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Come Fly With Me

A pleasant Monday after a weekend of birthdays, none of which were mine. That would be in September which some of you knew already. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and as I write this clouds hover overhead letting me know that it will rain again if only for a few minutes.

I think I tried too hard on Sunday to duplicate the good feeling of Saturday’s posting. I know I did attempt it. Kind words from Annemarie and bhikku did the job of trying to polish too hard. Still I rallied and posted and hopefully it wasn’t too painful to read.

Girl Talk is still buggin’ me out. It’s so good and it’s driving me crazy. Little bits and pieces of other songs play and I usually start laughing when I hear it and then I rack my brain trying to figure out where that little bit came from.

Hopefully you went to his myspace page and followed the link to the free download. I got one continuous track, and paid the 10.00 fee so I will get the official cd when it eventually gets released.

I also got in the mail today, a previously viewed copy of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I still love this movie even though I hadn’t seen it in months. If you’re a music geek like me, I think you will enjoy it so very much.’Get out of here Dewey! You don’t want this!’, that’s all it takes for me to giggle. Worth checking out.

Work was really quiet today. Just me and 3 other people in. It was fine, I knew it was going to be like this. I ran a few errands, wandered around midtown. Lot’s of tourists in town and a lot of workers off for the week, due to the holiday weekend coming up. Even the commute in and out wasn’t so bad, meaning it was not as crowded as it’s been, only 8 people standing instead of 14.

I read the New Yorker from last week, a very funny Shouts and Murmurs by Simon Rich. I just ordered his book, Ant Farm through my library on the system. Hopefully I’ll get it by Thursday.

Tonight I am meeting my brother Frank at McSwells for a secret gig by the reunited Feelies. They’re opening up for Sonic Youth on Friday, a Fourth of July show at Battery Park which is sold out. The Feelies are also doing 2 ‘practice’ shows tomorrow and Wednesday which are totally sold out, so tonight is for friends of the band.

I’m not a friend of the band, but Frank is friends with Stan Demeski the drummer who put him on the list with a plus one, which is me. So it should be a good show if not an interesting show. Who knows who will turn up? Who knows who was invited? Who knows if Frank got the correct night? All these questions will be answered in a few hours.

So that makes this the early edition. Tune in later I suppose for the rest of tonight’s saga.

Slippery People

It’s hummus out once again. Much like sitting in a sauna, wearing a damp wool sweater that itches. Today was the day of Bill’s birthday. Bill is 44 today and at heart he’s 14. Which is a nice position to be in sometimes.

Last night Bill stayed at his mother’s apartment in Stuyvesant Town, he’s been keeping an eye on her since her supposed leaving the apartment the other night and getting lost on 14th street. Bill was able to take his mother to church today and then they had a nice lunch, finally dropping her off at the apartment.

Bill and I made plans to go out to Garfield for my niece Meghan and her husband Rob’s first wedding anniversary, so a BBQ was in order. I made arrangements to have Meghan’s sister Cory pick Bill and myself at the train station, as well as getting a ride back to Hoboken.

Everyone was there excepting Annemarie, Rex and Earl since they’re stuck in Northern California much to their consternation? Dismay? Rotten luck? And it’s smoky out there, no sun which a 50 degree average temperature.

Unbearably hot and sticky here with intermittent rain showers that make the humidity worse. Much like it is now. It was good to see most of my family again, Brian and Karen with their three kids, Hillary, Brian and Cassie. Brian’s got summer school this year which is something both his father and I could relate to.

I told Brian how I used to have to go to Hackensack High School my junior year for summer school, usually hitchhiking up Essex Street. I was able to get a ride a few times with no bad results and I eventually passed the class somehow while my parents went on vacation to Disney World without me. Brother Frank was there of course, with Elaine.

Brother Brian mentioned to me that he sometimes reads this blog of mine which was a trip to hear. I guess he knows about it, he sends me emails to johnozed, so perhaps he took it a step further and did a search, or more than likely I told him about it back in 2005 while we were both getting our drink on at his wife Karen’s 50th birthday party. I didn’t think he would remember it, but here he was telling me about reading it. I mentioned that he should write a comment about it, which is what I tell everyone.

Everyone was in good moods and having a good time. All very pleasant, no heavy drama and just a thunderstorm that lingered for about 15 minutes before turning the Field of Gar into a swamp once again. Excellent cake by Elaine as well a great grilled food by my nephew in law, Rob. Bill enjoyed the cuff links I got him and I told him about the tickets, but not actually showing him our access to Xanadu.

Bill brought up that when we watched a clip of the show on TV, there were people on the stage sitting there. Originally he thought that it was a chorus, but then noticed that they weren’t singing. He asked me about that and I decided to tell him that was we were going to be seated.

On stage, watching the show from behind the performers. He got super excited about that, and I have to admit, I am super excited about it too. That’s next Sunday, something to look forward to.

Tomorrow is back to work, a full three day work week, how horrible. Boo hoo.

Does sarcasm translate online?

Time to chill out for the evening. Bill’s coming back later with some things from his mother’s apartment so I have to wait for Bill to ring the bell so I can go down stairs and help him up with whatever it is that he has.

Here are some snaps from todays festivities. Have a good week and Happy Pride to all!

The birthday boy, farty far this year.

Some of the party goers

The Bruthas

my niece Hillary

my niece Corinne

Mr and Mrs DeCarlo

cake! again!

Teacher of the Year 2008!

Gay Pride Day 2008

Photo Supplement

pictures from Julio’s BIG Day 6.28.08 his Fartieth Birthday

The surprise

The birthday boy

Stine’s friend Ditte and Julio’s cousin Adela

The show stealer, Alexander

Poor baby had immunization shots, was a bit sore and feverish.

Julio’s sister Maria, Her husband Paul and Alexander

Father and son

Mother and son

Julio, Maria and Alexander

Maria with cousins Adela and Anna

Anna’s husband Joe (who hosted the after party) with Stine

Me and Bungalow Bill (Jose)

Julio with Bungalow Bill


Julio (with cousin Antonio) making wishes

The birthday man at farty

PS I Love You

Well later than usual that’s for sure, but here I am, just slightly inebriated. It’s been a fun day, low key on my end. Kudos to Stine, for pulling it all together in five days. Today was the birthday of my dear friend Julio Lopez.

A man I used to be in love with but now I just love him, which is probably better for all concerned. And I love Stine as much as I love Julio which is another good thing for all concerned, but whats best of all I love Alexander most of all. I’m sure they wouldn’t have it any other way.

All I could focus on today was getting to Julio’s surprise luncheon this afternoon on time. Which I did. No latecomer me. I was up at 6:00 this morning which was too early for a day off. No snooze button to hit, so I slept another hour or so. At 8:00 I roused myself and jumped into the shower and soon I found myself at Mr. L’s for a short back and sides haircut from Tony, my fave barber.

That took about a half hour and then I found myself in the queue to buy bagels for myself since the family two floor down were at the pediatrician. Nothing major, just a scheduled appointment for the lad. I was home soon enough having a pleasant Saturday morning breakfast. Then it was laundry for me, some undergarments I wore while sick were in desperate need of a washing among other items.

Next door, day laborers labored doing whatever it is that they do. I played DJ for them as well as myself, though I couldn’t tell you if they appreciated it or not. Regardless I busied myself knowing that I would have to be at Charitto’s by 1:00. I did good, getting there to meet Julio’s sister and brother in law, Maria and Paul and Stine’s friend from Denmark, Ditte.

Julio’s cousins showed up soon after, all very nice people, I’ve met them several times over the past couple of decades that I’ve known Julio, as well as Lisa who Julio has worked with for a number of years. A very nice lunch was ordered and the tab was picked up by Stine which was her present to Julio, as well as a present to all that had attended.

After a wonderful lunch and instead of heading to Pier A which was promising to be hot and humid while it was actually unbearable most of us wound up at Julio’s cousin’s house which is basically the building Julio grew up in. More beers, as well as cake and presents were enjoyed by all.

We even played the latest B-52’s release for a spell which was then overtaken by the Beatles White Album which was fitting somewhat since Julio’s cousin in law was a guy that I first met about 15 years ago when the cousin in law was known as Bungalow Bill. He’s from Salamanca, Spain and barely speaks a lick of English which makes for interesting attempts at conversation between the 2 of us as we stood outside sharing a cigarette.

Everyone soon made their separate ways home or wherever, me spending time with Julio and Stine while Alexander slept a few rooms away. He was tuckered out since he had 2 inoculations earlier in the day. That’s about all you’re getting for today.

