Daily Archives: June 19, 2007

An Ally In Exile

Yesterday wasn’t so good. I posted an online chat with whats his name and as truthful as it sounded, his myopic way of looking at things, I had actually gotten better. Spoke with Julio for a while on the steps when I got home. I was steaming then due to a foul up with Paul Frederick, an online men’s fashion company that I’ve been dealing with since I lived in Weehawken. Actually the fault lies with UPS who attempted a delivery on Thursday and required a signature. On Friday, they didn’t and left it at the front door, which is basically the same as leaving it on the street. So someone in Hoboken has two very nice, relatively expensive shirts.

The thing is when you get a delivery tag, you have to call the night you get it and arrange for a pick up the next evening. I neglected to do that and wound up calling three times on Friday night, leaving a message each time. I hoped to pick it up on Friday night and when I went to the truck the driver said that since I called that morning it would be on the truck Monday night. Fine with me. So I went out of my way and took the Path back to Hoboken like I used to. I walked over to the truck and the driver who remembered me from my Padron deliveries. Mr. Brown Clothed Handsome Man told me it was delivered already.

I trucked on home to find there was no package there. I was upset and Julio did his best to calm me down, but I knew that when I got back to my apartment I would be on the phone with customer services for both Paul Frederick and UPS. I called Paul Frederick and they checked and said it was delivered on Friday. It wasn’t. They told me to call UPS where I spoke with Tasha. Tasha told me to call Paul Frederick. I told her I did. She suggested that one of my neighbors might have the package. They didn’t. They’re not that type to keep it. Plus I’m the only guy in this building that wears a size 17.5 35 shirt as well as the only suit and tie guy in residence. I asked why was it that Thursday’s UPS guy needed a signature but not on Friday? Tasha said that it was because there were two different drivers. I asked her if it was up to the driver’s discretion for a signature and she said yes. Good to know. What can brown do for you? Need to lose a package?

They said they’d put a trace on it and it should take eight days to check it out. Then it would need to be reordered through Paul Frederick. These two shirts that I bought on June 13 for Meghan’s wedding on June 30 might not get here on time. I resigned myself to the fact that the original order was lost and there was nothing I could do about. I let go and it felt good. I doubt if the customer service people would agree but that’s why they’re there.

Juan came over last night after Bill and I talked briefly. That went well. He has a Cablevision ad so he was in a good mood. Juan came over afterwards and we watched Big Love and Creature Comforts and Scrubs, Bill went to bed and Juan and I watched the Daily Show. Then I went to bed.

Yes yesterdays limited edition posting was weird. Sometimes when you’re in an online chat, you’re writing and they’re writing and sometimes someone doesn’t read what was being Like that. written and sentences get out of order. Annemarie gave me some good advice in her comment which I have been following.

Bill might be on Conan O’Brien tonight in a sketch with Max Weinberg. I’ll let you know. Or Bill will.

Bill just came home. He was on Conan and really had a really good experience. No lines but face time for the camera. I love him despite his faults and it’s the same the other way, he loves me despite all of mine. He ain’t a beauty but hey he’s alright. And that’s all right with me.