Lightning Flash, Weak Heart Drop

Thursday. Brouhahas kept to a minimum. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. It all went easily. The director’s son, Allen is a quiet type. That might be because it’s his first day. I walked him around the Turtle Bay neighborhood, showing where to go for this and that. I don’t think he was paying attention. Not my problem if Allen winds up in Spanish Harlem. As we were walking back to the office, he said he had to run to the bank for his mother, the director. I said go ahead, not thinking that he’d be back in ninety minutes. I did put him to work putting away supplies. That oughta show him a thing or two.

Fay Victor came in for a couple of hours. She sat with Carla for the time she was there. It was good to see her. She’ll be in tomorrow all day. I plan on being out by 1:00PM, that is if the Time Warner cable guy comes in to fix Greg Stevens cable. Every week it’s something else, yet every week it’s an opportunity to prove my worth to the company. It’s a good thing that Greg is such a nice guy. Anything he asks for, I deliver. Fay said hello to Greg and it was almost like a meeting of two old friends, but then I wasn’t there, so I really couldn’t say.

Last night I hung out with Julio for a little while. He was cleaning cleaning cleaning the apartment. Not for me, not for Annemarie, but for him. He wouldn’t be able to leave the apartment in the mess that it was which, when compared to the apartment that Bill and I live in, it’s like Julio and Stine are the Boy and Girl in the Plastic Bubble. It’s very Scandinavian, their apartment. Our apartment is very, for lack of a better comparison, very Nagasaki. Collier Brothers? Good comparisons are so hard to come by these days.

We hung out and Julio told me his woes with the West New York Code board, a part of the apparatus of the city planning. He’s been running around, dealing with building inspectors and other West New York officials. So he was relatively stressed about the whole thing. We sat and drank a couple of Stella Artois. Today is his birthday so that gave us a legitimate reason to have the beers, like we needed a legitimate reason anyway.

After that I came home and chilled out. Due to a tremendous thunderstorm with some intense lightning I turned off the computer. I sat and read with the TV on, every couple of minutes I’d get up to look up something on the computer, only to remember that I had shut it off. I was surprised, but not really, at how much time I spend on the computer. Free time, my time, not time at work. I be addicted. Now it’s starting to rain, things have cooled down somewhat and in the distance, lightning is flashing across the horizon.

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