Daily Archives: July 25, 2007

Good Morning Baltimore

Wednesday night, later than usual. It’s been a somewhat busy day. Bill was the one slamming his snooze button an hour before I usually do. I went back to sleep as he rousted himself from bed realizing that if he hit the snooze one more time then he was going to be late. I woke up eventually, about an hour later, realizing that I had to go to work, after all I made plans to go to the movies with Bill and Billie, who is back up from DC for more training at the Chop Shop salad joint around the corner from where I work.

We hardly ever go to the movies anymore. We have cable TV and I subscribe to Netflix, so basically there are tons of other movies out there, besides the ones in the cinemas right now. And if you need to see something current, if you wait a week you can get a bootlegged video for about $5.00. That’s what I did a few months ago when I bought a very good clean copy of 300 on the street for half a sawbuck. I don’t have it anymore since I gave it to Earl when he was here a few weeks ago.

Work was slow again, but I kept busy. I fixed a door which was a major accomplishment, and I saved the company some money from repairing it myself. I can be handy after all. Carla the receptionist mentioned that I never seem to go out and take lunch. It’s true. I run out and get some food and just go back to my desk and eat. I should go out and enjoy some of the afternoon at a leisurely pace. That’s something I have to look into somewhere down the line. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight Bill and Billie and I went to see Hairspray. I met up with Billie after work, meeting Bill at the theater. Billie and I had some time to kill so we wandered up to Central Park for a spell and sat and talked and looked at the ducks and a crane and got a little jazzy. It was perfect. Billie mentioned that he loves coming up here and doing nothing. That’s basically what we did when Bill and I visited Billie in DC. We didn’t do much of anything. Saw some monuments and went to a leather bar and went bowling, eating at different restaurants each night. It’s great. Billie is entertained just walking around Manhattan and talking. Jazziness helps.

The movie was good and a lot of fun. I recommend it. It’s humor is even broader than it was in the original. And yes, John Travolta is good as Edna Turnblad, but the movie belongs to Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, the hair hopper herself. John Waters, Ricki Lake and Jerry Stiller all have cameos. I liked it, but my heart belongs to the original. The songs, the acting, the whole feel of the movie are better than the latest. But it’s a different time, different actors, totally new songs. It’s worth seeing it though. Michelle Pfieffer is really good in it, as is Queen Latifah. Go see it. If only to see John Travolta dance off Michelle Pfieffer. Have fun and enjoy it. We did.