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On Wednesdays in the metropolitan area, on News Channel 4, the meteorologist Janice Huff does a bit called Wednesday’s Child, taking one kid from the area who is in the system and broadcasting the kid on television hoping to hook them up with a family for adoption. It’s usually heartbreaking, most of the kids are teenagers and they’re the ones usually left behind and forgotten, not being cuddly babies and toddlers. Tonight was a real heartbreaker, a 15 year old boy, so well spoken, a poet. If I had the money, the time and the space (the money would help achieve the last two) I would adopt this kid. But since I am lacking in all three departments I can only hope some viewer with those three attributes would adopt him.

Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation, effective on this upcoming Monday. His career is over, sad to say. He had a lot of promise, but turned out he was a sex addict, addicted to prostitutes. Spent a lot of money on them too. Not such a bright move for a smart guy. I feel bad for his wife and daughters and also feel bad for my sister’s friend, and feeling bad for them makes me feel mad at Spitzer. What a dumb ass. Last night was all about trying to drink soda from a cup without a straw. It sucks having to go through things like this on my own, but ultimately, everyone goes through things in life on their own.

Also I broke the news to my sister that I haven’t had a cigarette since Sunday night. That is true. I did have a cigar on Monday night and also had one tonight, but none of the constant smoking of Gauloises which I had been smoking quite a bit of, being holed up in my apartment throughout this winter. I told Bill as well who was surprised, he didn’t mind the Gauloises, not being a fan of American ciggies. He didn’t know I was planning on quitting the fags though I did say something about it on New Years Eve at Rand and Lisa’s cocktail party.

So far it’s been ok, no climbing the walls, and not being any more irrational than I usually am. No need for a patch, no gum and no jonesing. I’m sure it would be worse if I’d see people rolling Gauloises on the street but they don’t. They smoke whatever it is that they smoke. Do I miss it? Sometimes. I see much older people walking down the street smoking and they seem ok, but then again it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Some people smoke and are fine, no oxygen tanks or things like that. Some people don’t smoke at all and die of lung cancer. But basically I’m alright, no need to worry about me. And I’ll still have the occasional cigar anyway.

Bill’s coming home tonight and that should be something. I think he feels guilty about not being around for me yesterday, though that wasn’t my intention. I only mentioned it would be good to have someone with me after a dental visit in the future, if he’s available. I don’t think that was asking for too much, but who knows? It might be.

Geraldine Ferraro is an idiot. I used to ‘like’ her, but it’s all over now. Not very fond of the Clintons, suggesting Obama as a vice president or the Democratic Party, what with the talk of changing of the rules with Florida and Michigan, either counting the votes after all, or doing another election for their primaries. I think corporate media wants a McCain/Clinton face off and are doing their best to make it happen.

And hello to Richard Beniquez, Sheree Draft, Thomas Morro, Bill Wrice and Donna Rinaldi

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