Daily Archives: July 12, 2007


It’s Thursday and it’s a rather ho hum kind of day. Woke up once again with Bill kissing me farewell as he left for work. I couldn’t wake up this morning but the kiss certainly helped. He made coffee again to my eternal gratitude. I showered, shaved and had some coffee, not enough milk for cereal so that meant an egg sandwich from West Indian Tony at Smilers on Fifth Avenue. That was something to look forward to as I rode on the bus reading 2Stoned by Andrew Loog Oldham. It’s the sequel to his first memoir, Stoned. Witty title, no?

It’s an enjoyable read, how arrogant and fucked up he was, in the Swingin’ Sixties. I know the Swingin’ Sixties is a legend, perhaps even a cliché, but he was, if not at the epicenter of the London Pop Scene, he was very close to it, as manager of the Rolling Stones and Immediate Records. He was also wrecked on all sorts of things as well as being manic depressive before that became a fashionable term. Oldham hasn’t spoken to Mick Jagger in quite a while though quotes from Keef, Marianne Faithfull, and Bill Wyman among others are throughout this book much like the first book.

West Indian Tony was as personable as ever. Always asking about how my man is doing. He seems really excited about Bill singing the national anthem next Friday, opening up for the WNBA’s New York Liberty. Tony hooked me up big time with an nice sandwich, even threw some bacon on it. I wished Tony a good weekend and headed off to work, listening to Queen Bitch by David Bowie. It seemed oddly appropriate for some reason. It was cool enough this morning so I didn’t have to change my t shirt when I got to the office.

Last night while walking to O.W. With Billie there was a sudden downpour which was violent but broke the humidity and made everything rather pleasant. Pleasant enough for a jazz cigarette while walking through the park with Billie and Bill. The park was deserted except for a couple of tourists anyway. So all that made for a really cool day, weather-wise. Work was ok, not too stressful. Greg Stevens left early and won’t be back until Monday. I’ve also been working with Fay Victor from Wanker Banker days and that’s bringing back some fun memories. She’s cool to hang with. She sent a copy of her latest cd and a get well card to Frank. I also got a copy.

I saw Billie at Chop’T today, and had another expensive salad except this was cheaper since I found a buy 9 salads get one free in my desk at work and since I’ve been the only one sitting there for the past three months, I claimed it as mine. The salad which is usually expensive cost 2.00 and change. Nice. I finished my work with Greg Stevens early and opted to leave the office at 3:30. My work was done and it was too nice to stay in an office. I walked across midtown, listening to Young Americans and got back on the bus reading once again, 2Stoned. Bill’s at his folks tonight so I’ll be chilling out here all by myself. Quite a change from last week.