambert died in a car accident in 1966. Annie was upset that Jon had mentioned that Annie was a junkie back in the day and she was very upset about that. She honored the engagements that were booked, but after that, never again.

I took Bill for an Xmas present to see them at the Blue Note. Cramped and crowded it wasn’t the best venue to see them but at least I had an opportunity to see the two of them for perhaps the last time.

Here’s the clip that I originally saw twenty years or at least I think it is. I still love it!
I just checked and I can’t embed it, but you can cut n’paste and check it out…
Hope you like it, let me know what you think!

More Today Than Yesterday

Hump day hump day hump day. That means it’s Wednesday. No one is impressed. Work was weird today. Caught a slight panic bug from the sole analyst, Esteban. He was one of the Three Stooges but now there is only Esteban. He’s getting married in a week or two. I’m thankfully not invited. Couldn’t afford a gift you see.

The stock market is not too well at all and that is bound to affect the company somehow. I’m staying until the end I think unless they decide to get rid of me too, but thanks to their ineptitude it doesn’t seem likely. So he was panicked and that got to me. You can see the fear and loathing n the faces of many business people in the area and it’s probably a lot worse downtown by Wall Street.

Whatever happens to the big players like AIG, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers (and soon Washington Mutual) will eventually have a ripple effect on my little five person firm. On top of that there is the election where McCrazy and Pallid and just tossing out lies, not really getting into the issues since they really have no leg to stand on in that regard.

I spent sometime with my sock puppet arguing with wrong wing sycophants on a Daily News discussion board which did not help my frame of mind. I knew it would be like this last year and despite my knowing, still I throw myself into the mess. Just now a commercial for McCrazy who claims he’ll be able to turn this economic crisis around, even though his ‘former’ advisor Phil Gramm is one of the architects of this fiasco and despite the fact that McCrazy stated himself that he really doesn’t know much about economics.

How anyone could listen to this idiot and take him seriously is definitely lost on me. Surprisingly a lot of people do. And then there are the ones who will never ever vote for a black man, no matter what. Juan reminded me of that. Living in the tri-state metropolitan area the majority of people I am in contact with are somewhat like minded and it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of people between coasts that do not think like me.

So there is the fear that November 4 might not be as good as I had hoped. I learned that lesson in the last presidential election. That awful sinking feeling as I watched the results come in. Now Obama is much more charismatic that Kerry and a hundred times as inspirational, but that might just fall by the wayside.

I know in my 46 years of being here I might not have seen much but in the past 8 years I think I have seen enough. Last night I was telling Brenda about how Bill and I took to the streets 5 years ago to protest the impending war. Millions around the world did the same that February day but we were ignored since Bush Co. was going to do whatever the hell it wanted to do, which killed whatever empathy and support existed following the attacks on September 11.

Now five years later things are even worse, making those days before the war seem somewhat golden in retrospect. McCrazy plans on bringing Pallid to the United Nations so the huntress could finally meet foreign heads of state. There are so many things piling up against Pallid, her lies, her drunken power etc, how can this be ignored? By the wrong wing attacking Obama’s character since they can’t go on issues. But I’ve already said that.

America- what a country!

Daddy’s Home

Late start tonight. Drinks with a former co-worker, Brenda. She’s a sweetheart and we’ve been trying to meet up for drinks after work for quite a while, but things being what they are and life being what it is I usually had to back out. Tonight it all came together and we had some appetizers and some drinks and reminisced about who’s who, what’s what and things like that.

All very pleasant, she’s a luv she is. She’s still working with people I used to work with, now it’s a different company having been bought out a year or so ago. Two Stella Artois for me and I was set. We had drinks quite near Grand Central and so I walked her to the entrance and kissed her good night wishing her a safe ride home.

I decided to take the Path train home since waiting for a bus at the bus terminal can be quite tiring especially after the rush hour. Bright lights and a bunch of people I don’t want to see, or be seen by made the idea of the Path train that much more appealing.

As luck would have it a train pulled into the station and I was able to find a seat in a nearly empty car where I sat and continued reading Alan Bennett’s memoir, Untold Stories. Got off the train in no time and made a bee line so I could do a pee line in the loo in the Hoboken station.

Beautiful late summer night, I walked along the river. Couples, tourists and joggers all out and some taking pictures of the beautiful New York skyline which you can’t see if you’re in Manhattan. It’s a nice trap, how it looks so much better when you’re not in the city, then when you’re there it looks like something totally different.

Right now I’m home, Bill waited up for me to come home so he could go to bed where he is now. Rachel Maddow- we love her, is being so right on. Everything she says makes so much sense even if I did read it online a few hours ago. It just sounds so much better hearing it from her.

