PS I Love You

Well later than usual that’s for sure, but here I am, just slightly inebriated. It’s been a fun day, low key on my end. Kudos to Stine, for pulling it all together in five days. Today was the birthday of my dear friend Julio Lopez.

A man I used to be in love with but now I just love him, which is probably better for all concerned. And I love Stine as much as I love Julio which is another good thing for all concerned, but whats best of all I love Alexander most of all. I’m sure they wouldn’t have it any other way.

All I could focus on today was getting to Julio’s surprise luncheon this afternoon on time. Which I did. No latecomer me. I was up at 6:00 this morning which was too early for a day off. No snooze button to hit, so I slept another hour or so. At 8:00 I roused myself and jumped into the shower and soon I found myself at Mr. L’s for a short back and sides haircut from Tony, my fave barber.

That took about a half hour and then I found myself in the queue to buy bagels for myself since the family two floor down were at the pediatrician. Nothing major, just a scheduled appointment for the lad. I was home soon enough having a pleasant Saturday morning breakfast. Then it was laundry for me, some undergarments I wore while sick were in desperate need of a washing among other items.

Next door, day laborers labored doing whatever it is that they do. I played DJ for them as well as myself, though I couldn’t tell you if they appreciated it or not. Regardless I busied myself knowing that I would have to be at Charitto’s by 1:00. I did good, getting there to meet Julio’s sister and brother in law, Maria and Paul and Stine’s friend from Denmark, Ditte.

Julio’s cousins showed up soon after, all very nice people, I’ve met them several times over the past couple of decades that I’ve known Julio, as well as Lisa who Julio has worked with for a number of years. A very nice lunch was ordered and the tab was picked up by Stine which was her present to Julio, as well as a present to all that had attended.

After a wonderful lunch and instead of heading to Pier A which was promising to be hot and humid while it was actually unbearable most of us wound up at Julio’s cousin’s house which is basically the building Julio grew up in. More beers, as well as cake and presents were enjoyed by all.

We even played the latest B-52’s release for a spell which was then overtaken by the Beatles White Album which was fitting somewhat since Julio’s cousin in law was a guy that I first met about 15 years ago when the cousin in law was known as Bungalow Bill. He’s from Salamanca, Spain and barely speaks a lick of English which makes for interesting attempts at conversation between the 2 of us as we stood outside sharing a cigarette.

Everyone soon made their separate ways home or wherever, me spending time with Julio and Stine while Alexander slept a few rooms away. He was tuckered out since he had 2 inoculations earlier in the day. That’s about all you’re getting for today.

Hope you had a good day, I sure did.

Pictures tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “PS I Love You

  1. johnozed Post author

    You were one of the only people that ever spoke about my love for him. And now it’s love of him, not love for him (or some configuration thereof). Thanks Harpy.

    Harpy Pride indeed.

  2. betti cola

    We may not have spoke of it with you but we did discuss it amongst ourselves . . .

  3. bhikkhu

    Happy Birthday JULIO!!

    A nice blog, sweet, nice sentiment, good writing.

    I wish I came home inebriated last night!!!

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