Sloop John B

Back to work because it’s Monday again. Yesterday I didn’t do much of anything. They rains finally came. No beach this weekend. Saturday would’ve been nice, but Billie wasn’t up for both Coney Island and a movie. We wound up doing neither. Early evening dinner at the Film Center Cafe, which was nice. Then it was a quiet ride home after seeing Billie off to his gate, Bill sleeping on the bus, me reading the Onion, then back at home where Bill fell asleep on the couch. Then I sent him off to bed where I joined him soon enough.

I went out Sunday morning around 8:00 to get bagels and the papers and it was a beautiful morning. A perfect beach morning. It changed a few hours later, lightning, thunder and rain for a few hours then it stopped, but I had no motivation to go out. I stayed in and watched some DVD’s. I watched Creature Comforts, but it was weird. It was the Christmas episode, and it was hard to connect since it was the end of July. They did cancel the US version after three episodes. Stupid CBS. We’ll see if I watch them before I turn 65.

I also watched Apocalypto. Not your average Disney flick. It was barely ok. The scenery was nice, the lead actor was a handsome guy once you got past the piercings, the story was compelling and Mel Gibson was actually right by having it acted in Mayan. You do get more involved with the story with a different (read:dead) language. I wouldn’t know about The Passion. I didn’t see it since I knew how it ended. He dies at the end. I guess I should have written Spoiler Alert, but I didn’t so there. Very Jeezy Creezy indeed! In case you were wondering about Apocalypto, the Spanish show up at the end. There goes another Spoiler Alert. Oh well.

I tried watching Love is the Devil, starring Derek Jacobi and Daniel Craig. It’s about Francis Bacon and the thug who gets caught breaking into his house, and the relationship they soon fell into. I like Francis Bacon’s paintings, but I just couldn’t get in the mood for a harrowing, shrill dark movie, though the weather outside certainly lent itself towards the lack of frivolity. Bill came home halfway through it and I decided to turn off the movie since if I wasn’t into it, I had my doubts that he would be.

Then we just chilled out. Bill slowly getting ready for his trip to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for the National Black Theater Festival. Bill, being black would definitely fit in. Me, not so easily. He goes every couple of years and it makes for a nice time out from each other. I’m sure I get on his nerves sometimes, and he gets on my nerves sometimes so that is why the time out is a good thing. I know I’ll be hearing his stories (and perhaps you will too) when he comes back.

Work was busy and quiet. I was actually given something to do which was good. A lot of the time I have nothing to do. I just do my work too soon and wind up lolly gagging during different periods of the work day. Tomorrow it should be more in depth, regarding what I have to do and believe it or not, I am looking forward to it.

Here’s a picture of Stella, the puppy next door, courtesy of Mike and Nicole, our neighbors.
And here’s a picture of Daniel Craig in a Speedo.

they’re both soooo cuddly.

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