Last week on the bus, as I talked with Casey, he had a personal question that required the ‘I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a personal question’ line. I gave the go ahead and he asked if Bill and I ever considered having kids. I can’t speak for Bill since the subject never came up but I answered, no. I don’t want kids and overall I don’t like kids.

I love my nieces and nephews and I like my friends kids (love Alexander and Lily and Ruby etc) but no thanks, none for me. I don’t think I would be a good parent. I had parents that did their best, at least one of them did. The other saw his kids as his duty and his competition.

When Zed was alive, when he did something wrong it was difficult not to lose my temper and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on a child. Plus it’s so much responsibility, responsibility that lasts maybe for 18 years, maybe longer.

I’ve told Bill that I would love to get a cat (but he’s allergic) or a dog, but they tend to die on you and the heartbreak I felt after Zed died was near unbearable. If I could get a pet that died the day after I died, then I’d have no problem.

Now that would be an argument in favor of children. They’re supposed to outlive their parents so that would be cool with me. But no, no kids. Too much trouble and I’m selfish. I’d be a lousy parent and to my credit, I know that fact which is a lot better than some parents who are worse than I would ever be.

Thanks anyway.

Maybe Your Baby

It’s certainly not a good time to be working in the financial world. Unfortunately I work in the financial world. Fortunately I don’t make enough to be worried about but things do change. What I have to my advantage is the fact that the people I work for are hopelessly inept and can’t do much for themselves.

That’s where I come in, making coffee, filing, distributing mail, making sure things are tidy and ready to go as well as knowing who to call when something goes wrong. It’s really easy to do but like I said, they’re inept. Total deja vu feeling, even writing about the deja vu was deja vu like.

Thank you Mr. Reagan and your cronies for the deregulation of banks. May you rot in the ground you wrinkled fuck.

So after eating last night I felt a lot better, and even sat on the stoop reading Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories. He finally touched upon Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Dudley had insecurity to deal with, Peter had major alcoholism. Alan Bennett felt that part of Dudley’s insecurity was from the fact that he wasn’t a writer.

An entertainer, an actor, a jazz pianist but not a writer. He wasn’t a funny guy it seemed. Thanks to the movies he became more famous but it didn’t really help matters much.

Bill showed up as I sat outside enjoying a Padron. He was tired and carrying groceries that were perishable so he made it upstairs while I sat and read and puffed on my cigar.

Got a phone call from my sister in law Elaine last night. Initially I thought it was a belated birthday call but no it was bad news. My brother Frank had a seizure on Saturday night and was rushed off to Hackensack Hospital. By the time he got to the emergency room he was relatively normal and Frank and Elaine were back home at 4:00AM.

He last had a seizure in April. It seems stress might be or is a major factor in this situation, but what could be done about stress? I know there are many things that could be done regarding stress, but we’re talking about my brother and for him a lot of things are a chore.

Things such as taking a walk is a chore. As much alike as we are (and we are) things like that, walking, riding a bicycle are just some of the things that make up the difference between us. I called Annemarie and Brian and left messages for them.

Eventually they both called me back and I told them the news. Frank was home today and I spoke to him briefly and I could hear how annoyed he was with all this, the seizure and the medications.

Last night Roda came over. I had invited him a few weeks ago to come over and watch True Blood anytime he’d like. Last night he liked to come over and I couldn’t say no, nor did I want to. He’s always good company and it’s great he and Bill get along so well.

It was a rather low key affair, the two of them on the couch, me sitting where it seems I always sit, close to the computer. He stayed for Entourage then split, before heading down the stairs, telling me that he was going to be a father again, this time they’re having a girl.

I didn’t ask who the mother was, thinking it was Elly the mother of his son Logan. I’m sure I’ll find out eventually and how does one ask that question anyhow?

Tonight Bill and I are going to an art show at McSwells. It’s a show for the artists in the Neumann Leather building on Observer Highway. They’re in danger of losing their space, what maybe the last frontier from the artsy bohemian days of the late seventies, early eighties when I came into the Hoboken picture.

Bill’s having a nap right now, so there is a good chance that he won’t make it. I was surprised when he said he’d go with me this afternoon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to go after napping.

Here are today’s New Yorkers.

Ventilator Blues

Well I am looking forward to work tomorrow, it will be something to do. Though I will be dreading and perhaps lying when asked how my birthday weekend was. The past two days have been quite dull and the highpoint of the day so far has been a walk to the Hoboken post office.

It was not supposed to be the highpoint of the day. The highpoint of the day was to be me going into the city to my office to drop off a few pounds of coffee that I bought this morning.