Hope you had a good day, I sure did.

Pictures tomorrow.


Well it’s been an odd week certainly. Me being sick the first two or three days was out of the ordinary. I feel like I’m 100% better. Talked with Harpy on the phone (which resembled listening to talk radio) about body temperatures. I think my average temperature is in the 97 degree range which means I’m cool most of the time. I always knew that deep down, my being chill, well it was in the blood all along. You can stop laughing whenever you’d like.

Bill spent the night at his mother’s apartment last night. So I was alone which was ok. Nothing on TV at all, and Olbermann and the Daily Show and The Colbert Report eats up the evening. I’ve prepared a cd of pictures of Alexander Lopez. That kid just makes me smile. He’s going to be something else when he grows up, and I’m glad I’m an uncle of sorts.

Tomorrow is Julio’s birthday. He turns 40. Tomorrow is also Bill’s mother’s birthday, she turns 85. Today was so slow at work that I was able to catch a crosstown bus and go to the box office to pick up the Xanadu tickets for Bill’s birthday.

I walked back across town and stopped in the soon to be shuttered Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. I got the new B-52’s for Julio as well as a decent Elvis Presley 3 disc collection from the UK for 10.00. Elvis is always a giggle between Julio and myself.

Got a nice salad for lunch and after that, with my work being done for the day I left the office at 2PM after putting in six hours. I expect next week to be slow again but I only have to work 3 days (like this week).

I was taking off this upcoming Monday, thinking and dreading that Bill and I would be in the Gay Pride parade on Sunday but things being what they are with his mom, and the fact that we wouldn’t be marching (or rather walking) down Fifth Avenue until 2PM, we wouldn’t be finished until 5:00 if things went smoothly.

I was asked to come in since the office would be empty on Monday so I switched my day to Thursday, July 3. So I’ll be off from Thursday until the following Tuesday. I took July 7 off as well. Tomorrow Stine has planned a surprise luncheon for Julio’s birthday at Charrito’s which used to be Ricco’s, an Italian restaurant on Washington Street at 1:00, followed by cake on Pier A if the weather is permitting. Sunday is the first anniversary of Meghan and Rob’s wedding and they’re having a BBQ on Sunday afternoon.

Not making the BBQ on time was also a factor in deciding to forgo the Pride parade. It’s all good so far. Back on my feet relatively, work was slow yet productive and now I’m home writing this. I slept like a rock last night and hope for more of the same tonight. That’s it for now, anything else I’ll let you know.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

Panels from the AIDS quilt in Saks Fifth Avenue windows

and neo-Spartans on Union Square, or are they Neosporin?

Madison Time

Listening to the latest Girl Talk release, available via his myspace page or at Illegal Art. If you’re not familiar with Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk he’s really something else. He takes things from a variety of music and makes something new with it, usually danceable and gets me laughing and smiling. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and Seals and Crofts are thrown in the mix with generally pleasing results.

I missed his appearance last year in Manhattan but Juan saw him in Philadelphia and even wound up dancing on stage with him I think. It would be cool to see him next go round, I’d pay twenty dollars to see him on stage with a laptop, sure. It’s a free download, called Feed The Animals and worth checking out.

If anyone knows Natalie Dominquez, please tell her someone is looking for her and to tell her to stop giving them my phone number. Actually it was only one call so it was probably a misdial. Still keep an eye out for Natalie Dominquez she troubles me.

Last night was just a warm humid night. TV TV TV, nothing special you’ve read all about it. Bill came home after working late. He had some slices of bread then was going to bed when his cousin Elsie called. Apparently Bill’s mother was frightened that someone was in the apartment so she left and wound up on 14th street where she had no idea where she was.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of someone from Stuyvesant Town who recognized and was able to get Stuy Town security to let her into her apartment. Bill of course was freaked. Elsie has a plan. Her husband, Andy Capp has a cousin who’s down on her luck and needs a place to stay.

Elsie says it would work out since the cousin could stay in the apartment and watch Bill’s mom. I don’t know, it’s none of my business, but it seems a bit sketchy.

I blame my imagination, which kept me awake once again last night. It seems too neat. Bill’s mother has Alzheimer’s, so she wouldn’t remember what happened with her leaving the apartment and it’s a little too convenient that Andy Capp’s cousin needs a place to stay.

So the ‘writer’ in me with this imagination thing entertaining the concept that this was all made up by Elsie and Andy Capp. I could be wrong and I hope I am. In any event Bill is using some friends to do a background check on the errant cousin.

Work today was quiet and busy and I felt a whole lot better than I did yesterday. Greg Stevens was a bit down though. Stock markets did terrible today so he’s taking a beating, which also means the financial world and the company is getting hit.

He’s usually so upbeat, Greg Stevens is, and he wasn’t wearing a noose or anything like that, just wasn’t too happy about the Wall Street scene. I had a full day, including penne, pesto and chicken and left the office at 4:00 a half hour earlier.

I mentioned earlier that once again I had difficulty sleeping. I was besiged by an avalance of ideas. But I just wanted to sleep. Every toss and turn left me with a new idea of something to write about. Does my muse look like Diana Scarwid? I took my advice and got out of bed and watched Jimmy Kimmel who was relatively funny. Mike Myers was a guest and he used to be relatively funny.

It’s rumored that he is the groovy actor about to come out of the closet. He wasn’t doing that last night. Just trying to push his movie which didn’t do as well as he hoped last week. If it’s true that he is gay, I hope he comes out of the closet. It could only help people. The longer one stays in the closet, the more an appearance of a misguided ‘shame’ tarnishes everyone.

So how are you anyway?

See Those Eyes

A beautiful day, gorgeous summer day, sun shining, a nice breeze. I went to work today, much to the surprise of everyone. Least of all myself. I wasn’t at 100% though. Last night I had a temperature of 98.8, or 98.4 which I though was close enough. After a night of uneasy sleeping, just couldn’t find the right groove I suppose. I did not heed my own advice, which is to get out of bed and do something else until you get tired.

So I laid in bed trying to get comfortable which I eventually did. Last night I actually ate some leftovers from Sunday which proved it wasn’t my cooking that made me sick. No one accused me of such a thing, but I was hungry and decided to find out for myself. It was the first actual meal that I had since Sunday and it didn’t make me sick.

Bill came home last night carrying juice which is the main drink of choice these days and we watched Keith Olbermann which we both seemed to be addicted to, despite the tone of his voice. He sounds like a sportscaster, and I don’t watch sports so I don’t get exposed to sportscasters often. I think he sounds like he’s bellowing all the time and his gushing over his friend, Jason Bateman last night was weird. He mentioned a few times, his friend Jason Bateman. I just hope Olbermann doesn’t get too smug though he seems to be leaning in that direction.

Been watching Weeds again and that’s been fun. So far 2 episodes and I don’t think it’s hit it’s stride yet. Nice touch with Albert Brooks playing Mary Louise Parker’s father in law, as well as Justin Kirk’s father. Justin Kirk rocks, if only for Angels in America. Also watched Diary of a Call Girl which is edgy and fun and follows Weeds. It’s about a London based call girl. Blimey!

At work there were things piling up from the past two days. I was able to knock them out with relative ease. It was the errands that proved taxing. I took my time but still it took it’s toll. It was warm as a summer morning should be and once or twice I found myself woozy. I sought shelter indoors and relaxed for a few minutes.

That was enough for me though. I came back to the office and let Tom Chin know that I was going home early. I was able to leave at 2:30 having finished my tasks by then and took the Path home, knowing that at that time, it wouldn’t be too crowded and I would be able to feel some much needed air conditioning.

Haven’t put in the air conditioning here at home yet. Haven’t really felt the need even though there was that killer heat wave a few weeks ago. We have two fans near the bed which does the job and having a photograph taken with them usually keeps them quiet. Hopefully when they see they’ve been posted in the blog, they’ll be quiet for the rest of the summer. Smell ya later.

Showing a sunny street shower on Sunday

Crazy clouds this morning

My fans

Day In Day Out

Well last night I was getting better, or so I thought. Bill came home as I was watching a retrospective on George Carlin. Bill didn’t know that he had passed away. I drank some juice and soon went to bed. Didn’t sleep as well as I did earlier, perhaps I had slept too much. 20 hours of sleep will do that to you. My temperature has been around 97.9.

