Daily Archives: May 19, 2008

Memo From Turner

Well today was a long day. But first of course, last night. Last night was very quiet, didn’t do much at all. The end. No, I’m kidding. Last night was quiet though. Watched TV, 60 Minutes with a story on Jon Bon Jovi. I worked with Jon’s cousin Barry. I had a crush on Barry, still do to some degree. A nice guy, looked out for me while I worked under the thumb of Simon Andrews, sometimes known as Eric Andrews. He (Simon Eric Andrews Hair Plug) also had a fetish for big breasted women with lactating breasts. Yes it was gross but it wasn’t my fetish and who am I to judge? You can judge all you want.

Jon Bon Jovi did stop by the studio on occasion and I met him once or twice. Nice guy, definitely a Jersey guy and then again, so am I. I speak the language, the mumbling asides, the shuffled feet, the chip on the shoulder. But given the choice I would have rather been with Barry rather than Jon. Jon is giving back to the community and I can’t fault him for that. Who says you can’t go home indeed.

Then was the Simpsons doing an All About Eve featuring Lisa, followed by King of the Hill. Both were pretty good but I was distracted and didn’t know how King of the Hill ended. Never found out who voiced LuAnn’s father. If you know, please fill me in. I sat in front of the computer and soon got lost in the Marvel Comics Universe, after seeing Iron Man with Chaz yesterday afternoon. Catching up on characters I used to read about.

Forgot how I used to have a thing for Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans. I really identified with the Inhumans for some reason. I read up about Captain Marvel and the Kree/Skrull wars. Nonsense that if you didn’t read the comic books you wouldn’t understand. Somehow while reading about the Marvel Universe, i.e. Comic books you can read online, I had a movie on called Stomp The Yard.

Somehow I always find these ‘troubled teens who can dance their way out of trouble’ movies. This one was about a kid from Los Angeles who’s brother gets killed after a dance off so the the kid gets shipped to anonymous east coast black university, where he learns humility while falling for the richest, posh girl on campus who is also the daughter of the dean of admissions or ethics or bingo master.

Of course it has a happy ending though the brother from the beginning is still dead and the guy that killed him is still on the loose. I used to want to see a step show in person but this movie genre, including Drum Line, You Got Served, Your Feet are too Small to Dance with God and the like, just made me less interested. Perhaps if I stumbled upon a step show I would enjoy it but it seems unlikely. Unless I start my own black fraternity… I better get on that or it will be a bunch of guys with their crutches, canes and walkers trying to dance.