Yeah it’s been a rather pathetic weekend. It’s close to 90 degrees out right now and it’s muggy as all hell. I had had enough of being cooped up inside today and decided to head into the city. The sun was beaming on the side of the street where the buses into the city ride so I was opposite, walking down in the shade, keeping an eye out for the buses.

The bus showed up when I was between stops and the bus drivers do not pick up people that are not at the bus stop so I was screwed. I found myself walking around Hoboken carrying three pounds of coffee and whining to my sister on the phone about what a pathetic weekend this has turned out to be.

I’m just so annoyed at myself that I postponed drinks with Rand and Lisa. They didn’t give me a set time and even though I have nothing but time on my hands my mood had turned considerably rotten and anti-social.

I thought it would be better if I just went back to my messy apartment and sat in front of the computer since my life wasn’t pathetic enough. Bill was upstate yesterday then at his mother’s last night. Juan said he was going to stop by after seeing his family but he didn’t. I’m just a lonely guy it seems.

Once again I find myself depending on others to get me through, to show me a good time. And then when there is an offer I bail. Now I’m hungry and cranky. I bought a half pint of heavy cream and I will more than likely make some more sub-par pesto with pasta and chicken. This time ignoring Annemarie and Harpy’s advice since heeding their advice yesterday left me wholly dissatisfied.

Annemarie had the right idea on her birthday weekend. She went away on a yoga retreat. My problem is, I don’t do yoga. She suggested following one of my interests, but what are my interests? When pressed for an answer I come up blank.

Music? That’s about my main interest, but how could I pursue that? I have a ticket for My Bloody Valentine on September 22, but right now I’m thinking about selling it. I don’t want to go by myself and I could use the money and I did see them back in 1991 at Studio 54. I think those are three pretty good reasons not to go.

Another interest of mine would be the movies. But I don’t like going to the movies alone. There are plenty of movies that I want to see too. Yeah I’m in a situation of my own doing. I could call people up but when I do they have other plans or simply can’t make it so I end up not even asking and sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

I’m annoyed with myself, with my computer, with just about everything that crosses my path. It’s just as well that I sit here next to the open window sweating in a warm breeze.

Oh right, I have a dental appointment tomorrow. That’s something to look forward to. Nothing major, just some x-rays and periodontal charts that need to be done again and then sent back to the insurance company so they could deny my benefits for the third time.

Last night I watched The Brave One starring Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard. Oh it sucked. Easily forgettable. Another DVD rental that when it ended I couldn’t help but yell BOO. Bill is in it for about 2 seconds, in the building that I worked in when I worked for Golden Staffing on 44th street.

You have to slow down the DVD considerably and zoom in order to catch Bill getting into an elevator.
All in all a crap movie.

Also caught SNL last night which was funny. Tina Fey ‘surprise guest’ as Sarah Pallid. She had the whole accent down perfectly, the long flat tones as she speaks. Lil Wayne wasn’t all that. Easily ignored.

A little while later.

I’ve eaten. Used olive oil, a dash of heavy cream, a lick of butter and two and a half tablespoons of pesto sauce, maybe three tablespoons. A definite improvement over last night and a definite positive effect on my mood. When I don’t eat I tend to turn into Joan Collins. Or my father. Or Joan Collins father.

The pasta was good, the sauce a wee bit creamy but not creamy like I would get on 57th street for lunch. A happy medium it is. Not feeling so sorry for myself. I don’t have it so bad, as bhikkhu states in the comments below.

Hoboken Sunset

Easy to Love

Last night was nice and certainly not as raucous as other birthdays that I’ve had. I’ve had birthday evenings filled with whippets, acid, coke, booze but not any more. It was the first time in a while that a hangover did not follow the next day. I’m not complaining though some madness would have been nice last night.

After dinner Bill went right to bed and I watched TV. Just like any other night. Bill was up and out at 4:00 this morning. Some church function in upstate New York. A nice kiss goodbye, then he was out of the apartment leaving every light on in every room but the bedroom. I stirred about 5 hours later, waking to find the news of Hurricane Ike kicking Texas ass.

Pretty bad down there. I was telling Bill last night about my father working for the Port of Galveston years ago. From the reports this morning there might not be much of Galveston left, not to mention the ports themselves.

I stopped buying the New York Post this morning. I’ve been buying it for a while now, a perverse thrill but it’s mainly been pissing me off. I can read it online and save myself $0.50. Why should Murdoch get any of my hard earned cash? I can afford it, but it’s the principle.

