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Delta Rain Dream

Well I think it’s safe to say today was an adequate day. Nothing special at all, despite it being a Friday. I wasn’t impressed, depressed, oppressed, or distressed. It was just simply ok. Last night Bill and I came home, so tired, me physically and a touch emotionally, Bill emotionally and physically. Can’t blame him, both his parents in the hospital, though his mother is scheduled to be discharged tonight, so Bill should be spending the night there on the sofa bed of pain. I plan on getting Bill an air mattress or something like that so that his nights sleeping there wouldn’t be so painful.

I guess eventually though we’d be moving our bed over there if and when we move. I’m leaning towards that scenario albeit reluctantly. I’m a jersey boy, been here all of my life and I like it. Also I feel it gives me a connection to my brother’s and their families and wouldn’t be so difficult to meet up with Annemarie and her family when they come east during the summer. I don’t really know right now, and would rather deal with it when it occurs. Plus who the hell wants to move again? I certainly don’t.

So when Bill and I got back from the hospital, I ordered a pizza from Grimaldi’s and Bill and I watched Ugly Betty and the Office. Bill went to bed during Scrubs and then I watched My Name is Earl and 30 Rock. Bill is relatively new to Ugly Betty and since last night was a repeat I had to explain various plots and subplots, who was who, who was actually dead, things like that. The Office was also a repeat, the one where Michael accidentally sends an email of Jan topless to everyone at Dunder Mifflin.

Scrubs was good, a bit of a downer ending, Kelso is going to have to retire, thanks to Eliot’s planning a birthday party for him, who is actually 65, not 58 like he’s been saying. I expect they’ll stretch that storyline until the end of the series which is this season. The main story was JD and Turk at odds about about growing up. Finally though Turk was able to play worlds tallest doctor in the hospital parking lot. My Name is Earl was ok again. Earl is still in jail, Craig T. Nelson reneging on his promise to shorten Earl’s sentence by shredding the certificates that Earl had earned.

30 Rock once again wore the crown of funniest show, Liz Lemon dating a 20 year old with mother issues, and Frank, played by Judah Friedlander, just wanted to be with the 20 year old and enjoy each others bodies as straight men do. Now I am watching Bill Moyers on PBS. His show tonight is about American evangelicals attempting to influence US policy towards Israel. One fat fuck was just at the pulpit saying that the Palestinians didn’t own their land for it was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Yes, that’s it.

Why not?

I would have preferred Boo Radley giving Israel to Jeb and Scout along with Dill, but fictional characters are just that, fictional, so it really shouldn’t make any difference should it? Argh. These ‘people’! They’re also saying that Hurricane Katrina was because of the US supporting Palestinians getting land in Israel. If they want to ‘save’ Israel move the fuck over there, shit heads. And do not come back. Fulfill your pathetic mythological destinies dumb asses. Get the fuck out of here. Good wholesome ignorant scum bags.

I feel better having written that.

Totally on an unrelated note, I lost over 6000 tracks on my iPod again. Presently reloading right now, for the past 4 hours. Everything is running slowly. Argh.

Broken Train

Been a long day. I’m tired, Bill is exhausted. Last night was mellow, just chilled. Watched Pushing Daisies which was pretty good. If you like Ugly Betty, or even the Gilmore Girls, you would probably like Pushing Daisies. It’s witty, it’s macabre and it’s very sweet, which in my book is a pretty good combination. And they have good Broadway performers on, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene, Kristin Chenowith and last night featured, Raul Esparza who was just on Broadway in the revival of Company which brother Frank had planned on seeing but since it didn’t win it’s deserved Tony award, it closed soon after that. Then brother Frank had his stroke so that would have been a problem even if the show was still running.

Bill went to bed after Pushing Daisies and I forget what I watched. Surfed the net I’m sure. Didn’t chat with anyone since there was no one to chat with. Soon, I too was horizontal, waking up hours later will Bill once again kissing me good bye. Got up did my thing, and I was on the bus in no time. Got to the office after getting an egg sandwich from West Indian Tony who always asks about Bill. Last time I told him that Bill was taking care of his parents so now West Indian Tony asks about Bill’s parents. I got to the office where there was a message on my voice mail from Bill.

Apparently his father had another seizure last night, and they moved him to the hospital. Fortunately it was St. Vincent’s Hospital so that was good. What was even better if that could be said when both parents are in the same hospital was the fact that both Bill’s mother and father were on the same floor. Bill called me later on in the day about wanting to talk to me about something regarding the apartment. He wanted to talk to me face to face so I made arrangements to leave the office early. It was busy but Tom Chin was ok with it. I finished my work anyhow and left an hour earlier, which was an hour later than I originally planned. No feeling like an idiot like I had the past few days, but that didn’t matter since I was worried about Bill and his parents.

I made it down to the hospital, a bit sweaty since at some point the temperature went into the 50’s. Bill met me in the lobby and we sat and talked. He mentioned that he would be more than likely spending more time at his parents apartment when they get discharged, and how if and when they pass away, the two bedroom apartment in Stuyvesant Town would be in his name and would I be interested in living there since years ago I mentioned I wanted to live in Manhattan. Yes I did say that at one point, but it was in the context of owning a townhouse in the Village, like maybe 10th street between 5th and University. Quite nice and quiet and very expensive so that would have to happen after I win the lottery.

But I am not so keen on living in Manhattan anymore, at least sometimes. Maybe if I was out and didn’t want to wait for the Path train or pay for a cabbage back to Hoboken I would like an apartment in the city. But do I want to? I don’t know. It would be a sacrifice I might be willing to make though. Even Alfred Stieglitz moved from Hoboken, as well as Stephen Foster, and some guy named Francis, and Steve Fallon too. Two hours ago, I was hesitant now I’m reasonably willing. Ask me again in an hour or so.

Oh yeah, here’s some pics.



More Than A Feeling

Man today was crazy. A lot of running around, and a dash of disappointment at the end of the day. Sometimes Vivek can be so frustrating, asking me to do something which I do and when I get everything set up, just waiting for his final go ahead, I get , ‘Oh we can do that tomorrow’. That wasn’t the disappointing part, that was Greg Stevens doing. His out of the office financial organization, which FDR used to be a member of, is having their holiday party next week and I was somewhat involved with the planning.

He mentioned that he might need me for the function and I would be paid for whatever it is I would have to do. I was willing to do it, only to find they won’t be needing me. That sucked. I was even willing to get a new suit for the event, picked one out the other day, but didn’t make the mistake of trying it on, just looked at it. No conservative financial poon for me I guess. That was a joke. I do have a feeling that they will need me, but it would be too late since I won’t be there. I anticipate a phone call during that night, which I don’t plan on answering, yet I more than likely would.

Tom Chin had me running around midtown trying to arrange a money transfer with the wrong information, making me look like an idiot. And looking like an idiot is something that I don’t need anyone else’s help with. I can do that all on my own. I don’t know, some self doubt enters my mind and I think I am just fucking up. I guess I’m not, I do just about everything that is asked of me, and even try to find something for the receptionist to do since I am her supervisor. To her I’m a great boss, to management, well they probably think I should do better.

Last night was a bit tense, Bill came home with what seemed like the weight of the world on his shoulders. His cousin, Elsie was visiting Bill’s mom in the hospital and Elsie phoned Bill saying that his mother’s wedding ring was missing, no longer on her finger. The fear that someone might have taken it was racing through his mind. I tried to reassure him, perhaps it’s at the apartment, or just in her pocket or somewhere, not necessarily stolen. I did my best to soothe Bill’s nerves and hopefully I did if only a little bit.

After that we watched 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU. That was a weird experience, since when one ended we went into the next episode which was very good and very intense but in my mind, the show was like a two hour episode and left me wondering about loose ends in the first show. It’s a lot like reading something funny in the New Yorker, then turning the page and reading something really heavy, yet still expecting to laugh as I did reading the first story. Yes, life sure gets funny when you turn the page. Or maybe not so funny after all.

Feel A Whole Lot Better

It’s Tuesday so blah blah blah. Big friggin’ deal you say, and I am in near total agreement with you. Last night was pretty quiet, Bill’s mother was supposed to be released from the hospital, but they decided to keep her another night for more tests, so Bill came here for one more night of sleeping in a decent bed. He told me earlier, they were keeping her one more night, sending her home tomorrow, Wednesday, so that means Bill sleeps in comfort once again.

Bill and I watched Chuck which was pretty good. Bill tends to like whatever I’m watching so that makes fighting over the remote control nonexistent. Chuck’s formerly dead room mate and nemesis, Bryce returned, turned out he wasn’t dead after all. The guy that used to be on Third Watch played the bad guy, scarred face and all. All in all a good episode, not the best.

