Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

Leave Me Alone

It’s Friday and I’m in a bad mood. Don’t know why really. Just that I am. It actually started at work, doing Vivek’s American Express bill from October. I had done it several times before, and actually had it sent in for it’s proper authorization which was done and I thought completed. Yesterday I was given the same batch that I had done with notes from the stupid bitch who used to sit at my desk. Her calculations were wrong wrong wrong. I had mine double checked already when they asked me to reconcile the two. Pointless and very frustrating.

I sat and talked to Tom Chin about it and as I was explaining he interrupts and starts telling me about what he needed done. I continued talking not letting him interrupt which caused his volume to increase as well as mine. More frustration. I went back to my desk after hearing him out, since he wasn’t really listening to me anyway. I tidied up things as best as I could and gave my work to Carla to check yet again the same numbers she checked before. I was leaving the office early again since I told them that on Monday, I was leaving early Wednesday and Friday to see brother Frank.

I know he was sent to the rehabilitation center yesterday but the office didn’t need to know that and with the way that the day was turning out it seemed like the right thing to do, to go home early. Hell, half the office was out anyway and most of the people were leaving early themselves to get a head start on their weekends. I stopped off at Cohen’s Fashion Optical to get a pair of sunglasses on sale and they were mighty happy to help me out until I pulled out my prescription which was from 2003. It was expired and the happy face they had on was gone when I declined the eye exam, saying that I didn’t have time.

I did have time to chat with Big Jess an old Rasta pal. Good to see him and his handing me some jazz cigarettes made my day but haven’t accessed the product yet, hence my ill mood. Oh it will be all for the best once I get that going. It had better or else! Got to the bus terminal and found the bus at the gate to be standing room only so I stepped aside and waited for the next one. The next one came shortly thereafter driven by a grizzled old cranky ass bus driver who opened the back door once and then no more, preferring to yell out ‘Front do-wah (door), Front do-wah.’. No one thanked him as they got off the bus and I doubt if he cared as much.

Came home and changed my clothes and went out, hoping to get a hair cut. Too long a wait and decided to create a new old wives tale about how you should never get a hair cut if you’re in a bad mood. Then I walked to the post office after dropping off my clothes at the dry cleaners, greeted with ‘Hello Mr. Oghrh’. That’s how they pronounce my last name. I saw the UPS truck and asked if my package was there. I ordered some shirts online for my niece’s wedding. Got the tag yesterday that they missed me and I called this morning but was too late. So I have to wait until Monday. Perhaps I’ll be in a better mood by then. For now, I’m staying in and avoiding contact with everyone. I don’t want to see anyone for the rest of the day.