Daily Archives: July 26, 2007

Mambo Number 5

It’s Thursday and awfully humid. Last night was a lot of fun, seeing Hairspray which in hindsight, I liked more today than I did last night. I could see myself seeing it again, though I’m not sure if it will be in the movies. Bill and I came home, I wrote, he went to bed where I joined him soon after. He had an audition for One Life to Live but he doesn’t think it went too well. I tried cheering him up over the phone but he was a bit upset about flubbing the audition. There will be other auditions but he was really psyched about this one.

This morning was no big deal, just the usual thing. I am not complaining. I do like where I work and feel I am well liked. True, no one is telling me how much they like me everyday but still I enjoy the place and my co-workers. Carla is great, Tom Chin is flaky, Greg Stevens is good and Vivek is frantic but still ok to deal with and it’s his company after all. I was invited to go to Long Beach Island next week to stay with brother Frank and Elaine, but I am having my doubts about doing that.

I could only really take one day off, and it would be Friday. It would be a day of rising a bus down there, and then coming back the next day. It’s not as close as Sandy Hook or even Monmouth Beach. I don’t know. I’d like to go, they would like me to come, but Jeezy Creezy, I don’t know if it’s doable. Such a hard decision. A few days off would be nice, but I’ve already taken a few days off earlier this month when Annemarie, Rex and Earl were in town. I just don’t know. And now Juan has asked me to take next Friday off so we could hang….Argh. Last week I was Miss Lonely Hearts, this week I’m fielding invitations to the (beach) ball.

I had an errand to run this afternoon and it was into the hummus for me, I had to go to Penn Station and pick up tickets for Greg Stevens and Vivek who are traveling to Newport next week. I should have told them they were 41 years too late. Dylan went electric around this time all those years ago. Oh those folkies, Greg and Vivek. Will they ever learn to lay off the poteen?

Billie and I made plans to go and see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. They played McSwells a while ago and both Rand and Roda raved about it. Sharon Jones played with Booker T and the MG’s a few weeks ago and all seemed well, but I was tired from the errand in the heat and dealing with Michelle Penn Station but planned to rally myself when the time came, but Billie called me up, he was feeling a touch unwell and decided to just go back to his hotel in Secaucus. I didn’t complain. I understood.

I wasn’t really looking forward to standing around in the shoes that I wear maybe twice a year. With all the walking around I was doing today my feet were aching. And I even bought Dr. Scholl’s Gel things but even though I was gellin’ they were a hurtin’. So I’m home, nice breeze coming through the window, causing some high beams. Some light jazz wafts through the air. In the distance a whistle blows from the basketball courts where they are having their play offs or maybe a championship.

Here’s a little something from Robert Greenwald about how FuckSnooze has Bloggers in their crosshairs.