Daily Archives: June 4, 2008

Be My Girl – Sally

I saw Allison Lee with her lovely son Hank. Allison I’ve known for years, she’s also born on September 12. Hank has sprouted up. Last I saw he was just crawling. They grow up so fast. It’s true. I know most of you don’t know who Allison Lee is, she’s a sweetheart and that is basically all you need to know. She’s also married or perhaps partnered with Pat Longo, who is also a sweetheart and he’s a friend of my brother Frank. McSwells peripheral people.

Also got a YouTube link from Cheryl Walsh. Cheryl used to live around the block from me in Weehawken with her late husband Don Brody and their 2 kids Perry and Molly. I knew Don Brody when my ex roommate, Jimmy Lee (no relation to Allison) played guitar in Don’s band, Cryin’ Out Loud. They were a Beat N’ Path band, not up to snuff at McSwells as a band but Don was always welcomed. I babysat for the kids once and was declared to be ‘Cooler than Coolio’. High praise indeed.

Perry has been taking piano classes at the Guitar Bar owned by Jim Mastro and Fred Smith. He’s gotten to be quite a handsome lad and has a great voice which you’ll see in the clip at the bottom. I bet the girls are all over him. He’s a big Beatles fan and you know that can’t be bad. Last night I finally watched Lars and the Real Girl. Very low key, but worth a look. Good acting all around.

I don’t believe I’ve seen Ryan Gosling in anything before, but for a former Mouseketeer he’s pretty good. Hard to describe the movie properly, a lonely guy gets an inflatable doll and falls in love with it. With her. But it’s more than that and not what you would expect I think. I showed Bill the clip of Fred Schneider of the B-52’s on the Daily Show which was pretty funny. Fred seemed a bit timid but I guess that may have been part of the act.Work was ok, though waking up was a drag. Busy at work, making me happy. Helped a former employee clean out her office and that was sad. She was let go at the end of April and it’s taken her this long to get her things in order. Bill stopped by the office. I’m trying to sell 5 portable air conditioners on Craigslist. Actually I’ve been trying since April and started at $300 for each unit, now it’s $175 or best offer.

Vivek said I could have one if I wanted but I offered it to Bill for his mother’s apartment in Stuyvesant Town. If you get a window unit they jack up the rent so a portable unit should go unnoticed. I introduced Bill to Greg Stevens and his wife Leslie who runs a Foundation in one of our offices. Greg was super nice and gave Bill a hearty handshake as did Leslie. Vivek was gregarious and mentioned that he’d seen Bill’s picture on my desk.

I showed Bill the unit that I was going to give him and urged him to research it, find out if there are problems that people may have posted online and maybe find a download of a manual since I don’t have one.

And also in the news, related to the end of last night’s posting, Opponents of the historic decision to make same-sex marriage legal in California failed to derail the June 17 start date when their petition to delay was rejected So if you have a same sex partner in California you can get married starting then. Should these douche bags vote against it in November it will be a mess. Between June 17 and election day in November, perhaps if many people get married they will learn that the sky will not be falling and then wake up to learn that there is absolutely nothing to fear at all.

And now, here’s Perry. I was gobsmacked when I first saw it. Still quite good.