Heroes came on after that and that just wasn’t that good. I can tell they’re going to kill off Maya and Elle, two characters that were introduced this year that just didn’t hit it off with the viewing audience. Maya had a stupid power anyway. She cries black tears and people die. They killed off her brother last night, actually Sylar killed off the brother, stabbing him rather than slicing open his brain and eating whatever is inside, then after killing the brother, Sylar made out with the black teared sister. I bet she gets killed next week.

And perhaps a showdown between Hiro and Peter next week too. No torso shots of Milo V, though his clothes were a bit tight fitting on him. It’s much like they way they killed off two late comers on Lost last year. Scrubs came on at 10:00 after Heroes which set off my body clock, my mind thinking it was 11:30 and time to go to sleep. And I did fall asleep around 11:30, not taking any guff from my body clock.

Woke up with Bill kissing me good bye once again. It wasn’t raining out and it was already in the 50 degree range. No over coat for me, and I walked to the bus stop in springlike weather. Three weeks behind in the New Yorker again, but there’s no rush. Got to the office, started the machines running, made coffee and finished the last of milk, forcing me to go out and get some more. Came back, talked to Greg Stevens and noticed on his desk an invitation to a fund raiser for Mitt Romney. Oh Greg, why?

Well I do work in the financial sector, and Republicants and conservatives do run rampant. I don’t believe Romney has a chance, so I’ll let Greg have his fantasy. I did have a blue moment, feeling useless and incompetent again, I called Bill for some reassurance which he gave in the way of saying that if I were an idiot he wouldn’t be with me. That was nice. That, and a banana made me feel a whole lot better.

Thank God I’m a Country Boy

Last night, pretty mellow. Came back from wandering the streets of Manhattan and I was starving. I’ve taken to stockpiling bottles of diet Sierra Mist soda since they usually run out of it at the supermarket. Came home and made dinner and settled in to watch TV. Bill and I watched 60 Minutes, with an interview with the Eagles. Such an arrogant band they were, not very supportive of up and coming bands in the seventies when the Eagles were gigantic.

They’re older now, and still arrogant. I was explaining to Bill that as much as I don’t care for the Eagles, they did write some good songs that are embedded in my DNA. I told him that if I hear Lyin’ Eyes, I am transported in my mind to 1975. I was on a class trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. It was a fun trip, don’t remember much about the actual Village, but I remember the bus ride and coming back later than expected. We were supposed to be back at St. Francis de Sales School around 7:00PM, and wound up pulling in around 10:00, safe and sound and into the arms of cranky parents.

This was before cellphones mind you, so there was no communication from the bus calling and saying that we are late. I’m sure nerves were frayed, but us kids were oblivious, listening to MusicRadio 77 WABC.
The top ten songs of 1975 were
1. Love Will Keep Us Together, The Captain and Tennille
2. Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell
3. Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John
4. Before The Next Teardrop Falls, Freddy Fender
5. My Eyes Adored You, Frankie Valli
6. Shining Star, Earth, Wind and Fire
7. Fame, David Bowie
8. Laughter In The Rain, Neil Sedaka
9. One Of These Nights, Eagles
10. Thank God I’m A Country Boy, John Denver

I loved most of these songs, even liked the John Denver song enough to know most of the words 32 years later, and you know I loved Philadelphia Freedom most of all. Still one of my all time top ten hits. Oh to be carefree and 13 again, eighth grade was definitely a high point of my life.

After 60 Minutes and the Eagles, we watched Dexter, during which Juan stopped by. It was a great episode and quite a twist at the end. I was surprised and can’t wait until next week’s penultimate episode. Then we watched past episodes of Weeds, which Juan had missed. I could’ve watched more, but it was after 11:00 and I needed to get ready for work. So I kicked Juan out and went to sleep. That was it. Today was back to work after having four days off and not doing much at all. Today was crappy weather wise which made going back to work a drag.

Finally Got Myself Together (I’m A Changed Man)

Well like the title says, I finally got myself together. I actually left the apartment, left the block, left the city of Hoboken and headed into Manhattan. I think I would have climbed the walls if I stayed in again. I didn’t have as clear a plan as I did yesterday, everything was open to be changed. Didn’t know whether or not I’d take the bus in and then the subway, or just hop on the Path train to 14th Street. I didn’t make my mind up until I got to the Path train where a crowded train was awaiting me on the platform.

I have had problems the past few days knowing what day of the week it was. Thursday felt like Saturday, making Friday seem like Sunday, making Saturday and Sunday quite confusing. Last night was alright for fighting, being Saturday and all. But no fights were in order. More time in front of the cathode tube, Bill and I watched a Paul Mooney comedy special. I put it on, Bill didn’t even know it was on. I figured he’d enjoy it since he definitely likes the stand up comedians, and it turned out I made the right decision.

Paul Mooney was pretty funny and I bet Pedro would like it as well, if he has Showtime that is. Then Juan made it over in time to watch a repeat of 30 Rock which of course was pretty funny. Bill went to bed after that and Juan and I watched Weeds which I had recorded for moments like this. He missed the season so it was catching up on three episodes before I had to kick Juan out so I could get some sleep. It was good to watch again and I caught a few things that I missed the first time I saw it.

Slept really well and was awoken by Bill shuffling off to church. I roused myself and showered and soon enough I was mingling with the hoi polloi, bagels, newspapers, and oblivious supermarket cashiers. Came home and before you knew it, I had read the papers. Nothing to read about the Scott McClellan bombshell the other day, implicating the administration in the outing of Valerie Plame. You would think this would be something that the liberal media that you’ve heard so much about would be all over like white on rice, but no, it’s been buried. I even posted on the NY Daily News discussion group, me with three or four entries and one other guy holding up the administration’s lies about how Valerie Plame was a desk jockey at Langley, VA. That was the extent of the discussion sadly enough. Not much else anywhere about it as far as I could tell.

Walking around the city was ok, 14th Street not as crowded as I thought it would be. Wandered around Virgin for a while, stopped by Farfetched for a few minutes, saw Harpy and Lois, eventually having a Padron and walking up to 33rd Street to get a seat on the Path train, while talking to Annemarie on the cellphone. Would have been great if she was in town, but she wasn’t so the cellphone was the next best thing to having her next to me walking up Broadway. Now I’m home, cooking dinner for Bill, eliminating the mess that usually happens. All in all a nice end to a nice weekend, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, here are some pics.

Michael Des Barres?

Nay, it’s Harpy!

The Loneliest Mohican

Abandoned Bicycle

Looking for the newspapers

Christmas trees for sale

Don’t Bother Me

What is it with me? What is my motivation, or more precisely, where is my motivation? Up in smoke perhaps? But I’ve been good, just lazy. Content to sit around and do nothing most of the time, then logging online and writing about how my friends are never around to do anything, meaning I’m not calling anyone to do anything either. This morning, Bill mentioned going to see a play that his friend, Rome Neal directed at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and I expressed very little enthusiasm. I didn’t say no, but at that moment I wasn’t up for anything, I was frustrated by the New York magazine compilation of crossword puzzles in an effort to increase my word power and boy am I rusty.

But I thought about going out to meet up with Bill, since we hardly ever do anything together lately, Thanksgiving dinner was a family thing, and this would be a date of sorts. I actually got motivated, listened to music instead of watching Robert Morse in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and got bundled up for my trek into the city. And once again waited until 4:20, well actually 4:14 as I was pressed for time. The iPod was all charged up and decided to listen to Sparks, Lil Beethoven which I still have to burn for Annemarie.

I figured on taking the bus to the city then walking over to catch the train to Union Square, stopping in on Farfetched and seeing Harpy perhaps and Lois or Susan or whomever might be working. As I approached Washington Street, my phone rang and it was Bill. They were moving his mother to a different floor, I think to a cardiac unit, or at least from a cardiac unit obviously I’m not too sure. (She’s out of the cardiac ward) He wanted me to call him when I got into the city. I could tell by the sound of his voice he was worried and I suggested just calling off the evening, rather than having him sitting in the Cafe worried about his mother. He reluctantly agreed and I was ok with it, since it was my idea anyway. So the best laid plans fell by the wayside. I actually got it together and left the apartment, ready to head into the big bad city only to trip on the plug, and yanking it from the wall, effectively killing that idea.

So now I’m making some dinner, listening to Steely Dan right now, just playing the role of a DJ, Primal Scream cued up for the next track. No plans for the evening, it’s even colder than it was yesterday. Staying in once again, the best option. At least right now it is. Tomorrow could be a good day to go out and do something besides walking the radius of Washington Street and to Clinton Street. A major adventure perhaps. I’ll let you know in any event. Not much on TV tonight.