I didn’t actually fall asleep properly until I put a pillow between my knees as I slept on my side. I got up to the sound of 96 Tears by ? & the Mysterians. I decided to take it easy, to go into work later than usual. I showered and shaved and had some breakfast. Put on some clothes, too hot for whatever it was I was wearing so I changed again as Bill was stirring.

I headed out to the bus stop just missing one when I felt out of it. A bit light headed, more than usual. I felt it would probably be best if I stayed home again and to go in tomorrow. Bill was surprised to see me walking through the door, more surprised that I was covered in sweat. I went about taking off my clothes and sitting in my underwear.

Bill’s concerned obviously and worried. I told him after my last dental visit to be aware if I stop making any sense, a fear of having a stroke like my brother Frank had in May 2007. Now he’s overly concerned. I reassured him that I was ok, just needed another day to get back on my feet.

I decided to read Nic Sheff’s harrowing memoir of addiction and started to think I was withdrawing. But I’m not addicted to meth or heroin or any of those nasty things he’s been shooting up. Decided to stop reading that for a while and get some sleep.

Yesterday there was an engine on the street outside my building and every time I would start to fall asleep the construction workers would turn on the engine. I guess they were done with the engine since I haven’t heard it rev up today. Made for an easy nap when the phone rang. It was my sister Annemarie from California, worried about me.

Of course the phone was in the other room so I eventually got out of bed and got the message and called her back. She was worried about my neck hurting but no, it’s basically my back and since I heeded her advice from years ago about the pillow between my knees I’ve been alright. Except for the phone ringing.

It was nice that she called, and I hate the fact that she’s worried about me. I don’t get being worried about too well. I always think there are so many other things to be worried about than me. And there are. But you know what? I would be hurt if no one worried about me. I’ve got to get over it.

Still it was nice to hear from her, just wish she wasn’t so concerned. And it was nice that she offered to help me should I need anything. But at 3000 miles away, I don’t think she’d be willing to get me some orange juice.

Well I just ate my first meal in about 48 hours. My temperature is 98.4, an hour ago it was 98.8 so I guess I’m back to ‘normal’. Or in the ballpark.

Got an email from work : You poor little thing….just stay home for the rest of the week. I handled Maywood yesterday, so all is well in New Jersey. You just keep drinking liquids and feel better soon. We are all fine. Kate. Kate’s a managing director. I’m feeling better and I am going to work tomorrow.

I’m So Tired

Well I don’t know what it is, but I do know it wasn’t the beers on Saturday night, nor the bike riding earlier in the day, because I have never been ill like this before. Last night after my hasty posting, courtesy of Harpy commenting and my response I went to sleep around 8:30. Woke up around 11:00. then throughout the early morning.

Just waking up and noticing the time, not actually getting out of bed. So basically I wound up sleeping close to 20 hours. I took my temperature and the highest was 100 degrees. Now it’s 99, when earlier it was 98. I sit, I sweat and I fart. I did have the ambition to go out and get some food and some juice, even took a shower, but couldn’t actually leave the apartment and now I don’t think I want to.

Lot’s of sleep that’s for sure. Now I am awake, (or am I sleeping) and dealing with the hard knot that used to be a spine. George Carlin died while I slept. That’s too bad. He was funny. He was quite hip with Toledo Window Box and his various albums in the 1970’s. Quite counter culture but he didn’t start out that was.

I do remember that Saturday night in 1975 when my brother Brian and I decided not to watch wrestling on WOR Channel 9 and watched instead that new show, called Saturday Night on NBC. George Carlin was the first host of the series. It’s too bad, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Now the news is on, teenage girl with the world at her feet dies at a graduation party on Long Island.

Tom Ridge rattles his saber insisting that Iran is running rampant in Iraq. This after saying that things were getting better. You think they would be a little more consistent with the disinformation they spew forth each day. The MTA in New York is making noise about raising the rates for riding the subway which is still in a state of disrepair and not dependable at all.

So yes, the thing to do would be to raise the rates, not having the people that run such a dilapidated system take a pay cut. Just nothing but bad news which makes me wish I stayed asleep.

I spoke with Rand and he said what I had sounded like the cold he had a week or so ago. But I’m not congested, just exhausted. Not even hungry though I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich earlier today. Oh how it sucks to be ill during the summer.

Hopefully my body could get it together and make it to work tomorrow. That seems to be it for now. Probably going back to sleep later. Feel pretty out of it. If only it were a hangover. I think it’s from walking down the street the other day and people coughing without covering their mouths. I usually hold my breath as I pass through that area but I guess something got in regardless, leaving me in this state of sweat and achy bones.


Outside World

Just resting today. Smell ya later… Not so fast Kowalski!

Credit to Harpy for commenting and unlocking the pen.

Well I rallied. Last night I hung out with Rand after posting the daily digital rag. He’s an excellent drinking companion that Rand is. He was drinking wine and I was drinking Stella Artois. Too warm out for Guinness. We go back about 26 years Rand and I. A lot of in jokes among a wide range of topics and gossip.

After about 5 pints at McSwells we wound up walking to the river and continuing our chat which then veered to the subject of YouTube. Lot’s of laughs at my willing expense. Apparently there a a few people that I know that have commented to each other about certain videos and the fans and admirers that post rave reviews. Funny kinky things, and why not?

And speaking of kink, today was Folsom East in Chelsea. I went a few years ago with Bill and Pedro. That was a hoot. Pedro stuck to my side like glue which made me feel great. I had gone once or twice since then and it was my back up plan just in case I didn’t go bicycling as I planned. Up to the Bridge, over and to the park I would go.

But despite it being bright and sunny, it rained intermittently though out the day, while the sun was still shining. Bob Mould was scheduled to perform at 6:00 and I was hoping to go see it, but with the rain came a strange heavy exhaustion. I think it was from the cycling yesterday as my legs and hips ache. That, or I’m turning into an old lady. Where’s my housecoat?

It could be the bicycle exhaustion, the pints of Stella last night or the strange weather. Or a combination of all three. I just had a heavy pasta dinner that I couldn’t finish so I’m trying to let it settle before I pass out. Might as well write I say. Bill’s in Boston singing at some hall in Newton. He’s getting paid for it and staying with a friend and her family for the night. Just as well, I don’t feel like sharing the sheets tonight.

I watched 2 Joy Division dvd’s today. One was Control by Anton Corbijn and the other was Joy Division: Under Review which was a bunch of writers from Mojo talking between footage and songs. I didn’t get much of anything from either video and then again, I don’t get much of anything if at all from Joy Division’s music. And I’ve tried.

Still I like New Order so that should count for something. Anton Corbijn is a famous rock photographer. He has an interesting life and catalog himself. Nice breeze wafts through the open window and my body is asking me why am I still awake.

So perhaps it would be best for sleep soon. I thought as the day progressed I would rebound, but it’s not turning out to be that way. Just a deep fatigue. Maybe sleeping for 10 hours would work. In any event you can be sure I’ll let you know. So much for a day off.

No Words

Nothing to say today. Did some riding around Hoboken. It was a nice day. Ran into Julio, Stine and Alexander. Finally some pictures with Alexander and his eyes open. So here they are. Meeting Rand at McSwells for a few pints so maybe I’ll write later. In the meantime, here’s some pictures.

I actually wrote. See after the pictures

The view from 16th street in Hoboken

Laughing baby!

My Lotus

“we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds… ”

the soon to be 40 father with his 2 month old son

The remarkably non-plussed Alexander and me.

Ooojah boo boo!

making a point

Stine and Alexander

Un famile

Choochie time

Someone’s getting tired

Well I was supposed to meet Rand at 8:00 but I just called to let him know I would be a little late, he replied in kind so now we’re looking at 8:30-ish. Which should give me enough time to perhaps rub one out. Another entry, that is. Let’s see, last night watched TV, including a very good show on PBS about Arab satellite television, specifically a show for women.

Sort of like the View, but not. 3 women in modern dress, one woman in a head scarf. They get a lot of shit from the extremists, the 3 women for the way they dress, which is quite tasteful to my western eyes. They talked about the subjugation of women, of homosexuality and of masturbation, all taboo subjects.

Not just to the Imams and such, but also over here. It was like both the right wing christians here and the right wing muslims there both read from the same script. Of course it’s a bullshit script, but you can’t tell them that. It was engrossing and I watched the whole hour with heavily lidded eyes. Soon after that I fell into a deep sleep without any zombie dreams or Justin Long (tee hee).

