Daily Archives: June 25, 2007


Well it was back to work today. Back to the land of work and the hum drum, i.e. The heterosexual world. Only kidding. It’s a heterosexual world all day every day, no matter if engaged in compromising positions with someone of the same sex as you. Just like the choices made when a person decides to be straight or to be gay or lesbian, the choice to be heterosexual is a tough choice indeed. Much like when Dorothy chose to leave the woods and head off to Oz, I chose to head to Oz, land of boomerangs and kangaroos, and Fosters.

Last night I was so out of it. Walking in the sun, basking in the cheers and support of so many people, afterwards heading back to Hoboken was a bit of a come down. Not a let down, but we stepped off the stage which was the parade route and mingled with everyone, the buzz wears off and we walked back wearily to our apartment. I had a suggestion to check out the fireworks around 10:00 last night, didn’t take my sneakers just in case, but we were both totally shagged out and at 10:05 I took off my sneakers and allowed my feet to relax.

An hour later I was in bed, out cold, sleeping like a rock. Felt good and woke up relatively refreshed. Bill was up already despite taking the day off. I puttered about, Bill stayed out of my way. I think I figured out why I’m such a crab ass in the morning. Basically it’s because I haven’t eaten in hours, and when I don’t eat my outlook turns to shit. So it makes sense that low blood sugar would cause such a mood. I think there must be a reason they call it Breakfast.

Work was ok. Nothing major really. A bit of a fiasco may have been nipped in the bud regarding interns. We have one intern now, Raj who is nice but we constantly have to find things for him to do. One of the directors sons is also scheduled to do some intern work as well. Where Raj is a college student and a paid intern, the directors son is a high school student and won’t be paid. More than likely he’ll be doing the dirty jobs which are more dusty than dirty anyhow. This morning I found that there would be a third intern.

Where to find space is a problem, but also what would we have two of them do? A few people were upset at this. I was annoyed. I spoke with Greg Stevens about this and he took care of it, almost right away. At the end of the day, as I was leaving I was told there would only be Raj and the directors son interning. Three would be too much and also not enough for them all to do. That was some positive news, though there might be repercussions when the director returns from a conference in San Diego.

I came home to find Bill in a cleaner apartment than it was when I left. Bill was home cleaning most of the day and also working on his computer. Actually it turned out that he hired two maids to come in and do some hard core cleaning. Hard Core meaning deep cleaning, not triple X or NC-17, so they were fully clothed. He kept this a secret from me and it paid off well. There women were professional and knew how to get on their hands and knees and scrub. It looks great. I suggested doing this years ago, not an a regular basis, but every now and then when it gets to be too much for us (meaning me) to handle.

I made myself a quick chicken sandwich and then it was off to Paramus with Julio. Julio is flying to Denmark on Thursday to attend a wedding with his wife Stine. Since it’s a black tie affair, Julio had to and buy a tuxedo. Since I know a little bit about men’s fashion, what works, what I like to see on a guy in a suit, I was asked along. I enjoyed going to Syms on Route 17 but they didn’t have what he was looking for, so we made a quick jump to the Bergen Mall to Century 21 where he bought a very nice and sexy one button tuxedo by Hugo Boss for 300.00.

Julio’s such a good guy. I’m glad he’s happy with Stine, but I miss hanging out with him the way we used to.


It’s an orangey moon. It’s going to be hot tomorrow.

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