I did watch Smoke Signals, starring Adam Beach. The first Native American film written, directed and produced by Native Americans. It was written by Sherman Alexie, who wrote the Lone anger and Tonto Fist Fight In Heaven which Annemarie gave me for my birthday. I tried getting into it, but now after seeing the movie, I have a renewed interest in the book again, so I’ll give it another shot.

Dinner was good. Ravioli again. The end.

Octopus’s Garden

Ahh the day after Thanksgiving. A quiet day, stress free relatively and a bit nippy. Whereas yesterday it was in the 60 degree area, today it’s been halved into the 30 degree area. I did have some ambition, enough to go out and walk around a bit, and also had a good mid afternoon nappage. That’s basically all that I did today. Oh, and some laundry. Last night was cooler, with Juan making an appearance, it’s been awhile since we hung out. Well not really. We did meet up a few weeks ago, one Saturday night. Last night we watched The War, which I have from Netflix. I was surprised he would be into but he watched most of the dvd before it was time for him to get some rest for his Black Friday shopping that apparently does each year. Crazy! Not for me. I’m a sleeper. And I’ll do my shopping online or on the fly. Depends on whats in my wallet at the time.

Juan was quite familial last night, even going so far as to be mocking, much like a sibling does, to my dismay. That would have given me license to beat him much like the way a sibling does, but I decided against it, what with it being Thanksgiving and all. I did watch Sweeney Todd today on dvd, with George Hearn and Patti LuPone. It’s the concert version, no props, just the cast, including Neil Patrick Harris, on stage, singing alongside the orchestra. The opening number still gives me goosebumps. I got the dvd out after watching a commercial for Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, directed by Tim Burton. I’m excited and also hesitant, having seen it on stage several times, mostly with brother Frank who took me initially to see it at the New York State Opera House at Lincoln Center about 25 years ago.

Since then I’ve seen it every chance I could get when there was a performance in this metropolitan area, sometimes with Frank, sometimes with Bill and one time with the both of them, sitting way up in the nose bleed seats at Lincoln Center. I did see it at some church on the upper east side where Sweeney sang like his mouth was full of lumpy oatmeal. I think one of the best ensembles was in Bergenfield at a former firehouse turned theater with Frank, Elaine, Meghan and Cory for a birthday present. That was really tops, and it was such a small theater that the cast couldn’t help but mingle with the audience as the show went on.

I’m sure during light fare the cast mingling with the audience is a treat but during such a macabre show like Sweeney Todd, it is rather edgy. Not that I minded. Gave it a nice flavor. So no new plans tonight, more laying low which is fine by me, though I may go out and take a walk in the night time, maybe have a cigar and stroll down Washington Street. Or I might just stay in. Either one is fine with me. And I do have to get the mail anyway. So that settles that. After I finish watching Imagine…The Beatles in LOVE on the Sundance Channel. That’s a plug.

And here are some pics


Me again

Me Smiling!


Hoboken Sunset

An hour or so later. Went out, took a walk, had a cigar. Quite nice out, 33 degrees, but comfortable, if you’re dressed properly. Not many people out which was nice.

Visions of Johanna

It’s Thanksgiving night. Just got back from dinner in Garfield with brother Frank, his wife Elaine and their family. It was pleasant, though of course a family dinner wouldn’t be the same without a little drama. Today’s drama concerned Elaine and her son in law, Rob and it was all about control. Elaine cooked a turkey, Rob’s mom was bringing lasagna. Don’t even mention the ham. Not enough space in the ovens for both so there were hurt feelings. It was all resolved by the time we were able to sit and eat but still drama was a small undercurrent. Brother Frank still gets flustered, the aphasia still rears it’s confounding head and it can be frustrating for him and whomever he might be speaking to. But the progress he’s made is impressive, that’s for sure.

It was an easy enough day though. Bill left early this morning, I got out of bed around 9:00. Missed the morning shows, caught the parade. Didn’t watch it though. Strolled out into the streets of Hoboken, 60 degrees or so. A lot warmer than previous Thanksgivings. I remember it being very cold when I was a kid, being dragged off to Lodi High School to watch some stupid football game. I had no interest in being there at all. Didn’t even enjoy watching the lunk heads tossing the pig skin. I guess the whole thing was to get me out of the house, and that meant my brother Brian having to take me to the stadium against his will and certainly against mine.

I wanted to be home, near the pile of brownies on the green bubbled plate, near the jar full of Pheffernusses that would remain there, until sometime in January, next to the homemade apple pie and mincemeat pies. The apple pie would go fast, the mincemeat pie would linger for a few days, and I don’t recall if it ever made it into the refrigerator. I know that I ever ate any. It looked nasty. It was more of an older person’s dessert and I was a kid. In many ways, I still am.

So dinner was good, lasagna was a bit on the salty side, and I’m not used to lasagna on Thanksgiving. I really didn’t eat much, not that I’m hungry now, but I don’t want to look like a gavone so I usually hold back. Gone are the days of coming home with care packages. They now go to the younger set which is fine and I write that halfheartedly. I wouldn’t mind some pieces of turkey, I mean all I had was one piece of turkey at dinner anyway. I’m grateful, I’m grateful. Really.

It was a good day in Garfield with Frank and Elaine and their daughters Meghan and Cory and Meghan’s husband Rob and his parents, brother and sister and her husband. Haven’t seen most of them since Meg and Rob’s wedding in June, of which I told Meg it was the best party I had ever been to and it certainly was.

Now Bill and I are home, having gotten a ride from Cory and Elaine. I gave Cory two jackets that Julio gave me years ago, a regifting from him vis a vis his ex girlfriend Susan Morphine. One was a suede bomber jacket, the other a distressed leather jacket that just needs a new lining. She tried them on, they were a bit large for her, so I told her to give it to a friend or the salvation army. Elaine tried the black suede jacket and Cory said she looked like Danny DeVito which was funny because at that point, Elaine was at the bottom of a small slope with Cory and I on the higher part, and she did resemble Danny DeVito in stature. True story.

Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

Finally it’s Friday. No actually it’s Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving. This time many years ago, my mother would be peeling apples at the dining room table in preparation for apple pies. I would occasionally help, sprinkling sugar on the apples, and I would usually get carried away and start eating the sugar out of the sugar bowl. That probably could explain a lot about the state of my teeth. I would sometimes eat spoonfuls of sugar, just to see if it made the medicine go down in the most delightful way. I never stayed around for the medicine, the sugar would usually just make me vibrate and eventually crash. I always wanted to be able to vibrate my way through walls much like the Flash in the comic books, but the walls wouldn’t let me in and would leave me bruised and confused with a sweet tooth wanting more more more.

I was quite a comic book addict when I was a kid, stealing quarters from my father’s money jug, where he would empty his pocket change each night when he would get home from work. Before he got home though, I would lift the jug and out would come the change. I would scoop up what I though was an amount that wouldn’t be missed and walk over to the Rochelle Park Delicatessen and make my purchases. Eventually my father found out about my skimming, or as he would refer to it, stealing and I would get the crap knocked out of me. I wouldn’t have thought about it if I didn’t see my brother Brian doing it first.

On occasion I would help Freddie Cilantro with his paper route and he would pay me in soda and comic books. Then brother Brian and his pal John Ninnetta hassled Freddie and my newspaper career was over. Why they hassled Freddie, I had no idea. Both my brothers, Frank and Brian had paper routes. I never wanted one, though my parents felt it would build character and I eventually was suckered into delivering the Shopper, one of the free newspapers that were given out in Lodi. Each week I’d get several hundred newspapers, and several hundred bags and have to fold the papers into the bags, then deliver them somehow. An old rusty shopping cart was found and I would push it around, throwing newspapers onto stoops or into bushes. I wasn’t a very good paper boy and the distributors reported my errant deliveries so that ended my career, leaving me with not much in the character department.

A friend of brother Brian’s, Scott Malone was almost molested one time when he was collecting for his paper route. Some guy invited him in and supposedly made a move causing Scott to run out of there. I was intrigued and it was decided that it would probably be a good idea if I didn’t have the paper route anymore. Plus I got pink eye a few times, from rubbing my eyes with my ink stained hands. It wasn’t worth the $3.00 each week, not that I ever saw the money. I think it went into my father’s jug.

This is what was up in Hoboken today.







The tree guys. I asked them if they were there for business or pleasure (you never know). They were on business, looking for the Asian Long Horned Beetle.

Thanks to Harpy and Song with their suggestions. They worked and I’m happy.