Just too stupid and wrong wing and I admit a certain snobbery when I would see people reading it on the subway or the bus while I sit and read the New Yorker. It’s not right but it’s a fun moment being judgmental. I have had my moments and I’m pretty sure I’ve been judged for doing a lot worse than reading a tabloid. I

was planning on going for a bike ride this afternoon but it looked like rain so I didn’t. Stayed local and walked over tot he river and read the latest Mojo. Ran into Michael Hill who’s always a nice guy to talk to.

I forget who it was a while ago who had something to say about Michael but I’ve never had any problems with him. He even tried to get me a job at Warner Brother music a couple of decades ago but that didn’t pan out. He was soon on his way and I finished the cigar I was enjoying and walked home as it started to drizzle a bit while talking to my sister on the phone.

15 minute walk from Sinatra Park to my apartment all the while talking to my sister about making pesto sauce. I did try to make the pesto sauce and it certainly was not like the pesto that I would have for lunch. I did not buy heavy cream and following Harpy and Annemarie’s instructions it came out badly.

When I would get the penne pesto and chicken for lunch it was creamy and the pasta was covered in a green sauce. This was speckled with some pesto and rather bland.

Annemarie is worried about the cholesterol with the heavy cream but I was planning on only using a dash of it, to liquefy the pesto which is clumpy. And I couldn’t find any info online.

Plenty of info on how to make pesto sauce from scratch, but nothing about a recipe if the pesto sauce has been store bought. We’ll see about tomorrow.

Today’s weather

Ask Me Why

It’s a dreary gray Friday afternoon. I got out of work around 2:30 this afternoon and rather than walk across midtown enjoying a birthday cigar I took a subway which I rarely do. It was raining but not hard enough to warrant an umbrella since I only had to walk a block or so.

Now I have that ‘I might have napped too long’ feeling despite the fact I didn’t really have a restful nap. Phone calls and phone buzzing kept interrupting. Missed a birthday greeting from Chaz, but earlier I did speak with my sister Annemarie, as well as a voice mail from her and my nephew Earl.

Also heard from Queen Jane Approximately, Constant Connie, Sweet Sarah and Brenda Bubbles, Adorable Adrienne and Lovely Rita and Harpy and Julio and Stine with a picture of that adorable little man, Alexander.

Text messages from assorted nieces and maybe my brother Brian or his son Brian. I just can’t tell. Actually I can tell. I just checked and it was from my brother. My other brother Frank hasn’t called and that means if he doesn’t call later, he will call on the weekend and feel bad about not calling on my birthday.

It’s not a big deal. It would have been years ago. It might have been last year. But this year? Eh, no biggie. Last year Bill gave me a saucepan for a birthday present. I found it an odd present since I’m not much of a cook or a foodie.

I don’t watch the Food Network, or Armenia’s Next Top Chef or Gordon Ramsey or whatever. But since the spot where I get my penne, pesto and chicken in Manhattan, Cafe Fonduta went under I have been lacking pesto in my life.

So having watched the guys prepare the pesto, I think I can do it myself and finally have a reason to break out that sauce pan. It’s still in the box. I figure I can take a teaspoon of pesto, some heavy cream, some olive oil and imitate the guys. Or I can try to look it up online somewhere.

Perhaps there’s a video on YouTube that shows the How To.
Or perhaps you dear reader, would have a recipe to make a nice pesto sauce.

Bill just came home and we’re going to go out for some steaks at Arthur’s steakhouse on Washington Street. Hopefully it will be better than last year, when we went for my birthday after a few other things going wrong earlier in the day.

My churlishness towards the saucepan (embarrassing 365 days later) and the fact that some disgruntled mail room worker wished that I would die since I had decided to smoke a Padron and walk along Park Avenue during my lunch hour.

Birthday wishes also came from some new Facebook friends (Andres et al.) as well as a dear friend, Betti Cola. It’s still raining and my bones are tired after tossing and turning in the late gray afternoon but in a few minutes Bill and I will head over to Arthur’s where hopefully they will have their credit card machines up and running, unlike last year.

Just got back, excellent dinner with Bill. Arthur’s wasn’t too crowded, credit card machine in order and I was caught by surprise with a few waitresses singing Happy Birthday to me with a wonderful slice of chocolate mousse cake with a candle on top. I turned a thousand shades blushing.

A walk around Washington Street followed, me finally enjoying my birthday cigar in the misty evening.

That seems to be it for the day. Loveliness abounds.

Here’s some quite recent snaps as well as something else. Thank you for your good wishes

and here I thought I wasn’t going to write tonight!

The World and His Wife

Well here we are on a Thursday. Weather wise it’s a pleasant day. A bit cool, which isn’t bad for wearing a suit and tie. Last night Bill and I watched Olbermann which was very good for his righteous commentary about how the republicunts use 9/11, the imagery and the fear for political purposes. Quite heinous. Keith was right on the money.

