Follow The Red Line

A beautiful day and it’s great to wake up in a bed with clean sheets (thanks to Bill going to the laundromat for 2 hours last night). So comfortable to sleep in and Bill is so comfortable to sleep with. Things are good lately and yesterday we made a pretty good team. While Bill was laundering, I threw in the dvd of DiG!, a documentary of the rivalry between the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. I found it harrowing and Bill came in halfway through and he loved it. I guess it was too close to home, the rock and roll debauchery thing, having spent quite a few nights partying with bands after hours at McSwells. Of course all that cleaning and moving stuff around tired us out enough that Bill only lasted the first half hour of Saturday Night Liver whereas I hung in there until the end. I enjoyed it, the SNL Digital Short was hilarious as well. Kanye West was pretty good too.

Which way to Oz?

But first a foot long hot dog!

Today was a day where I went to get bagels, but you know all about that so I won’t chew my cabbage twice. They were setting up on Washington Street for the Hoboken Art and Music Festival. They have one in the spring and one in the autumn. This years featured bands from McSwells heyday. Chris Stamey Group, Glenn Mercer (from the Feelies) The Health and Happiness Show and the headliners, the Bongos. Brother Frank and his wife Elaine made it down which was cool. Good to see them out and about and the day was excellent for all concerned, perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, just Goldilocks.

I made it down Washington Street earlier as things were being set up around 11:00 this morning as I ran errands around town. I needed my Stevia and I was running low. I can’t do with out my Stevia here at home and I’m glad I can buy it so close to home. It’s for my coffee. Started using it around November 2005 and haven’t looked back since. And it’s full of fiber. Jeezy Creezy! I’m writing about fiber? What’s next? A review of the new flavor of Metamucil?

I made it down to the Observer Highway stage where the Chris Stamey Group was playing. Stamey used to be in the dB’s and still is sometimes. He was playing a bit of the old and a bit of the new, but the sound was really loud and there weren’t enough bodies to filter out the high ends. I stood off to the side and listened, looking at people.

Chris Stamey Group

A former cook from McSwells, Eddie and his boyfriend Pat came over to see me. I actually saw them first but waited for them to come to me. Eddie used to have a thing for me back in the day. I liked him, but not that way. Still he’s a nice guy. So is Pat, but Pat and I never had anything to say to each other, maybe because of Eddie’s unrequited feelings for me.

Glenn Mercer
Next up was Glenn Mercer who sounded good, but I saw him a year or so ago so I didn’t feel the need to listen to his whole set. Elaine, brother Frank and I wandered through the crowds, up to Tunes, the record store where Frank went in to see what was on sale. Elaine and I stood outside talking about things. Catching up, they’re going to see Brice Springsteen at the Meadowlands. Brother Frank goes back to work tomorrow. Summer’s over, back to school or rather work.

Frank and Elaine

Kathe and Chaz

People (I liked this guy’s hat)

The ghost of Compay Segundo?

We made it back to see the Health and Happiness Show fronted by my friend, Jim Mastro. His wife Meghan was there as well as my kid with Meghan, Lily and Jim and Meghan’s kid, Ruby. They sounded great. I admit back in the day when they were playing regularly I wasn’t that into them, but now it all seemed to gel together. I was in the right mindset and they really sounded great. I’d go see them again should they start playing again.


Jim Mastro (Health & Happiness Show)

After the Health and Happiness Show, Frank and Elaine had to head back to Garfield so I walked them to their car. After saying goodbyes and see you laters, I walked back, firing up a Padron 5000 and saw the Bongos, who I used to love and saw dozens of times. That was 25 years ago. I enjoyed them but for me it was a nostalgic trip. They were fine, but not as good as the Health and Happiness Show.

The Bongos

Jim Mastro, Frank Giannini, Richard Barone and Rob Norris

I usually title each entry after a song that haunted me throughout the day, or merely pops up, or just a title that I pluck out of the ether. Tonight is a title that was misheard by Jet who went with me to a few Bongos shows. He used to hear the Bongos singing Barbarella, as Follow the Red Line. Now when I hear or think of Barbarella, I think of Follow the Red Line.


Mary on a half shell

Hoboken Motor Cycle Club

the best seats

She has the light

The Funnel Cake/Butterfly Fries crowd carries on

♫ Happy Birthday to Earl!
Happy Birthday to Rita! ♪

Shhh! Don’t tell NBC

the video was pulled because a music sample wasn’t cleared with the publisher. doh, indeed.

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