It’s Tuesday. I actually thought the work week would fly by, but it isn’t. I know it’s only Tuesday, but it’s a half week of work and yesterday and today has crawled. And now my computer at home is slow. Low on virtual memory it says but I don’t know how to increase the virtual memory so if any of you out there in cyberspace know how to remedy the problem, I would be forever in your debt. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it. Everything is slow slow slow and it’s driving me crazy crazy crazy.

Haven’t heard much from Bill regarding his mother so as far as I know, she’s still under observation at St. Vincent’s hospital. Bill is making progress on the paperwork for Medicaid, so his father should be covered as far as being in the nursing home, and I guess the same could be said about his mother. He certainly has his hands full, and all I could do is be there for him, which hopefully counts for something. I even made him his dinner last night. That was cool since he usually makes a mess with the pots and the dishes, I didn’t mind at all.

It was another rainy day today and still a chill in the air. I just have to get through a few hours tomorrow and I’ll have four and a half days. I finally made a reservation for the holiday luncheon which is now on December 18. Everybody eats and drinks and then goes home. It’s going to be a Mexican luncheon. Gone are the days of hiring a disc jockey, finding a big enough space to accommodate a hundred or so people. Nice and small and civilized and done during daylight hours which will minimize the hangovers the next day.

Presently watching Keith Olbermann who has John Dean on talking about Scott McClellan’s book about how Bush, Cheney, Andy Card, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby knew they were feeding McClellan lies during various press conferences. Lies about outing Valerie Plame, the top five in this bogus administration could all be going down. It’s the talk on the news shows though I’m tempted to see how Faux News is covering it. Not too tempted though, since I just ate. And Alberto Gonzales was heckled at a speech that he probably got 5 figures for. Just caught a glimpse of Faux News, they have Fred Thompson’s wife on talking about Thompson’s agenda. She’s dressed rather conservatively, meaning her tits aren’t falling out.

Other than that, it’s pretty quiet. Have to restart the computer to reboot. I’m still open to suggestions about how to increase my virtual memory. Leave a comment, or if you know me, email. I keep getting emails about increasing the size of my manhood so emails about increasing my memory would be gladly read and appreciated. Everything is slow today, including writing tonight’s entry. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes it is, but this wasn’t happening tonight. Obviously I have other things on my mind.

Holiday in Disneyland

Well yesterday was cold and windy. Last night it was cold and rainy. Watched the Simpsons which was really funny. As Harpy wrote, ‘Props to Alan Moore’, not to mention Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes. Seeing Spiegelman wearing a Maus mask and kicking the ass of comic book guy was priceless. I hope Rand watched it. King of the Hill so overlooked was also pretty funny. I was waiting for Dexter mainly, and I think last night was the season finale. It was definitely an edge of the seat episode. Dexter finally figured out how crazy Lila really is.

Bill came home midway through, after church, after checking in on his mother, and after putting in some time at work. Poor thing was exhausted and went to sleep soon after. It’s amazing, as soon as his head hits the pillow he’s out cold. Sometimes I wish I could do that. No, scratch that, not sometimes. I wish I could do that all the time. That and world peace. Two things I wish for. And now that I’ve said the wishes out loud they will never come true. Sorry everyone. Somethings I should keep to myself I guess.

I fell asleep soon enough. Felt really good. Good enough that I did not want to wake up to the sound of pouring rain outside. But I really had no choice in the matter. Looking at two and a half days of work this week, so it shouldn’t be so bad but getting motivated this morning was difficult. I did get moving, showered, shaved and ate breakfast and grimaced when I hit the street. Rain and clumps of snow falling. It was a mess but at least I was dressed for it. And I think I looked smashing. Not bangin’, but smashing.

Got to work on time, once again the first one in. That’s how I like it. People came in, in the usual drips and drabs. I was busy enough this morning. Planning an errand to Chinatown. That was arranged last week when the weather was bearable, today it was a mess. In the middle of all that I was doing, I get a phone call from Bill. His mother collapsed in the bathroom and he was running down to the apartment to get her to St. Vincent’s hospital. It turned out she fainted, and vomited a bit and now she’s under observation once again. Not easy being 84 years old.

Chinatown was a mess. So many tourists around, not just there, but everywhere in Manhattan. Europeans shopping shopping shopping. The Euro and the pound are two times stronger than the US dollar thanks to the resident fuckwad on Pennsylvania Avenue. Tax cuts for the rich! Trillions of dollars spent on an illegal war. The economy is a mess. Even Greg Stevens mentioned how badly his portfolio is doing. That is when he’s able to log onto the website. Usually I hear him call my name and I come running, sitting behind his desk and I fiddle about with his computer, eventually getting what he needs to get.

I also had to find a restaurant for our holiday luncheon on December 19. Found one, that was owned by Placido Domingo, right around the corner from the office. Everyone goes to lunch, then goes home. Greg realized what a bad idea it would be for people to go to work after a little soirée like that.

Now Bill’s home and I gave him a great big hug and a kiss and I’m even cooking his food. Less of a mess to clean up, you know….

(Lay Your Head On My) Pillow

It feels like winter. It’s cold and a little bit of sleeting going on. Well at least it was going on when I went out a few hours ago. Wandered around Hoboken under gray skies. Typical November Sunday afternoon. Ran into Julio this morning as I went out to pick up some of Harpy’s least favorite food. He was running out for Stine, who being pregnant had a hankering for a sausage and egg sandwich that she just saw on a commercial for Dunkin Donuts and Julio being her husband and the father of her child had to get it together and feed his woman. He asked and I told him all about last night, who was there, who asked for him, stuff like that.

It was fun to see Andrea Harbison. She’s great and still as sexy as ever, even after three kids, four if you count Scott her ex husband. She has the patience of a saint though, that’s for sure. Scott is/was definitely a handful. Nice guy, but one or two beers and it’s so long Scott, hello misadventure. She put up with it for as long as she could and I along with other people were happy for her when she put her foot down and walked out the door. It had been a long time coming.

Steve Fallon’s partner was there as well, Arnold LaSpina. He’s a cutie and it’s heartwarming to see both him and Steve still together, to the point now where if you see one of the two, you have to ask where the other one is. I remember one time years ago, living in Weehawken, I was going to meet Bill at the Lure in the meatpacking district for a suit and tie party, sponsored by Foot Friends, a foot fetish group. Annemarie was in town and drove my well suited ass to the Path train. I got in a car, one other guy in the car with me.

I didn’t pay him much attention nor did he pay attention to me. He got off at 9th Street, I rode to 14th Street. I get to the club and there is Arnold. It was him who was in the Path car with me. He didn’t recognize me in my suit and tie, and I didn’t recognize him since he moved away from Hoboken a few years before. He found out about my suit fetish and I found out about his foot fetish.
I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Arnold last night, but Chaz got his email which I could get from him later this week.

Another friend at McSwells last night was Ally. Ally is a real sweetheart, living in Hoboken. I run into him around public transportation. Either by a bus stop, or on a bus or by the Path train. He’s a good friend of Steve and Arnold and goes to visit them fairly often. I usually hear about the latest endeavors from Ally. And it’s always a treat to see him.

Brother Frank called this afternoon. He was sorry he couldn’t make it but it would have been a pain in the ass for him to come down, and then there were a lot of people there he’d have to talk to which would make anyone exhausted and he’d definitely stress out trying to find parking which is oh so rare in Hoboken this time of year.

Steve, I Always Knew

Saturday, definitely out of the ordinary. Started out ordinary. Slept really well. Watched TV last night, of course since I hardly ever go out anymore. Not that I watched much of anything of importance. Do I ever? That’s a good question. I think occasionally in the wasteland called television, I find an oasis from time to time. Bill came home as I was watching Led Zeppelin live at the Royal Albert Hall in like 1969, a period where I don’t really care for Led Zeppelin wise. Bill thought it was the Who or Nirvana, might have even guessed the Stones, but the long hair on Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had him stumped. Just as well since Zeppelin are relatively unknown to him. Pink Floyd would definitely leave him in the dark since they were even more faceless than Led Zeppelin.

I stayed up until around 1AM, watched the Simpsons and Scrubs before turning in. Slept really well. Woke up around 8:30, Bill was running off to the Bronx to get some stuff from his cousin’s house. She sold it and Bill has to get his crap out of there, or at least throw it out. I woke up, made some coffee, showered and even shaved. I wanted to look good for the afternoon. A nice breakfast followed. Read the papers and did some laundry. Then it was just a small matter to kill some time before I went over to the Hoboken Historical Museum. It’s been a day I had been looking forward to since the summer. My brother Frank was supposed to come by but he was fatigued.

