Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

Ultraviolet (light my way)

♫ Harpy Birthday to Happy 56 years! ♪

Well the holiday weekend, it’s winding down. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I posted this morning and post dated it for last night. Over 1200 words which is more than enough, what with the original plan to write at least 500 words a day, so that makes this gravy. Last night I was too much of a vegetable to actually sit down and write more than an excuse as to why I wasn’t writing.

Slept very well with Bill ably playing the role of snoring lump in the bed. Still it was an agreeable enough sound to fall asleep to, but anything would have put me to sleep anyhow. Woke up this morning to the sound of my cellphone alarm at 6:45, set so I wouldn’t forget my cellphone when I left for work. But I was off today and didn’t need to remember the cellphone.

After setting the phone off, I had to reset it a few minutes later because in my sleepy state of mind I didn’t actually do that the first time. Bill was out to rehearse for his play, I slept in, finally getting out of bed at 9:00 in time to see the B-52’s finish a song. Yes I totally spaced on the B-52’s. I think Chaz went with his friend Andy. I thought about it and still wasn’t sure whether or not I would go until I woke up this morning and realized I wasn’t going. Forgot to record it on the DVR as well.

Still the website for the Today show has some clips, one of which is included below. More crowd shots than band shots, and no Chaz and Andy as far as I could tell. I decided to watch the rest of the show and then go out and get some bagels and the papers. Luckily for me, Julio called from the bagel shop. He decided to go himself since I hadn’t gone yet. He also had to buy some flowers for Stine since this is her birthday. That was cool.

He delivered a little while later and we had a brief chat in my doorway, looking past my shoulder to see how single life looked. It was messy. The B-52’s finished with an abbreviated Love Shack and yes they looked and sounded great, though I wondered what happened to former Raybeat Pat Irwin. Why isn’t he playing with them anymore? He’s a great guy, I met him once at Summerstage years ago and I hope he’s alright.

As the afternoon started I ran an errand to CVS where I saw Martin Kelly once again. Always good to see Martin, same amiable guy and always a fleeting moment with him. Watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian which was brilliant, still one of the funniest films around and still a face paced 94 minutes. Blessed are the cheese makers? I think he means all dairy products. Python is always good for a laugh from left field even 30 years later, or 40 years actually since they started the TV show in the late sixties.

Got a call from Julio. He and the wife and kid were out for the afternoon on Pier A, and why don’t I join them? Sounded good to me. An afternoon outside with Alexander, Stine and Julio sounded like a grand idea indeed. I wandered over, camera in pocket and bought a dozen roses for Stine’s birthday. Julio called me after the initial phone call to remind me it was Stine’s birthday and to wish her a happy one. I took it a step further.

It was a nice hour or so sitting on the grass under the trees, Alexander was fast asleep. No waking that peanut up. Still, he’s an angel as you could tell by the pictures. We walked along the waterfront, Stine allowed me to push the carriage which was great. It’s going to be even more fun when he’s older and I’ll really get to push him in his cart around. I’m picturing a scene from Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin.

The star of the show

The mom and dad

What the ant saw

Meanwhile, off shore

The peanut once again

And Julio and Stine

Rock Lobster