Woke up at 5:00 with the sun already up, so I tossed and turned and tossed again finally awaking and getting out of bed around 8:00. Did my thing, bagels for the family on the third floor, some grocery shopping for myself including my dear Stevia. Hoboken Farm boy has been rather strange as of late, rather cold people behind the counter.

So I went to Basic Foods which had a sale, and they were nice behind the counter, so points for that. It makes a difference obviously. Did laundry and since it was a nice day out I decided to break out the bicycle. I inflated the tires and rode around Hoboken’s empty streets. Swung by the Hoboken Museum and looked through a photography book of Hoboken in the 1970’s.

What a run down place Hoboken was. I moved to the Mile Square City in 1984, when it started to crawl back to ‘respectability’. I thought the book would make a nice present for Julio for his upcoming 40th birthday next week, since he was born and raised here, he would remember how it was, places he used to play around.

I also bought 2 tickets to Xanadu for Bill’s birthday which is the day after Julio’s. I got 2 seats on stage, pretty cheap too. Below $50.00 which is cheap considering Broadway shows are over $100.00. It’s a matinée on July 6, so I told him to keep that afternoon open, but not telling him what for. I’m excited about seeing the show.

That’s the Theater Fag coming out of me I guess. I don’t think I really qualify since I only see a Broadway show once every 5 years or so. Sunday in the Park with George last weekend was the exception. I also heard from Donna Rinaldi, my girlfriend from 32 years ago and Andrea Voto again.

I’d love to see them again, find out how their lives are, but that remains to be discussed down the line I suppose. Still it was a thrill. Donna was surprised I remembered her, and Andrea was surprised I remembered that she once owned a Beatles lunch box. Time to go for a pint or two. Cheers!

Here Comes The Summer

For some reason, Everything’s Gone Green by New Order is a perfect morning song for me. I don’t know why but it really gets me going, or at least it did this morning. Last night was more of the same, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann. All rather hum drum I’d say.

I did watch Fear Itself, a Night Gallery, Twilight Zone type of show, scary stories for a spring night. I tried watching it last week but I didn’t care much. Last night I watched and it was surprisingly good. Good story, murderer somehow switches bodies with an innocent guy during a car accident.

Murderer behind bars with the innocent guy’s mind while the innocent guy is with his family with the murderer’s mind inside. A very good twist at the end. It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty edgy, especially when you’re rooting for the murderer in the final showdown, then the twist which I didn’t see coming, hence it being a twist.

After the news, it was bedtime for me. I’ve been sleeping really well and getting up in a good mood, ok, a decent mood a little after 6:00. I found myself this morning leaving early rather than waiting for 7:00 to come rolling around. Bus ride was pleasant and uneventful, I was reading about Hugo Chavez in the New Yorker.

I played more New Order walking across town to work and found that it’s basically a six minute walk from 42nd Street and Third Avenue to 50th Street and Third Avenue. I timed it by listening to the Perfect Kiss by New Order. I had hoped to get out of work early today, I was aiming for 2:00. That didn’t work so I left at 4:00.

Walked back across town, listening to N*E*R*D* and enjoying a nice Padron 5000 cigar. Back to the nonsense of dealing with NJ Transit. Bus driver wouldn’t open the doors for ten minutes, waiting for a line to form behind me. I read Nic Sheff’s memoir of his drug addiction, knowing that he must be alright since he lived to write the book. Such a dark tale from a young man.

It’s graduation night at Hoboken High School, boys and girls in caps and gowns milling about outside the school. I congratulated them as I passed through the crowds. Last night as I was checking my email, I received a notice from I sort of signed up for it, more interested in the kids I went to grammar school with than the ones I went to high school with.

The website was always after me to upgrade my membership but I never did. Last week they sent me a password so I went onto the site. I checked out a few friends, including Donna Rinaldi, one of my two girlfriends from the past. I also received a message from Andrea Voto, who was also a pal from back then.

It’s been 32 years since I last saw her and sent her a nice message in return, giving her a quick catch up on what’s been going on in my life. Who knows where that will go, if it goes? It would be interesting to see where our lives took us after our Bicentennial graduation, or it could be quite painful. I did mention that those days were some of the happiest days of my life. But you can’t go home again, and I ain’t never going back to my old school.


They shut it down.

Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)

Ok, it’s Thursday. Not much to report. Maybe I could make something up. No, not tonight. I’ll give you some mundane details. I promise, I’ll write some fiction soon enough. Until then some non fiction, some of my life. A pound of flesh for you dear reader.

Last night, I found the couch. It was buried under clothes and mail and Mojo and Uncut magazines as well as a songbook or two. Bill did a decent job in cleaning the apartment. It still has a way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction.

You’d think, two gay men living together, the place must be immaculate. Well that goes to show, you can’t trust stereotypes. I’ve always had a problem keeping things neat and orderly, and with Bill around I’ve surrendered to the chaos that surrounds us.

Normally if Annemarie, Rex and Earl were coming this summer we’d make an effort, perhaps even hire a cleaning lady to come in and do the things that we can’t seem to figure out to do ourselves.

We did that last year and talked about having her come every now and then, but we had more money last year and the Arcata contingent were headed east. Not so this year. It’s ok. Juan doesn’t mind.

He’s a college student so it all seems somewhat homey to him. He just sits in the couch and we watch the tv and get jazzy. Last night was the same only no Juan and I was doing a jazz solo.

Bill came back from the laundry and we watched Keith Olbermann then after that watched Dave Chappelle who was very funny, funnier than Keith Olbermann. After that, sleep. Bill was out at 6:00 and I stirred soon after getting out of bed myself.

Lot’s more people on the bus lately. Too many, and they all take my favorite seats. They always give the Hoboken run the worst buses, and this morning was no different.

I got off the bus, listening to Orbital as I picked up my free newspapers and walked to Smilers for my breakfast sandwich from West Indian Tony. Tony of course, asked all about Bill. He never asks about me, I guess that because I’m in front of him and by being there I must be alright. West Indian Tony can also predict the weather by how much his knees ache.

As I walked up Fifth Avenue I ran into a former co-worker. Daniel Begin, who set up a successful hedge fund which was also legal, and that’s rare these days. Nice guy, a fellow atheist and quite an intellectual from Israel.

I saw him last summer in Central Park with his wife and kids. It was awkward since I was beat from riding from Hoboken to the George Washington Bridge over and down to Central Park. Plus my eyes were a little bloodshot from a quick jazz improvisation off the bike path.

Not this morning though. We exchanged pleasantries and business cards and we were both on our separate ways. He asked me to tell my boss, Greg Stevens that he had said hello. Greg remarked that I always seem to be bumping into former co-workers and it’s true I do.

I saw the former head of Wanker Banker this morning too. His new company is across the street from my building so I see him fairly often.

Work was slow today. I had to see a vendor, someone who is trying to get my company signed up with her mobile phone service. They never take no for an answer and I was pigeonholed. She was nice and most guys that aren’t gay would love to spend time with her. Me? I just told her some horror stories about cellphone service, she works for T-Mobile which is my carrier.

She listened politely while telling me more and more about how the Blackberries she is promoting are the very best and give good value. I think deep down she knew she wasn’t going to get anything from me, everyone already has a Blackberry with their own service and they aren’t about to switch.

I told her I would bring it up at the next budget meeting next week, which isn’t going to happen. I did get her name which is the title of this post. After that was my special Thursday lunch, penne, pesto and chicken. I was quite a gavone while I ate.

Walked to the bus terminal after work listening to Public Enemy, then I saw a t-shirt that said ‘Never Stop’ so I switched over to Echo and the Bunnymen. Sat in a crappy seat and read ‘Tweak’ by Nic Sheff, the son of David Sheff who wrote the last book I read, ‘Beautiful Boy’ about his son’s addiction to methamphetamine. This is even more harrowing since it’s written by the junkie son. It’s a sad story.

The Inner Light

It’s a crazy day. Sunny and then blackening clouds. Sometimes the weather mirrors my moods. But not today. Last night was another quiet night. Bill worked late. I saw him for about 5 minutes before I went to bed, leaving Bill to make his dinner at 11:30. I used to advise him not to eat so late, before going to bed, but after the first 50 times of telling him, I gave up.

I woke up to a sink full of dirty dishes and a messier kitchen than it usually is. I watched the usual, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann and then I watched the American Film Institute Top Ten Top Ten Films. Ten courtroom dramas, westerns, romantic comedies, fantasy, science fiction etc. It was enjoyable. My favorite films usually wound up at number 2, AFI were number 1.