You see today at the Hoboken Historical Museum, it was all about McSwells, and XXXXX was coming to town. I have to admit, I really love and admire XXXXX. He was always very supportive of not just me but a lot of other people in Hoboken and around the country. New and upcoming bands from the eighties from this country and beyond. I hadn’t seen XXXXX since about tens years ago. He was a great boss who could have fired me a few times but always gave me a second, third and occasional fourth chance. I walked up Hudson Street towards the museum and saw XXXXX with Chaz Charas, Todd Abramson and Steve Shelley as well as Geri Fallo headed in that direction.

I called out XXXXX and XXXXX turned around and we greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. He mentioned the blog actually, specifically mentioning the entry where I wrote about if you saw XXXXX at McSwells smoking a Newport and drinking a Rolling Rock, it meant it was going to be a long night. He mentioned the circumstances that that would happen, and I was glad I didn’t write about that. He wasn’t the only one. I know that I participated as well and that’s all I have to say about that particular subject. It was all a lot of fun.

The presentation was funny, XXXXX was talking so fast he was losing his breath. Not one for public speaking, not our XXXXX. But he was entertaining nonetheless. The introduction was lifted from Wikipedia which is where XXXXX was getting his speech from. So that was scuttled and he had to wing it. He did an admirable job, he explained that McSwells was so successful was because of the bands that were able to play there cheaply, since they weren’t playing in Manhattan. Also the club was a favorite for the music press who could focus on the music since there were very few distractions. But ultimately a good part of the success was because of the staff, some of whom, myself included, were in attendance.

Todd Abramson also had a few remarks about when he and XXXXX were running the show, before XXXXX walked away from it. It was an overwhelming hassle dealing with the task of running a club six night’s a week. I’ve butted heads with Todd a few times, but basically he’s a good egg. XXXXX had a loyal team supporting him and that is hard to find nowadays. Back then it was organic, it seemed to spring up all around him.

After the museum a few of us made it down to McSwells, Chaz and I had pints, everyone spread out in the restaurant. It seemed like old times. XXXXX made a point to say that it was important to still support McSwells, that it’s a good thing to have. I had to agree and decided that though I won’t be going there like I used to, at one point even having my mail delivered there, but a pop in for a pint every now and then wouldn’t be so bad.

Tonight, some bitch was the richest man in Hoboken.

Here’s some pics from the past few days. I hope Annemarie gets her computer fixed.

The Watcher

A Lion

What it was all about


Ally, a real sweetheart….

Chaz, another sweetheart


Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo with Glenn Morrow

William B Vaseles Charas, former room mate of 11 years! Chaz’ bro!

Alice Genesse of Gutbank/SexPod/Psychic TV with Chaz


Last Night

Well last night was Thursday night, but you knew that. Today is Friday which makes most everyone happy. It made me happy. And I’m still happy. Work was pretty good. Next week, a two and a half day work week which is extra nice. Then the slide towards Christmas, parties, shopping, running around. That makes the time go really fast and then before you know it, it’s time to get a new calendar. I haven’t done any shopping yet, but I do have some nice ideas for gifts. And I also have a list of things that I would like, that I will buy for myself, probably in the week between Xmas and New Years. Cold this be a glimmer of holiday cheer? I don’t know. Don’t want to peak too soon so I’ll just leave it at that.

Some spoilers so look out! Last night, being Thursday, meant it was a good TV night. At least three hours of the best shows I think. It started with Ugly Betty, which was as sweet and slightly madcap as previous episodes, yet ended on a down note. Great use of the U2 song, Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own. I had never heard the song before and it took me a few minutes to realize it was Bono singing. I did recognize some elements of an Eno production. I won’t give it away, but it was a good one, not the best, but still.

After that I switched over to The Office which I felt was funnier than it had been in earlier episodes. It was more focused on Michael and Jan in New York than on the Scranton office. It was truly the funniest deposition I had ever seen. And yet that too ended a bit sadly. It seemed that Michael and Jan are through, especially after Michael being wounded by Jan’s appraisal of him during a performance evaluation.

After that was Scrubs, which started out promising with Carla having a dream where she is about to be killed by JD so he and Turk could be together forever and explore water parks around the world. Elliot helped with the killing. Also Carla raising their kid to be bilingual but only speaking Spanish to the kid when Turk wasn’t around. No mention of JD’s baby and the mother of said baby. Guess she’s out of the picture, though this is the last season so she will more than likely make another appearance by the finale. Also it came close to revealing Janitor’s name, but the ending was funny with JD doing the janitor’s job and becoming aggressive thanks to the ammonia fumes, much to Janitor’s delight.

Then I watched My Name is Earl, part two of a two parter. Once again Michael Rappaport haunted my screen, more face time for the red head than there was last week. He certainly isn’t aging well. It was a good episode and very busy, lot’s of loose ends being tied up. I hate to say it, but out of the five shows I really like on Thursday nights, Earl is usually in fifth place. Maybe it’s the Scientology.

The best show last night, IMHO, would be 30 Rock, with guest star Edie Falco. And of course it was down to Alec Baldwin once again. Fred Armisen was pretty funny too, he being another guest star. All the stories were top notch, laugh out loud funny. I guess this might be the last new episode for a while until the writer’s strike is resolved. Thanks to Netflix, I’ll always have The War.

30 Rock Hilarious. Alec Baldwin rules
The Office- Hilarious and strangely sad
Ugly Betty- Good yet sad.
Scrubs- Good start, good finish, saggy middle
My Name is Earl- Very busy and OK

Bye and Bye

Thursday. Not bad at all really. It’s been another cold and rainy day, but now it has stopped raining and it’s just cold. Last night was TV night. Bill came home as I was watching Pushing Daisies. I do like the show. It just seems so cute and Jim Dale’s narration is spot on. I can even abide seeing Chi McBride on the screen. It’s not that I dislike him, I am always reminded of his first TV show, The Secret Diaries of Desmond Pfieffer. In that he played Abraham Lincoln’s butler. It lasted four episodes and I never saw any of them, but that’s what sticks in my mind. It was universally panned.

After that Bill and I watched the absolute final episode of The War. This one had some amazingly terrible footage. The European theater on both the eastern and western front, as well as Okinawa with kamikaze pilots flying their planes into whatever ships they could find. Some soldiers had cameras and shot some scenes never seen before. And the soldiers that lived to tell their tales, admitted the difficulty they had adjusting to life when they came home, after seeing what they saw in war, including killing other soldiers. How can you actually adjust to that? By moving to the suburbs I suppose and joining various VFW’s and American Legions. At least that’s what my father did. Still it would have been nice to find out what he went through during the war. Anyone have a Ouija board handy?

Of course, they finished after dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, changing the world forever. Yeah, the human race signed it’s death warrant on those days in August 1945. I’m sure if the United States didn’t drop the bomb, the Soviet Union would have eventually. Such were the times. Now a handful of countries have the bomb, and a few smaller nations are angling for their shot at annihilation. And for what, really? I have no clue. Seeing footage of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how can any sane person decide to pursue such an insane course of action? It didn’t make for an easy night of sleep.

This morning Bill was running around the apartment, and since I slept uneasily I got up a little bit earlier than usual. Didn’t hit the snooze button, so I was fresh a full ten minutes sooner. Headed out into the damp, read the New Yorker, about Steve Coogan which was entertaining. Walked across town to the office where to my surprise Greg Stevens was in before me. He got back from Arizona last night. He also had a conference call scheduled for this afternoon which I had been preparing for all week. Last time Greg had a meeting I messed up the conference call so I made sure it wouldn’t happen again, not on my watch.

Clients in the office and I had to arrange the catering which was easy since Mary Tully, the pregnant Uma Thurman lookalike was helping me out with that. She’s nice, but not too much on the ball. She blames hormones and I believe her. Her temp position ends December 14 and I don’t mind carrying most of the workload. I was grateful that I was busy. It made the day go faster and didn’t give me a chance to suffer my self doubt. And I’m finally used to the new glasses.

Alberto Gonzales has set up a legal defense fund.

Leave My Kitten Alone

Wednesday. A foggy day at that. Last night Bill and I watched Heroes. Bill only watches it because I like it. It was actually pretty good, they’re starting to fill the plot holes. Milo V aka Peter Petrelli was the plot device that took us back 4 months, then 3 months and so on and so on. No cheerleader, no Hiro, just all about Peter. It was pretty good. Also the character of Adam was introduced for the second time since he played Kensei back in 1600’s Japan with Hiro. Since it was a recorded program from Monday night our regular viewing schedule was slightly askew.

