Daily Archives: July 27, 2007

I Can See For Miles

This is turning out to be an odd day. Last night, plans to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were mutually canceled, but that was after I ate a few whopper juniors from Burger King, thinking that I wouldn’t have much of a chance to eat should we go to the show, Billie and I. I used to eat that crap a lot but now I like to think I eat better. Salads, maybe a dish of pasta once a week and for dinner I eat light. But man those whoppers. I’ll think twice before I eat that again.

Bill was at his folks last night, so I was solo. Just watched TV and got jazzy. Bill phoned before he went to sleep and reminded me to turn on my alarm clock because I hadn’t the past couple of mornings and Bill took it upon himself to wake me up. So before I drifted off to sleep I turned on the alarm. This morning I woke up to Dust in the Wind by Kansas. I hated that song then and hate it now. It was supposedly a satanic song, but then again the list of possible satanic songs was more than likely written by a fundamentalist. They also wrote that Bridge over Troubled Water was about heroin. Sail on silver girl. Oh that nasty Paul Simon.

I shuffled about, thankful that I washed my whites last night since I was all out of t shirts for work. Had some coffee, some cereal, and then the phone rang. It was Bill. I thought he was checking to see if I was awake but it was to ask me to bring in a pair of trousers since the ones he had were holy in the crotch. I’m not going there. Really, I’m not. I found a nice pair and put them in a bag and then I was out again walking to the bus. It was humid this morning and was quite moist when I got to Bill’s office building.

I got the run around from the building personnel on where I could drop off the trousers, finally getting the right person on the third attempt. I walked across midtown and by the time I got to my office building I was drenched. Luckily I keep an extra t-shirt hanging in the IT room which is nice and cold. I changed and then went about starting up the office. Got a call from Billie who will be in town for yet another week and we made tentative plans to go see Talk to Me starring Don Cheadle. The movie takes place in DC in the seventies and Bill and I saw a clip last week, seeing and hearing Don Cheadle saying, ‘I’m not that crazy…’ he sounded just like Billie which made us both agree on a plan to see it with Billie as soon as we could. And so this weekend we could.

I’ve gotten a few emails from some nutter in Germany via youtube. Some whack job sent me a video honoring Klebold and Harris from Columbine and the asshole from West Virginia Tech, explaining that he admires these blanks because they stood up and did something after being picked on for so long. Sick stuff indeed. He’s been flagged. Then a little while ago, I get a phone call from someone looking for Mark. Apparently this Mark had my number in his cellphone and Mark hasn’t been seen in weeks. I honestly don’t know who this Mark is, but in this Internet age, a lot of people don’t use their real names, preferring a nom de net. So I may have chatted with Mark aka…somewhere down the line, and now Mark aka… is missing. Peculiar.

It’s an early blog today. The office closed early. I have no plans yet again, just taking it easy. I’ll probably watch TV, maybe a dvd and sit on the couch, thinking, I better get started on the blog. Oh me and my ADD.

Here’s a little Grace Jones to start your weekend off in a Grace Jones way.