Mr. Noun/Verb/9.11 Guiliani was rightly put in his place once again, but he’s so slimy he wiggles his way out of it each time, King of the Lisp, Lord of the Comb Over. After that came our gal, Rachel Maddow. We love her. She wasn’t as high falutin’ as Olbermann, much more personable.

That doesn’t stop the wrong wing ideologues from going after her on FuckSnooze, specifically because she’s a lesbian. Apparently that’s wrong. It’s fine with FuckSnooze that Shepherd Smith is a gay man, but wrong for MSNBC.

Today is 9/11 and I’ve been fine. Flags throughout the area were at half mast. I find myself getting misty at the loss of our unity after the attacks. On the news was a former coach for the Giants football team. He was talking about how a week after the attacks, the Giants were playing in Kansas City and when the Giants came out they were greeted with a standing ovation.

We seemed to really be as one, as a country in the time following that day, at least in this tri-state area. Perhaps in DC and Shanksville PA as well. We had the support of most of the world, different countries by our side. Then George Bush threw all that away, leaving us where we are today. Lost and alone mainly. That really is a shame.

I think a moment like that in our history might not come around again, not in my lifetime. Squandered. I remember the fliers of people reported missing all over the city. People looking for their loved ones, friends, roommates. Within a few days those missing persons fliers turned into sheets of memorial paper, usually lit by votive candles.

Walking through Union Square with Bill one night with thousands of other people, I wrote on a scroll a quote from Maya Angelou, “..and still we rise.” I remember in the weeks following the attacks, Manhattan was still in shock.

Whenever a fire truck or a police car would go by sirens wailing, everyone would stop. Today it was very much the same. A few times, being out on the street a fire truck would go by en route to a call and a number of people stopped and watched the truck go by.

I reread the posts from the past two years and I really can’t add more to that, at least not right now.

We still haven’t healed in these 7 years. We wound up being abused by the one we hoped would do the right thing about what happened, whatever the right thing was.

George Bush abused the faith that the majority of people, people of different political parties, faiths and backgrounds placed in him following that day in September and doesn’t give a shit about it and then exploited that faith again and again all in the name of protecting us.

We actually needed protection from him in the long run. Never forget, these attacks happened on his watch. They try to blame it on the Clinton regime, but Clinton was hamstrung by the Lewinsky saga, and rendered ineffectual thanks to the republicunts that were in control of the senate.

Like the Reagan policies that we are seeing the effect of nowadays, we will be suffering from the actions of this asshole president for a long time.

And now for something completely different,
the cover of the NY Post.

I guess even Rupert Murdoch thinks Sarah Palin is a pig.


Busy Bodies

Oh what a day it’s been. And by that I mean what a long day it’s been. Hopefully you’ve seen what I had posted last night. For me it was a labor of love, and hearing Bill sing the national anthem a few times today made me realize how much I love him.

Sure he drives me crazy like no one else, but when he’s not around I miss him a lot. I guess that’s what love is, in case you wanted to know what love is and you wanted me to tell you. Slept really well last night, and woke up reluctantly. Bill still asleep beside me.

Nope, he wasn’t getting up first. That left it to me, to make my own coffee. By the time I was ready to go Bill was stirring. Got to the office, did the usual bullshit. Now there are 4 people I work with in my company.

Though I’ve written that I would stay until the end if something came up I would be a fool to let it pass me by. And Tom Chin is really making it easy to think about leaving. Today’s foible from Tom Chin was him asking me if I had made a photocopy of a check from June 30. I told him I wasn’t sure.

He was upset with that answer. He poured through the files, I checked my email regarding the check and sure enough on June 27 I sent him an email asking him if he wanted me to deposit it to which he responded that he would do it himself the following Monday.

So it was on him to make a copy of the check as well as the deposit himself. Yes, Tom Chin is a fucking idiot who will turn 60 at the end of the month if he’s lucky. As the afternoon passed I was getting more and more tired.

I was supposed to meet Lois this evening, for a walk around Hoboken but now that I am home, home is where I want to stay. At this moment I feel like I could go right to sleep. Bill and I were supposed to go to a Mets game tonight, but I found out that he didn’t get the tickets after all which was fine by me.

I spent a good part of the afternoon bubble wrapping various artworks that were the property of the latest partner in my firm to be shown the door. It’s a glass door and you can see right through it. The city, or at least midtown is overrun by tourists and fashionistas.

Big fashion shows going on around town, way too thin girls on too high stilettos trying to walk on sidewalks. A good bet could be placed that one of them will take a spill. I have no need to see this so I keep walking.