It gave me the idea to rent films I had never seen before, only heard about them. Movies like Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, John Ford’s The Searchers and Stagecoach, The Public Enemy with James Cagney. Have to put them in my Netflix queue, or see if I can get them from the Hoboken library. Slept like a rock last night and woke up wanting another hour of sleep. But the work waits, I am alive again and my heart is full of joy! Actually that last line was from Sweeney Todd.

Bill was off today and I kissed him good bye and headed off to the bus, dropping off that weak John Lennon book at the library after reading it very briefly. Sounded like a good idea when I ordered it. So glad the library is a block away, saves money. Books are expensive and you read them only once mainly. Sure they look good on the bookshelf, but after a while, whats the point?

It’s funny I would like to be a successful writer and I suppose my income would be from the sale of books, not from libraries. Oh the irony. Work was busy once again and my busyness has been noticed. Vivek said I looked tired and suggested an espresso at 3:30 this afternoon. I declined, knowing that caffeine in my system after 1:00PM causes me problems sleeping later.

There were visitors in and out of the day and one or two errands to run. Still I found time to activate my sock puppets. Once I get started it’s pretty hard to stop. It was my sock puppets against opponents of same sex marriage. One was in the New York Daily News, the other was on

One woman upset about the California marriage ruling, saying how it was illegal now to even mention ‘mother and father’ in school. Albert Ross mentioned that what she wrote was straight out of James Dobson and Peter La Barbera’s fear mongering in the name of the lord clubs. That was The Daily News discussion, being New York was a little nastier.

I think Ken Lee maintained his composure in the face of right wing meltdowns. Other than that, it’s good to be home now. Bill cleaned up the apartment a bit. I’ve noticed we actually have a couch!

Three Minute Hero

Ahh. A few years ago Bill and I saw a friend of mine have a recital. Dan Moore, the friend had rented out a studio space and had a pianist accompany him as he sang maybe a dozen songs with a couple of stories inter sped throughout. It was a good time, and similar to an idea I had, when I had ideas, that Bill and I dress up and cover Frank Sinatra and Count Basie’s album ‘It Might As Well Be Swing!’ I was to be the singer and Bill was to be the pianist.

I revisited that idea on the way home tonight listening to the forgotten Specials album, ‘In The Studio with the Special AKA’. I was listening to the song Break Down The Door and felt I could sing my own interpretation with Bill’s accompaniment. It could be fun, with a couple of shots under my belt perhaps. Break Down The Door was the B-side on the Specials single, Free Nelson Mandela.

I’ll always remember the night before Mandela was going to be released, I was spinning records at McSwells and I played Free Nelson Mandela. Martin Kelly came over to me and said it was the last time I would have to play that song. It’s still a good song, but a little dated. Oh the Specials have such a spot in my heart.

I found out in the latest issue of Mojo Magazine that the ‘We thought you were inferior’ header above my letter was part of a series of quotations from the movie, Planet of the Apes, not directed at me (see the post titled Ego Tripping Out) . So Mojo doesn’t think I’m inferior which is a weight off of my mind. Apparently that’s what they’re doing now, a line of dialog from a movie posted above each letter published, though that ‘inferior’ line didn’t do much for my self-esteem.

At work with the new people I am busy as ever and I don’t mind at all. It would have been great to have Juan in the office, but money is too tight. I’m doing all the work and finding some ways to get to do my own thing. For instance, I was in touch with the Roundabout Theater Company regarding Sunday in the Park with George and their volunteer usher program. I found out you have to go to the box office and inquire directly.

I planned to go to Studio 54 where it’s being performed at lunch time, but there was a file that needed to be delivered a few blocks away from there so I offered to save the company some money and deliver it myself, enabling me to check out the program at the box office. I go and talk to the proper people and found that all the volunteer slots are filled for the next two weeks, then the play closes.

Oh well.

I admit my ardor had cooled somewhat and I’ll have to be content with renting the dvd from Netflix of the original cast from 1984. I’m sure some volunteers will drop out between now and then, but I won’t have any way of knowing and they’ll have no way to contact me. Plus I don’t feel like lugging around black trousers and a white shirt, or wearing such an outfit, day in and day out for two weeks waiting for that call.

What am I? A stand by waiter?

In Bloom

Back to life, back to reality. Reality is not for me and it makes me laugh. One of those two lyrics sum up how my day was. Still too early to tell at 6:13PM. Last night I was still buzzing from the matinée of Sunday in the Park with George. I love having my brain stimulated. I was determined to see if I can catch the show again for free.

I explained to my sister in law Elaine that my desire to see the play again is sort of looking at the painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Just looking at it once, or watching it once you won’t get a lot from it. It requires different points of view, both physically and mentally. I was determined to see if I could pull it off.

Juan came by last night as I was watching the Tony Awards. Sunday in the Park with George didn’t win anything, South Pacific and Gypsy won most of the awards though In The Heights, a new musical about life in a Dominican neighborhood in Washington Heights won best musical, August: Osage County won best play and I want to see both.

Passing Strange, which Bill and I saw last year at the Public Theater won best book. It was fun to watch the Tony Awards, I haven’t watched them in years. Seeing the play yesterday afternoon and knowing that it was up for some awards was the reason I watched. I also want to see Xanadu which looks perfectly silly and high camp and I know a few of those songs by the Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton John.

It was good to see Juan again, just hanging out talking shit and watching the awards. Bill came home midway through and he was in quite a sad state. It was his first Father’s Day without his father and I have to admit, I forgot it was Father’s Day since it’s something I hadn’t recognized in a long time. I think he was dismayed to see Juan here, so he felt he needed to keep up a front. I gave him a hug and I stroked Bill’s back, letting him cry on my shoulder.

Bill soon was able to relax and enjoy the show. Juan stayed later than Juan expected and left a little before 11:00. Bill and I watched the news and both went to bed at the same time which is something we hardly ever do. At around 6:00 this morning as Bill was getting ready to leave for the day I laid in bed telling him that there was no internet. He didn’t understand what I was saying, and neither did I.

I headed out for work, more people riding the bus since gas prices are so high. I figure these are the single passenger drivers who ride through the tunnel solo each day, and now they’re unable to afford that, gas over $4.00 and the toll is $8.00. It adds up. I’m sure NJ Transit will jack up their prices even though Hoboken gets the worst buses. No air conditioning, no overhead reading lights and undependable service.

I have to put in my vacation notice soon at work since it looks like I’ll be able to spend a few days down the shore on Long Beach Island. That’s something to look forward to, but it’s still going to be a bummer summer without the annual visit from Annemarie, Rex and Earl. Work was interesting. New people in the offices. I still have to get used to their faces. They know me and I usually just give them a blank stare for some very long seconds.

In fact this morning, one of the new guys, Patrick Quinn was out on the street having locked himself out of the office. He saw me first and waved. I probably gave him the ‘what do you want from me?’ look. Had a slight chip on my shoulder since they raised the price of a buttered bagel to over a dollar now. I figured out who Pat Quinn was and got him access to the office again.

No one seemed to care that I wasn’t in the office on Friday though I certainly sweated it. I was busy but still found time to talk to my brother Frank on the phone and exchange emails with Annemarie. I was also able to call the Roundabout Theater Company and get information on their volunteer usher program. They still have it and I just have to go to the box office and put my name in. I’m aiming for Friday night. And maybe another performance next week if I’m lucky.

Today was the first day that same sex couples are able to get married in San Francisco and maybe California as a whole. Gavin Newsom, the SF Mayor should have married Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin by now. Phyllis and Del have been together for about 700 years and they want to be legal. They were scheduled to be the first gay couple to be legally married today. You couldn’t tell it was such a big day at least if you watched NBC Nightly News tonight. Tim Russert was a super guy, they’ll tell you all about that though.

See you later agitators.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist one more.

Happy Bloom’s day

Putting It Together

Well I just got back from seeing Sunday in the Park with George, a musical by Stephen Sondheim based upon Georges Seurat’s painting ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’. I enjoyed it, I enjoy most if not all of Sondheim’s work. There’s usually a challenge in his work. It was an excellent production though in the first act I suffered from heavy eyelids.

The sound was not as good as I had hoped and with the uncomfortable seats (if you’re over 5’5” theater seats on Broadway can be painful) I found myself a bit drowsy for a millisecond or two. Not Sondheim’s fault. We all enjoyed it, my brother Frank, his wife Elaine and their daughters Meghan and Corinne, though Frank and myself probably enjoyed it most.

