Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

Outdoor Miner

Last night was very cool, very quiet. Thought I’d get a call from Julio, inviting me down for a drink, we were talking about Gin and Tonics but he never called so there was no alcohol to be had. Not bad, I had enough the previous days. Bill mad it home again last night, midway through my watching of Recount, an HBO movie about the 200 election and how Florida screwed up their voting system. I remembered some of the events that occurred, Bill didn’t.

I also watched a documentary last year about the election scandal, and that’s what it was, a scandal. I didn’t realize that all these republican congressional aides were flown down to Florida to disrupt and slow down the recount making the election officials miss the deadline. Laura Dern was great as Katherine Harris, a woman with a sieve for a brain and a colander for a hat.

Laura’s looking a lot like her mother Diane Ladd I think, but we love Laura Dern ever since Blue Velvet and she also gets points for marrying Ben Harper who seems like a cool dude though I’ve only seen him on TV, not owning any of his music. From what I got from the movie, if the Democrats perhaps pushed harder and earlier there might have been a different outcome.

I have doubts that we would be in an endless war in Iraq, and if the 9/11 attack occurred on Gore’s watch perhaps Bin Laden’s family wouldn’t have been flown out when every other plane was grounded in the US and we might have had stupid jerk face neck bone in custody. Bin Laden, not Bush. His time will come though. Went to bed after that and woke up 6 hours later with Bill kissing me good bye. I made it to work in some on again off again drizzle.

Came into the office (which I visited to get some ice water while waiting for a train to take me to see Miriam and family) and it was a mess. One of the friends of Vivek had a meeting and left all the leftover food and wrappers all over the place as well as empty bottles and cans of soda. It pissed me off but then I realized I get paid for this and it’s a nice paying job to do it. It only took about 10 minutes to clean up and then it was done.

I knew that since I am out of the office at various points in the day running errands, they werre going to realize that they need a front desk person. I didn’t push the idea since it was shot down, I decided to let them find out for themselves.

I did talk to Vivek about the mess later on and he spoke to his friend about it and then Vivek came back to me saying that we should get a receptionist to replace Linda who left last week. He inquired about my friend’s son coming in. The friend’s son is Juan. For some reason I thought it would be better if i introduced the concept of Juan as a friend’s son rather than some guy I get jazzy with from time to time.

Unfortunately Juan is incommunicado since he still doesn’t have a cellphone and his internet at home is non existent. So on the off chance that Juan sees this I implore him to get in touch with me as soon as possible, if he wants a good job for the summer. It beats working at Applebee’s, don’t you think?