Wichita Lineman

Nothing like a nap. I just woke from a nap that was a little over 90 minutes. Crazy dreams, like making out with some Nigerian dude who salivated way too much, ruined a joint it was so bad. I stepped away from the Nigerian dude, telling him I’d be back in a few minutes but he knew I wasn’t coming back. And that was after the dream that took place at my very dark cubicle at work where various strangers were trying to access my computer. Haven’t taken a nap in a while and it was tempting to stay in bed asleep, but I might not have been able to sleep later, after using my sleep quota for the day.

I was able to take a nap after leaving work for the day around 3:30. I had to go to my bank and get a bank check which I did earlier in the day, but they misspelled my name as Jhon, even though it was on the check and also spelled the person’s name who it was going to. I didn’t realize it until I got back to my desk. My work was done and the weather forecast was nothing but rain tonight and tomorrow, promising flooding everywhere so I decided to leave early after the bank corrected their mistakes.

On the way to the bank the second time I did see Liza Minnelli who looked a bit tiny and frail. I said “Hi Liza, you look great.”, just feeling the need to bolster her spirits as she puffed on her Marlboro. Someone had to do it and being the nearest homosexual in the area it fell to me. Didn’t take a picture, but found this one online.

Made it home and started feeling drowsy which lead to the nap. Last night was nothing special after Bill came home and fixed the wireless hookup, meaning changed the Ethernet cable in about 10 minutes. Watched Lost which was very good, all about Juliet, minimal Kate action, just knocked out with the butt of a gun, and less Sawyer and Hurley. Juliet is not one of my favorite characters but last night was pretty good. She did look like Linda McCartney who she played in a TV movie called The Linda McCartney Story so that made watching Lost a little bit more interesting.

After that I made it a point to not watch The History Boys, which is waiting for me at the Hoboken Library by the way. Now it’s raining as promised and though I only slept a little over 90 minutes I’m still pretty drowsy. Food will help, this much I know. Planning on staying in, what else is new? Got some DVD’s, got cable, got books and I’m set. Still haven’t eaten yet, but slowly coming to life. That should be about all for today, for tonight. If anything else happens I’m sure I’ll let you know. Feel free to do whatever it is that you do on a Friday night. I know I will.

I’ll leave you with this

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