We just hung out and surfed the cable channels, Bill waiting for his Law and Order SVU, aka the Olivia show. We sing a duet over the opening credits about how it’s all about Olivia and occasionally about the others. It’s a giggle. In the meantime I watched a program on the Sundance channel about solutions for the planet and the mess it’s in. Recyclable cars! Good idea, designed by Ford. Nice looking car, but the whole concept would actually work if everyone had a recyclable car. A plastic car being in an accident with another plastic car would be one thing, but a plastic car against a metal car? Well I don’t think the plastic recyclable car would stand a chance. And it runs on hydrogen, and gets like 45 miles per gallon.

It was an entertaining and informative show and before you know it we were running the streets of Manhattan with Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni. It was a good episode, more of a psychological angle than usual. That meant a twist or two. Arye Gross was on it as the psychopathic schizophrenic children’s book author. Last time we saw him, he was playing David and Keith’s couples counselor on Six feet Under. Anyway it was pretty good, and not all about Olivia this week, it focused more on Casey, the assistant District Attorney and her former boyfriend who was a schizophrenic! What a twist!

After that Bill went to bed, and I followed soon thereafter. Been sleeping deeply, making it difficult to wake up. Bill’s goodbye kiss in the morning does the job, almost like a snooze button. He kisses, I roll over and sleep for a few more minutes. It works quite nicely. It was a foggy morning, but I couldn’t tell until the bus approached the Lincoln Tunnel. Manhattan was almost totally obscured on the right side, and the fog was pouring down the Palisades on the left. Got to work on time again, no one in the office.

I ran around setting things up. A few people were out visiting a client in Philadelphia. Vivek returning from a trip to Boston, Greg Stevens en route from his Arizona house. Clients expected in, major deal in the works. I set that meeting up, running the audio visual system. Had a slight meltdown of self doubt when I was trying to clean up the petty cash. That hopefully will be resolved tomorrow. I’ll sit with Tom Chin and possibly the book keeper and sort it all out.

And dats the name of dat tune.

Here’s a pic, not mine, from Gothamist.


Chelsea Hotel # 2

It’s Tuesday. Didn’t write last night. Came home late and quite tired. I spoke with Annemarie on Sunday and told her I wasn’t going to write Sunday, but I was able to knock one off in about 20 minutes. Last night, exhausted, just couldn’t do it. So here I am, no frills. Did anyone notice I didn’t write? Maybe Harpy did, And Song and of course Annemarie. I don’t think Bill reads this every day, same with Juan, they’re the catch up kind, they’ll read a week at a time maybe, if I’m lucky. Everyone else is invisible and possibly nonexistent.

So what’s new? I got new glasses and I’m not used to them and I’m not sure if I like them. I should like them I paid enough for them. The old glasses, so dear to my heart and so close to my eyes, were a bit scratchy and obscured my vision. These glasses aren’t rose tinted, though I wish they were. I originally went to Lens Crafters across the street from my office one lunch time. I looked around, found some nice frames, but no one was willing to help me. Then a woman walked in and the sales staff were willing to help her. So I walked out and wound up at Cohen’s Fashion Optical, which was not as nice as Lens Crafters but they were willing to help me out. And willing to help the money out of my wallet. It’s a good thing I have insurance or I would be paying through the bridge of my nose.

Work has been interesting. I have a new assistant, Mary Tully. She’s nice, looks a bit like Uma Thurman. I couldn’t tell if she was overweight or pregnant and I dare not ask. It’s illegal to ask anyhow. She’s pregnant. She told me. I didn’t ask any more questions. I’ve been trying to find projects for her to do which are usually my cast offs. Today I had her call the security company that I got into hot water with back in May. I had her tell them that I was shipped off to Iraq should they ask. They didn’t ask. I figured if I was out of the picture, they would be more likely to actually help out the company.

The trouble was about how they sent some key cards to 900 Third Avenue, when they should have gone to 800 Third Avenue. That’s what set this idiot, Jeff off, yelling into the phone about how they deal with bigger companies than ours, when I mentioned the fact he sent the cards to the wrong address. Now that’s what I call security. Basically he acted like he was doing us a favor, rather than doing business as usual. I called up the owner of the company when this all went down and he of course took Jeff’s side. No, the customer is only right in their eyes if you’re a Fortune 500 company. That lights a fire under my ass towards making my company the best company, to be so successful that we could crush All Slime Defecation services.

On the home front here in Hoboken, Bill is stressed, understandably about his parents. His father, being in the nursing home is eating up their savings since his insurance has run out. His mother needs to be supervised so she takes her medication. She takes it, then forgets that she’s taken it and freaks out about it which freaks out Bill. The neighbors are worried about her too. So he has two parents that need to be monitored all day and night. And he still has to sleep on a sofa bed designed by the Marquis de Sade.

Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving. Bill and I are headed out to Garfield so that should be nice. I need to remind Bill to load up on his allergy medication since they do have cats.

There’s a commercial for the New York State lottery that they’re showing, various people lip syncing to an Al Jolson song, Sitting on Top of the World. It’s so creepy, especially when they get to the guy with powdered sugar on his mouth, singing. I don’t know why but I find it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I haven’t won the lottery. Yet.

And now, some pics.



The NEW Me


Mashed Potato Time

Sunday. And a quiet and cold day it is. A truly lazy day. Didn’t do much of anything today. Just chilled out, and napped quite a bit. A lot was recovery from last night. Juan finally made it over and many beers were consumed. Sleep was good but uneasy. Bill and I watched Talk to Me starring Don Cheadle. He bought it earlier in the day and surprised me with it. Still a good movie, we had seen it in the theater over the summer when Billie was up from DC. Billie remembered Petey Green since Billie grew up in DC when most of the story was going on. Don Cheadle sounds a lot like Billie sometimes, working that DC accent. ‘I may be crazy, but I’m not that crazy’. And Bill and I loved the woman who played Petey’s woman.

It was an uneasy sleep like I said, due to the beer. But still I slept. Bill was up and out, first to make sure his mother took her medication, then to go to church. I stirred around 11:00 which wasn’t so bad. Needed food and on a Sunday morning food means bagels. So after showering and some coffee I headed out into the cold morning. Beautiful day, but cold at 36 degrees. Also needed some more groceries, and that was achieved with a minimum of speech. I was grateful that I didn’t need to actually speak to anyone since I wasn’t in the mood. I was hungry and a bit hungover which could be a lethal combination to mess with.

Came home, ate some breakfast, washed some dishes, read the papers and took a nap which was interrupted by my sister Annemarie. Her husband Rex may have been in the background in a documentary on the Sundance Channel about food co-ops. At least that’s what brother Frank told sister Annemarie. I didn’t see the show but I will keep an eye out for Rex if I ever see the show. According to Annemarie, she had taken me to the food co-op when I visited Arcata in 2001 but I wasn’t too impressed and preferred the supermarket, which sounds like me. Probably couldn’t find any crap at the food co-op and the supermarket was more exotic to me.

After the phone call I tried to nap some more, but really couldn’t. So I’m reading the newest Mojo magazine with Led Zeppelin on the cover. I wouldn’t mind winning the contest to see them perform in London. Not that I’m much of a Led Zeppelin fan. I like maybe 15 of their songs which I’ve compiled on my iPod. But still if I won, me being selected out of the millions of entries, it would be a kick to get to London for free. Ahh but who would I take? Perhaps one of the readers of this blog? That’s about five candidates, one or two of them, that I know of would be able to go with me. But I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I?

Here’s some pics from today, all taken from my bedroom window. Lazy!






and now, some foliage


Man it’s a lazy Saturday though I am being productive. Did laundry, dropped off dry cleaning, got a haircut, strolled the boulevard, bought some groceries. So I can’t say I’m lazy really. Last night was lazy for sure. Nothing on TV really. Bill was around and we watched ‘Help!’ which I recorded. Holding off on getting the DVD since the holidays are approaching and someone might want to get it for me for a gift. Not the deluxe version, just the regular, that’s all I ask.

Though it used to be my favorite Beatles flick, it really doesn’t hold up next to A Hard Day’s Night. The Fabs didn’t have too much to do which is just as well since they were all quite stoned when they made it. Lennon said it best, that it was like being in a movie about frogs. I think it was the fact that it was in color that first got me to like it, but I learned to appreciate black and white. It is a fun romp though, and you can see where the idea for the Monkees came about.

Bill stayed awake as far as the Beatles in the Alps. Then he crashed and I watched Talk Soup. Juan was going to stop by since he was in the area again. He said 11:30 or 12:00 and I was game, even texting him a little after midnight, but as the clock approached one and I found no response to my text, being a bit jazzy, like Dizzy Gillespie, I decided to turn in for the night. Bill out cold, I snuggled. It was a bit nippy outside and quite damp from all the rain.

