Daily Archives: August 11, 2008

The Ghost In You

It’s back to work and back to reality for me today. Yes I am back on planet Earth. Last night’s entry was difficult. I posted, Harpy commented, I unpublished it, then Harpy pointed out the typos which I corrected and republished. I used to do that sort of thing back in the 1980’s, a lot of acid. Jet and I had a sheet with Conan the Barbarian on it, which Jet called magic.

We’d nibble at the magic for what seemed like weeks, I would get a kick out of going to McSwells and hanging out with friends most of the time tripping. I definitely enjoy the experience with Juan over the weekend, a little ego destruction. Really cleared the deck of hang ups and whatnot and I feel more clear headed and reasonable now.

It was ironic after being with my brother Frank this weekend, him telling me tales of his wayward youth, mainly with him tripping a lot of the time. And here I was, hours after being dropped off by Frank, getting on the bus and taking another trip. No regrets on my end and as far as I know, Juan had none either.

As I was wandering the omniverse Saturday night/Sunday morning I was thinking about what I would write for the blog, but it didn’t exactly come out as planned. I didn’t want to be too obvious, not that there are children reading this and then telling their parents, that they want to do acid since they read about it on a blog.

That would be funny to me at least, a child reading this blog. Now if I produced some bomb making instructions, that would be cause for concern. There was the experimental influence back in the day, The Beatles, William S. Burroughs among others who dabbled becoming addled.

Also in the early 1980’s there seemed to be a resurgence in the use of hallucinogens. The Rain Parade, The Three O’Clock and others from LA while other bands from all over seemed to be making psychedelic music. And there were a few other people at McSwells who indulged in such substances then so I was in good company.

Eventually the supply ran out, only reappearing from time to time. I think the last time I had done it was with Roda in Central Park when we had gained backstage access to a spoken word performance hosted by Tricky.

It was a nice night, Roda and I thought we bonded with Tricky and exchanged phone numbers, which days later Tricky changed his number. Roda and I wandered around Central Park, laying about in Strawberry Fields and the Sheep Meadow, tripping out on the electric trees at Tavern on the Green.

We even used the restroom in the restaurant, since it’s on public property, public access to the bathrooms are required. I remember it was at the end of a hall of mirrors and that the little man who used to tour with Kid Rock was thrown out of a party for Kid Rock for being too drunk.

So now I am back in the present, feeling good and refreshed. I was even able to walk through the crowds of tourists and didn’t wish any of them ill will. All very pleasant.