He’s the one who got me into Sondheim over 20 years ago with a trip to see Sweeney Todd performed by the New York City Opera at Lincoln Center. For me, today’s play all came together at the very end, the very last note, the last words in the play, which was basically a gasp from present day George.

The effects on stage were incredible and couldn’t be done when the play premiered in the 1980’s. A good use of digital imagery that certainly took one’s breath away. Tonight the play is up for a few Tony awards, and there is fierce competition. I might have a reason to actually watch the Tony Awards tonight. I know Bill wants to see Whoopi Goldberg hosting so it all seems set.

I’ve already ordered the soundtrack to the show online, and plan to contact the Roundabout Theater Company to see if they have the ‘usher program’ that they had 10 years ago when I saw Cabaret for free. It was a good deal, wear black trousers, a white dress shirt and you tell theater goers to wait until an usher arrives to seat them.

I asked one of the ushers today about the program and she had no idea what I was talking about. The play closes June 29 so I’d better get on the ball tomorrow. People had better turn off their cellphones before a Broadway show. I don’t understand how stupid and rude some people can be. And that goes for texting as well. It happened a few times during this afternoon’s performance.

On the way into the city on the bus, I got a phone call from Elaine. They had actually gotten to the theater before I did, which is a switch since someone in the Garfield contingent usually holds back everyone causing chronic lateness. I said into the phone, ‘since when are you early?’ This got a chuckle from a passenger next to me.

As we crawled through the tunnel he mentioned what a funny thing it was that I had said. We started talking about music and politics. It turned out his name was Ray Robinson, son of legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson. He was heading in to see his wife and kids. I confessed my anxiety about being late for the play as well as being late for some people who are generally always late.

He was reassuring and I told him that it was nice chatting with him, but once the doors of the bus open I would be gone. And gone I was, running through the bus terminal and hopping into a taxi to drive up Eighth Avenue for 12 blocks. I made it and found the four of them outside the theater. I definitely want to see this play again and hope I can for free.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there…

Pata Pata

Well today was the day of the dolphin. No wait, the day of the gate sale. No porpoises involved. Last night was a quiet night. I even went out for a spell. Walked up to the Malibu Diner for a burger and coke, reading the dreadful Songs of John Lennon. It wasn’t what I was hoping for when I ordered it from the library, but it was something to read while I ate. After that I fired up a Padron and walked down Washington Street putting up fliers for the gate sale.

Stopped outside of McSwells, couldn’t go in since I was smoking a cigar. Saw Rand having dinner with his wife Lisa, and also saw Roda. Gave a flier to Rand to post in the wall where the cigarette machine used to be. Wandered further down the street, all the bars and restaurants were full.

Came home and watched Keith Olbermann mourning Tim Russert. I wasn’t that much of a fan of Russert, but condolences for his family. I’m sure he was a decent guy. Actually I’m not sure he was a decent guy, all the other broadcasters seemed to think so.

Watched a DVD, A Stephen Sondheim Celebration which should have been great but was merely so so. It was made in 1992 and doesn’t hold up these days. Can’t really put my finger on why that is.

Woke up early enough this morning, went out did some errands, came home ate breakfast went out to the bank. I had the foresight to get singles in case I had to make change. Saw Julio who was up since 5:00 due to Alexander being a baby. I wasn’t in too good a mood since I had a felling that the gate sale wasn’t going to go that well.

A little resentment towards no one in particular over the fact that I would be doing my part of the sale on my own, where Rand had Lisa, Lois had Fred and Jackie had Dave. I was solo. I made sure I had a big bottle just in case I had to piss, trucker style.

Eventually I came around once I started setting everything up, after moving items down four flights of stairs from the fifth floor. I was drenched in sweat once that was done. Hooked up the iPod and some speakers and waited for the sales to begin. I started out playing Rubber Soul, then Revolver, followed by Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour.

The first 90 minutes were the busiest. Sold a few items that I didn’t want or need anymore. Sold some records, some books by Beat writers and a few other items. Rand stopped by checking in to see if I was doing ok.

I was fine and he was on his way. An hour or so later Lisa arrived checking in. I ran up to pee, and then ran to the liquor store and bought a six pack. Lisa didn’t want one and soon she headed back. I sold a few empty cigar boxes which I usually throw away, actually I leave them by the trash and someone always scoops them up so I was happy to make some cash on that. I told the guy to come back in a few months and I should have some more boxes for him.

Rand came back after hearing I had some beer and we hung out and chatted, eventually needing to get some more beer. It was a good hang and I eventually made a profit of $40.00 US. Soon though the skies opened up and Rand made a beeline to his spot to help Lisa bring stuff in. I managed to salvage most of my things, a few books didn’t make the cut, winding up in the bin. I eventually needed to use the big bottle, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make it upstairs in time.

Trashy novels that I got when I worked at People magazine that weren’t going to be missed. Came upstairs, made some dinner and now I’m really tired, more than likely from the beer and moving things up four flights of stairs. Here are some snaps of the day.

Here’s Alexander!

Stine, Dita (whom Stine used to babysit for 20 years ago), Alexander and Julio

Some of my stuff

Beware of Tiger!


Lisa/Lady Gigglepuss

Rand/El Jefe


and here’s something sad yet worth watching.

His Wife, Refused

Well I took today off from work, yet every now and then I’m checking email and voicemail. I gave them enough notice, that I was taking today off and I haven’t heard from everyone so I’m hoping no news is good news. That’s the work front. Here in Hoboken today, it’s bright and sunny with a cool breeze every now and then. I’ve been puttering around the apartment, getting things ready to sell.

I just came up from the basement where I found that Julio was right. He mentioned previously that a lot of my things are ruined from water and the damp. As I was going through some boxes I’ve noticed notebooks with my writings faded or washed away or covered in black mold. Records, books, photographs all ruined. I’m disappointed and regretful but there’s nothing I could do about it now.

Books that were autographed by Andy Warhol have now wound up in the garbage can as well as a book autographed by Brian Eno. It was the price I paid, living on the top floor of a five story walk up and when I moved in that rainy weekend 6 years ago, I moved enough things up those stairs along with Bill, William and Chaz, and was so exhausted that I started leaving things in the basement, not taking into consideration that nature would have it’s way.

And nature sure did have it’s way. I hadn’t seen these books or records in years and figured they might have been up here somewhere, but they weren’t. So it’s Hello Bin from David Bowie books, Beatle books, Warhol autographs, all gone forever. Disappointed in it all, not crying though. It’s my own fault. Procrastinate for 6 years and something was bound to happen.

Let this be a lesson to you. Or me.

In any event I’m still putting out some decent items tomorrow and if they don’t sell, well I don’t think I’ll be lugging those up to the fifth floor. Either they make it to the curb, or placed in the basement, this time not on the floor though. At least I know I’ve met Andy Warhol and Brian Eno so the books, while they would have been nice to keep, are just material things and easily discarded. I would have more than likely tried to sell them on eBay somewhere down the line.

They should make it to the trash tonight instead. The Metal Box PiL collectible is now rusted and warped, and Chris Stamey stares at me from the garbage can with his cold, dead eyes. I called up Julio and asked if he had any heavy duty garbage bags. He asked why and I told him that he was right about my things being ruined. He of course, maintained the ‘I told you so’ stance, asking what did I expect after leaving my shit down there for 6 years?

I told him I had hope. He asked if I was an atheist, and if so what the hell was I doing ‘hoping’, equating a belief in hope with a belief in a deity. Whats done is done. I saw Stine and Alexander outside and had a nice little chat. No pictures today. Maybe tomorrow. All I can do is laugh about the destroyed books and records as I have no one to blame but myself.

Last night Bill and I watched an entertaining biography on Elton John: Me, Myself and I. It was pretty funny and well done. I showed Bill my Elton John scrapbook from the 1970’s, which contained the ticket stub for my first concert. Madison Square Garden, Elton John August 12, 1976 $9.50. I don’t know why I have this 30 year old scrapbook. I was definitely into Elton John, that’s for sure.

I bet that Chaz has several scrapbooks about T Rex from his youth, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is constantly updating it.

Showtime tomorrow! Have to put up some signs for the gate sale later.

Who Has Seen the Wind?

Oh what a weird bus ride home. First off, the bus was crawling back to Hoboken through the Lincoln Tunnel. I thought we were going to breakdown. It was like the driver had the emergency brake on. There was also a priest on the bus and I should have sat next to him, if only I had a Christopher Hitchens/Sam Harris/Richard Dawkins book on me. They wrote books in the past year or so in favor of atheism. I could have engaged the priest in a discussion on the existence of god.