Right now on the news is the news about Obama talking about McCrazy, saying ‘if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.’ The republicunts are up in arms, saying that Obama called Sarah Pallid a pig.

No, he didn’t called her a pig, but it is refreshing to know that when you say ‘pig’ the republicunts immediately think of Sarah Pallid.

Can’t believe it is only Wednesday but then again this is the first full week of work in a couple of weeks. I was talking to Trudy, a very nice woman who works for a company that sublets space from my company.

September 11 came up in the conversation and I started to tear up when I was telling her about calling my brothers and sister, leaving messages telling them I loved them, while unsure whether or not I would be able to get out of the city. Tears took me by surprise, but then again tomorrow is the anniversary of that horrible day.

Here’s some pics from last night from the dressing room.

Some of Them Are Old

Yeah it’s later than usual I know. Bill and I just got back from a WNBA game, NY Liberty hosting San Antonio Silver Stars. Bill sang the national anthem once again. We were prepared for it this year, not that we weren’t last year. I walked across town after a crappy day at work, enjoying a Padron.

I was in a suit and tie as per Greg Stevens request since we had a big wig in who may or may not bail out our company. I don’t know whats going on, but I do know that now we are down to 4 employees, not including myself. Another one falls by the wayside. Butted heads with Tom Chin as well. He can be so penny wise and pound foolish. But that’s a bullshit story and I just don’t want to get into it now that it’s after 10:00 PM.

So I walked from 50th Street and Third Avenue to 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue. It was muggy and I was in a suit and tie so by the time I met up with Bill outside Madison Square Garden I was moist and damp. I rallied to put on a good face and not ruin Bill’s time to shine.

Sound check

We were ushered into the arena, Bill did a sound check then shown to a dressing room which was smaller than last years. I guess this is the dressing room that the opening acts get. We were even fed this time, but I had already did my fight against the McDonalds boycott so we had some salads in the press room and this being the WNBA it was a bit skimpy.

Then we went back to the dressing room and waited for the appointed minute. It came and we were escorted to the basketball court. Last year I was able to walk across the court and take some snap shots of Bill singing.

This year, our escort had me run alongside with her in the back stage area of the arena, in 40 seconds. From one side of the court to the other. She was in sneakers, I was in dress shoes and I held my own. I guess when I HAVE to run I will. My niece Meghan would have been surprised, if nor proud to see her uncle sprinting.

I kept pace with the escort and we made it with a seconds to spare. She told me I could only stand in one spot so I planted myself and started shooting. Then a WNBA official said I could move up onto the court so I did.

Show Time!

Unfortunately with the running and being told where to stand I started shooting Bill’s introduction, then I stopped. A few seconds later I find myself looking at the LCD and notice that there aren’t seconds flying by on the bottom of the screen. No red light either. I wasn’t recording anymore.

So I started recording again, half way through. I got half of the anthem which was pretty good. A dodgy note change to my ears, but Bill said it’s what he was trying for. And the crowd loved the high note so it all worked out for the best my unfortunate video shooting not withstanding

I think I could have gotten the whole 1:30 seconds if I didn’t have to run the 220 in full suit and tie and dress shoes. I would have liked to have seen that on video. Of course it was, since I was at the Garden running alongside an employee but I’ll never see it.

Bill was able to have one of his mother’s neighbors take his mother to the game so she could hear Bill sing. She sat in the seats, or rather probably stood while her son sang the national anthem in front of a couple of thousand people.

She loved it, the neighbor loved it, and a lot of people applauded Bill as we walked back to the seats to join his mother and neighbor and some of Bill’s coworkers. We left at the half, NY Liberty and San Antonio Silver Stars tied 31-31. Bill and I walked his mother and neighbor to a taxi outside Penn Station, seeing them off with blowing kisses.

A nice Path train ride home, I had Bill in stitches on the sidewalk describing my bus ride into work in the morning with Casey. Nothing against Casey of course, just what was actually funny was my slow responses to Casey’s animated conversation.

I was doing both parts of course. It was funny because it was true.

I’m still not a morning person but I’m getting better. Ask me about it after lunch.

Fish and Bird

Back to work today. It has to be done I know. But some good news, my brother in law Rex has had yet another procedure for his heart and hopefully this will be the procedure that mends his heart perfectly. Crossed fingers on this end. Last night, pretty mellow. Though I only rode the bike about 5 miles I took it easy and for a brief spell I was a zombie. I wrote, which you hopefully read.

