Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

My Heart is an Apple

Well I’m still at work. I usually leave around 4:30 but there have been phone problems and scheduling problems and I’m dealing with a knucklehead from Verizon. So it’s almost 6:00 and I’m just sitting here and decided I might as well start the blog since I don’t want to have to do it when I get home. I would much rather chill out, with a fine Chianti and some fava beans.

It was pretty much a pointless day today. Two other people from my company came in and they were both out by 2:00. I did whatever it is I had to do, and then surfed, unleashing a sock puppet here and there.

Today’s sock puppet was fighting some Puerto Rican dude who was quite happy that the reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee has endorsed John McCrazy since McCrazy has taken a stand on fighting immigration.

So even though Puerto Ricans on the island cannot vote in a presidential election, having the backing of a singer who’s genre was flat lining only a short time ago and features bootylicious girls while Daddy Yankee sings of filling their tanks with Gasolina could only help the crazy old white guy in getting that nonexistent vote.

Resident of Denver CO, Betticola has started a blog for the Democratic convention which is now included in the blogroll to the left of this blog. I recommend visiting it, if and when you have the chance.

I heard from Chaz. He stayed for Patti Smith who didn’t go on until almost 2 hours after I left. She did a decent set according to Chaz. He takes notes from every show he’s attended.

Last night I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with Bill who was getting misty eyed. It was an impressive sight, the Olympics that is. Misty eyed Bill is another sight to be seen, and rarely does anyone but me see it.

I don’t think Jimmy Page came off that well, playing Whole Lotta Love with Leona Lewis, a pop star from the UK. She’s no Robert Plant, but to her credit, Robert Plant is no Leona Lewis either. David Beckham played the role of guy who kicked soccer ball admiringly.

Now it’s officially 6:00 and I’m still here. Might as well hang in here and finish what I’ve started which is so unlike me.

Today is Independence Day in Uruguay which is a cause for celebration in Uruguay, here- not so much. It’s a dead week here on the 4:30 movie and I put in notice that I am taking Thursday and Friday off, giving my self a five day weekend.

I get three weeks off and so far I’ve only taken 7 days off so far, and that’s including this upcoming weekend. Might as well. Been here late the past couple of work days and like I said it’s been slow.

Methinks I’ll be leaving at 6:15 and letting the technicians do their thing. It’s all bullshit and now that the office has no air conditioning after 6:00, sitting and sweating at my desk is no option at all. So that’s that. Nothing much more to add. Weeds is on tonight. Only a week or two left for the season.

Openly Gay diver from Australia wins Gold Medal. NBC ignores the Olympian

6:25. I’m outta here.