I slept until 10:15 this morning. It felt good, yet there was a twinge of guilt from sleeping so late. But I felt I needed it. No one was expecting me anywhere anyway. Bill had left already, gone to make sure his mom gets her delivery of Fresh Direct. I went out and got my bagels. I don’t even have to say anything, they see me, hold up two fingers, I nod and about a minute later I leave with two buttered poppy bagels. After that was grocery shopping on one cup of coffee. No one spoke to me so that was good.

Came home, made breakfast, read the papers and started the laundry as well as cleaning up the bathroom floor which had become filthy. After all that, I watched a cartoon inspired by the writings of Mordecai Richler, called Jason Two Two. It was actually pretty good and funny. Richler wrote The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and which I never saw. After a while it was off to the outdoors. I saw that my barber, Tony was available and popped in for a chat. We talked about Italian soccer which I know nothing about, Sicily vs. Naples was on. After a fine haircut I wandered down Washington Street, not seeing anyone I knew. I guess they saw me first.

Just got home a little while ago. Bill back home, sound asleep in bed. I’m sitting here writing, chatting with Juan who may stop by tonight, and listening to Fila Brazillia, a crew from the UK, with some laid back danceable songs. Not that I’m dancing. Saving myself for December 8. when Bill and I plan on going to Blow Off, a dance party hosted by Bob Mould, formerly of Husker Du. A friend went to the previous NY show over the summer and he liked it enough, his enthusiasm was strong enough to get me interested and also get Bill interested as well. That night will entail an disco nap, which I am planning way too many weeks in advance.

Norman Mailer has died. I’ve never read any of his books.

Florida State Representative Bob Allen (R) found guilty of offering an undercover police officer twenty dollars so that Bob Allen could blow him in the men’s room.
cut n’paste

Strobe Light

It’s Friday, around 40 degrees or so. And a bit damp since it’s been raining on and off and on again throughout the day. Harpy’s not missing anything. Last night was Thursday of course and that meant good TV all night long. First off, Scrubs at 7 and 7:30. Then I watched Ugly Betty which is really one of my favorite shows. Marc and Cliff, finally a believable gay couple. Ok maybe believable might be a bit much, considering it is Marc after all, but Cliff shaved and got into a suit which while reducing his cute bear appeal, looked dashing in a suit and tie. All that was missing was a cigar and that would have put me over the top.

Betty and Henry’s story was good but ultimately going nowhere. Even Betty and Henry know that. Amanda was very funny, but turned out sweet when she told Marc to go after Cliff after the two of them had a spat from Marc’s freak out. Amanda’s version of Kelis’ Milk Shake in the church was priceless. And Wilhelmina sleeping with bodyguard, played by Vanessa Williams ex, Rick Fox. Guess there wasn’t an outbreak while shooting. She claimed he gave her herpes during their divorce proceedings. Herpes. Is that the third anniversary gift, or is that tin?

After that was the Office which was good but not great. I did hope that Michael would have eaten those mushrooms he found. The morels did look familiar. It was just a so so episode. Scrubs came on and that was good. It’s inching towards it’s finish line and for once Tom Cavanaugh wasn’t as annoying as he can sometimes be. He was good on Ed, but as JD’s brother, not so much. I recorded My Name is Earl and that was very good. Sibling rivalry between Earl and Randy was hilarious. And the dreaded Michael Rappaport wasn’t so bad this time. Not too many lines though so that might be the reason.

The best was 30 Rock. Totally hilarious. Really a lot funnier than it was during the first season. It seems to have found it’s legs. Alec Baldwin is really the funniest on the show. And Kenneth’s party looked like some parties that I had gone to back in the day. Tina Fey walking in on the head writer and his wife was pretty funny and I’ll never look at pop tarts the same way again. As good as Ugly Betty, in fact a tie for funniest show of the night. Ugly Betty has the gay element which is near and dear to my heart.

Work was ok today. Didn’t look like an idiot. In fact I looked like a take charge kind of guy. I was even able to walk out into the drizzle to go to Natalie’s staffing agency to pick up the building passes she took with her when she left sick yesterday. It was nice to get out of the cubicle, and out of the office. I strolled through Grand Central, took some pics of course. Speaking of pics, NBC Nightly News just showed some pics of poor disfigured soldiers, being visited by the man who put them deliberately in harms way. Fucking heinous son of a bitch. You know, people I know, wished him dead and I would say ‘no, that would put Cheney in charge.’ Well now, fuck it all. I wouldn’t mind taking a piss on either one or both of their graves. I’d make sure I’d have eaten a lot of asparagus before I do. Scumbags, the pair of them. These poor soldiers, how many enlisted after 9/11, only to have their patriotism exploited by these two fucktards.

and here are the pics.

Eastern windows at Grand Central Station

Where I worked 2001-2002

Blurry newlyweds

Some things should stay in the closet.

Heart of Stone

Right now, about an hour after I posted last night. Watching The War on PBS and just realized that it would have been something if my father were alive and if he watched it, to be able to talk about it to me and my brothers and sister. Perhaps it would have been another chance at a chink in his armor, to get him to talk to us like we were his peers, not his children. But perhaps he did talk to them as adults and he only talked to me like I was retarded all the time. I certainly felt retarded in his presence and greatly resented him for it. I wonder if they are watching this at the VFW Post 3484 in Saddle Brook. Not with so many choices on cable I bet. Plus all the veterans that my father hung out with are more than likely dead. Jim Fox, Dutch Schaffer, Eddie the Greek all faded away like the soldiers they were. I’m sort of at an age, where my cell rings and I see who it is and I think, oh no, something has happened.

That was last night. Got sucked into The War again obviously. Nothing else was on. It’s been a good series. I think it was the last episode. Not that it matters since it’s in my Netflix queue. Bill called during The War, about to go to sleep, dreading the sofa bed, I suggested he sleep on the sofa itself and instead of taking 2 Tylenol PM, take one, since he was worried that he wouldn’t wake up at 5:00 like he planned to. It really didn’t matter since when I heard from him this morning he didn’t sleep well at all. He said he was happy that I at least had a good night’s sleep. Tonight he’s coming back so he’ll have a good night of sleep as well.

Got up once again at 6:18. That’s what it said on my clock which is about 10 minutes fast. I try to fool myself by that, and since I’ve been doing that for so long, if I actually moved it to the correct time, I’m afraid my body won’t get the message and I’ll be late and unlike some people I can’t stand being late. Ahem. Work was ok. I looked like an idiot at one point when Vivek asked me for a file he gave me to hide so no one would go through it and I hid it so well I didn’t remember where it was. I did find it eventually but he was just looking at my desk and it was a mess, but it was a mess since I was going crazy looking for the file.

Another thing was that Natalie left early claiming illness. Tomorrow was supposed to be her last day, but I think it might actually been today. I told her if she wasn’t feeling well to not come in tomorrow. She really turned into a pain in the ass quite quickly. I called up her agency to let them know we won’t need her tomorrow and to send a replacement. One won’t be available until Monday which was fine. I figured out today that she didn’t need to leave early last week to have an exterminator at her apartment. She had a job interview. And now I know how it feels, since last year I was constantly thinking up excuses to get out of McMann and Tate, going on interviews or just killing grandparents when I’d need a day off.

Chatting with Song about his suit. He has a presentation tomorrow, or maybe today. He’s in Sydney which might be across the International Date Line. I’m sure he’ll do well, he has a nice suit.

That’s it. Here’s some pics.

A big balloon floating in my neck of the woods in NYC


Skaters in Bryant Park
Setting up the vendor fair for the holidays in Bryant Park

Black Dog

It’s Wednesday I think. Can’t really tell. Just had an eye exam a few weeks ago and my pupils are still dilated and I can’t really read. Tried pulling out Grand Illusion, the Ghouliani book I’m almost finished with and it was all lines on a paper, couldn’t make out what the words said. I got the gist of it though. Rudy sucks and is a nasty primadonna bitch. Still I hope to be literate once again by tomorrow, or even later would be good. It seems to be getting better, the eyesight that is. I mean, I am writing this aren’t I?

Anyway my eye exam was the first in like four years or so and my eyes haven’t gotten any better and not much worse. They tell me I have 20/60 eyesight, I haven’t had 20/20 eyesight in decades. I think I got a nice pair of frames too, a decent price for a piece of plastic. I avoided the branding, no Chanel, no D&G, Versace, Prada or nonsense like that. I’ll wear someone else’s name on my person, only if they’re paying me to advertise their brand. They’re not so I don’t. Though I did see a video of Brian Eno wearing a pair of Prada specs, but he can afford them. Me, not so much.