It might have been fun, but no, I took an empty seat behind a cat lady with one of her cats, a white cat with hair all over the place. The cat or the cat lady was heavily medicated, you can smell it. Oh it was a nasty pharmaceutical odor. It started to turn my stomach, enough that I almost got off the bus at the first opportunity.

I have nothing against cat people or people on medications, this was just a foul odor. I’m glad I’m not allergic to cats since there was cat hair all over the seats. And there was another cat person on the bus but she had her cat in a carrier, whereas cat lady had her white cat in a duffel bag that she alternately murmured to and cursed at. I did get off the bus at the usual stop.

Work once again was dreadfully slow. Just three of us in the office out of eight. Greg Stevens one of the three, left the office at 12:00 to head out to the Hamptons. Then Marty Allen left at 3:00, leaving me solo. I stayed until 4:30. I’m taking off tomorrow to get my crap ready for the gate sale on Saturday. Bought some dot stickers so I could price things properly.

Some things were gifts from friends and family that I have absolutely no use for, and I could use the money. I would rather sell these items rather than lugging them back up five flights of stairs. If you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll be out from 10:00-4:00. In theory that is. If nothing is happening and it gets too hot then I might just quit early and call it a day. Who knows? Maybe I’ll sell everything really quick. That would be nice.

I just got an invitation to a wedding party in Walton NY. My friend Lois just married her guy, Fred. They’ve been going out for more than twenty years, so I guess the time is right. The party is August 2, which may be doable, but I am also trying to finagle an invitation to go down the Jersey Shore and stay with my brother Frank and his family. I was invited last year and couldn’t go, so this year might be possible. I’ll find out more this weekend when I see the Garfield contingent on Sunday.

I can still smell the meds from the bus ride. I also got the latest Mojo Magazine with the Sex Pistols on the cover, looking their age, fifty something and Uncut Magazine with CSNY on the cover not looking their age with a snapshot from 1969. I guess if it was a shot of CSNY today, people might get confused and think they were picking up an issue from AARP. I really shouldn’t talk. In five years I’ll be eligible for a subscription to AARP.

Just got back from an errand. Went to the library and picked up ‘We All Shine On: The Stories Behind Every John Lennon song from 1970-1980’ by Paul Du Noyer, a Mojo/Uncut writer. Also picked up ‘Tweaked’ by Nic Sheff, the son of David Sheff, who wrote the last book I read, ‘Beautiful Boy’ about his son’s methamphetamine addiction. This is the son’s side of the story. And 2 slices of pizza at $3.00 per slice. It’s that price all over Hoboken, blaming the cost of shipping flour.

There’s no escape.


Well today is a weird day. I had to leave work early to get some paperwork from my dentist at the dental school. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. I left my office at 2:15, telling Tom Chin that I had a 3:00 appointment. I chatted with Rand on the phone, lot’s of larfs with Rand.

We talked about the weather forecast on Saturday, 40% chance of thunderstorms on the day of our respective gate sales. We also talked about Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell, a Rock Classic and the Pretenders 1st album which is still a fantastic debut that they’ve yet to top or equal.

I decided to head back to the office when I looked at my watch, it was 3:30 and figured ‘what the hell, I’d be leaving in an hour anyhow’, so I just walked across town to the bus terminal instead. I checked my voice mail at work while walking down 42nd street. And there were no messages. Came home, changed my clothes and checked my office email.

There was a message from Vivek asking me to book a flight from San Francisco to Seattle. I checked my office voice mail again and there was Vivek asking me the same thing, leaving his credit card info so I could make the reservation. Of course as I am researching from home, there’s another message asking about flights from San Jose to Seattle.

So I research that when Vivek calls. I tell him if he flies from San Jose he won’t be getting to Seattle until 2:30 in the morning due to a transfer and plane change in Las Vegas. He says to go ahead with the San Francisco research. I get him three flights, all under $200.00, going one way which is what he wanted. As far as I know now, Vivek is in the San Francisco airport waiting for one of three flights.

He’s doing the booking himself. I’m tethered to the computer just in case. I hope he doesn’t insist on my getting a blackberry. Today was a lot cooler than it’s been the past 4 days. It’s been in the 80 degree range. I walked down to the dental school and back and I wasn’t nearly as sweaty as I would have been yesterday just walking around the block.

Last night, after watching Keith Olbermann and The Daily Show/Colbert Report I watched back to back episodes of the Office, which was just as uncomfortable on TBS as it is on NBC. The first episode was all about a joint found in the parking lot and Michael convincing Dwight to pee in a cup for him, forcing Dwight to betray his morals and resign as an auxiliary police officer. That was strangely sad to watch since Dwight is generally an unlikable buffoon.

The 2nd episode was all about complaints in the office that were given to sad sack Toby. After that it was time to sleep and I didn’t hit Bill at all while we slept. Which was good for the both of us I suppose. I was also fired up after reading someone’s blog last night which got me to write some more. I don’t do that often obviously but decided to post rather than leave it floating around somewhere like a managing director in the San Francisco airport.

Harpy, keep the change.

This Guitar (Can’t Keep From Crying)

The gay agenda. Is there a gay agenda? The right wing thinks so. Perhaps since I am so out of the loop in gay culture I didn’t get my copy of the gay agenda and I can’t seem to be able to find a pdf online. I think there is a gay agenda though. The agenda is to teach in schools, that being gay is alright. It’s ok to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered (LGBT). That’s a long way from where schooling was when I was coming of age.

The way I was taught was what was being taught for a couple of centuries. It was extremely difficult for me at least. I had to learn to live a double life from about the age of 14. I only attempted to have a girlfriend (of the female gender) twice. One time was a girl named Donna Rinaldi. I went to grammar school with her and in my last year of school we went out, which meant we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We both liked each other very much, we loved pop music and had similar senses of humor.

Donna lived on the other side of town in Lodi, much closer to school. After the graduation parties petered out after a week or two I mainly stayed in my part of Lodi while Donna was in hers. I never really made much of an effort to go over to Massey Street and hang out. There was absolute zero sexual attraction. Not so soon after not really seeing each other we broke up over the phone. No distraught feelings involved, at least not for me.

I hadn’t hit puberty yet but I think on a primal level I knew I wasn’t going to be playing on Donna’s team. I last saw Donna a few years later. She was working at a Mini Mart in a Saddle Brook strip mall. I shopped there and we chatted. I wound up telling her a whole bunch of lies about my life for some reason and when I sat in my car I felt terrible. Terrible enough to go back in the store and confess that everything I had just told her was false. Whether or not it mattered to her, I don’t know, but I at least gave her something to talk about.

The other time I ‘went out’ with a woman was with a girl from around the block in Lodi that I also worked with at a book company warehouse. I had known Terri throughout my childhood and we hung out once or twice. It seemed to make sense to ask her out to a movie. I picked out the movie. Reds. Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and the Russian Revolution. It was three hours long. That was the night I realized that going to a movie for a date was superb.

You sit next to each other but you don’t talk and you don’t look at each other. So for 90 minutes or 2 maybe, 3 hours it’s perfect. Technically you’re a couple and you’re at the stage that recurs later in a relationship where you don’t talk and you don’t look at each other. I think the movie exhausted Terri and after a light snack at a diner, I drove her home where Terri, noticing my hesitancy on what to do next, leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. Nice but I felt nothing. Terri was a bit of a tomboy when we were growing up and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a lesbian now.

So those two experiences were mainly stemming from peer pressure, more so in the summer of 1976. In 1981, it was less so, but I was still in the closet and subject to the perceptions of my peers. Putting up a front, then running around later on in crazy situations. A little bit of a Blue Velvet vibe, which for me is all about how things are very different right under the surface. Things would have definitely been different if I had the support that exists out there, mainly online.

I had a Catholic education and the subject of sex or sexuality was never taught. In fact in high school sex and sexuality was all the talk of the hallways but never properly discussed by the faculty. I went to an all boys Catholic high school, and out of 200 boys, I’d say there were only 3 other gay students. And we didn’t flock together at all. We were chameleons.

The percentage might be higher as I’m only thinking of the fey students that I went to Paramus Catholic Boys High School with. Nothing sexual happened to me there though there were one or two teachers that I had pined for. Lay teachers, not any of the clergy. A bit swish for my tastes, the robed Brothers were. I did run into a school administrator in my last year at a certain cruising spot. Nothing happened. It was a heart stopper for the both of us. All that was missing was Larry Craig, but he may have been stalling.