Played Tom Waits, Alice. Perfect for a summer evening. No TV on just the tapping of the keys and the sounds of Tom singing and playing in the way that only he can. Bill even liked it somewhat when he came home. I put on Swordfishtrombones after that. Bill was on his laptop with his headphones on so he didn’t hear that.

I decided to take a walk to the post office and drop off a Netflix rental. Walked by that certain bar where an alpha male with a capital A minds the door. He looks at me, I look at him. I drool, he stares. I keep walking, he stands by the door. Really a hottie though. I know he works on Sunday evenings and thats when I usually find a reason to walk down Washington Street.

A few bars have big guys like that outside their doors, but they’re out too late for me. This guy is usually out at 6:30. He looked like this a few weeks ago, yesterday he had a haircut. No pic since that would have required a flash, and if you know me, you know I’m not flashy. Nor am I “that guy”.

The streets were super crowded with people headed to the last night of the Madonna Del Martiri feast. Fireworks were promised and I guess that’s what they were headed towards. Came back after ogling some man flesh.

Bill still on the couch, no TV on. I turned on the warm up show for True Blood, the new series from Alan Ball, the Six Feet Under creator. Bill immediately warmed up to it. I didn’t know he was interested in vampires but apparently he is. We watched the series premiere and it was very good.

I think we’re hooked. Definitely has a sensual edge to it and who doesn’t love Anna Paquin? She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress for the Piano. Knowing Alan Ball’s standards I’m sure it will be an excellent series. The hour flew by much to Bill’s surprise.

After that it was Entourage which was also very good. Let’s face it, it’s basically Jeremy Piven’s show, since he gets the best lines. Definitely fun to watch Vinnie Chase and Turtle having a good time down in Mexico. I could easily see Bill and myself living like that on a beach in Mexico, surrounded by girls with fake boobs in bikinis.

Sure it would be hell and I would certainly need plenty of sunblock by the truckload.

Some strangeness at work for sure. Lack of communication and an overall feeling of weirdness. It’s uncomfortable but I’m going to hang in there as long as I can. Should be interesting and something to write about.

Juan is here and we’re chillin. He has a mohawk, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. No pictures though, he’s squeamish.

Big Yellow Taxi

Last night nothing special once again, though seeing Julio and Stine and Alexander was special indeed. After that it was all pretty boring. I edited the titles of tracks on some cd’s that Annemarie sent me last year. That was a painstaking labor of love, trying to figure out what was what since they all couldn’t be by Benny Goodman.

I watched Carole King who is a nice Jewish lady from Brooklyn. Oy. She’s a love that one. Then it was The Who live in London 1977. The concert where they got two clips for the movie, The Kids Are Alright- Baba O’Reilly and Won’t Get Fooled Again.

The rest of the show was ok. When they started doing Eddie Cochran’s Summertime Blues (which for some reason people think the Who’s version is great, I think it’s leaden and plodding) I threw in a DVD of The Specials called Too Much Too Young. A nice collection of video clips and some live footage but over all the narration was dreadful. Flat boring and monotonous.

It was like the filmmaker/Narrator Brian Zabawski was reading something off wikipedia and didn’t read the words. Properly. Gets an E for Effort though, especially since I never went about making a Specials DVD of my own.

After that some SNL repeat with Tina Fey then off to bed for me. Bill was at his mother’s so I had the big ass bed all for my big ass. Slept really well, woke up went out, got papers and bagels. After breakfast I sat by the computer and was reading the Daily News, the Voice of the People section, also known as the Letters to the Editor.

I usually enjoy it and as I read I noticed a letter from Hoboken, with a name that was awfully familiar. What are the odds, I thought, of someone having the exact same name as me? Then I realized that I had sent a letter to the editor courtesy of the other day and today they published it. Ha!

Not the first time the Daily News published a letter of mine. I think this was the third time. They never publish my letters regarding cars running red lights though. The New York Post also published a letter a few years ago about the smoking ban in bars, which if I recall was also published in the Daily News. I thought it was pretty funny. Bill was thrilled when I texted him about it.

cut n’ paste

Today was a beautiful day especially after the deluge of yesterday. I got some new bike shorts and gloves the other day and it was a nice enough day to take a spin around Hoboken. Rode up to 16th Street and looked around. Summer vacation is over for most if not all residents of Hoboken since there was no parking anywhere.

Rode down Sinatra Drive on the Hudson River and forgot all about the Italian feast. Today’s the last day. Procession through town, big heavy of the Madonna, fireworks and feast bombs. I missed all that. Apparently they stopped right in front of my building.

I rode past my old apartments in Hoboken. 1st Street and Park avenue, the mosquito infested illegal loft where I lasted about a month after donating a gallon of blood to the mosquitoes, leaving my loft mates high and dry but not in the lurch since I found 2 other people (Doug and Kate) to take my space.

