So Fresh, So Clean

It’s Thursday. I’m home. No internet connection. Been on the phone for the past hour, dealing with automated voice prompts. Just say ‘Continue’. Continue. ‘I’m sorry. Did you say, ‘Continue?’ Yes. ‘Please don’t talk to anyone else since I hear everything. Now, please unplug this. Now unplug that. Now restart your computer. When you are ready to restart your computer, say Continue’. Continue. ‘I’m sorry, did you say go back?’ No. ‘Ok then. We’ll go back.’ and it’s been like that for an hour.

Spoke with Bill who set up a three way call, a menage a trois phone call with a Cablevision tech guy, also named John. Unplug this, unplug that. I see you have a connection. Maybe it’s this. Maybe it’s that. Nothing happened. The call ended and I still have no connection. Bill slept here last night, but he didn’t do anything since it was working when he left this morning. So he’s coming back to try to restore the connection since it’s all through his Mac and I really don’t know what the fuck I am doing. He’s coming back here then he’s going back to Stuyvesant Town. I told him that it’s no big deal, no need to go out of his way and he seemed a bit annoyed at that. It’s no big deal.

Not having internet access for a day or two, I think I’ll live. But it was the ‘don’t go out of your way’ that may have upset Bill. He said that I’ve been going out of my way to help him the past couple of weeks and it’s the very least he could do. I didn’t see it as going out of my way, just doing what had to be done, especially a pressing matter like having to bury one’s father. Doesn’t really compare, I think. But Bill wants to get this done and out of the way. Perhaps it could be something he has control over and the fact that he would be able to help me, will help him get back on track, and if that’s the case I’m glad to be of some assistance, and I hope he is as well.

Last night Bill was here and we watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I found that The History Boys was on HBO On Demand and switched over to that. I enjoyed it once again, picking up on little things I missed the first time around and still aflame for Frances de la Tour. Bill seemed to be enjoying it as well. Seemed to be, but on closer inspection he was sitting there asleep. I mentioned that perhaps he should go to bed, and he agreed but had tremendous difficulty getting up off the couch. That was worrying.

I ran through a lot of things in my mind with worry, but it turned out that he was just that exhausted and slowly shuffled off to bed. I of course, stayed up to watch the rest of the movie. Didn’t stay up long after that and soon I found myself sleeping relatively comfortable next to Bill who was out cold. So now I’m just hanging out, writing this, and maybe I’ll post it tonight, maybe I won’t. Last I spoke with Bill he was about to get on the bus, so I guess he’ll be home soon. See you later?

Bill came here. Basically the ethernet cable was shot. He found a cable that worked and soon enough he was out the door headed back home. Not very communicative, but I guess that’s alright. He’s my hero tonight and if you don’t like the blog, blame him.

Here’s some pics of the bangin’ mister, what I wore yesterday and today.




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