So the gay agenda is more about support, letting a kid know it’s ok to be who they may be. Is it a losing battle? A lot of the opponents speaking of the gay agenda as if they wrote it, (ala The Protocols of Zion), get their information mainly from a book written by a group of people living in the desert thousands of years ago. That is their source, a book that was edited and reedited over and over. They don’t think about editing and who really does? When you’re reading a book, you don’t necessarily say, ‘What a good editor’, though unless you’re in the publishing world you might.

Just something that I was compelled to write. This is the second post of the night. The first post follows.

I just took this a few minutes ago

The Chain

Another scorcher. The hottest spring I have ever seen. That might be because I’ve never been to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This afternoon when coming back from lunch, a young woman gets in the elevator, it’s just me and her. She says, ‘It’s so hot all I want to do is sleep.’ I say, ‘I hope you have air conditioning’. She says that she does. I tell her, “I only sleep with two fans and they’re so annoying, always bothering me for autographs.’ She just stares at me. I don’t think she got my joke.

A co-worker said she might have been hitting on me, which is entirely possible, and it doesn’t matter what sex is desiring me, I’m generally oblivious to that sort of thing. So hot and so tired I am. I’m drowsy and feel like going to bed as soon as I post this. That should be around 8:00 or so I guess. Too early for me I think.

Gate sale this weekend and I have still got to get my stuff together. I’m aiming for taking Friday off to prepare. We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow I have to leave work early to go to the dental school and pick up the letter that my dentist wrote. I hope she wrote a good letter. Last night I finally watched the Roman Polanski documentary that I was looking forward to.

Of course, as soon as it starts the phone rings. It’s Harpy. I listen but it’s hot, my ear is sweating and I just wanted to watch this documentary. I got off the phone fast, hopefully not stepping on Harpy’s toes. That’s the last thing he would need, broken toes. Then we watched the last 15 minutes of the PBS gay magazine show, In The Life. The last part was all about the Broadway musical, Xanadu. It’s a musical based on the box office flop film of the 1980’s with music by the Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton John.

It looks like fun and Bill expressed an interest in it. His birthday is coming up and I should look to see if I could get a deal. It may involve calling up an old friend that I hadn’t spoken to in a while, which would be awkward. I have to look into that. Jeezy creezy this weather is wiping me out. Bill’s home already. He left work early and came home and immediately went to sleep. Enticing.

Last night I whacked him in the face while we slept. He made some noise about it, and I apologized for it last night. I apologized again this morning and he forgot all about it. So I reminded him of my spousal abuse.

Work was slow again and I had to run an errand to get a new coffee maker for the office since the one we had went kaput this morning. I enjoy getting out of the office but in this heat it can be too much, no matter how many times I’m running for the shadows.

Smell ya later.

Manchester, England

Argh. 98 degrees inside the apartment, says my trusty thermometer. I choose to believe the thermometer. Last night when I wrote it was quite difficult. Couldn’t focus on the keys. Took me a while to get a grip. I was still out of it when Bill came home. I was surprised to see him, he said he told me he was coming home earlier in the day. I forgot, so fried I was. Not that I was caught in flagrante delectico. That happens to other people.

I tried to keep cool with the lights low, he comes home, makes pasta and turns on as many lights as possible. To his credit he bought me a Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Brownie pint of ice cream so all was forgiven with but a flick of a switch. We watched the second half of A Hard Day’s Night. Bill thought it was called Ticket to Ride. I corrected him, telling him that he was thinking of Help. He really enjoyed the Ticket To Ride sequence, since it has the music notes on the Alps, a musician to the end.

I was waiting for the documentary on Roman Polanski. It’s been getting a lot of good reviews and as I turned the channel, I saw the opening credits to Hairspray, the musical version. It was cute and I saw it last year with Bill and Billie who was up from DC. I didn’t want to watch it again so I changed the channel again to Deep Impact. Which I had seen before but Bill had never seen it from start to finish. It was enjoyable somewhat each time Elijah Wood was on screen we’d yell out ‘Frodo!’.

When that ended Die Hard 3 came on and Bill was totally revved up for it so I went off to bed and slept a sweaty sleep, despite 2 fans a blowing. The Roman Polanski documentary is on tonight so that’s what I’ll be watching. Went to work this morning, it was 86 degrees, and that felt comfortable, but the nearest star, it’s rays are still quite powerful leaving me to seek sanctuary in the shade.

I had nothing to read, having finished the David Sheff book and the New Yorker. I could only stare out the window and look at all the single passenger cars heading into the tunnel. Such waste. Of course since gas is getting so expensive some people are actually using mass transit making things hot and crowded. I made it to the office, and changed my t shirt.

I called up the insurance company and asked them to explain my bill. They spelled it out, saying that since I had the extractions and the surgery on the same day, instead of getting $600.00 back I’ll be getting $129.00 instead. That sucked as I was planning on using the money towards the next dental appointment which was scheduled for July 2. I called up my dentist and had to cancel that and also ask her to write a letter saying why it was important to have the procedures done on the same day.

Apparently if I had one done on Monday and the other done on Tuesday that would have been alright. My dentist said she would check with her director. And to add a little salt to the wound, the $129.00 check was sent to the school and not to me. Again. They did this last time. If I want to appeal the insurance company’s decision, I have to do it in writing, and that should take about 30 days.

When I asked for the $129.00 check to be resent to me the initial neckbone said it would take 90 days. Then I was told 5 to 10 business days. Fucking assholes. And still no info from my dentist yet. Is this what I get when I go out of the plan and try to save some money? The procedures would cost a lot more if I went to an actual dentist in the plan. The dental school is about half that. Jerk off bastard insurance company.

After that I had errands to walk. Had to go to Saks Fifth Avenue for a director from my office. She’s in Europe and I tried doing it on the phone, but would up going to the store. Snooty but not as bad as I thought it would be and the men’s suits weren’t all that. I also found out and told Juan that we wouldn’t be hiring him for the summer. He was cool about it, he’s collecting unemployment, but I know they’re making a mistake, not but not hiring Juan, but by not hiring anyone at all.

Bamboo Banga

Another hot day. Right now in the apartment the thermometer says 94 degrees. On TV it says 91. I am sweating profusely wearing only boxer shorts. A thrill for some, much needed for comfort. It’s drizzling right now, barely. It’s drying rapidly. Bad news for drivers and the cost of gas.

Scooters are in now. And there’s a prediction that by July 4, a barrel of oil will hit $150.00, translating to $5.00 for a gallon of gas. ‘I got some downers and speed, all the drugs that you need, but I can’t get a gallon of gas’ sang Ray Davies in the 1980’s.

Juan was here for a spell last night. He looked great, showing off his new American Apparel shorts. He lost weight but he didn’t seem to agree. I fed him some pasta and chicken and we watched the last episode of Lost on the DVR. Always good to have him around. Lost was good, saw some things I missed the first time around. Juan seemed to enjoy it too.

Around 9:00 he headed back to Trenton. I watched a documentary on Glenn Gould which was only an hour then watched the last half of Hannah and Her Sisters. I was asleep by 11:30 and sleep soundly under two fans blowing at top speed.

Woke up and went out. It wasn’t that hot at 8:30, only in the 80’s. No run ins at the bagel shop and I was soon back in my apartment wearing my third t shirt of the day and it was only 9:30. I watched a 2 hour documentary on Atlantic Records, or more specifically, all about Ahmet Ertegun. Only a mention or two of Arif Mardin so that was disappointing. Kid Rock was talked about more than Arif.

It was a very fast 2 hours though. Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant were just a few of the talking heads besides Aretha, Ben E. King and Solomon Burke. After that I watched Almost Famous again. Still a very good picture, surprised it didn’t do as well as I thought it did according to wikipedia. I think Cameron Crowe as well as many many others really identify with music on an intense level. I know I do.

After Almost Famous, my usual Sunday walk to mail the Netflix dvd’s. It was really oppressive, so much so that I was feeling woozy despite drinking a lot of water and having a couple of bottles on me. I wound up sitting by the river, trying to catch some breezes off the water.

I couldn’t focus to read a book and all I could do was just sit there and stare across the river. That’s never happened before. I remember about 10 years ago it was even hotter and I wound up riding my bicycle to Prospect Park, where it was too hot to even wear a light shirt.

Now today, it was difficult to walk down the street without feeling a bit dizzy and I was in the shade. I’m better now, back home and sitting in the dark. Nice. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same until later in the week, temperature-wise.