1st and Park. It DID NOT look like this in 1984.

Then I rode by 201 Madison Street which was my first ‘real’ apartment. Lived with Jet for a while. I think I was there for about 2 years, moving out when the rent hit the outrageous rate of $500.00.
201 Madison

Back view- top 2 windows on right. My kitchen

From there I went to 1124 Willow Ave. The basement apartment. Had a few wild parties there and it was also the party center after McSwells closed at night sometimes. I lived there with Jimmy Lee and then eventually Barbara Granite who turned out to be a little off in the head. I lived there from 1986-1989 or so. It was a hovel. Thought I would live there forever, though I think that with most every place I move to.

Never had a door with a lock on it then….nor bars on the windows

But Barbara Granite moved out and I couldn’t find a roommate so I moved in with Kevin Craughn on Madison Street, across from where I originally lived. I don’t remember too much, it was 1990. That was a hovel too, only on the top floor. Kevin and I barely got along but it ended on a good note relatively speaking.
216 Madison Street

Definitely DID NOT look like his then

I moved out of there and into 710 Jefferson which was a nightmare. I had to be interviewed by the landlord in order to be a roommate. Barry’s roommate actually. He was on tour somewhere when I moved in and I had very little furniture, sleeping on a piece of foam.
710 Jefferson Street

the building in the middle

All the while Zed had been with me through most of these apartments, except for the loft. He had the run of the place most times, except when I lived with Kevin. Kevin’s cats intimidated Zed so much that he rarely came out from under my dresser for most of the year. Then when I lived at Barry’s place, Zed peed on his futon which Barry brought up soon after my mother’s funeral. I apologized but I obviously had other more important things in my life at that time.

I didn’t like living in that building. The landlady and her family were on the first two floors of the building and always kept an eye open on who was coming in and out through the door being slightly open on their apartments. After that I moved back to Lodi to live with my father for a few months despite a lot of people warning me not to.
Jane Street, last house on the right

From there it was to Weehawken with William where we had a love/hate relationship for 11 years. Then back to Hoboken where I am at now. Zed didn’t make it to Hoboken, he passed away when I was living in Weehawken. I buried him in the backyard there, which has probably been torn up and paved over.

And I didn’t miss the procession of the Italians and the Madonna. They just passed by.


Ugh. So muggy out. And constant rain rain rain. It’s actually tropical storm Hannah which so far killed over 100 people in Haiti. Today was also the day that the B-52’s were doing a free show in Cranford NJ.

The original flyer said that in case of rain the show would be moved to Kean University where my niece Corrinne goes to school, but checking the website today, the promoters stated they they have taken provisions and the stage will be weather proofed and the show will go on as scheduled, outside.

It’s just as well that we didn’t go, Bill and I had planned to go with Chaz, because the rain has been steady and sometimes blowing sideways and it promised to be muddy and not much fun. Last night Bill and I hung out.

Bill was rather subdued. He was told at work that he will probably have to change his schedule. Right now he’s flexible as a part timer working 37 hours a week. But their not happy with that and want him to go full time.

That would close the window that he currently has which allows him to go on interviews and go sees for his acting career as well as allowing him to run down to his mother’s apartment should something go wrong. So he was understandably bummed.

All I could do was suggest that he try to forget about it for now, get a good nights sleep and see how he feels about it tomorrow. Some advice that I should probably heed. He listened and went to bed after a few laughs courtesy of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

I stayed up and watched Bill Maher who had Dan Savage on so that was pretty good. Michael Steele is not the same Michael Steele from the Bangles. The one on Bill Maher’s show last night was a real jerk. Of course he towed the republican line until it became so much static.

Slept like a log last night, Bill was up and working on a script when I got out of bed. Went out and ran errands, needed some more Stevia and got the bagels and the papers. Then proceeded to watch the rain come falling down.

Just got back from visiting Julio and Stine and Alexander two floors down. Haven’t seen the peanut in over a month and he’s now 15 pound and 25 inches. And quite active too. He can now focus and he’s always looking around.

And he can turn over by himself now, and can also support his head on his own. Still adorable, quite the little man. Gurgle and goo goo is his vocabulary so far, and if he’s anything like Julio, he’ll never shut up. But the space monkey is adorable and everything is good physically with him.

Right now Carole King is on Public Television. She’s nice. I met her at Right Track, where I wrote about last night. How can anyone not like Carole King? If only for the songs that she’s written.

Well thats about it now. Too sticky and hummus here.

Late addition:
from John Ridley/Huffington Post
cut n’ paste