Last night I came home, Bill took my advice, took two Tylenol PM. He’s such a light weight that it knocked him out for most of the night, only stumbling past me around 9:00 to go to the loo. I watched Everybody Hates Chris and Aliens in America which I had recorded. Both cute, both erased afterward. Then I watched the Sex Pistols on Jay Leno (not literally) and on Craig Ferguson’s show. ON Leno they did Anarchy in the UK and on Craig Ferguson they did Pretty Vacant. Johnny Rotten still has what it takes, giving a shout out to Ron Paul on the Tonight Show and having a funny interview with Craig Ferguson. Sort of like watching two out of three members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Work was work. Nothing special. Busy enough though. Natalie, who replaced Carla gave notice that Friday is her last day. That sucks but she wants to spend more time with her boyfriend, he works nights and weekends, she doesn’t. They moved up here from Washington DC and she hasn’t made any friends yet. I would’ve been her friend but she’s leaving so that ain’t going to happen. She’s leaving, also claiming she’s not making enough money so she’s going to wait tables in a restaurant on the lower east side. That’s where the money is. Oh to be able to make mistakes when you’re in your twenties. Still I wish her well.

I also have to restrain myself from getting into arguments with people on line. Sometimes I just get too involved and thats when the excrement hits the air distribution device. Today I got kicked out of a yahoo file sharing group. I signed up under a different name and even started a yahoo email account with the group moderators name. So if you get an email from, chance are it’s from me. Don’t be afraid, just say, ‘Hola Kory Diaz!’

Here’s some pics of me, before and during the dilated pupils.

During, with older glasses


Belladonna anyone?


That’s it!

and the stupid voters in NJ voted AGAINST Stem Cell Research.

A Quick One (While He’s Away)

Drizzly Tuesday. Last night was pretty good. Watched Chuck, recorded Everybody Hates Chris and Aliens in America, which I haven’t watched yet. Chuck was good and I realized what sets it apart from other shows is that there is an element of humor in it. Chuck sort of looks like John Krasinski, Jim from the Office. And with a little research I found that Adam Baldwin, not one of the brothers Baldwin, played the title role in that Chris Makepeace tour de force, My Bodyguard. I think what will be revealed is that Chuck’s whole family is part of the CIA, which will explain the mother gone AWOL years ago. Just Chuck and his sister and I bet she too is a spy, but since it’s all cloak and dagger stuff it should all be revealed when the Writer’s Guild of America wins their strike and gets back to work.

Heroes has gotten a little bit better. Milo V was stripped down and showered but of course we didn’t get to see that much, just that Milo V has a really nice body, which was usually covered up when he was on Gilmore Girls. Mind Reading Bear got a chance to get back at his father, the Nightmare man. 21st Century Schizoid Woman might be dying, Hiro got out of Japan circa 1600’s. The odd thing about Milo V’s character, is that he can shoot beams out of his hands, he can fly, move things with his mind, but loses all of his powers when he is forced to take a shower. I bet Comic Book Guy would have something to say about that. ‘Worst. Plot line. Ever.’

Weeds was of course, excellent. Where will it lead to? Nancy looks like she’s ally herself with the Chicanos against the bikers who smacked up Nancy’s son Silas. The bikers are muscling in and trying to take over Nancy’s turf. Of course, since she has all relatively good yet weak people, the Chicanos look like they would be able to back Nancy up, especially since the leader has a thing for Nancy and Nancy might feel inclined to requite those feelings.

Bill came home during Heroes, exhausted and sounding like Harvey Fierstein again. He crashed after Weeds and I soon went to bed after him. At around 3:00 I was awoken by the sound of a panicked Bill. He was quite certain that his mother had died. Since it was 3:00 in the morning he couldn’t call, but he felt so certain. I initially thought that he was talking about his father, and suggested he call the nursing home, but as it was his mother, there would be no point in that. Neither one of us slept that well after that. Well, I didn’t sleep that well, Bill lay there wondering if his mother was still alive.

He was off to work a few hours after that, totally in a state of near shock. He did call me later on in the morning, letting me know that he was wrong his mother was still alive. Bill didn’t understand where he got the idea that his mother passed away so I explained to him that it was his subconscious coming to the surface while he was sleeping and his fears and worries came to the foreground.

Today was election day and I voted in favor of stem cell research. Hopefully the majority of other voters in this Garden State will agree with me. I didn’t vote for any politicians, just voted on the public questions.

Music-wise today it was all about the Who. After watching Amazing Journey 1.5 times over the past couple of days, it was inevitable. Here’s a clip of the Who doing one of their best songs.

I thought this was very funny, despite it having David Spade in it
PART ONE: TO CATCH A CRIMINAL David Spade & Todd Glass

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and from the net today….
“Oh my god! I almost wore the same thing!”

Sea and Sand

Well it’s Monday and it’s been quite a day. But of course, I’ll start with last night. A pretty mellow evening, spent in front of the TV. I watched the Simpsons which was the Tree house of Horror and very funny of course. Then came a clip show for Family Guy hosted by Seth MacFarlane. I’ve never gotten into the show and I thought I would give it a chance. After resisting the urge to find Seth MacFarlane and punch him in the neck I sat there as if I was watching Friends. That meant I sat there and wondered when I would actually laugh, or even chuckle. It never happened.

Luckily it was only 22 minutes wasted and I switched over to Dexter after that comedy debacle. But during the show, Seth MacFarlane had clips of people off the street being interviewed by him, asking them about the show. None of them liked it and all of them recommended it be taken off the air. I agreed with them as Seth MacFarlane sat there, being smug like he was smarter that everyone else. It’s a crap show plain and simple and after looking at the scrotum on the lead character’s chin after a few minutes I had had enough. I looked forward to seeing some blood. Cue Dexter.

Dexter is a pretty good show, I haven’t read the books like Harpy has and recommended but you can still enjoy it without the books. It must be a first for television where you root for the serial killer. It’s ok since Dexter is a serial killer who only kills other serial killer. And now he has a fan, or a copycat killer. Michael C. Hall was from Six Feet Under and I think the guy who plays his sister’s boyfriend on the show, is the same guy who played the sister’s boyfriend on Six Feet Under.

After that it was Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. Terribly funny. Laugh out loud funny and visible cringing. Not the loud cringing that occurred while watching Family Guy. After that Bill and I watched the Who documentary, Bill surprised me by guessing it was the Who. I didn’t mention it and there hadn’t been any mention on the TV while we were watching it, just talking heads of Roger, Pete, John and Keith. It really through me for a loop since Bill isn’t acquainted with Rock groups from the sixties and seventies. I’m rubbing off on him, but not rubbing one off on him.

Then sleep came and I joined it in the bedroom. Bill took off from work, he was sounding like Harvey Fierstein last night. He needed some rest and refuge from all the things that have been getting on his wick as of late. I woke up, the sun was up already. Stumbled about the apartment, and soon I was the one kissing the guy in bed goodbye. They said it was 45 degrees out so I wore an overcoat. It certainly felt cold enough when I opened the window. Of course, 5 stories down to the street it really wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t about to climb upstairs to drop it off.

Took my time getting to the office, still on time, and still sweaty. Things to do meant running around. Clients coming in, I dressed to impress. A delivery van drove into the hotel across the street from the office. I don’t think anyone was badly injured, but it was quite a scene. Then I got an email from my sister in law Karen. Her son isn’t doing well, behaving quite badly and driving Karen and brother Brian nuts. Really bad shit that isn’t my place to write about it. It’s too bad brother Brian is so closed off. Something has been going on for weeks but both he and Karen have been tight lipped at least with this side of the family.

Spoke to brother Frank about it, while emailing both Annemarie and Elaine on the matter. I did speak with Brian. I feel so bad for them. Their girls are fine, but this whole situation has a propensity to damage everyone somehow. I also sent little Brian a message on his myspace to see how he was doing, what was going on. No response yet.

A gay couple was beaten up by Burger King employees in Union City. Angel Caraballo, 28, of Duncan Avenue, and Christopher Soto of Prospect Street, both of Jersey City, were charged with aggravated assault and a first-degree hate crime in connection with the July 22 beating, officials said. The hate crime offense carries a possible sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

Lets see how they like it in prison. ‘Who’s the faggot now BITCH?”

Van at entrance to hotel

Anti Freeze spilled out onto sidewalk

No one was seriously injured though the mini van driver was taken away on a stretcher

Truly yours truly.